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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

End of second series treat as our prime characters take to entering themselves into Walt Disney's animated pixar family fun film FROZEN.
Just what will both Lily Kettle and her loving boyfriend Razz Kevins make of Arendelle? Read on to find out!
Short, fun, easy to read story that's intended for all the family to enjoy. If you're a FROZEN fan which I am then this is the story for you. I very much hope you enjoy it


(2014 EDITION)


Chapter 1

Well aren’t we all now in for a little end of series treat! I’d very much like to welcome you into the world of Frozen! The Kingdom of Arendelle is now bursting full of excitement, and this is as it is preparing eagerly waiting for Elsa’s coronation to become Queen! Oh yes she is just about to become Queen, and both Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins who are strangers to this new land that they have suddenly just found themselves in are going to attend her coronation. For the first time in forever so it seems that both Lily and Razz have found their way into Arendelle.

Both Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins are now making their way towards the palace in Arendelle with a strange man. They have joined themselves up along with a stranger, but however the question remains can he actually be trusted? Both Kettle and Kevins are walking hand in hand with one another. They are just ever so happy that they are finally reunited with her. There have been many moments in her life over the past couple of months that Lily believed that she would never be able to see Razz again, but now however she has seen him again, and hopefully chances are that they are back together for a good long while now, and so get in with excitement of the possibility of that news becoming true! Lily takes a look over at the man who is guiding them towards the palace.

“Who are you?” She questions him.

The man smiles back at Lily in response to her question as he turns on the spot to face her.

“I am Prince Hans!” He informs her in response to her question to him.

Lily is left shocked now to find herself facing this evil Frozen character. She rounds in anger on the evil Prince.

“Get away from us!” Lily snaps out in a sharp tone of anger at Hans.

The Prince all of a sudden withdraws a white shiny sword from his cloak, and he points it in anger towards the direction of Lily.

“Hold your tongue! How dare you address me in that way! I will have your head for that girl!” Prince Hans yells out at Kettle in a hateful tone of aggression and disbelief.

Hans can’t believe just how rude some people can be, and what little respect it is that they can have for others. Razz rounds in anger on the Prince.

“Don’t you dare touch her or you’ll have me to answer to!” He warns him in a sharp powerful tone of anger.

Razz still has his own sword attached onto his belt, and Lily also has her own sword attached onto her own belt. Razz quickly withdraws his sword from where it was placed securely fastened onto his belt, just as Prince Hans is about to run Lily through with his sword, and Razz meets the evil Prince in anger with his sword. Lily then realises much to her horror that both her and her boyfriend have started to mess and ruin the timeline of the characters from Frozen.

Chapter 2

Razz Kevins has now found himself all of a sudden caught up in a fierce sword fight with Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. The Prince unfortunately seems to be winning the fight.

“Razz we really need to go home now please!” Lily calls out to her boyfriend in a sharp tone of urgency.

However it’s no use, and Razz just continues to fight back against the evil cold hearted Prince with everything that he has. Lily knows that if she was to withdraw her own sword from her belt, and to help Razz in his battle against Hans, then the evil Prince will fall, and if Hans was to die then the whole of the movie Frozen would be messed up, and then that would mess the world that Lily is fighting just so hard to get back to will be messed up, because Lily knows that the earth without Frozen will be a very strange place.

However the battle between both Razz Kevins and Prince Hans is broken up by some guards from the palace Arendelle who come hurrying out of the castle together, and they command the two men to stop fighting one another with the warning that if they continue to do then they will both be banished from the kingdom. Prince Hans and Razz are then led away from one another in the palace grounds. Both Razz and Lily head to the top end of the palace grounds far away from where Hans is. Lily turns to face Razz.

“You know where we are now don’t you? She questions him.

Razz shakes his head in response to Lily’s question to him.

“No but why are you so excited about where we are?” He asks her in response to her question to him.

Lily gives Razz a friendly slap on the arm.

“Eee you and your lack of knowledge on films amazes me!” She snaps out at him.

Lily knows that Razz must be one of the only ones on planet earth who has failed to have seen the film Frozen. Suddenly the gates of the palace Arendelle burst open, and drums start to play out bouncing throughout the courtyard outside the palace. Elsa is about to become Queen.

Chapter 3

Lily Kettle can’t actually quite believe that she’s here in Arendelle to witness this moment. Lily is a huge fan of the Disney movie Frozen, and she’s watched it many times before in the past in both her home back in Living village, and also it was one of the favourite films that both her and her friends used to watch back at the Dumping Ground. Elsa appears out of the palace now dressed in her ironic blue robes. Wow, Lily thinks to herself. Razz seems to be much less impressed by where he is and what is going on than Lily is. Crowds upon crowds of people from both the Kingdom of Arendelle and the neighbouring kingdom’s away from the palace have now come to witness the girl’s step to become Queen. Lily smiles over at Razz.

“We’re witnessing Disney history!” She tells him.

Razz rolls his eyes at Lily.

“You get yourself excited over the silliest things,” he says to her.

Lily and Elsa make eye contact with one another suddenly, and Lily can’t help but smile over at the future Queen, and this upsets Elsa, because she doesn’t wish anyone to face her without her permission for it, because the ice Queen is afraid of strangers to her setting off the storm inside her.

“Look the other way away from me girl!” Elsa the now Queen of Arendelle, because the Duke of Wheselton has only just placed a golden crown upon her head commands Lily.

Lily takes a step towards the Queen.

“I just want to enjoy facing you while I can your majesty,” she tells her.

Lily then takes a look at the golden mighty crown which is now sat down upon Queen Elsa’s head.

“Congratulations my Queen,” Lily says to Elsa.

Elsa smiles back at Lily in response to what she has just said to her.

“What is your name girl?” She commands an answer from her.

Lily then proceeds to tell the new Queen of Arendelle her name. Lily knows that it’s only for today that she faces both Queen Elsa and the other characters of Frozen. Queen Elsa rounds on Lily.

“You seem a stranger to this land Lily Kettle! The clothes that you wear are not off this world!” She tells her sounding troubled.

Razz stands by Lily’s side as she takes to facing Queen Elsa. Lily knows that she is messing up this movie Frozen now. Lily wonders now if both she herself and her close companion Razz have both now been added into the film Frozen. Lily takes a look back at the new Queen in response to what she has just told her.

“Oh I’m from another world your majesty, I fell here into the world of Frozen, oh sorry I mean into your Kingdom Arendelle, through a red door from this other world that I was visiting with my boyfriend called Narnia!” Lily explains to Elsa.

She just hopes beyond all hope that she’ll just simply believe her, and that Queen Elsa will now let both her and her boyfriend simply go home back to their own home world now, but however the white ice Queen chooses not to believe a single word that her new acutance is explaining to her. Queen Elsa takes a look back coldly at Lily in response to what she has just explained to her.

“You think that I’m a fool don’t you girl?” She snaps out sharply at her.

Lily nods her head surprisingly in response to what Queen Elsa has just snapped out at her.

“Yes, yeah, I actually do I’m afraid to say your majesty, because I know about what you believe to be your curse, and I however on the other hand see your powers as a gift to you, because you can actually use them to protect your new Kingdom Arendelle and to save lives!” She tells her sounding brave for speaking out her own personal opinion on the ice Queen.

Razz is pulling on Lily’s arm now, but he soon realises that it’s no use at all trying to stop her from speaking out her mind to the white Queen, because she has already done so after all, and so instead of trying to control his girlfriend Razz chooses upon himself to try his best to take control of the ice Queen now. Razz rounds on Queen Elsa.

“Please your majesty let it go what my girlfriend has just said to you, and please let us both be on our way now!” He begs her sounding scared in a tone of mercy.

Razz is terrified now for both Lily and for himself, because he knows and realises that this Queen Elsa has the power to destroy them both. Elsa chooses upon herself to just simply ignore what Razz has just begged her, and instead she uses her powers to make a gigantic snow ball appear out of nowhere in the air just before her, and she sends it zooming rapidly at Lily, and it strikes her full on in the face. After the snow ball has struck her Lily now knows that both her and Razz need to flee out of Arendelle while they still can.

“Let’s go Razz!” Lily cries out at her boyfriend in a frightened tone urging him on.

Razz like Lily knows that they really need to retreat away from the ice Queen now. Lily turns back to face Queen Elsa.

“So long your majesty!” She snarls out at her in a tone of sharp anger.

Lily then grabs Razz firmly by the hand, and she takes off running down the courtyard with him determined to escape the ice Queen. Queen Elsa turns to face her little sister Anna who is standing closest to her just outside of her palace.

“Ready the men! Ride after those two people! I want them caught!” She informs her in a commanding tone.

Anna nods her head in response to her big sister’s information to her. Anna then turns to face a knight general who is stood just beside her.

“Ready your men then come back and see me here with them!” She commands him.

The knight general nods his head in response to Anna’s command to him.

Chapter 4

Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins are now hurrying well away from the palace Arendelle together hand in hand. They spy a beautiful looking high white mountain a few yards ahead of them both, and they dash towards it together. Reaching the White Mountain now both Lily and Razz take off up it together, and after an exhaustful climb up the White Mountain they reach the top of it together. Luckily both Lily and Razz discover that they are alone when they reach the top of the mountain together. Lily smiles over at Razz.

“It’ll take Elsa a while to find us because besides there’s quite a few places around here where we could be at this moment in time, and she needs to search for us all around there before she comes up here!” She tells him.

Razz is troubled as he sinks down onto the snowy surface of the top of the mountain, and he crosses his arms on over his legs. Razz takes a look up at Lily who is still standing before him on the top of the mountain.

“So what’s the deal with Frozen then?” Kevins questions Kettle out of curiosity a little bit, but more out of he wishes to know who he’s running from.

Lily sinks down onto her bottom onto the snow beside Razz, and she takes a look back at him in response to his question to her. Lily smiles at Razz.

“Frozen is a Disney pixa film, it’s about this girl called Elsa, the person who we have just met together back in that unfortunate kingdom, and so possesses some extraordinary powers known as cryokinetic abilities, and with these abilities she can produce ice, frost and snow all at her own will. One winter night while playing, Elsa accidently harms her younger sister Anna. Both Elsa’s parents the King and Queen of Arendelle seek out the help of the troll King, and this troll King manages to heal little Anna, and removes all her memories of her big sister’s magical powers. The King and Queen isolates the two girl’s in their castle up until Elsa has learned to control her powers. Elsa is very afraid of hurting her little sister again, and so Elsa spends quite a lot of her time alone in her chamber in her parent’s palace, and this causes a little rift between the girls as they mature and grow up. However when the two girls are teenager’s their two parents die at sea throughout a storm. As Elsa comes of age, the kingdom of Arendelle prepares for her coronation. Among the guests who attend the ceremony is the Duke of Weselton, and he seeks to exploit Arendelle for profit to make money. Anna is just really excited to finally at long last be allowed out of the castle again, and she takes to exploring the town, and that’s when she meets Prince Hans of the southern isles, and the two very quickly take to developing a mutual attraction for one another. Elsa is concerned that her coronation will have an incident in it, but however it does not, and everything is fine and dandy for her to become Queen. There’s a time in the reception of the coronation however when the prince proposes to marry Anna, and Anna pauses however before accepting this proposal that the man who she has only just met has made to her, but however Elsa takes to refusing to granting her little sister her blessing, and she forbids their sudden marriage to one another. Both Anna and Elsa take to arguing with one another, and this ends up with the reveal to the entire kingdom of Elsa’s powers throughout an emotional outburst. Elsa immediately falls into panic, and this leads her to fleeing the palace, but however while doing so she releases an eternal winter on the entire kingdom. High up in the nearby snowy mountains to the castle Elsa creates herself a solitary ice palace for her to live in, and also unknowingly to her brings both her and Anna’s childhood snowman Olaf to life. Meanwhile Anna sets out in the search of her big sister, and Anna’s determination to track down Elsa and to end her winter leads her to meeting a new friend, and that is an iceman known as Kristoff and also his reindeer Sven, and Anna manages to persuade her new friend to give her a ride up to the North mountain where Elsa is. On the journey up to the North mountain Anna, Kristoff and Sven all come across Olaf, and he leads them to Elsa’s hideaway. Anna and Elsa reunite, but Elsa still fears hurting her sister. When Anna persists in persuading her sister to return, Elsa becomes agitated and her powers lash out, accidentally striking Anna in the heart. Horrified, Elsa creates a giant snow creature to drive Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf away from her palace. As they flee, Kristoff notices Anna's hair turning white, and deduces that something is very wrong. He seeks help from the trolls, his adoptive family, who explain that Anna's heart has been frozen by Elsa. Unless it is thawed by an "act of true love", she will become frozen solid forever. Believing that only Hans can save her with a true love's kiss, Kristoff races back with her to Arendelle. Meanwhile, Hans, leading a search for Anna, reaches Elsa's palace. In the ensuing battle against the Duke's men, Elsa is knocked unconscious and imprisoned in Arendelle. There, Hans pleads with her to undo the winter, but Elsa confesses that she does not know how. When Anna reunites with Hans and begs him to kiss her to break the curse, Hans refuses and reveals that his true intention in marrying her is to seize control of Arendelle's throne. Leaving Anna to die, he charges Elsa with treason for her younger sister's apparent death. Elsa escapes and heads out into the blizzard on the fjord. Olaf finds Anna and reveals Kristoff is in love with her; they then escape onto the fjord to find him. Hans confronts Elsa, telling her Anna is dead because of her. In Elsa's despair, the storm suddenly ceases, giving Kristoff and Anna the chance to find each other. However, Anna, seeing that Hans is about to kill Elsa, throws herself between the two just as she freezes solid, blocking Hans' attack. As Elsa grieves for her sister, Anna begins to thaw, since her decision to sacrifice herself to save her sister constitutes an "act of true love". Realizing love is the key to controlling her powers, Elsa thaws the kingdom and helps Olaf survive in summer. Hans is deported back to the Southern Isles to face punishment for his crimes against the royal family of Arendelle, while Elsa cuts off trade with Weselton. Anna and Kristoff share a kiss, and the two sisters reconcile. Elsa promises never to shut the castle gates again.” Lily explains the story of Frozen to Razz.

Lily takes now to laying down on the soft snow, and Razz lays down beside her. Both Razz and Lily take a little smile over at one another.

“We’ve changed the future of Arendelle by interrupting the Queen’s coronation haven’t we?” They question one another.

Suddenly both Razz and Lily can hear the sound of hoof prints making their way towards them in the snow, and then that leads them to sitting up suddenly in the snow. A carriage is haltering towards them with both a young man and a young woman riding in it, and Lily recognises these two people straight away from the film she watched as both Elsa’s sister Anna and her new friend Kristoff. The reindeer Sven has been pulling the carriage. Behind where the carriage has now stopped stone dead before where both Lily and Razz are sat down on the snow an army of horses appears, and an army of knight’s from the palace Arendelle are riding them. The knight’s are all armed with swords. Lily struggles to her feet up from the snow, and she turns to address Anna.

“Very well then you’ve found us now take us back to your Queen!” Lily commands her new acutance Anna.

Both Anna and Kristoff then jump down from their carriage together, and they both round in anger on both Razz and Lily. Lily and Razz both just simply allow both Kristoff and Anna to capture them, and Kristoff hauls both Lily and Razz into his carriage trapping them inside it. All of a sudden however the ice Queen appears on top of the mountain before them. Elsa has come to them much rather than them coming to her. Elsa starts to sing a song on top of the white mountain.

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight,
not a footprint to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I'm the queen.
The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside.
Couldn't keep it in, Heaven knows I tried.
Don't let them in, don't let them see.
Be the good girl you always have to be.
Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know.
Well, now they know!

Let it go, let it go!
Can't hold it back any more.
Let it go, let it go!
Turn away and slam the door.
I don't care what they're going to say.
Let the storm rage on.
The cold never bothered me anyway.

It's funny how some distance,
makes everything seem small.
And the fears that once controlled me, can't get to me at all
It's time to see what I can do,
to test the limits and break through.
No right, no wrong, no rules for me.
I'm free!

Let it go, let it go.
I am one with the wind and sky.
Let it go, let it go.
You'll never see me cry.
Here I'll stand, and here I'll stay.
Let the storm rage on.

My power flurries through the air into the ground.
My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
I'm never going back; the past is in the past!

Let it go, let it go.
And I'll rise like the break of dawn.
Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand, in the light of day.

Let the storm rage on!
The cold never bothered me anyway.

Elsa shouts this song from the mountain top just as Lily Kettle manages to break her way out of the back of the carriage, by kicking the door roughly open, freeing both herself and Razz from being trapped up inside it. Lily then rounds on Elsa.

“I really don’t mean you any harm, trust me when I tell you that your highness!” She shouts out at her from the mountain top.

Elsa rounds on Lily in response to what she has just shouted out at her.

“Very well then tell me what world you’re from and I shall send you back there! I shall allow you to go from Arendelle free with your life spared this time if you just simply tell me which world you’re from, but know this and know it to be true if either you yourself or your handsome boyfriend over there ever break into Arendelle ever again then I will have your heads!” She tells her in a firm tone almost screaming out the last part however.

Lily nods her head in understanding to what Elsa has just told her. Lily smiles over at the ice Queen in response to what she has just told her.

“Me and my boyfriend Razz are from planet earth!” Lily explains to Elsa.

It’s clear by what Lily has just explained to her that Elsa has never ever heard of planet earth before, but however Elsa promises to try her best to at least try and send both Lily and Razz back to their home world, and while she figures a way to send them both back home Lily turns to face Razz while they are stood in the snow together.

“Do you want to build a snowman?” Kettle questions Kevins.

Razz nods his head happily at Lily in response to her question to him.

“Oh yes please,” he tells her in response to her question to him.

Both Lily and Razz then get to work on creating their very own Olaf in the snow. Finally Elsa comes up with the correct magical spell to send both Lily and Razz back to their home world with, and just before Elsa sends them back home she turns to face Lily.

“You are right sweet girl, I should be using my powers to protect both my little sister and my home kingdom Arendelle rather, and rather than noticing them as a curse I should see them as a gift!” The ice Queen tells Miss Kettle.

Both Lily and Razz then vanish off the White Mountain together, and they re-appear on top of the mountain cat bells in the Lake District National park in England in planet earth together.


Neither Lily Kettle nor Razz Kevins who are both still together are home in Liverpool city yet, but they are much closer to home then they both have been of late now. Both Lily and Razz climb down the mountain in the Lake District cat bells together, and when they reach the bottom without even thinking they break open into a car, and they steal it. Razz is the driver of the car, and with him in the driver’s seat and Lily in the front seat he drives the car right back to Living village in Liverpool city. When the village comes into view Lily turns to face Razz.

“Home at last!” She cries out at him in a tone of happiness.

Finally Razz is pulling the car that he stole up by Elmtree lane in the village, and both he and Lily depart from the vehicle there. Razz pulls Lily into a loving hug.

“We made it my girl!” He tells her sounding delighted to be home at last with his one true love.

Suddenly Morgana Pendragon appears out of nowhere on the street before them with someone who she seems to have made a new alliance with, and that person is none other than Shannay Ravens. An alliance between both Morgana and Shannay is an extremely dangerous thing for Lily. Lily rounds in anger on both Morgana and Shannay before Razz can pull her back from doing so. Morgana is still wearing Lily’s dark black leather jacket, and Lily can see the golden ring of power rested upon Morgana’s first finger on her right hand.

“That’s my jacket!” Lily snarls out at Morgana in a tone of sharp anger.

Pendragon rounds on Kettle in disgust.

“Yeah but it actually suits me so much better than it does you!” She yells out at her.

Lily then snaps her fingers in disgust at Shannay while still facing her enemy Morgana on the street.

“And that is my old friend!” She shouts out at her angrily.

Shannay rounds in anger on Lily.

“Dear Lily long time no see!” She snaps out at her hatefully.

Shannay then turns to round on Razz before Lily can say anything at all to her. Shannay smiles coldly over at Razz.

“Oh handsome Razz it’s not good to see that you’re back on your feet!” She hisses in a tone of anger over at him.

Morgana turns to face Shannay.

“Oh yeah sorry that was me who brought him back from the dead, because I was hoping that he would come back as a different man, and that he would destroy Lily for us, but now we can destroy them both together!” She tells her.

Morgana claps her hands loudly together, and all of a sudden her new dark army made up out of Kyle Kevins, Tracy Beaker and Tom Clarkson appears before her and Shannay on the street, and they all round in anger on both Lily and Razz together. Both Lily and Razz take a look over at Kyle in shock, because they can both now see the red evil staring back at them in his two eyes.

“Dad what the hell!” Razz cries out at Kyle in a tone of shock.

Razz realises in horror that he has no other choice but to battle his father who he fought just so hard to get back to now. Lily and Razz stand by one another’s side ready to face the mind controlled Kyle, Tracy and Tom and their two new enemies both Shannay and Morgana together.








Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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