The Adventure Continues 2014 edition series two episode four

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic
Doctor who character Rose Tyler makes her way into our stories in this part of the adventure. A wicked witch kidnaps her from her home garden and takes her away as her prisoner. Will Rose be rescued from the witch? Read on to find out!

Submitted: July 27, 2015

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Submitted: July 27, 2015



The Adventure Continues

(2014 EDITION)

Series Two Episode Four


In a Parrel earth, in another universe, in her garden outside her house in Lilycop Drive, in Millington town, in the country Norway Rose Marion Tyler is hanging her family’s washing out on the washing line. This is the only dry chance that Rose has had so far today to see to her family’s washing, because it had been raining heavily most of the morning. Rose is hanging her mum’s clothes out as well as her own clothes, her dad’s clothes and her little brother’s clothes out, because her mum Jacky isn’t particularly well at the moment. Rose finishes hanging out the last of her little brother Tony’s school uniform, and she prepares to make her way back into her family home to see to her ill mother, when suddenly out of nowhere a strange lady dressed in a dark silk purple dress with a blue dress on over that appears out of nowhere before her in her garden. This lady has dark black long straight hair, and she appears to be nearly as pretty as Rose herself is, but however Rose can see both coldness and evil staring back at her through this lady’s eyes.

“Who the hell are you how did you get here?” The terrified troubled Rose snaps out at this stranger that’s just trespassed into her garden in a demanding loud tone.

Morgana Pendragon chooses not to respond to Rose Tyler’s question to her, and instead she just uses her dark powers to turn Rose’s heart from love and brightness into dull darkness. Morgana then uses her powers to place the thought in Rose’s now dark head that she’s got to be sent by her new superior the witch (Morgana) to a place called Narnia to trick two men Neal Cassidy (Baelfire) and August Wayne Booth (Pinocchio) into trusting her there, and so Morgana proceeds to send her new servant off to Narnia for her to do her biding, and to meet both Baelfire and Pinocchio there.

Chapter one

After searching areas within the city of Newcastle in the country England, for example Northumberland street, Eldon square, old Eldon square, the area around the theatre royal, the area around the RVI Hospital and the area around the centre for life Mike Milligan, Tracy Beaker, Kyle Kevins and May-Li all come to the conclusion that Lily Kettle hasn’t in fact returned to her old home city of Newcastle. Too be fair Mike had a belief that Lily wouldn’t have returned to Newcastle, because he had a feeling that if she had found a way back there then she would have come back into his care in her old home Ashdene Ridge house (her old Dumping Ground). Just to be on the safe side that their elders are positive that Lily hasn’t returned to Newcastle Liam O’Donovan, Johnny Taylor, Carman Howle, Frank Matthews and Carman Howle search further into Tyne and Wear for her, for example they search the town of Monkseaton, the town of Whitley Bay, the town of North Shields, the town of Tynemouth and the town of Wallsend, but they have no luck at all in finding her, so it’s clear now that Lily hasn’t in fact returned to Newcastle.

Kyle Kevins is strolling down a street in the town of Byker now in Tyne and Wear with Tracy Beaker, Mike Milligan, Johnny Taylor and Liam O’Donovan. Kyle suddenly remembers coming across a place back in the city of Liverpool called the museum of Lily Kettle. Kyle suddenly halts stone dead in his tracks before grabbing Tracy firmly by her arm to also cause her to stop in her tracks. Tracy rounds on Kyle.

“What? What is it?” She snaps out at him sounding angry.

Tracy is just both angry and upset that her young friend Lily is still missing. Kyle rounds on Tracy.

“I know where we are all going to find our answers to where Lily is!” He informs her sounding rather pleased with himself for suddenly remembering the museum.

Mike rounds abruptly on Kyle.

“Where?” He urges him to answer him.

Kyle clears his throat as he turns to face both Tracy and Mike and the two lads.

“I’ve only just remembered that I once came across while living in Liverpool a museum known as the museum of Lily Kettle or something among those lines!” He informs them all.

Mike is a little angry that Kyle didn’t remember coming across that museum before, but Tracy on the other hand is just desperate for them all to return to Liverpool, so that they can all make a visit to that museum together, and so is both Liam and Johnny. Tracy then claps her hands loudly together.

“Right back to the city of Liverpool we go!” She tells the others.

Both Liam and Johnny nod their heads in agreement to what Tracy has just said, even though neither of them have ever been to Liverpool before. Mike smiles at Tracy as he places his arm gently around her.

“You can show me what life in Liverpool is like while we search for Lily,” he says to her.

Tracy nods her head in response to what Mike has just said to her.

Chapter two

Lily Kettle whose within Captain Hook’s body is now making her way across the desert land surface of Mzzuan the maze with none other than the pirate Mr William Smee. Smee still truly believes Lily to be his pirate Captain, because Lily is putting on a very good show while trying to make herself out to be Captain Hook, but now her really moment of testing has arrived. Smee is carrying a flask of rum in his fat hands, and he offers it to his pirate Captain.

“Here Captain you must be ever so thirsty!” William says to who he believes to be Hook as he offers his flask out to him.

Lily shakes Killian’s head at the flask in response to what Smee has just told her.

“Never!” Lily snaps out in the pirate Captain’s tone of voice in response to how Mr Smee has just offered her the flask.

Smee is left astonished that his pirate Captain has just refused the flask of rum. Lily knows that she has slightly failed playing the part of Captain Hook just there, but she just doesn’t want to convert into the hard heavy drinker that her dad Steve was before her. Lily knows that Smee is starting to suspect that she’s not who she says she is in response to how she has just refused the flask. Lily clears Hook’s throat.

“Ah maybe later perhaps if I get thirsty I do say Mr Mr Smee!” Kettle says within Jones’ tone of voice.

Smee nods his head in understanding response to what Lily who he believes to be Hook has just said to him. Over the past few hours strange memories have suddenly started to come flooding back to Lily, memories from a whole other life that she couldn’t remember, the type of memories that she learned about back when she was kidnapped by Captain Hook, and taken to that museum by him back in Liverpool city. Lily is starting to have a memory surprisingly of her old friend who used to live in Elmtree house children’s carehome with her (Liam O’Donovan’s) brother trying to mug her one day, but Lily was rescued from Jack O’Donovan by none other than Liam himself. Lily is left shocked to discover that she had actually forgotten this, and then this memory then leads Lily onto while wandering across the dry desert surface with none other than the pirate of remembering herself falling in love with Liam O’Donovan. After he rescued her from being mugged by his big brother Jack Lily brought her old friend Liam back home to the old Dumping Ground (Elmtree house), Lily has all of a sudden started to remember this.

A whole other life that Lily had forgotten about up until now:

After being mugged by Jack O’Donovan, but however before falling in love with his brother Liam, Lily Kettle made a discovery while living within Elmtree house carehome that three different lads within the carehome had romantic positive feelings towards her, and these three lads were, one of them was off course Liam O’Donovan himself, another was a lad who had lived with Lily in the carehome long before Liam returned Rick Barber, and another was a lad that at first when she met him Lily believed to be rather odd called Mo Michaels. Lily as you may have already guessed chose to fall in love with Liam rather than the other two boys. Both Steve Kettle and because he had actually married in this world where Lily’s strange memories were returning to her from Shannay didn’t approve of Liam. Lily was then kidnapped by Liam’s brother Jack, and he dragged her roughly through a dark dangerous forest. Liam then however rescued his girlfriend Lily from his now evil cold hearted big brother. Liam didn’t rescue Lily from his big brother alone, no he also rescued her with the assistance of both his and Lily’s friend Johnny Taylor, and also Lily’s careworkers Mike Milligan off course and Tracy Beaker. Lily’s best friend of all time Carman Howle also aided Liam in rescuing his girlfriend. Tyler Lewis Carman’s friend offered her assistance in helping to rescue her best mate Carman from the evil Jack. Together Lily and the people who she both loves and who love her joined together manages to defeat Jack O’Donovan, and while everyone heads back to the warmth of Elmtree house that night both Lily and Liam remain in the dark forest keeping Jack prisoner there, but Jack breaks free from the tree that both his brother and enemy have tied him too, and when he breaks free Jack rounds in anger on both his brother Liam and his enemy Lily. Jack aims his gun angrily from Liam to Lily, but just as he goes to shoot Lily down dead he actually shoots his brother Liam down dead much to his horror instead. Lily then experienced as Jack took his own life by shooting himself in the head with his loaded gun.

Lily Kettle then attended the wedding of Tracy Beaker and her fiancée Seth dressed as a bridesmaid along with her two friends Tee Taylor and Carman Howle, and there at the wedding ceremony of Tracy Beaker Liam O’Donovan returned to the land of the living from the land of the dead, but in truth it turns out that Liam was just knocked unconsise when the bullet from the gun hit him, so he didn’t really die. Lily shared a happy reunion with Liam, and then they believed that they would be together for years to come, but they were both sadly mistaken.

Just as she believed that there was no danger anymore that posed a fret to her with her old enemy Jack O’Donovan dead, Lily Kettle is then started to get bullied by none other than the main bully of Elmtree house Elektra Perkins. Elektra begins to give Lily such a hard time by pushing her round, and she even sends her wounded off to hospital after raising some of the other young people who lives within the carehome up against her, including none other than Johnny Taylor (who was Lily’s good friend before).

Elektra Perkins’ bullying campaign against Lily Kettle however came to an abrupt stop when both Elektra and Johnny Taylor went on a dangerous holiday together. While both Elektra and Johnny were away wishing to be on holiday, but instead getting haunted by a ghost in the place where they had picked for their holiday destination Lily went away with her dad and Shannay for a family holiday. When both Lily and Elektra returned from their holidays they were reunited with one another, and they made up with one another.

Lily Kettle marries Liam O’Donovan in secret while breaking the law, because she isn’t in fact the correct appropriate age to get married. Both Lily and Liam got in trouble with the police for breaking the law by marrying one another, and they both got arrested because of this, but two their current careworkers Matthew Seed and Tracy Beaker broke them out of prison.

Matthew Seed and Tracy Beaker then run away escaping not only Newcastle but England too with both the newly married couple Liam and Lily O’Donovan. In the plane that they are all passengers in from the airport in Newcastle, Lily who had been pregnant before going into prison gives birth painfully with the assistance of a magical Doctor to both her and Liam’s baby girl. Both Lily and Liam make the decision together to call their baby girl Rosie after Lily’s deceased sister. Rosie Lily’s sister had died sadly after falling from a high roof that belonged to a tall building. Matthew, Tracy and the two O’Donovan’s meet a young man on the plane called Evan Adams, and when the plane comes to a land by an airport in the country of South Africa Evan offers to take Lily, Liam and their two careworkers to his family’s game reserve that’s known as Leopard’s Den that’s located within an African bush, and Lily, her new husband and her two careworkers all little reluctantly agree to this together.

There’s go dark at Leopard’s Den in South Africa as Liam O’Donovan suspects that his wife Lily now O’Donovan has the eye for the main vet who works in the game reserve Daniel (Danny) Trevanion, but Lily promises Liam sounding reassuring that she doesn’t have the eye for the man who he suspects she has the eye for. Lily meets a young lady who’s slightly older than herself while being at Leopard’s Den called Olivia Adams, and people would commonly expect two young ladies who share a lot in common to get off well with one another; however both Lily and Olivia become slightly aggressive with one another when they first meet each other, but both Lily and Olivia pretty soon become pals however with one another when Lily comes to rescue Olivia after she is kidnapped by a loony of a man.

After rescuing Olivia Adams from the man who abducted her Lily along with her husband Liam and her careworkers Matthew and Tracy are reunited with Mike Milligan, as he shows up at the place where they’re all staying Leopard’s Den in South Africa. Mike begs his two members of working staff and the two O’Donovan’s to accompany him back to Elmtree house in the city of Newcastle in the country England. Even though she knows that both her herself and her husband are in trouble with the police Lily agrees to go with Mike back to Elmtree house in her old home city, and with her agreeing to go back home to her old home city Liam her husband and her two friends Matthew and Tracy also agree to go with Lily and Mike back to Newcastle.

When she returns to her old home city of Newcastle after being within the country South Africa, Lily O’Donovan discovers with her friends Mike Milligan, Tracy Beaker, Matthew Seed and her husband Liam O’Donovan that her old home carehome Elmtree house has been destroyed in a horrific fire. Lily is then reunited with her dad Steve Kettle within her old family home in Tyne and Wear. Lily then discovers much to her horror that her dad is really ill, he’s suffering as a result of cancer. However Steve doesn’t die from his cancer, no he dies instead from his wife Shannay murdering him. Shannay stabs Steve, and Steve is then rushed into the nearby hospital in order for him to receive treatment there. Shannay is sent away to be locked up within a prison cell in a police station after Lily phones nine, nine, nine on her.

Steve Kettle passes from the land of the living on his journey to the land of the dead in the company of the daughter he most loves (Lily). Steve has now left Lily alone in the world to care for all the family that he created while being in the world. Lily’s close friend from the new Dumping Ground (Care for Kids house) gives birth to a baby girl called Gina, but Tee (Lily’s friend) wants to put her daughter up for adoption just as soon as she is born, and this leads to Lily taking into consideration whether to foster the baby girl or not. The decision is a tough one for Lily to make about whether or not to foster Gina, because as it is she’s struggling to look after her own daughter at the moment in time Rosie.

Mike Milligan who is the temporary head careworker at Care for Kids house (the Dumping Ground) buys (much to his kindness) a flat for Lily and Liam O’Donovan to live in together. Lily sticks up for a new resident in Care for Kids house, a girl known as Bethany Kerry Sharkey after she is giving a hard time by an older female resident at the carehome Floss Guppy, and Lily does this before she leaves the Dumping Ground to live in her new flat with her husband Liam.

Lily and Liam are now happily living within their flat in the city in the country England Newcastle together. Their happiness unfortunately doesn’t last very long however, because Liam is soon killed (murdered) in cold blood by a cold hearted young lady known as Chantelle Megans.

After Liam O’Donovan dies his wife Lily falls in love with a young man who lives at Care for Kids house, and a young man who she has always been friends with called Johnny Taylor.

Lily is then captured (kidnapped) from her home city Newcastle by none other than the woman who killed her dad, her evil step-mother Shannay Kettle. Shannay takes the step-daughter who she has come to hate to a beautiful looking Palace that she invades and takes over in London called Bucking Palace. Shannay becomes a Queen that’s very dark indeed of not only the country England, but also of the whole wide world too. Queen Shannay holds her prisoner (step-daughter) prisoner in her new dark Palace Bucking. Lily is broken out of her prison cell in the Palace, and rescued from the dark Palace by none other than her new one true love Johnny Taylor.

Lily O’Donovan then makes the discovery while being in an enchanted land known only as Neverland that she is destined to become an evil Princess known as Tiger Lily. Lily also discovers while being within Neverland that her current boyfriend Johnny Taylor is destined to become the evil Peter Pan.

Lily O’Donovan and her new boyfriend Johnny Taylor settle down to live within a flat together in the capital city of England London. Lily is however once again captured by her evil step-mother Shannay Kettle, but this time from within her flat in her new home city London. Queen Shannay has taken Lily prisoner once again. Johnny sets out on a little quest to rescue his current new girlfriend from his new enemy Shannay. Johnny encounters just an extraordinary adventure while searching both heaven and earth for Lily.

Lily O’Donovan makes an escape from the prison cell in which her evil step-mother Shannay Kettle had imprisoned her inside within the dark Bucking Palace. Lily battles her evil step-mum. Shannay unfortunately wins her battle against her step-daughter, and she overpowers her. Shannay then goes out in preparation to finish Lily off, but then surprisingly, unexpectedly Lily is then rescued from her enemy Shannay by none other than a mysterious man, who turns out to be none other than her current boyfriend Johnny’s dad. Lily also makes a further discovery that this man (Johnny’s papa) is in fact the great and powerful King of the universe. At first however Lily doesn’t get off on a good start with the man who rescued her King Richard, because she’s angry with him for abandoning both her current boyfriend Johnny and her old friend Tee within a children’s carehome for all those long years. Lily soon realises however that she requires King Richard in order to find both the people she really cares about Johnny and his sister Tee.

Lily O’Donovan and King Richard Taylor find themselves caught up in a ruthless battle against a band of aggressive bandits together. Lily is then sent to a strange land by none other than Rumplestiltskin (the dark one), and there within the strange particular land Lily rescues her boyfriend Johnny from a powerful dragon. While however rescuing her boyfriend from the rather aggressive beast the dragon injures Lily, but since she has now managed to find him Johnny then manages to get his girlfriend Lily to the care treatment of his adventurer Sir Gwaine.

Lily O’Donovan heads to Bucking Palace with her current boyfriend Johnny Taylor, his father King Richard Taylor and their army of Adventures to Bucking Palace, and there they all invade it together. Lily and Johnny together manage to rescue their friends from Shannay.

Lily O’Donovan marries her current boyfriend Johnny Taylor within his father (King Richard’s) Palace, and Lily becomes the Princess of the universe there since she is marrying the Prince of the universe.

After marrying Johnny Taylor the new Lily Taylor becomes the evil Princess Tiger Lily after her new husband becomes the evil Peter Pan, but however once he (Johnny) kills her (his wife) Lily then returns to the land of the living once again without an evil heart, and she kisses Johnny breaking the dark cures of Peter Pan that had affected him.

After Lily Taylor has become a good Queen again, and after Johnny Taylor has become the good King of the universe, because he took over this role from his father when his father died, the King and Queen settle down happily to live in the enchanted forest together for a short time.

When a young lady known only as Kelly Nelly is abducted by a mad man known as Razz Davies both Johnny and Lily Taylor rescue her from him, and then the married couple proceed to become careworkers at Murton house (the new Dumping Ground), they are working for a woman named Emma Jenifer Kellan who is in fact the head careworker in the Dumping Ground.

Before back when she was the great and powerful Queen of the whole universe before becoming a social careworker Lily Taylor gave birth to a baby boy, who she called Steve after her dad, but however both Lily and her husband Johnny’s new baby was snatched away from them by an evil wicked witch known only as Morgana Pendragon, and Morgana used her dark powers to transform Steve Taylor from a little boy into a full grown man to turn him against his parents. Morgana the witch sent her new ally and servant Steve Taylor out to kill his parents both Lily and Johnny Taylor, but when he found them both Lily and the father of her new child managed to persuade their son that they were not his enemies, and so Steve turned good after his parents had persuaded him to turn good. Steve brought the younger members of his family to live within Murton house, but he himself couldn’t live in the carehome, because although he is younger than his family members he is actually much older than them, and there’s a set rule fixed in place within Murton house that once you’ve reached the age of sixteen years you’re out of the care system.

Johnny Taylor is murdered in cold blood by none other than the young lady who he rescued Kelly Nelly, because you see when he returned to the land of the living from the land of the dead Lily’s dad (Steve Kettle) turned evil, and he killed Kelly’s parents, and because he killed her parents Kelly wanted to seek revenge out upon Steve, and her vengeance for him turned Kelly evil. Kelly killed Johnny in cold blood in return for his father-in-law killing her parents.

Lily Taylor has now lost her newest husband Johnny Taylor. She is left absolutely broken heart off course because of this. Lily becomes the new enemy to the young lady who killed her husband Johnny (Kelly). After her new husband dies Lily becomes friends with a vampire lady called Bella Cullen. Lily is destined to fall in love with another man; it surprises her when she discovers this part of her destiny.

Lily Taylor heads to a town known as Storybrooke which is a fairy-tale town which is located within Maine, near to the city of Bostom in America, with two new friends who are known as Jacob Black, who’s a werewolf, and a man called Rafe McCawley, who’s an American who fought against the Japanese in the battle of Pearl Harbor.

Kelly Nelly is raising an army up against her enemy Lily Taylor, and the army must be rather powerful indeed. Lily arrives in the town of Storybrooke with all of her friends, and she is left shocked after learning a destiny that explains to her that she is sadly certain to die. Lily also wants to find love again before she dies. Lily however doesn’t die, she defeats with the help of her new friends the evil Kelly Nelly, and then she falls in love with a man who used to be part of a powerful group known as the Adventures called August Wayne Booth.

Lily Taylor just wants to live out the remainder of her days in happiness now with August Wayne Booth. Lily has seen just too much war, pain and sorrow with her eyes, and now she just wants to live happily ever after with her new found one true love, but however every single night when she goes to bed she has a different nightmare of all the different kinds of conflict that she has experienced, and all these nightmares drive Lily mad. Lily goes both mad and bad again, and when she does she murders her lover August in cold blood. Lily has now converted back into the evil Queen Tiger Lily just because of all the darkness that has infected her life over the many long years.

With all these memories from another life that have all suddenly now come rushing back into Lily’s memory, she now believes herself to be quite a remarkable extraordinary young lady. However Lily can now tell that there is a lot more darkness in her life then she believed there to be. Mr Smee seems to be walking miles in front of Lily now, and Kettle hurries as fast as she possibly can to catch up with the sailor.

“Come now I have a feeling that the dark Queen of Mzz is sending her Indian soldiers out to search all of Mzzuan for intruders!” The pirate tells Lily.

Kettle’s left troubled by the sailor’s news. Mr Smee can identify hoof prints that have sunk deep into the hard dry ground of the desert.

“Who is the Queen of Mzzuan?” Lily questions Smee coming across as sounding rather troubled indeed.

The pirate takes a look back at the person who he believes to be his pirate Captain Hook in response to his question.

“Why Queen Tiger Lily off course Captain, you should know that I mean you battled her often enough when you were back in Neverland didn’t you?” Mr Smee tells Killian Jones in response to Lily’s question.

Lily suddenly stops walking on the Captain’s two legs stone dead in the middle of the red hot desert, and she turns to face the man at her service.

“Mr Smee let’s head in the direction of Mzz the Kingdom, I want to meet my old friend Tiger Lily!” Lily snaps out at Mr Smee in a commanding tone within Captain Hook’s tone of voice.

Lily wants to meet herself. Lily wants to turn herself back into the good kind hearted person who she believes she really is. Smee appears to be left frightened by his Captain’s command.

“But sir she’s ruthless, she’ll kill us, you do know that don’t you? We can’t possibly go and see her!” He questions him in response to his command in a tone of complaint.

Lily places Hook’s hand upon Smee’s shoulder in response to his complaint.

“Mr Smee never mind her, never mind being afraid of Queen Tiger Lily, because I meself will kill you if you don’t do as I say!” Lily Kettle warns Mr Smee in a lie in Captain Hook’s tone of voice.

Mr Smee nods his head in response to the person who he still believes to be his Captain’s warning.

“Yes Captain!” Smee tells the person who he believes to be Killian in response to Lily’s warning.

Kettle pats Jones’ hand hard off Smee’s shoulder.

“Good man,” she tells him in response to what he has just told her.

Lily then sets off walking as Captain Hook once more throughout the red hot dry desert that surrounds Mzzuan, she’s determined to reach the great Kingdom of Mzz that lays two hundred miles or so across the desert from her before nightfall. Mr Smee sets off hurrying as fast as he can after his pirate Captain.

Chapter three

Lily Kettle’s search party which is made up out of Kyle Kevins, Mike Milligan, Tracy Beaker, Liam O’Donovan, Johnny Taylor, Tee Taylor and Carman Howle are now all heading off down to the city of Liverpool to check out the museum of Lily Kettle to where their friend Lily is right now. Mike is sat beside Tracy on the couch.

“Don’t worry we’ll find her!” He makes a vow to her.

Tracy nods her head in response to Mike’s vow to her.

“Yeah I know we will!” She agrees with him in response to his vow.

Mike turns to face Tracy.

“You know, you never actually got round to telling me yet what life was like for you after leaving your job back at Elmtree house,” he tells her.

Tracy takes a look back at Mike in response to what he has just said to her.

“Because it’s a painful memory what with me finally being reunited with Lily, and then her being snatched kidnapped away from me like that, and the young man of who I fell in love with Josh Stevenson being murdered by the woman who I believe I trusted Shannay Ravens like that,” she goes on to him in response to what he has just told her.

Tears of sadness roll down Tracy’s face from her tearful wet eyes. It pains Tracy to come to terms with the fact that she can never ever see her boyfriend Josh again, and Tracy just wants to find Lily, because she is right to believe that she is still alive, and Tracy just wants to find Lily before she leaves her in the same way that Josh left her. The couch continues on down the many different A road’s. Mike places his hand gently upon Tracy’s hand.

“Regardless of the situation it’s good to see you again,” he tells her in a truthful tone.

Mike grins and he shakes his head.

“You’re not as successful since we last met. Well you haven’t published another book with someone you loves credit card details, have you?” He questions Tracy.

Milligan’s words suddenly remind Beaker of something. Tracy suddenly turns directly to face Mike, and she appears to be rather outraged with him about something that Mike can only guess at.

“Your upset that I didn’t attend Cam’s funeral aren’t you?” Mike questions Tracy.

She then nods her head in sadness in response to his question. Mike pulls Tracy into a loving hug.

“I cared about Cam, off course I did you know that I did, but the reason in which why I didn’t attend her funeral is because I thought it would sadden me too much! I want to remember Cam as the nice cheerful lady who used to come round Elmtree house with you, not as me looking at a wooden coven inside a church hall, and knowing my good old friend to be inside it.”He tells her.

Tracy then hugs Mike back while he is still hugging her, and they share a loving hug together. Mike then kisses Tracy on her head.

“We’ll find Lily!” He continues to promise her.

Mike then clears his throat before winking at his old friend Tracy.

“And you can have your old job back!” He promises her.

Mike shrugs his shoulders.

“That’s encase you don’t have a better job at the moment.” He tells her.

Tracy doesn’t have a job at the moment. She left her old job working within Saint Michaels RC Primary School in North Shields to search both heaven and earth to find her old friend Lily Kettle again, and Tracy now knows that once she’s found Lily again she’ll be without a job, and honestly Tracy did really enjoy working with the young people back at the Dumping Ground. Beaker smiles back at Milligan.

“If you want me back working for you then you have me!” She tells him in a promise.

Tracy then shares a firm handshake with Mike.

“It’s good to see you again,” she says to him.

The couch is actually very nearly nearing Liverpool city now. Kyle is sat between both Tee and Carman in the couch.

“I used to have a daughter who I loved very much indeed called Hannah, and your friend Lily was mates with her!” He tells them both.

Tee’s left troubled by what Kyle has just said to both her and Carman.

“What happened to your daughter?” Taylor questions Kevins out of curiosity.

Kevins takes a look back at Taylor in response to her question.

“My daughter Hannah died!” Kyle informs Tee in response to her question.

Kyle then gives both Tee and Carman a friendly smile.

“But we will find Lily my friends, and we’re not going to lose her in the same way that I lost my little girl!” He tells them both in a promise.

The couch continues on down the line of traffic that’s lining the street that once you’ve turned off you’ve entered Liverpool city.

Chapter four

The real Captain Hook is still stuck within Lily Kettle’s body, and he’s been chained in metal chains to a stone wall in a main hall in her body within the great Palace of Mzz. Hook (Lily) has now been separated from his travelling companion who he came to this beautiful looking Palace with Elektra Perkins. Queen Tiger Lily suddenly comes bursting into the main hall in her Palace, and she faces her prisoner Captain Hook who she still believes to be herself there.

“Evening Lily, or should I say me!” The tiger lady snaps out at Hook.

Queen Tiger Lily actually has the exact appearance of a fierce tiger. Before when Hook first came to the Palace in Lily’s body with Elektra Tiger Lily had white skin, but now because she doesn’t wish to appear like her prisoner who has the exact same appearance as her, Tiger Lily has now used her magical powers to transform her skin from the colour white to the colour black. Queen Tiger Lily is in fact an extremely skilful warrior, and she is pretty much nothing like Lily Kettle who hasn’t really mastered how to use a blade of a sword yet. Tiger Lily is dressed in a tiger skin cape that she used her magical powers to create for herself, because Lily needed magic to make her clothes is all down to her never being very good at the subject of textiles while being at school.

“Bad evening love! Any chance of you releasing me from these blasted chains!” Hook complains to Tiger Lily within Lily Kettle’s tone of voice.

Tiger Lily shakes her head at the person who she believes to be herself in response to her complaint. Queen Tiger Lily is starting to see both her prisoner Lily and her prisoner Elektra as her very own pets, because Tiger Lily isn’t used to seeing many young ladies besides herself who she believes to be rather beautiful when she takes a look at her mirror in her chamber in her Palace. Tiger Lily has a mighty sword that a powerful warrior would use in battle attached onto her back with brown leather straps holding it in place there.

“No chance tar love!” Queen Tiger Lily says to her pet (the person she believes to be herself) sounding rather harsh.

Hook takes a look at Queen Tiger Lily, and he turns Lily Kettle’s eyes into red anger. Lily’s eyes are now appearing out like what you’d find someone’s eyesight to be on an old photograph. Hook just wants to kill Tiger Lily. If he wasn’t connected in thick metal chains to the wall of the main hall, and if he still had the access to his scary looking metal sharp hook then he would cause a hell lot of trouble towards his captive Queen Tiger Lily. Hook’s troubled.

“Why won’t you kill me?” He questions Queen Tiger Lily within Lily Kettle’s tone of voice.

Tiger Lily rounds on her prisoner who she stills believes to be her good self.

“Because I just don’t need to yet!” She informs him in response to her question.

Suddenly both Lily Kettle in Captain Hook’s body and Mr William Smee come bursting hurryingly into the main hall in the dark Palace together. Both Lily (Hook) and Smee are armed up as they are both carrying metal swords with sharp blades. Lily clears Hook’s throat.

“TIGER LILY, YOUR MAJESTY, MY LADY QUEEN, BACK AWAY FROM THAT MAN HE’S NOT ME! YOU WANT ME DON’T YOU? YOU WANT LILY KETTLE? WELL THAT’S ME!” Lily within Killian’s tone of voice screams out at the monstrous Queen Tiger Lily.

Queen Tiger Lily doesn’t believe that this man is indeed her herself speaking to herself, but however the evil Queen is left absolutely horrified to discover that two strange male pirates have just broken into her Palace, in which she had a tight magical security system placed in around it.Captain Hook in Lily Kettle’s body is left both shocked and surprised to discover that Lily is stood before him in his own body; he has absolutely no idea at all just how she was able to return to life from the dead. Lily takes a look across the main hall with Hook’s two eyes at Hook himself who is still in her own body, and who is still chained up in thick metal chains to the wall of the main hall.

“How in the bloody hell were you able to return to life from the dead?” Hook demands an answer from Lily within her tone of voice.

There’s a moment of silence while Lily uses her magical powers to make herself transform out of the Captain’s body, and into her own body. When Lily uses her magical powers to perform this great enchantment Captain Hook arrives back within his own body. Lily then uses her powers to unchain herself from the metal chains that had been connecting her to the wall of the main hall before. Lily is now back in her own body, and she is both determined and prepared to confront her enemy self Queen Tiger Lily.

To be continued!


© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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