The Adventure Continues series 2 episode 17 2014 edition

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The great destiny of the 6 son's of Adam in Narnia continues.
Meanwhile Morgana begins to have fun torturing her prisoner Lily.


(2014 EDITION)


Chapter 1

The six sons’ of Adam are still in the castle in the enchanted realm of Narnia called Anvard together with their leader golden powerful lion Aslan, and their King Caspian. August Wayne Booth has learned by now that the woman who he once upon a time thought loved him Rose Tyler, and he believes that she has just left, because she doesn’t love him, and August is simply deciding that that’s alright, and that if Rose chooses to leave him then she may, because August has simply realised that there’s nothing at all that he can do to stop Rose from leaving him. So it’s clear that August has absolutely no idea at all that Rose has been kidnapped taken away from him by none other than the evil time lord called the Master.

There’s a meeting in the main hall in the palace right now everyone is there Razz Kevins, Johnny Taylor, Liam O’Donovan, August Wayne Booth, Neal Cassidy, the Knave of Hearts, Aslan and King Caspian. King Caspian is addressing everyone in the main hall.

“Look I know that it’s your destinies to defeat the white knight’s and not the white witch, but why not we focus all our efforts on bringing her down instead of her men, because maybe then her men will both honour and serve and they must then show their respect towards us.” He tells them all.

Everyone realises what Caspian is telling them. If the six son’s of Adam were to show the white knight’s of Narnia that they are far more powerful than their Queen Morgana Pendragon then maybe perhaps they will choose upon honouring and serving them. The Knave of Hearts turns to face his new King.

“Well then we’re going to have to go to Cair Paravel,” he tells him.

Everyone nods their heads in response to what Will Scarlet has only just told their King. King Caspian rises to his feet up from the chair that he’s just been sitting on, and the great and powerful King of Narnia coughs to clear his throat before addressing his loyal subjects once again.

“Then my brother’s make ready for we set off for Cair Paravel tonight,” he instructs them all.

All of the men then rise to their feet from the chairs that they have been sitting on, and they then proceed to exit the great hall.

Chapter 2

Johnny Taylor makes his way into Razz Kevins’ chamber in Anvard castle, and he finds him packing a bag there. King Caspian has given his men half an hour to get themselves for the off that night. Johnny smiles over at Razz.

“I’ve come here to promise you that I’ll help you to find Lily!” He promises him.

Razz shakes his head back at Johnny in response to his promise to him as he continues to throw his clothes into his bag.

“Save your breath mate I don’t want to waste my time searching for a girl who sleeps around with other men!” Razz snaps out at Johnny in a tone of sharp anger.

Johnny’s left ever so shocked and confused by what Razz has just told him.

“What do you mean mate?” Mr Taylor questions Mr Kevins demanding him for an answer.

Razz turns back to face Johnny in response to his question to him.

“Lily once upon a time told me that she had never ever had a single boyfriend before meeting me!” He tells him truthfully in response to his question to him.

Razz’s anger is really starting to heat up now. Johnny now realises that Razz believes that Lily once dated both he himself and Liam, but Johnny knows more than anything that Razz couldn’t be more wrong.


Johnny rounds on Razz.

“Hey hold on a minute mate, Lily’s never ever been seeing either me or Liam before, she hasn’t ever had a boyfriend before, because her dad Steve never approved of her getting too close to boys until she met you!” He yells out at him trying to make him see some sense about his friend Lily.

Johnny then gives Razz a hard push in the chest. Razz then realises there and then that he was so incredibly stupid to have been thinking wrongly of his girlfriend Lily. Suddenly before Razz can say anything at all to his new friend Johnny about him realising his own stupidity the door of the chamber bursts open, and Neal Cassidy hurries as quickly as he can into the chamber. Neal takes a look urgently over at both Razz and Johnny who are both standing before him in this chamber.

“We’re under attack boys!” He screams out at them in an urgent tone of panic.

The white knights of Narnia have entered the castle so it seems, and now the battle of Anvard shall now begin. All of a sudden a white warrior bursts his way into the chamber unwelcomingly armed with a white sharp metal sword, and the soldier rounds in bloodthirsty anger upon the three sons’ of Adam inside Razz’s chamber. Neal is armed with a sword since he was carrying one when he made his way into this chamber. Luckily Razz also processes a total of two fortunate swords inside his chamber, and so he races over as fast as he can over to the draw where they are both kept inside his chamber, and he proceeds to withdraw them both from there, before passing one of them quickly over to Johnny by throwing it in the air. Johnny grabs the sword firmly in his hand, and he rounds in anger on the white guard with it, but however before either Razz or Johnny can engage the white knight in battle with their swords, he engages Neal in battle. Neal fights for his life, but he unfortunately ends up losing his life when he is stabbed to death by his opponent’s sword. Neal falls to the floor of the chamber dead.

Chapter 3

Neal Cassidy (Baelfire) is dead, and now it seems that the prophecy was completely wrong, meaning that six sons of Adam won’t be able to restore peace to the magical world of Narnia. Neither Johnny Taylor or Razz Kevins can believe what they are both seeing, as they continue to stand frozen still with the feeling of both dread and fear inside their two hearts in the chamber where Neal has just fallen by his enemies hands in the castle Anvard, taking a look down in utter horror at their loyal friend’s dead body. Johnny launches himself in anger towards the white warrior, and he quickly begins to lash out at him in aggression with the sharp powerful blade of his sliver sword. Luckily Johnny ends up winning the fight, and he stabs his enemy stone dead with the sharp blade of his deadly sword. Razz has now sunken down in utter sadness beside his friend Neal’s dead body, and he takes a look up at Johnny with pure sadness shown clearly in his two eyes from where he is sat on the floor of his chamber.

“Oh ma God, the prophecy was wrong!” Razz alerts Johnny in a tone of shock.

Rest in peace Neal Cassidy both Razz and Johnny think to themselves. The two boys suddenly hear the sound of screaming the kind of pain coming from far away from them both inside the castle, and then they know that there’s nothing at all that they can do for their deceased friend Neal now, and that they must now go off and assist their friends Aslan the golden lion, Caspian the rightful King of Narnia, the Knave of Hearts, August Wayne Booth and Liam O’Donovan in their fight against their white metal enemies.  Johnny shakes his head at Razz in response to what he has just alerted him about.

“Maybe we weren’t the ones to save Narnia after all, but we shall be the ones to save the lives of our friends!” He shouts out at him in an urgent tone.

Razz nods his head in agreement to what Johnny has just shouted out at him.

“We shall be hopefully,” he says in agreement to what he has just shouted out at him.

Johnny smiles at Razz before nodding his head from him to the door of the chamber as if to say we really need to go and save the lives of our friends now mate. Both Johnny and Razz then leg it out of the chamber leaving both the dead bodies of the frozen white coloured warrior and Neal Cassidy behind.

Chapter 4

The castle called Anvard in Narnia is now storming with white metal intruders, and they are now battling the one true King of Narnia (Caspian) and his loyal companion’s inside the great hall in the castle. Both Johnny Taylor and Razz Kevins hurry as fast as they can into the hall, and there they find King Caspian, the golden lion (Aslan), Will Scarlet, August Wayne Booth and Liam O’Donovan battling their enemy intruder’s together. Two white guards sight both Johnny and Razz making their way into the great hall, and they rush over to engage them in bloodthirsty battle.

Meanwhile in the white main palace of Narnia which is known as Cair Paravel, the young lady who is called Lily Kettle is still being held hostage as a prisoner by her evil cold hearted enemy Morgana Pendragon. Lily is trapped to the frozen white wall of the palace with thick metal sliver coloured irons closed in around both her legs and arms imprisoning her onto the wall. Lily is completely alone in the main hall, because the two other prisoners who were captured by Jadis the white Queen of Narnia, and brought here into the palace shortly after she herself was betrayed by a person who she was friends with called Lucy Pevensie, who handed her into her great and powerful enemy Morgana, have now been led off down to some prison cell far below from where she herself is inside the palace. Lily takes a look down at the pocket of her black leather jacket, and she knows that the great golden coloured ring of power rests inside that pocket. Lily knows that there’s absolutely no way at all for her to fetch that ring from her pocket not now that her arms have been trapped onto the wall of the hall, but wait just for a little moment, because there may just be a way for Lily to get to her ring after all by using the power of magic. Lily tries to use her magic to force the metal chains of her arms and legs, and surprisingly she successfully manage to do this. The metal chains come flying off Lily’s arms and legs freeing her from the wall. She’s alright now luckily, but the question remains on her mind for how long? Unfortunately not very long at all, because Lily manages to land safely on her two feet after falling from the high wall, and just before she can withdraw the golden ring from her jacket pocket the great hall doors burst open, and Morgana the with makes her way strolling into the hall.

“LILY! HOW DARE YOU TRY AND ESCAPE YOURSELF FROM ME?” Morgana rages out at her enemy in a tone of sharp aggressive anger.

Lily has now reached her hand deep into her jacket pocket. Morgana takes a look down at Lily’s jacket pocket.

“Whatever do you have hidden away in there I wonder?” The evil witch questions her prisoner.

Lily smiles angrily back at her enemy in response to her question to her.

“None of your business!” Lily snaps out in anger at Morgana.

Kettle tries to hold tightly onto the ring inside her pocket, but it’s no use, because Pendragon uses her dark powers to force Lily’s hand out of her pocket. Morgana then flies towards Lily inside the great hall, and she sinks her own hand deep down into Lily’s pocket withdrawing the golden ring from it. Morgana smiles coldly from the ring to its current owner Lily.

“This ring precious to you is it? Well its mine now!” She yells out sharply at her.

Lily tries to make a sharp quick grab for the ring out of Morgana’s hand, but in return Pendragon just grabs hold of Lily’s arm, and she refuses to let go of it. Morgana rests her head against Lily’s head.

“You must understand that there is just no escape for you from me,” she tells her simply.

Morgana unfortunately then uses her dark magic to remove Lily’s own magical powers from her. Lily’s now powerless. Morgana then proceeds to use a serpent called a Nathiar to torture Lily. Nathiar’s are utterly harmless most of the time, but however just like what Morgana has managed to do here with a little magic persuasion it can cause someone pain to the limits of human endurance. Lily screams out in pain when he creature bites into her. Morgana doesn’t torture Lily using the serpent for very long, and after awhile she just throws punch after punch into Lily’s face. Morgana smiles coldly once more at her enemy.

“Razz Kevins is alive once more!” She snaps out at her in a cold tone.

Lily’s left utterly surprised by what her enemy has just told her.

“Oh Razz!” Lily cries out in a tone of happiness just longing to be happily reunited with her one true love once again.

Lily knows that there are some wonders in the world around her that just can’t be explained to her, because they are such things known as miracles, and miracles are factors that don’t require any answers just knowledge and interest. Morgana grabs firmly hold of Lily’s chin.

“He maybe your only hope of being woken up after I have put you under the sleeping curse!” She tells her sharply.

Lily’s feeling shocked now by what her enemy has now told her. Morgana then uses her dark magical powers to send Lily drifting off to sleep. Lily closes her eyes suddenly, and she falls into a deep dream. Morgana lays Lily gently down onto the stone cold tile surface of the great hall before proceeding to disappear vanishing away from her.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile back in Living village Kyle Kevins is now sat in the little village pub there with Tracy Beaker. This pub was first opened when the village was built up all those many years ago. Both Kyle and Tracy are sat drinking beer by the bar of the pub together. Kyle smiles over at Tracy.

“Lily will be alright,” he promises her however not really knowing a great deal whether she will be or not, and it turns out however that Kyle is completely wrong in what he says.

Tracy takes a sip from her glass of beer. Worry is boiling up now inside of Tracy’s chest. Beaker takes a look back at Kevins in response to what he has just promised her.

“We should have gone with Lily to Narnia,” she tells him firmly.

Kyle smiles in sadness back at Tracy.

“Lily is just so stubborn that she just wouldn’t have agreed for us to go with her to Narnia anyway,” he says in response to her.

Tom Clarkson makes his way into the pub alone. Kyle smiles over at him.

“You alright mate?” Kevins questions Clarkson.

Tom smiles and nods his head back at Kyle in response to what he has just questioned him.

“Yeah thanks mate, the boys are having a night in tonight, and Chlo and Donte have moved back down North with Izzie while I’ve been away with you lot, just shows how much they were worried about me,” he tells him in response to his question to him.

Kyle finishes his beer.

“Well I’d better be off, I’m starting work tomorrow,” he says to both Tracy and Tom.

They are both left troubled by what he has just said to them.

“What’s your new job going to be?” Tom questions Kyle.

Kevins takes a look back at Clarkson in response to his question to him.

“Starting searching for Shannay,” he tells him in response to his question to him.

Kyle is determined to track the cold blooded Shannay down wherever she maybe, and to make her pay for the crimes that she has committed. Tom knows that he really must offer to help and support Kyle in searching for Miss Ravens, because after all she is the woman who murdered both his should be wife and son in cold blood. Tom turns back at face Kyle.

“Let’s find her together!” He shouts out at him.

Tracy also knows that she must hunt down the lady who took her dearly loving boyfriend away from her, and so she also offers to help Kyle to find Shannay. Kyle, Tom and Tracy are all now ready and determined to hunt Shannay Ravens down wherever she maybe in either this village or in this city, and to make her pay for the crimes that she has committed and the pain that she has caused.

Chapter 6

The battle has been won by our heroes the five sons of Adam in the castle in the enchanted land of Narnia Anvard, and the white warriors have all now been both destroyed and defeated ending both pain and misery, but however their damage still remains behind in Anvard from what they have caused, and it can never ever been repaired now, because after all Neal Cassidy (Baelfire) is dead and gone. August Wayne Booth (Pinocchio) is now breaking down his heart in the great hall inside the castle walls. Neal’s dead body has now been carried into the great hall by Will, Johnny, Liam and Razz, and now August is weeping out in grave sadness over it.

“Neal come back to me!” He weeps out sadly.

Johnny goes to stand over by Liam in the hall.

“I’ve managed to put his mind at ease now, but Razz believed before that Lily is the type of lady who sleeps around, and that she was the girlfriend of both me and you,” he explains to him.

Liam’s left shocked by what Johnny has just explained to him. Suddenly Morgana Pendragon appears out of nowhere in the great hall in Anvard castle armed with a scary looking evil deadly staff. Morgana smiles coldly over across the great hall at Razz.

“Well, well, little Razzy it seems that little Lily’s in Narnia, and I’ve come here today to tell you not to worry yourself about her, because she’s safely in my care! Right now Kettle’s under a deep sleep, and she shall only be woken up from it when her knight in shining armour gives her the kiss of life!” She yells out at him both coldly and sharply.

Razz is left off course utterly horrified by what Morgana has just told him. Morgana takes a look over across the main hall this time at King Caspian.

“I’ve rang out of white knight’s, you and your noble army of men have killed them all!” She tells him snapping out aggressively out at him.

Caspian is left pleased and delighted by the good work that both he and his people have just done by destroying their army of enemies. Morgana then smiles coldly over at Razz.

“You may stay here in Narnia for you and Lily together for me to torture can prove to be very fun indeed,” she says to him.

Morgana then smiles coldly over at Will.

“There’s someone here in Narnia right now that you must find, because I believe that I can use you to torture her with, and her name is Alice!” She tells him.

The Knave is left both shocked and surprised to discover that his old friend and partner in crime Alice is here in Narnia rather than being in Wonderland. The wicked witch then turns abruptly to face Johnny, Liam and August.

“As for the rest of you, I believe that your work here is done, and that you’ve all done enough damage by destroying my dark forces, and that now you must all return to the waking world of Living village together!” She snarls out at them all in a sharp tone of anger.

Morgana then proceeds to use her dark enchanted powers to return all three men back to the realm of earth, and more precisely back to Living village there. There are now just Will, Razz, Aslan and Caspian all left in the great hall now. The golden lion launches himself in bloodthirsty anger towards one of the two white witches, snapping his teeth out in aggression at her. Morgana uses her dark powers to send Aslan flying off his feet before using them to kill the King of Narnia in cold blood. Caspian drops down dead onto the hard cold surface of the main hall dead and gone. Morgana smiles coldly back across the main hall once more over at Razz.

“Let’s make this a bit of a game if you can travel all across Narnia and survive yourself to my castle then I’ll hand Lily over to you!” She promises him in a sharp snap.

Before Razz can agree to this however Morgana disappears vanishing out of the great hall in Anvard castle. Razz takes a look over across the hall at the Knave.

“We need to find Lily!” He informs him in an urgent tone.

Will realises that Razz needs to find Lily just as much as he himself has to track down Alice, and so he nods his head in agreement to what he has just told him.

“Yeah and Alice,” Will tells Razz in response to the information that he has just given to him.

Razz nods his head in agreement to what the Knave has just told him about before turning to face Aslan. The golden lion is stood stone still in the main hall taking a look down in sadness at the King’s dead body with his two eyes.

“We need to travel to Cair Paravel sir!” Razz explains to his leader.

Aslan nods his head in agreement to what the son of Adam has only just told him.

“Oh yes that witch needs to pay,” he says in agreement to what he has just told him.

Aslan gestures both Razz and Will towards him using his right front paw.

“Come on now my son’s, climb onto my back, we have far to ride, and little time to get there for our friends are in grave need of us!” He tells them both.

Both Razz and Will then scramble up onto the beasts back together, and all of a sudden the lion takes off out of the main hall riding with both of them on his back. Aslan is now ready to travel through Narnia with both Razz and Will on his back. It doesn’t take the golden lion long to ride out of the castle with the two men on his back, and then he is shortly taking off charging down a forest just outside Anvard with them both on his back.


Queen Morgana Pendragon makes her way into the great hall in Cair Paravel palace, and there she finds her Aunty Queen Jadis taking a look down over a white tomb, and just inside the white tomb Lily Kettle is laying lost within a deep sleep. Morgana makes her way across the hall over to the tomb, and then she takes a look down at the sleeping Lily inside the tomb.

“This is where the fun begins!” Pendragon snaps out sharply at Kettle.

Morgana has Lily trapped now.

To be continued!














Submitted: July 28, 2015

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