The Adventure Continues 2014 edition series two episode six

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lily Kettle is now back to being inside her own body and Hook's back to being inside his. Lily's been reunited with her friends and now she tries to find a way out of the never ending maze that she's currently trapped in with them.
May contain some swear words intended for the emotions of the characters, especially Hook who seems to have quite a temper.

Submitted: July 27, 2015

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Submitted: July 27, 2015



The Adventure Continues

(2014 EDITION)

Series Two Episode Six

Chapter one

Lily Kettle who should also be known as the good witch from now on in our stories is stood before her little band of friends who are Tracy Beaker, Mike Milligan, Kyle Kevins, Carman Howle and Tee Taylor within a dark cave. Alice the young lady from Wonderland is stood by two strangers to her, Captain Hook (Killian Jones) and Mr William Smee inside the cave. Elektra takes a look at Tee.

“What are you all doing here in this strange place?” She questions her sounding troubled.

Tee takes a look back at Elektra in response to her question.

“We all came here in search of Lily, but little did we realise that she was with you! That’s fortunate we set out in search of one of our friends, and we find not just one but two of our friends!” She tells her in response to her question.

Tracy rounds on Lily.

“I want to know what happened to you!” She informs her.

Lily smiles back at Tracy in response to her information.

“My story can wait till later, I want to know what you’re all doing here.” She tells her in response to her information.

Tee rounds on Lily.

“Like what I just told Elektra we all came here in search of you!” She informs her in response to what she has just told Tracy.

Lily’s left troubled by her friend Tee’s information.

“Yeah but how did you know about Mzzuan the maze?” She questions her in response to her information.

Kyle then steps before Tee to face Lily within the cave, and he gives her a friendly smile, before placing his arm gently around her. Kyle clears his throat.

“I told everyone about Mzzuan, in another life I was a former King here!” Kyle explains to Lily.

Miss Kettle is left shocked by what Mr Kevins has just explained to her. Captain Hook then steps forward to face Kyle, Tracy and Mike.

“You have my apologies; I was the one who abducted Lily here from Liverpool city!” He informs them all in an apologising tone.

In response to hearing his information Kyle then kicks out at Killian in anger, Tracy then gives the pirate Captain a well deserved slap across the face, and Mike punches Hook full on in the face. Smee then steps forward to stand by his Captain’s side facing Lily Kettle’s army. Lily shakes her head from Hook to her friends Kyle, Tracy and Mike.

“Leave him alone! He’s not worth it!” She tells them all.

Lily then shares a friendly hug with Carman before turning back to bravely face Captain Hook.

“Go now! Leave me here! If you don’t leave now I shall order my friends over here Kyle and Mike to kill you without a second pause! You were wrong to bring me here, but know this I will escape from here, and if our paths ever cross in the way by which they crossed this time we shall not be as friends! Goodbye Captain Hook! Take your pet rat Smee with you, because I hope to also never to set my eyes upon him again!” Lily shouts out in anger at Hook before watching him grab Mr Smee roughly by the scruff of the neck, and watching him hurrying out of the dark cave with him.

Lily then turns back to face Mike, Kyle and the others.

“Now let’s get ourselves out of Mzzuan!” She tells them both.

Lily is ready now to find a way out of the never-ending maze of Mzzuan.

Chapter two

Lily Kettle approaches Kyle Kevins alone within the cave.

“I’ll never stop missing your son, but my heart shall unfortunately not always belong to him, because he’s now dead!” She informs him.

Kyle takes a look back at Lily in the cave in response to her information that she’s just given to him.

“Lily I understand that you’ll be missing my little boy right now, because I miss him too, but Razz would have wanted you to move on away from him, and your young, so I don’t always expect your heart to belong to my lad, because after all he is gone now!” Kevins tells Kettle in response to her information.

Lily wipes the tears of both pain and sadness away from her eyes before turning back to place her attention upon Kyle.

“So you’ve been here before then as a mighty powerful King?” She questions him.

Kyle then nods his head in response to the question that Lily’s just questioned him before beginning to explain to her the story that he explained to Tracy before. Lily is left surprised by Kyle’s story that the cold hearted lady who murdered her father was his one true love. Lily takes a look at Kyle.

“Morgan’s a monster, and she needs to be defeated at all costs!” She takes to telling him within a truthful tone.

Lily shakes her head, she can’t believe that she’s even talking about Morgana when there’s a much bigger danger here lurking within the darkest parts of Mzzuan just waiting for her now. Lily takes a look back at Kyle before explaining to him all about Queen Tiger Lily. After hearing Lily’s story about Queen Tiger Lily, and about her memories of in another life turning into her Kyle turns back to face Lily.

“So this Queen Tiger Lily’s you?” He takes to questioning her.

Lily nods her head in response to Kyle’s question.

“Yeah but I’m nothing like her, like you I use my powers that I’ve been blessed with for good purposes only!” She tells him truthfully in response to his question.

Kyle shakes his head back at Lily in response to what she has just told him.

“I myself have no powers now, because Morgana used her own powers to take mine away from me!” He tells her in response to what she has just told him.

It pains Kyle to know that he can never ever use his magical powers now. Just like Tracy Beaker Kyle has lost control of his powers.


Chapter three

Captain Hook (Killian Jones) and Mr William Smee are now marching on throughout the red hot desert surface of the never-ending maze of Mzzuan together. The pirate takes a look over at his shipmate.

“I’m a little pissed off Mr Smee that my romance in which I intended to create with young Lily Kettle didn’t work out to my advantage! I didn’t get the girl this time, but I’m intending not to give up on her! I will never stop haunting that girl until she chooses to fall in love with me! I am much more than determined to forget about Emma Swan!” He informs him in a sharp snap.

Mr Smee rounds in anger upon his Captain Hook in response to his information.

“Captain sir I think you should back off away from that Lily Kettle girl, I believe that your only just embarrassing yaself. Ya don’t seem like a pervert to me Captain! Anyway besides I don’t think that we should continue to haunt that Kettle lass as if we were ghosts, because that Kyle Kevins bloke seems someone not worth messing with. Since being here in Mzzuan I have heard rumours that there was once a mighty powerful King here known only as Kyle Kevins, and he was actually the very first King of Mzzuan!” He tells him in response to his information.

Captain Hook suddenly rounds upon his ship mate Mr Smee in response to what he has just told him.

“Remember, I don’t take advice from a sniffling little rat such as yaself Mr Smee! Take heed and remember that I do have the absolute power to kill you if I wish to! AND IF I WISH FOR THAT LILY KETTLE GIRL I WILL HAVE HER, ON YA LIFE BELIEVE ME WHEN I SPEAK THE TRUTH!” He rages out at him sounding rather cross indeed with him.

Captain Hook withdraws his sword from his belt, and he aims the sharp blade of it directly at Mr Smee’s throat. Killian now prepares himself to run his sniffling rat through. Hook then smiles coldly at Smee before shrugging his shoulders at him.

“Just one quick thing before I kill you tell my ya story of how ya came to Mzzuan!” He demands an answer sharply from him.

Mr Smee then clears his throat before proceeding to explain his story to his pirate Captain.

Mr William Smee’s quick story of how he arrived within the never-ending maze of Mzzuan.

Within the mysterious magical, fairy-tale town of Storybrooke, in Maine in America, Mr Gold (Rumplestiltskin) turns the man who turned into a pirate Mr William Smee into a sniffling rat one day.

Mr Smee as a rat then remained within the town of Storybrooke for a short time later before he found a way of converting back from a rat into a man again, because none other than the blue fairy who within the town of Storybrooke was known as Mother Superior used her magical powers to turn Mr Smee from a rat into a man. Mother Superior told Mr Smee that the world had given him a second chance, and that he needed to do better this time, but the sniffling rat of a man didn’t listen to the woman who kindly helped him, and Mr Smee started to think of ways of seeking his revenge upon Mr Gold (the dark one), and so he stole from his pawn shop none other than the dark one’s dagger, but Rumplestiltskin overpowered Smee before he could use the magical knife to overpower him in reverse. Rumplestiltskin then sent Mr William Smee to the never-ending maze of Mzzuan. Mr Gold had hoped that Mr Smee would have been trapped stuck within Mzzuan for the rest of eternity.

Hook shakes his head in anger in response to Smee’s story.

“Bloody Rumplestiltskin!” He snaps out in a tone of disgust.

Captain Hook then uses the blade of his sword to stab Mr Smee within the chest.

“The dark one should have done that to you back in Storybrooke!” Killian informs Smee in a snarl as he kicks his now dead body down hard onto the dry desert surface.

Captain Hook has now murdered his shipmate Mr Smee in cold blood.

Chapter four

Lily Kettle leads her people out of the cave where they spent the long happy night together within the desert mountain. Lily finds herself walking side by side with Alice the young lady from Wonderland.

“So I hear that you’re in search of a friend of yours the Knave of Hearts!” She tells her.

Alice nods her head back at Lily appearing to be rather concerned about her companion the Knave.

“Yeah I am,” Alice tells Lily.

Kettle places her hand gently upon Alice’s arm as they stroll across the desert together.

“Well I’ll help you find your friend the Knave!” Lily promises the young lady from Wonderland as they make their way across the red hot desert together.

Alice smiles back at Lily in response to her promise.

“Your very kind indeed, I like people who are very kind to others who they barely know, because it shows to others that they are brave.” She tells her in response to her promise.

Alice then shares a handshake with Lily. Lily’s troubled.

“Tell me your story about how you came here to Mzzuan from Wonderland!” She begs her new friend.

Alice smiles back at Lily, she is now ready to share her adventurous tale with her.

Alice’s tale of how she came to the never-ending maze of Mzzuan:

Alice had travelled on her own without her husband Cyrus from England, because her husband had just been mysteriously killed by a stranger of who Alice did not find out, because the stranger had outrun Alice after they had killed Cyrus. Alice now travelled to Wonderland to be offered the support of both her friends Will Scarlet (the Knave of Hearts) and also of the Knave’s one true love, a woman known as Anastasia, but when she arrived in Wonderland Alice couldn’t find either Will or his Anastasia anywhere.

In her time away from Wonderland however something dark had affected the white rabbit, and now that she comes to think of it Alice now knows that a dark curse could only have affected her old friend the white rabbit. Alice found the white rabbit again, and the white rabbit used his dark powers to send Alice off to be stuck for the rest of her human life within the never-ending maze of Mzzuan.

Alice finishes explaining her story to her new friend Lily.

“So the Knave’s not here than in Mzzuan?” Miss Kettle questions the young lady from Wonderland.

Alice then shakes her head in response to the question that Lily’s just taken to questioning her.

“No he mustn’t be, because I haven’t come across him yet, and besides how big can this maze possibly be?” The young lady from Wonderland questions Miss Kettle sounding rather troubled.

Lily takes a look back at Alice in response to the question that she’s just questioned her.

“Apparently this maze stretches on forever!” Lily informs Alice in response to her question.

Chapter five

Morgana Pendragon (the wicked powerful witch) appears out of absolutely nowhere just before Captain Hook (Killian Jones) within a cave in a desert mountain in Mzzuan. Hook rounds on Morgana.

“Who the hell are you? What do you want?” He snaps out at her in a tone of sharp anger demanding her for an answer.

Morgana laughs coldly back at Captain Hook in response to his questions.

“Is that anyway to address a Queen?” She snaps out at him in response to his questions.

Captain Hook can’t actually record the amount of times that he’s been asked that type of question, when he’s failed to show his respect towards either a King or a Queen. Hook shrugs his shoulders.

“Sorry your majesty, you have my apology, I didn’t think you were a Queen, because you actually look more like a witch than a Queen, but perhaps it’s possible for you to be both!” He tells Morgana in response to her question.

Captain Hook then thinks back to his old friend Regina Mills, and then he remembers that it is possible for a lady to be both a Queen and a witch.

“Well then I accept your apology just this once my dear pirate Captain, because after all I am in rather need of you, and I won’t be able to access your assistance if I were to kill you would I?” Morgana questions Killian in response to what he has just told her.

Captain Hook then shakes his head in response to Morgana’s question.

“No you won’t love,” he tells her in response to her question.

Captain Hook smiles across the cave at Queen Morgana.

“So, your majesty, what do you require my assistance with?” He questions her.

Morgana quite admires Hook’s good looks, but she tries her best to ignore them, because that’s not why she’s come here to see him to admire his attractive looks, and besides Morgana will only ever love one man, Kyle Kevins. Morgana crosses the cave over to Hook, and she now stands directly before him within the cave.

“My dear Captain, I believe you know Queen Tiger Lily!” The wicked witch says to the pirate Captain.

Hook then nods his head in response to what Morgana has just said to him.

“Aye, I do,” he tells her in response to what she has just said to him.

Morgana then closes her hand firmly in around Killian’s chin.

“Well then show me where she is!” She demands him.

The pirate then nods his head in response to the witches demand.

“Aye fair enough, looking for a new ally or something like that?” He questions her in response to her demand.

Morgana then withdraws a knife from her dark black robes, and she aims the sharp blade of it directly at Killian’s chin.

“That’s no reason of yours to why I wish to find Queen Tiger Lily!” Queen Morgana snaps out at Captain Hook in a sharp tone of anger.

Morgana’s dark eyes then flashes over Killian taking in every single detail about his appearance.

“Understood?” She yells out at him.

Captain Hook is then forced to nod his head in response to Queen Morgana’s question. Morgana lowers the blade of her sharp knife from Hook’s throat before placing it back onto her belt. Captain Hook then turns towards the slightly closed in and narrow entrance of the cave.

“Very well follow me let’s get to the presence of Queen Tiger!” Killian tells the wicked witch.

Morgana then follows Hook out and appear of the cave.

Chapter six

Captain Hook and Morgana Pendragon wander across the red hot desert over to the great Kingdom of Mzz within silence together. Hook has nothing to say to the Queen, and in return she has absolutely nothing to say to him. Suddenly hidden memories of another life suddenly coming rushing into his mind.


Captain Hook’s hidden memories:

Captain Hook (Killian Jones) shows up at Emma Swan (the saviour’s) apartment door in New York City. Captain Hook told the saviour there that her parents were in grave danger, but Emma neither recognises the pirate Captain or understands anything that he is telling her, even so Killian attempts to give Emma true loves kiss, but in return to this Emma just proceeds to kick Hook away from her. Hook then attempts to explain to Emma what the kiss was intending for, but in return the saviour just slams the door of her apartment roughly in the pirate Captain’s face.

Captain Hook tries again to shake some sense into Emma Swan, and this time he ambushes her while she is out on a date night, and while her boyfriend who she is currently dating Walsh is away at the toilet. Captain Hook takes a seat down opposite Emma by a table, and he hands her over a written address of an apartment in New York that she must make a visit to, and this is in order for Emma to learn the whole truth about her family who she really urgently needs to assist. Before leaving the table Hook asks Emma to meet him within central park when she is ready to talk with him, and later on Emma shows up at the park in order to confront Hook about a camera strap that she located at that written address, which was none other than Neal Cassidy (Baelfire’s) old apartment, and the strap had Emma’s son Henry’s name written upon it. Hook tries once again to talk with Emma about both her parents, and off the dark curse, but the saviour brushes these two different facts off as nonsense. Hook tells Emma that the camera strap is actually an example that she was at Neal’s apartment a year ago with Henry. Emma demands answers from the pirate Captain, and so Captain Hook then proceeds to offer the saviour a magical potion that has the power to restore all her own lost memories, but instead of accepting the magical potion in which he was offering out to her Emma handcuffs Hook’s hands. Emma has Killian arrested by police officers within New York City for crimes in addition to both assault and criminal harassment. While being held within jail for crimes against the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, Captain Hook is bailed out by Emma herself.

After bailing him out of prison Emma Swan shows Captain Hook a photo from the camera that the strap belonged to. The photo shows both Emma and her son Henry within an unknown town on the map known to very few people in the world as Storybrooke. The pirate Captain pushes the saviour into drinking the potion, and when Emma drinks the potion all her memories are returned to her.

That night after Emma Swan has re-gained all her lost memories within her apartment in New York City, Captain Hook explains to her that her parents have been cursed yet again by someone powerful. When Emma’s current boyfriend Walsh shows up at the Swan apartment, she goes out onto the roof of the apartments block within him.  Hook hears a scuffle, and this then leads him to rushing out onto the roof to assist Emma, but he finds her on her own with Walsh absent from the scene, turns out that Walsh had turned into a flying monkey, and that he was  sign that Emma had never actually been safe over the past year when she believed that she had been.

The very next morning Emma Swan introduces Captain Hook to her son Henry Mills, because Henry has no memory of the pirate Captain whatsoever. Hook only had enough liquid within the memory potion to restore Emma’s potions to her, and not Henry’s potions to him. Emma just introduces Hook to Henry just explaining to him that he’s a client from work. Emma, Hook and Henry then all return to the mysterious town of Storybrooke together.

Emma Swan is brought up to track on the various effects that have been caused as a result of the new curse within the town of Storybrooke, that has taken everyone’s memory of their previous year in the enchanted forest away from them. Captain Hook makes a confirmation to both David Nolen (Prince Charming) and Mary Margret Blanched (Snow White) the effects from Peter Pan’s curse actually did take them all back to the Enchanted Forest. Hook told both Snow and the Prince that the last he saw of them both within the Enchanted Forest was that they were headed for Queen Regina’s old Palace, because Hook was then split up from the group, as he was feeling community spirits. Captain Hook later goes with both David and Emma to the town line of Storybrooke where Robin Hood describes to them that his mate little John was kidnapped by a flying monkey. Hook, Robin and David then all conduct a search for little John along with Hood’s merry men. The three men and Hood’s lads finally find John with a deep bite wound. After Hook, David and Robin take him to the hospital they all then watch out in horror as little John himself then transforms into a flying monkey. Outside the Charming family apartment in Storybrooke Captain Hook, Emma Swan, Queen Regina, Snow White and Prince Charming then all come to the finale conclusion that it was the wicked witch of the west who casted the new curse upon the town of Storybrooke.

Captain Hook, Prince Charming and Emma search the mayor of Storybrooke (Regina Mills) office. They are searching for evidence to what the wicked witch may have left behind. David comes across a holly berry within the office, and he pinpoints the plant’s location in Storybrooke to north-western region which is past the toll bridge within the town. Emma and Hook search through the woods together nearby to the holly berry brushes, and this is where Emma questions her companion about what happened to him within his time in the enchanted forest, because the saviour is believing somehow that the pirate is hiding something from her. Captain Hook refuses to say anything to the woman who he loves, and instead he takes to questioning her if she was really considering marrying that Walsh guy. Emma tells Captain Hook in response that she actually was really considering marrying Walsh, because she was in love with him, but as usual the guy of Emma’s dreams wasn’t who he said he was, and he broke her heart. Hook is actually surprisingly pleased that Emma’s heart got broken, because he told her that if her heart could get broken then it meant that it still worked in order to allow love in. Emma throws Hook an unsure look after he explains to her how he is pleased that her heart got broken. Both Hook and Emma reach a farmhouse together, and they come to the conclusion that someone is living within in it. The pirate advices the saviour against not breaking open a storm cellar in which is locked, because Hook believes that both he himself and Emma will be safer opening the locked storm cellar if they had Regina’s magic to support them.

Captain Hook, Emma Swan, Queen Regina and Prince Charming then all discover that the wicked witch of the west has brought Mr Gold back to life from the dead, and they locate his prison cell empty with him gone from it, but however they do find a spinning wheel near to the cell within the farmhouse.

Within a morning meeting at Granny’s diner within the mysterious town of Storybrooke Captain Hook and his allies discuss with one another searching for Mr Gold. Hook mentions to the others that Neal back in the enchanted forest wanted to bring back his papa from the dead, because Hook knew that Neal wanted his dad to help him find a way of getting back to both Emma and Henry. Hook stays with Belle within Mr Gold’s pawnshop, telling her that he’ll stay there and protect her, but Belle isn’t at all too happy from this, because Hook tried to kill her at least two times before in the past. Hook aids Belle in taking books from a shelf in the shop. Together the pirate Captain and the lady who he is standing guard over hear a noise erupting together from the front door of the pawnshop. The Captain follows Belle to the door, and they discover that someone is ramming the door open from outside the shop. Both Captain Hook and Belle expect to find Mr Gold trying to make his way into the shop, but instead they find Neal trying to make his way into the shop, in which he succeeds in doing so, but as he is unconscious from doing so. Both Captain Hook and Belle take Neal to the hospital in Storybrooke for him to recover there, and they call both David and his daughter Emma to the scene. Hook keeps Neal company within the hospital while both Emma and David are out searching for Rumplestiltskin, and while Belle is identifying the mark that has appeared upon the palm of Neal’s hand. The pirate Captain expresses his disapproval to Neal about how he tried to bring the dark one back to life from the dead. Hook blocks Neal’s path as he attempts to leave the hospital, and he pulls him into a hug. Hook tells Neal that the hug is long overdue. Hook recalls the brotherhood that he shared aboard his ship (the Jolly Rodger) when Neal was just a young man.

Later on both Captain Hook and Belle inside Mr Gold’s pawnshop receive the terrible news from both David and Mary Margret that Neal has sadly died. Killian then attends Neal’s funeral to pay his last respects towards him within great sadness. After the funeral service at the diner in Storybrooke the pirate receives the saviour’s permission to take her son down to the docks, and this is in order for Hook to assist young Henry in finding out more facts about his deceased dad Neal. The Captain and the son of Baelfire visit a boat in Storybrooke together, and later they create a campfire by a beach where Hook hands a pamphlet over to Henry, in order for the young lad to learn how to make ship knots. When nightfall hits the town Killian shows Henry the sextant that he once used to teach Neal how to navigate the seas by looking up at the stars. Hook has hopes of instructing young Henry to use it too, but young Henry asks Hook for real solid information about his dad Neal in order for him to come to terms with his death. Henry discovers that Captain Hook also taught his father who to sail, when his father Neal had just lost his own dad. Killian comforts the young lad with the knowledge that both he himself and his dad Neal weren’t so different from one another. After dropping off Henry with his mother, Hook tells Emma that he deserves to learn the truth about his father, but Emma just brushes off Killian’s advice.

Captain Hook now knows because of the memories that have suddenly returned to him, that have appeared to have returned to him from a whole other life, that he actually did manage to find Emma Swan, and that he really did manage to successfully return back to the town of Storybrooke, and this was after he had been sent back to the enchanted forest. Hook now knows that if he was able to find Emma once then he’ll be able to find her again, because after all he truly believes that they were destined to be together. Both Hook and Morgana have now reached the dark palace that is within off course lurking within the darkened kingdom of Mzz. They successfully manage to break their way into the palace easily enough, without coming across any real difficulties, and they have done this just as easily as how Hook broke out of this palace yesterday with both Lily Kettle and the others. It seems that Queen Tiger Lily has lost unfortunately for her all of her men, and it appears that it’s either this or that the brown metal guards have been sent off somewhere, in order to carry out some bidding to their Queen, by her. Both Morgana and the pirate who she has allied herself with make their way both up to and into Tiger Lily’s chamber that is within her palace. Tiger Lily is sat behind her desk within her chamber, when both her intruders who are off course Hook and Morgana come bursting their way into her chamber. Queen Tiger Lily takes a look up simply from where she is sat behind her desk. She doesn’t look at all very pleased to see either one of them now standing before her within her chamber.

“How very rude of you bursting your way into my chamber like that! Aren’t you both lucky that I wasn’t getting myself dressed for dinner? I would surely have had both of your heads if that had been the case! Back again so soon are we Captain? I was rather hoping to have seen the back of you!” Queen Tiger Lily tells her two intruders within surprisingly a normal tone of voice.

The dark queen now rises up onto her feet from the chair that she’s just been sitting on inside her chamber, and she takes a long good hard look across her chamber over at the female who has just made her way unwelcomingly into her private place.

“If you’re here to kill me then very well knock yourself out and do so, because I can’t stop you since my powers have all now been taking away from me!” Dark Queen Tiger Lily shouts out to the dark Queen Morgana.

There is off course then a moment of silence before Morgana rounds on Queen Tiger Lily.

“I want you to do me a little favour, and that is I want you to take a good long hard look at me, and I want you to see if I’m really the killing kind to you, because choose to believe it or not, but I’m not here to kill you!” Pendragon informs the other dark Queen.

Morgana then uses her own magical powers to restore Queen Tiger Lily’s magical powers back into her heart. Queen Tiger Lily can sense her magical powers coming back into her as they take now to returning to her.

“Why thank you stranger, because it truly is good to be reunited with my old powers once again,” Tiger Lily says sounding really grateful to Morgana.

Morgana smiles back at Tiger Lily in response to what she has just said to her about.

“You’re quite welcome off course, and I hope now you can clearly see for yourself that I’m truly not your enemy, but however that doesn’t mean that I can’t assist you in bringing down your enemies, because I would actually love to do that!” Queen Morgana then tells Queen Tiger Lily.

Captain Hook now steps forward to face the two evil Queens’.

“Lily Kettle is an enemy to us all!” He informs them both believing himself to be correct, and so he is correct, because after all Lily is unfortunately an enemy to everyone who is stood within this chamber at this precise moment in time.

Hook now takes a look from Morgana to Tiger Lily.

“We must all join forces with one another in order to bring Kettle down!” He tells them both within an urgent tone.

Tiger Lily’s troubled.

“You were working alongside Lily yesterday, and so why should I trust you?” She questions the fierce pirate Captain.

Morgana then takes a look back at Tiger Lily in response to the question that she’s just taken to question Hook.

“Because I personally do trust him not with my life, but however I believe that he can gain my trust within that matter!” She tells her in response to her question.

Captain Hook folds his arms, and he takes a look over at Queen Tiger Lily.

“Choose to believe it or not, but I am on your side now!” He informs her.

Hook then takes a look across the chamber over at Morgana.

“If we’re going to harm Lily then what we really need to do is go for something that she really cares truly about like for example her friends!” He explains to her.

Morgana happily nods her head in understanding to what the pirate captain has just said to her about, and so does Tiger Lily. Captain Hook takes a look at both Queens’ now.

“I say that we launch a surprise attack party, with just the three of us off course, because I believe personally that we just can’t trust anyone else who vows to us that they are our allies upon Lily Kettle’s friends,” he makes a suggestion out to them both.

Both Queens’ Tiger Lily and Morgana nod their heads now in response to just what Captain Hook has said to them both about. Within his head Hook knows just who he himself is planning to capture within his own ambush attack, that he is going to join in on the launch against both Lily Kettle and her loyal friends, and that is actually three people who the Captain really doesn’t like the look of, and they are Mike Milligan, Tee Taylor and off course Carman Howle. Both Queen Morgana and Queen Tiger Lily together combine their magical abilities in order to make both themselves and Captain Killian Jones vanish out of the Queen’s chamber.


Chapter seven

Lily Kettle and her friends who are her new found mate Alice, her friend from Living village Kyle Kevins and her mate’s from when she used to live back at the Dumping Ground who are Tracy Beaker, Mike Milligan, Tee Taylor and Carman Howle are all now heading up a desert mountain together within single file. Lily is off course at the lead of the small party group of people. They all seem to be both peaceful and quiet, but suddenly however unexpectedly the fierce pirate Captain called Hook and his two allies both Queen Morgana Pendragon and Queen Tiger Lily take to appearing out of absolutely nowhere before them all, and this is while they are journeying on up their way to the top of the mountain together. Lily are her friends are all armed up with thick metal sharp swords luckily, and this is because that the good witch took to using her powers to give both herself and all her friends a sword each. Queen Tiger Lily and her two new allies are also armed up with a sword each very much just like their enemies are. Lily points her sword in anger from where she had already pointed it towards Hook before over to Tiger Lily, and then she lashes it out at Morgana.

“What are you all doing here?” She demands an answer bravely from them all.

Hook then rounds in anger on Lily, and he lashes the sharp blade of his sword out in disgust at her.

Relax we’re not here for you! We’re just here for your friends! Killian laughs out coldly at Lily.

The good witch misses being hit by the captain’s sword only by inches. Lily lashes her own sword out in disgust at Hook.

“Well tough mate, because there’s no way at all that I’m going to let you bring harm down to anyone of my friends!” She informs him.

Lily’s blade of her sword suddenly meets Killian’s blade of his sword fearlessly in combat. Hook kicks Lily roughly down to the rock hard desert ground now.

“Do you know what I’m asking myself now? Well I’m now asking myself just why on earth was I thinking of marrying you? The answer to that question is now beyond me, because you’re not even pretty!” He yells out at her.

Queen Morgana uses her dark power to make Tee’s sword go suddenly disappearing out of her hand. Queen Tiger Lily uses her dark power in order to make Carman’s sword also go disappearing out of her hand, and together they use their power to make Mike’s sword off course go vanishing out of his hand, because after all Mike was holding very firmly onto his weapon. The two evil Queens' then go vanishing with their three prisoners together, and they are now leaving Captain Hook behind in order for him to continue to face their enemies without them. Unfortunately it would appear that Hook has just been abandoned by his two superiors upon the desert mountain now.

“Oh bloody hell!” The Captain now goes snapping out in a tone of sharp anger.

Lily then uses her powers to make Killian’s sword go vanishing out of his hand, and the pirate Captain is left horrified by this cause of action.

“Oh shit no! Bloody hell!” Captain Jones moans out within a tone of alarm.

Lily then uses her powers to make thick rope appear out of nowhere within her hands. Lily hands the rope right over to both Tracy and Alice.

“Tie him up then girls!” She commands them both.

Neither Tracy nor Alice are happy working together, but Lily has just given them a command, and they must now work together in order to carry it out. Both Tracy and Alice then get themselves down to work with assisting one another in tying Captain Hook up as their prisoner. Kyle heads on over now to see his friend Lily.

“We really should have been prepared for a surprise witch attack!” He tells her.

Lily nods her head in response to what Kyle has just told her about, because she truly believes what he says to be right.

“Yeah we were kind of stupid that we weren’t prepared for one,” she says in response to him.

Lily has now successfully managed to capture a prisoner, but however unfortunately most of her friends have all now been taken as prisoners themselves by her new enemies the evil witches. Alice and Tracy together are holding on firmly to one of Hook’s arms and Kyle is holding onto the other. Lily now takes to aiming the sharp blade of her sword directly at Killian’s throat! Is she just about to become a cold blooded hearted murderer?

To be continued!





© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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