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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lily Kettle finds herself spending some quality time with the father of her deceased boyfriend in the dark jungle in Mzzuan, the never ending maze. She happily takes to bounding with him there, but however are they about to catch up with someone in the maze who they seem to have very much forgotten about?


(2014 EDITION)


Chapter 1

Both Lily Kettle and Kyle Kevins are still in the dark jungle full of animals in the never-ending maze called Mzzuan together. They are both feeling pretty tired now, and that is because since they have been travelling through this jungle for many hours indeed searching for both Captain Hook and Alice. They’re both too tired to go on travelling throughout this jungle, and so in a nice little peaceful part of the jungle Lily uses her enchanted powers to make a tent appear out of nowhere. The tent is a two man tent, and so both the young lady and her middle aged friend will easily be able to fit inside it. Kyle makes to object with Lily wishing to stop and rest for the night, but before he can object to her however Lily shakes her head at him.

“We can’t go on without sleep,” Lily tells Kyle.

Somewhere deep down inside his heart Kevins knows that Kettle is right. Lily continues to smile over at Kyle.

“We’ll begin a fresh little search together in the morning!” She promises him.

In fact in the morning truthfully Lily is planning on heading back to the others with Kyle, because for all that she knows, and if she is even thinking this then she is absolutely correct Captain Hook could have escaped from Mzzuan on his own accord with Alice. Lily is however wrong to believe that Killian Jones has both captured and kidnapped Alice the young lady from Wonderland. Lily uses her magical powers to make two deck chairs appear outside the two man tent, and once she has taken a seat down on one of the chairs, Lily also uses her magical powers to light themselves up a little campfire. Kyle also takes a seat down on one of the deck chairs. Even though it is mega hot throughout the day it actually gets incredibly cold in Mzzuan at night time.  He proceeds to warm his hands up by the fire. Lily uses her enchanted powers to make a bottle of water appear out of nowhere in her hand. Kyle’s troubled as he turns to face Lily.

“If we ever get out of Mzzuan what are you going to get a job working as?” He questions her out of curiosity.

To be honest with her in response to Kyle’s question to her this thought has never ever crossed Lily’s mind. Lily doesn’t even know what she’d like to be. However Lily has deep down in her heart always wished to work with children. The reason why Kyle decided to ask Lily that question is because with having no children of his own anymore, Kyle is wishing to take care and look after Lily, because he knows that she now has no parents, and Kyle knew Steve well enough to know that he wanted someone to watch over and look after his little girl. Lily takes a look back at Kyle in response to his question to her.

“I would really like to be a primary school teacher,” she tells him in response to his question to her.

Kyle smiles back at Lily in response to what she has just told him about herself.

“Well then you’re going to have to go to university,” Kevins tells Kettle in response to what she has just told him.

Lily nods her head in agreement to what Kyle has just told her.

“Yeah I was thinking of maybe perhaps applying to the university in Liverpool,” she says to him in response to what he has just told her.

Kyle smiles back at Lily in response to what she has just said to him.

“Well then I’ll support you through it,” he promises her in response to what she has just said to him.

Lily takes a sip out of her bottle of water. She is pleased to have such good friends who are stood by her side and ready to support her throughout the many different challenges that she faces in her life. However right now Lily doesn’t want Kyle as a father, because she just doesn’t wish to steal Razz’s place in the world.

Chapter 2

Lily Kettle makes her way into the two man tent that she is sharing with Kyle Kevins that night in the dark jungle in the never-ending maze Mzzuan. Lily takes her clothes off, starting first with her dark black leather jacket that she used her magical powers to make it appear on her, and then Lily takes her white T-shirt off before pulling down her leggings, and throwing off her red coloured flip flops from her feet. Lily uses her enchanted powers to make her IPod appear out of nowhere in her hand. Lily’s magic is growing stronger by the minute, and now she has enough more to transfer objects from her destroyed family home in Living village to her presence here in Mzzuan, but however every single time Lily has attempted to transfer her little brother Jonah and her dog Shadow here to join her in the never-ending maze she has unfortunately failed to do so, because Lily has absolutely no idea at all that both Jonah and Shadow have been picked up and collected from their house in Living village by the avenger Tony Stark who is otherwise known as Iron man.

Lily Kettle places her red headphones into her ears. Lily likes the gummy make of headphones. Kettle struggles into her sleeping bag that she used her powers to make appear out of nowhere in this tent. Lily lays down in her sleeping bag before resting her head against her black coloured comfy pillow.

An hour later Kyle Kevins makes his way into the blue and red coloured tent to find Lily Kettle flat out on her air bed in her sleeping bag, snoozing her head off. Kyle has just been outside on his deck chair for a little bit longer watching the brightly coloured stars, gazing up at them in the night sky. Kyle manages to undress himself and get into his sleeping bag without waking up Lily.

Early the next morning, both Lily Kettle and Kyle Kevins’ little two man tent is located by someone unexpected, who managed to get herself lost from the others here in Mzzuan, and that is none other than Elektra Perkins. Elektra just stumbles into the entrance of the tent searching away herself for shelter to get out of the heavy rain that had now begun to fall in around the jungle. Elektra takes a look inside the tent, and there she finds one of her good friends.

“Lily!” Elektra cries out at her friend in a tone of great delight not caring that she’s waking her up from her sleep.

Lily then struggles to open up her two eyes in her little tent after hearing her friend Elektra crying out her one and only first name. Lily sits up in her sleeping bag on her air bed, and she takes a look over at Elektra. Lily laughs over at Elektra.

“Oh I forgot about you,” she giggles over at her.

Lily proceeds to stretch out her two arms to waken herself up more. Lily takes a look over at Kyle who is also starting to waken up now before taking a look back over at Elektra. Lily smiles over at her friend with trouble shown clearly expressed in her two eyes. Elektra comes to both recognise and notice the trouble and confusion starting back at her in Lily’s two eyes.

“You’re wanting to know where I’ve been aren’t you?” Perkins questions Kettle.

Lily nods her head up at Elektra in response to her question to her.

“Yeah where the hell were you mate?” She demands an answer from her in response to her question to her.

Elektra sinks down taking a seat on Lily’s air bed.

“I’ve been trying to find a way for myself out of Mzzuan,” she tells her in response to her question to her.

Lily rounds on Elektra.

“You would have abandoned me here!” She yells out at her in a tone of horror.

Elektra nods her head truthfully in response to what Lily has just yelled out at her.

“Yeah, I’m trying this new adjustment in life where I only care about me from now on,” she tells her in response to what she has just yelled out at her.

Lily’s left both so incredibly upset and angry in response to what Elektra has just told her. Kyle like Lily is now fully awake, and he’s now taking to watching this conversation clearly that’s occurring between both of the two girls. Kyle smiles over at Lily.

“In life many people will betray you my girl, because they did to me!” He warns her trying to give her some adulthood advice.

Lily rounds in anger on Elektra in response to what Kyle has just told her.

“You certainly betrayed me old friend!” She snaps out in a tone of sharp anger at her.

Elektra takes to rounding in disgust on Lily.

“Well I’ve found you now haven’t I? Since I’ve found you now you’ll be able to also use my escape route to get yourself out of Mzzuan!” She shouts out at her in a raised voice.

Elektra then proceeds to withdraw a bean that is glowing with green smoke out of her red barber jacket pocket, and she shows it over to Lily. Lily has never ever seen a magic bean before, and so she really doesn’t know what it is or what it does, but Kyle who has seen a magic bean before recognises it straight away. Kyle’s troubled.

“Elektra where on earth did you manage to find one here in Mzzuan?” He takes to questioning the girl.

Elektra takes a look back at Kyle in response to his question to her.

“In the beach that lays just beyond the jungle,” she tells him in response to his question to her.

Kyle has now come to learn that the never ending maze has grown somewhat since he last stepped foot in it, because when he used to be a King here in Mzzuan there never ever used to be a beach that lay beyond the jungle, and the jungle now that he can clearly remember it in his mind never ever used to be this big.


Chapter 3

Both Kyle Kevins and Lily Kettle throw their clothes back on inside their blue and red two man tent. Lily had just been sleeping in her sleeping bag in her bra and knickers, and Kyle had just been sleeping away in his own sleeping bag in his underwear, but now they are both fully dressed once again. Lily smiles over at Elektra as she throws her leather jacket on.

“We need to find both Hook and Alice, they both like you abandoned us, and once we’ve found them we need to head back to the others, and then we can finally use that magic bean to get us all home,” she explains to her.

Elektra rounds on Lily.

“Just leave Hook be if you go after him he will surely kill you stone dead!” She warns her.

Kyle folds his arms as he takes a look over across the tent at Lily.

“Elektra’s right Lily Hook isn’t our problem, he isn’t your problem. Lily you shouldn’t be worried about Killian Jones, what you should be worried about is an ordinary life a life that he could never ever possibly have, like for example you should be concentrating on getting into Liverpool university when we go home,” he tells her.

Lily then decides in response to what her friends have just told her to just to simply forget about Captain Hook, and to leave him be. Lily smiles over at her two friends.

“Let’s go and find the others,” she tells them both.

Lily, Elektra and Kyle then all head out of their tent together, and once outside the tent Lily uses her magical powers to take down the tent, and then to make it simply disappear.

Chapter 4

Lily Kettle, Elektra Perkins and Kyle Kevins all approach Tracy Beaker, Tom Clarkson, Tee Taylor, Carman Howle, Sambuca Kelly, Finn Sharkey and Lucy Pevensie outside the palace Mzz in the never ending maze Mzzuan together. Elektra is still carrying the magic bean securely in her jacket pocket. Tracy rushes lovingly over and into Kyle’s loving embrace when she looks up from sitting down on the red hot desert ground, and watching him make his way over to her with the two girls. When Kyle has Tracy trapped in his loving embrace he shares a kiss of romance with her on the lips. Lily smiles over at her best mates Carman and Tee and also over at her new friend Lucy.

“We’ve found a way out of Mzzuan Elektra, Kyle and I,” she informs them all.

Everyone is left ever so pleased by what Lily has just told Carman, Tee and Lucy everyone apart from Lucy herself, Sam and Finn her boyfriend that is. Lucy rounds on Lily.

“Please my home world really needs your help!” She snaps out sharply at her in an urgent tone pleading for her assistance.

Lily is just so keen to return to her own home world that she nearly refuses to help Lucy save Narnia, but however Lily nods her head over at Lucy.

“Very well I shall go with you over to Narnia to help you to save it,” she promises her.

Lucy nods her head at Lily.

“Good we need to leave Mzzuan for Narnia now then,” she tells her.

Lily nods her head in understanding in response to what Lucy has just told her. Lily then turns to face Elektra.

“Get everyone home my friend!” She commands her.

Lily’s troubled.

“How are the two of us going to get from here to Narnia?” She questions her new friend.

Lucy turns back to face Lily in response to her question to her.

“Follow me!” She commands her in response to her question to her.

Lily then proceeds to follow Lucy over to the palace. Sam turns to face Tom.

“Me and Finn wanna stay here, and live out the rest of our days in that palace as husband and wife,” she tells him.

Tom’s left utterly shocked by what Sam has just told him.

“Love it’s a bit sudden and far too soon for us to say goodbye to one another, what about your life back home in Living village? What about Marley, Earl, Den and Prince?” He questions her in a tone of shock in response to what she has just told him.

Sam smiles back at Tom in response to his questions to her.

“As long as I’m with Finn I’m happy, and I won’t be happy going back to them, taking myself on a trip back to the world where my mum died,” she tells him in response to his question to her.

Finn smiles over at Tom.

“Sam will always be safe with me man! I just want the two of us to become the new King and Queen of Mzz,” he informs him.

Tom realises that there’s nothing at all that he can say to make either Finn or Sam stay here in this never-ending maze. Tom shrugs his shoulders and he nods his head.

“Very well on one condition, I know that you two are engaged to one another, and so I’d like you to get married to one another today, and this is so that I can witness your wedding,” Tom tells both Sam and Finn.

They both take to agree with just what he has just told them both. Sam then asks Tom to give him away, and she also asks Tee, Tracy and Carman to be her bridesmaids, while Finn takes to ask Kyle if he’ll say their service. Kyle soon finds himself stood before facing both Sam and Finn here in Mzzuan. Kyle takes a look over at Sam.

“Will you Sambuca Kelly take this man Finn Sharkey to be your lawful wedding husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, in sickness and in health?” He questions her.

Sam then nods her head in response to Kyle’s question to her.

“I most certainly will!” Sam cries out at Kyle in response to his question to her.

Kyle then turns to face Finn.

“Will you Finn Sharkey take this woman Sambuca Kelly to be your lawful wedding wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, in sickness and in health?” He questions him.

Finn nods his head immediately in response to Kyle’s question to him.

“Yeah off course I will,” he tells him happily in response to his question to him.

Kyle then concentrates both all his thoughts and efforts on getting his magical powers back, and then luckily they all come rushing back to him. The first thing that Kyle does when he gets his enchanted powerful powers back, is to make two golden rings appear out of nowhere in the palm of his right hand.

“Now if you’d like to give one another the rings,” he tells both Sam and Finn.

Sam then picks a ring up out of Kyle’s hand, and she places it on Finn’s finger, and Finn then places a ring on Sam’s finger after picking it up out of Kyle’s hand. Kyle smiles delightfully from both Finn to Sam.

“I shall now declare you both husband and wife!” He informs them both.

Kyle then turns happily to face Finn.

“You shall now kiss the bride,” he tells him.

Finn then launches himself delightfully at his new wife. Sam is trapped in Finn’s loving embrace. Sambuca Kelly has now become Sambuca Sharkey. After sharing a brilliant romantic kiss of true love with Finn Sam turns back to face Tom.

“This is where we say goodbye,” she says to him.

Tom nods his head trying to hide away his sadness, but unfortunately he doesn’t have the power to hide it away for very long.

“I’m losing everyone love!” He cries out in a tone of sadness at Sam.

Tears of unhappiness begin to roll down Tom’s face from his two eyes, and this shocks Sam very much, because she never ever knew that he cared so much about her even though they have always shared a father daughter relationship with one another. Sam pulls Tom into a loving embrace to comfort him from crying his eyes out. Sambuca shakes her head at Thomas.

“I will never stop loving you dad!” She makes a vow to him.

Kyle comes to stand over by his mate Tom’s side now, and he gives him a friendly smile.

“Come on mate just let your daughter go,” Kevins tells Clarkson.

It seems that Kyle’s making a little habit of telling everyone to let someone go today. Tom knows that Kyle’s right for Sam was never his to keep. Tom then pulls both Sam and her new husband Finn into a loving hug.

“Goodbye for the finale time,” he says to them both.

Tom then goes to stand over by Tracy, Carman, Tee and Elektra away from Sam, Finn and Kyle. The second thing that Kyle uses his magical powers to do is to make two golden crowns appear out of nowhere on both Finn and Sam’s head. They are real golden shiny jewellery crowns.

“I crown you King Finn and Queen Sam of Mzz palace!” Kyle informs the new married couple.

Queen Tiger Lily is long since dead now, and long live both King Finn and Queen Sam Sharkey.

Chapter 5

The newly crowned King and Queen of the never ending maze Mzzuan, Finn and Sam Sharkey, stand watching by the entrance to their new home palace Mzz as their friends Tom Clarkson, Kyle Kevins, Tracy Beaker, Tee Taylor, Carman Howle and Elektra Perkins all use their magic bean together to travel from the never ending enchanted maze of Mzzuan back to Living village in Liverpool city in the country England in the planet earth together, and there to greet and welcome Tom back into the village is Marley, Denzel and Earl Kelly. Carman and Tee head to Lily Kettle’s old home in Living village, and there they both make the discovery that both the little toggle Jonah and the black and white coloured dog Shadow have disappeared from the house, but the same question is on the top of both of their minds now, and that is where could they both possibly be now? Meanwhile both Kyle Kevins and Tracy Beaker go to visit Kyle’s three children’s graves in the church of England graveyard in Living village. Both Kyle and Tracy are really worried about their dear friend Lily Kettle right now, and they both just hope beyond all hope that she’s going to be alright with her new friend who they are both not sure they can trust, Lucy Pevensie, in the magical world of Narnia.

A couple of hours ago both Lily Kettle and Lucy Pevensie locate the magical wardrobe that both Captain Hook and Alice the young lady from Wonderland travelled through earlier, in both King Finn and Queen Sam’s new chamber here in Mzz palace, and they both proceed to travel through the enchanted wardrobe together. Lucy walks closely behind Lily in the magical wardrobe heading past all the coats and bags that are laying before them in the wardrobe. On the other side of the wardrobe Lily shockingly finds herself face to face with her old enemy Queen Morgana Pendragon. Both Lily and Lucy are in the new white witch’s palace Cair Paravel together. Lucy pushes Lily roughly towards the evil Queen, and Morgana grabs Lily roughly by the scruff of her neck. Lucy smiles at her Queen Morgana.

“The Kettle girl as promised!” She informs her.

Only now does Lily realise that Lucy has been tricking her. Lily wishes just more than anything else now that she had never put her trust in Lucy, and that she had never offered to help her safe her home land. Morgana only now uses her powerful magical powers to release Lucy from her mind control spell, and so it is only this second does Lucy realise much to her horror just what it is that she’s done. Lucy feels absolutely rotten inside. Lucy shakes her head in sadness over at Lily trying to tell her without words that she really didn’t know what she was doing, but it’s no good, because Lily is now just left shaken with fear after Lucy’s betrayal to her.

Chapter 6

Lucy Pevensie rounds in great anger on Morgana Pendragon in the main hall in Cair Paravel palace.

“What the hell have you turned me into?” She snaps out at her in a tone of sharp anger.

Queen Morgana smiles coldly back at Lucy in response to her question to her.

“Me!” She informs her coldly in response to her question to her.

Morgana then slaps Lucy full on in the face, before using her powers to send her disappearing down to the prison cell in her palace, where she is keeping Lucy’s brother’s Peter and Edmund and her sister Susan prisoners inside. Morgana now turns back to face Lily, who has now found herself all of a sudden chained up to the freezing cold wall of the great hall, with thick frozen with ice metal chains connected from her hands onto the wall, and also there’s this on her legs trapping her to the wall too. Morgana comes face to face with her prisoner.

“Lily Kettle at last!” Morgana snaps out in cold sharp anger at her prisoner just looking forward to the good fun that she’s going to have by torturing her to death.

Morgana reaches out and she touches with her cold hands the leather jacket that Lily is wearing. The jacket seems to be absolutely freezing cold. Morgana smiles coldly once more at Lily.

“The coldness that you are feeling now is nothing compared to the coldness and dread that is about to come to you! You killed someone I cared about Queen Tiger Lily, and now you’re going to pay!” She promises her not warning her just simply promising her.

Lily closes her eyes in fear. She has no idea at all just what Morgana is planning to do to her, and it pains her to know that she may never ever see her faithful loyal friends again. All of a sudden the doors of the main hall burst open, and a ghost from Morgana’s past makes her way up to her in the hall. This ghost is none other than Morgana’s Aunty Jadis, and Morgana believed her to be dead, and so this is a shock to her by seeing her alive like this. Jadis hasn’t come here alone, no she’s come in here to the great hall with two prisoners that she’s captured, and Lily is horrified to discover that one of them is her friend Alice the young lady from Wonderland. Alice takes a look up at Lily chained up to the freezing cold wall of the main hall in this palace, and she’s shocked to see her in danger like this. This sight of Lily in peril is now making Alice feel guilty for leaving both her and the others back in Mzzuan. Sir Gwaine is the other prisoner, but unlike her captive Queen Morgana Lily has never ever seen him before in her life. Morgana smiles coldly from both Gwaine to Jadis.

“Greetings from the past, ghosts from the present and mysteries from the future!” She informs them both about what they are to her.

Jadis and Morgana rush forward to face one another, and they pull one another into a loving hug. Lily takes a look across the hall at Alice while the two evil Queens’ are busy hugging one another.

“Where is Hook?” Kettle wishes across the hall over to her friend from Wonderland from where she is trapped up as a prisoner to the wall of the main hall.

Alice takes a look back over at Lily in response to her question to her.

“Dead,” she says simply to her but sadly in response to her question to her.

Lily doesn’t even know what emotions she’s feeling right now. Lily didn’t like the pirate Captain in the slightest, but however it is a bit of a shock now to her to learn of his death like this. Jadis rounds on Alice.

“That’s what you soon will be my girl dead!” She snaps out sharply at her in a promising tone.

Morgana then rounds on Lily.

“As will you!” She yells out at her.

Morgana then slaps Lily full on in the face. Lily now knows that she’s at the mercy of Morgana Pendragon.

To be continued!











Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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