The Adventure Continues series 2 episode 18 2014 edition

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The beast Aslan races across Narnia determined to get to his enemy's palace Cair Paravel with two son's of Adam riding on his back.
What happens to four of the son's of Adam when they leave Narnia? Where do they go from there? Read on to find out!

The Adventure Continues

(2014 EDITION)

Series 2 Episode 18

Chapter 1

Aslan the golden rather extraordinary lion is riding both far and wide, cantering just like a horse, storing away from the castle Anvard, speeding very much like a shooting star now with both Razz Kevins and Will Scarlet riding securely fixed onto his golden coloured back.

They are last two remaining son’s of Adam in Narnia now both Razz Kevins and Will Scarlet, and this is because the other lads who are Johnny Taylor, Liam O’Donovan and August Wayne Booth have all been sent right back to the realm of modern day Earth, and much more precisely they have been sent directly to the city of Liverpool there, and both King Caspian and Neal Cassidy are both rather sadly dead and gone now.

Before he rode out of Anvard upon Aslan’s back Razz along with the others received both an unexpected and also an unwelcomed visit from none other than Queen Morgana Pendragon, and she told them all that they all rather successfully managed to defeat each and every single one of her white knights, and also that now Lily Kettle who is Razz’s one true love has made her way into this magical realm that they are in of Narnia, and that she herself Morgana currently has Lily imprisoned while she is being trapped within a sleeping curse.

“So who’s Lily then?” The Knave calls out at Razz as he sits behind him on the lion’s back.

Will has off course now heard an awful lot about Lily from Razz, Liam and Johnny, but however since he has never met her, and also due to him only learning about what her name is Will is rather troubled to wonder just who Lily is, and so because of what he has just called out to him about Razz then proceeds to explain to his new friend just who Lily Kettle is.

“Well she is the love of my life, or if you’d rather she is the one true keeper of my beating heart, but however unfortunately for both her and for me Morgana has her trapped right now within a sleeping curse, and even when I wake her from it as I did from a sleeping curse once before Lily won’t believe that it’s me who is waking her up from the curse, and this is because she believes me to be a dead man!” Mr Kevins tells Mr Scarlet as they continue to ride on the lion’s back together right across the rather magical world of Narnia.

Aslan is just about at Cair Paravel now. He is determined to get there for both Razz and Lily’s shake.

Chapter 2

Johnny Taylor struggles to open his eyes, and when he does he is shocked to find himself laying in a Hospital bed in a NHS Hospital in Liverpool city. Johnny is left horrified to discover that lots of different wires are connected to him from a life support machine.

“What the hell?” He croaks out in a tone of both shock and pain.

On the bed’s either side of Johnny’s in this Hospital corridor both August Wayne Booth and Liam O’Donovan are laying also wired up to some life support machines, but they both appear to be somewhere between life and death right now with their eyes firmly shut. Right now Johnny has absolutely no idea at all just what is going on. Seconds later the next thing that Johnny knows is that his sister Tee is sitting by his sick bed.

“Tee what we doing here? What happened to me?” Johnny slowly questions his little sister feeling pain rushing throughout his body as he does so.

Only now does Tee who is sitting on a chair just by Johnny’s bed realises that her big brother is awake. Tee smiles both feeling relieved and delighted over at her big brother.

“Johnny thank god I thought you were dead! Carman and I just found you, Liam and that strange man laying unconscious down by the side of a road leading into Elmtree lane in Living village!” She tells him.

Johnny can feel a few broken bones scattered around his body, and he knows that he hasn’t completely survived the trip over here from Narnia, and neither has his friends. Tee smiles in sadness once again at her big brother.

“You’ve all been hit by a car, and unfortunately the driver of the car was intending on hitting you all, because it was Lily’s evil step-mother Shannay Ravens!” She explains to him.

Johnny’s left shocked by what Tee has just explained to him.

Chapter 3

Three traveller’s from Mzzuan who are Kyle Kevins, Tom Clarkson and Tracy Beaker have all now managed to capture their deadly enemy Shannay Ravens together, and this was right after she ran over the three son’s of Adam in her car in Living village where they all currently are right now, and they have all now taken her back to Kyle’s house together. It however appears that Shannay wanted to get captured by our little band of heroes, and this is shown clearly by the fact that she gave herself up just so easily to them all. Kyle has now taken to tie Shannay to a chair in the study in his home along with the help of his new mate Tom. Kyle, Tom and Tracy are all now stood angrily facing Shannay inside the study. Kyle folds his arms as he continues to address his enemy.

“We meet again!” He snaps out in anger at her.

Shannay smiles back in coldness at Kyle in response to what he has just snapped out at her.

“Hello neighbour!” She snarls coldly out at him.

Kyle shakes his head in disgust at Shannay.

“I’ve never liked you! Steve and Lily were always my neighbour’s not you and Kerry,” he tells her simply.

Poor Kerry for she was deep down a good person, but however she got caught up in a brutal war between none other than Kyle’s son Daniel. Shannay turns to face Tracy.

“Where although my dear niece?” She questions her demanding her for an answer.

Tracy takes a look back at Shannay in response to her question to her.

“Dead,” she tells her in a lie as to try and make Shannay forget about finding her and causing pain to her.

Before Shannay sees completely through the lie that Tracy has just given to her both Tom and Kyle realise what Tracy is trying to do, and they both decide to go along with her on it. Shannay glares back in anger at Tracy in response to what she has just told her.

“No you’re lying, for my dear niece is going to die at nobody’s hands but my own,” she explains to her.

Kyle withdraws a pen knife from his desk inside his study, and he proceeds to aim it in great anger over at Shannay.

“If you want to get to Lily then you’re going to have to go through me first!” Kevins warns Ravens in a great tone of anger and braveness standing up for the young lady who he would fight for until the end of the world, and would never ever stop believing in.

Tracy nods her head in agreement to what Kyle has just told Shannay.

“And me,” she tells her joining in on what he has only just told her.

Tom rounds in anger on the woman who destroyed his precious family.

“I’m not going to let you harm anyone else ever again!” He warns her in a tone of sharp anger.

Shannay smiles coldly up at her three enemies as she uses her powerful dark magic to untie herself from the chair, and then to round in anger on the three people who dared to capture her.

“Do you really think that I’m going to let three fools such as yourselves stop me from getting what I want?” Shannay questions her three enemies as she uses dark magic to cause a great deal amount of pain towards them all, before using her terrible powers to turn them all onto her side.

Tom, Kyle and Tracy have all now been forced to honour and serve the evil witch. Shannay now has a small army of people at her command. Shannay turns to face Tracy.

“Where is my niece?” She repeats her question to her.

Tracy now has no other choice but to tell the lady who she has now been forced to serve what she wishes to know.

“In Narnia!” Tracy is now forced to tell the woman who she has no other choice at all but to call her new mistress.

Shannay now has the information that she really needs to know.

Chapter 4

Cair Paravel palace has now come into the eyesight’s of the great golden lion Aslan and his two travelling companions Razz Kevins and Will Scarlet.

“Nearly there hang on!” The beast calls out at his two human friends as he takes one last great big charge up to the palace main door, and both Razz and Will jump down from his back there.

Will turns to face Razz just outside the terrifying white palace in the thick deep snow.

“You concentrate on finding Lily while I find my mate inside there!” He tells him.

Will then turns back abruptly to face Aslan.

“It’s up to you to defeat the evil witches!” He tries to tell him.

However the golden lion shakes his head back at the Knave in response to what he has just told him.

“I cannot, I cannot defeat them alone for I am not as young as I once was,” he says to him simply in response to what he has just tried to tell him.

Razz has now legged it into the palace while the Knave is still talking to the elderly lion much more than determined to track down his one true love. Will shrugs his shoulders only accepting now that the only way by which they can win the war against Morgana is if they were all to be in this together. The Knave smiles at Aslan.

“Alright then how wear then we’ll go and defeat the witch before I find my friend,” he tells him accepting the truth that the lion isn’t as strong as he thought he was, and meaning that he isn’t as powerful to defeat the white witch on his own anymore.

Aslan then takes hold of the Knave’s hand in his paw.

“We’re in this together!” They make a vow to one another.

Both the man and his lion then make their way into the enchanted palace together side by side.


Chapter 5

Razz Kevins hurries as fast as he possibly can down a corridor in Cair Paravel palace. Razz has absolutely no idea at all just where the evil new  white witch is keeping his one true love trapped inside a sleeping curse. Razz reaches the end of the corridor, and he turns up another corridor in the palace, and on that corridor he surprisingly comes across a pack of angry wolves. Razz has a sharp sliver sword attached onto his belt. The vicious beasts start to growl out in bloodthirsty anger when they find the son of Adam bravely standing facing them inside their home palace.

“I’m not going to run! I need to face this!” Razz tells himself in a promise.

He holds onto his sword firmly in his hand. The wolves are snapping out in anger at the young man now. Razz knows that there’s no way in the world that he can run away from finding his Lily now.

“FOR LILY KETTLE!” Razz cries out in a battle cry as he charges towards his enemies the wolves in brave sharp anger.

A wolf tries to jump onto Razz, but in return it is just stabbed to death by the sharp blade of Mr Kevins sword. The wolves all surprisingly back away in fear from Razz when they all discover much to their horrors just how brave he actually is compared to how he looks. Razz pulls himself back from murdering any more wolves, because he doesn’t really want to kill anything as ever before in his life as long as he can help it. Razz then watches as all the wolves wander backwards away from him together. Razz is completely safe and sound now, but the question remains on his mind for how long? Razz hurries up the rest of the corridor, and then he stops stone dead just outside of the main hall in the palace, and he is just about to open up the door leading into the hall when out of nowhere he is ambushed by a fierce minotaur. The minotaur jumps down from the ceiling of the corridor just outside of the main hall, and he begins to attack Razz in anger with his axe. However Razz doesn’t wish to find himself just so easily defeated by this menace creature, and so he takes to fighting back against him with everything that he has. Razz’s sword meets the minotaur’s axe in combat. The little battle has now commenced. Razz is left shocked and afraid by the great big scary look of the beast, and it frightens him silly, but however Razz remains strong in this scary moment in time with the belief that everything has a weakness, and so all that he has to do is just find this bastard’s weakness, and he finds that be accidently stamping on his toe with his hard leather boot. The beast cries out in pain when the little man does this to him. Razz then stabs the creature hard in the chest with the sharp blade of his sword killing him off in the process. When the minotaur is both down and dead Razz makes his way bursting into the main hall, and there he finds an army of Cyclops’s ready to meet him. The army of Cyclops’s are all standing before Lily’s tomb guarding it together.

Chapter 6

Razz Kevins watches in absolute horror as the scary looking army of aggressive Cyclops’s all taking to placing their arrows onto their bows together, and then they fire them all at the exact same time. Razz has no other choice but to run away in fear out of the great hall in Cair Paravel palace. Razz really doesn’t know what to do. How do you defeat an entire army of Cyclops? Is the same question that keeps repeatedly flying throughout his head. However when Razz next opens the door of the great hall wishing to give his own life to at least try and get Lily back hers, he discovers much to his absolute astonishment that all the Cyclops’s have now all disappeared. It appears that Morgana has called all of her forces to her aid Razz believes, because she must know by now that Aslan has returned to the old palace once again. Razz now has a clear run in the hall over to the tomb where Lily is trapped under a sleeping curse inside. Razz reaches the tomb after taking a little run over to it, and he slides it open. Lily is laying with her eyes firmly shut in the tomb with her hands rested over a rose flower that is laid down upon her chest. Razz looks down at Lily’s closed eyes.

“Let’s wake you up my flower!” He tells her.

Razz then takes a look down Lily’s face at her pink lips, and before he knows that this is silly, and that this only really works in the Disney film Snow White Razz is giving his one true love the kiss of life, and then her two eyes flash widely open. Lily Kettle is back!

Chapter 7

Lily Kettle sits up in her tomb facing her one true love who she believed to be dead, and who has just returned to life from the dead to save her life. Razz smiles delightfully over at Lily.

“Hello old friend,” he says in happiness over to her.

Lily really needs to check that Razz is real, and there’s only one way that she can do that. Lily grabs Razz by the head, and she kisses him lovingly on the lips. Razz returns this kiss straight away off course.

“Hello stranger,” Lily laughs out in happiness at her one true love.

Razz then offers his hand out to his girl, and she takes hold of it. Razz then helps Lily out of her tomb before trapping her in a loving embrace.

“Let’s try and not get you caught up in anymore sleeping curses in awhile,” Razz tells Lily as he strokes her hair with his hands.

Lily is freezing cold now with only wearing her white t-shirt. Morgana took her black leather jacket from her when she trapped her up in the sleeping curse, and so Razz takes off his Denham jacket, and he places it on over Lily’s shoulders. Lily takes Razz lovingly by the hand.

“My knight in shining armour returns to me,” she says simply to him.

Razz nods his head in response to what Lily has just said to him.

“And he’s never ever going to leave you now,” he tells her in response to what she has just said to him.

Lily then gives Razz a friendly punch on the arm.

“Well he better not!” She says to him firmly.

Lily is so excited to believe that this moment is actually happening, and that her boyfriend has really returned to life from the dead. Razz just stands there facing his girl feeling proud of himself for finally finding her, and he is never ever going to let go off her now. Lily takes Razz lovingly by the hand.

"Let’s get you back to your dad,” she tells him.

Lily and Razz are both about to head out of the hall together, when suddenly out of nowhere the evil witch Morgana Pendragon appears in the hall directly before them both. Morgana is wearing Lily’s leather jacket. Morgana smiles coldly from Lily to Razz.

“Ah the happy couple reunited it really does warm up this cold heart of mine!” She snarls out at them both sharply.

Morgana rounds on Razz.

“Well look who has suddenly become a knight!” She snaps out at him mocking him.

Razz removes his hand from Lily’s hand, and he rounds in anger on the Queen.

“You mess with me girl again and I will kill you!” Razz yells out at Morgana in a tone of warning.

Morgana laughs at Razz in response to what he has just yelled out at her warning her about.

“You mess with me girl again and I will kill you!” Morgana mocks Razz teasing him.

Razz is just about to launch himself in anger at Morgana, but suddenly Lily grabs him firmly by the arm to hold him back. Lily shakes her head at Razz.

“We can’t kill her!” She tells him firmly.

Morgana smiles coldly at Lily.

“Cause you don’t have the stomach to!” She snaps out at her.

Lily shakes her head back at her enemy in response to what she has just snapped out at her.

“No because I’m too good too, and I don’t want to sink down to your level!” Lily tells Morgana truthfully.

Pendragon folds her arms.

“Well look who has just become quite noble, and what do you mean by my level? You forget yourself Lily you owe me much! You owe me so much as your life! You should spend the rest of your waste less life in service to me for what I did for you! If your good then I must be a Goddess, because after all out of the kindness of my heart I brought your man over there back to life from the pits of hell!” Morgana tells Lily sharply.

Lily folds her arms. She is feeling quite troubled now.

“Why did you bring Razz back to life from the dead? I mean don’t you dare get me wrong, because I’m so pleased to be reunited with him, but what was in it for you bringing him back?” Lily questions Morgana sounding troubled.

Pendragon smiles back coldly at Kettle in response to what she has just questioned her about.

“I know that I don’t have to kill you Lily, because you and your dear boyfriend will destroy yourselves for me!” Morgana snaps out sharply at Lily in response to her question to her.

Lily then rounds in anger on her enemy.

“My love for Razz is more powerful then you will ever understand!” She tells her simply.

Morgana sighs.

“Ah shut up in your face my girl, because your heart can’t really ever belong to Razz when you miss your friends back home at the Dumping Ground both Johnny Taylor and Liam O’Donovan, and don’t deny it, because they both love you too!” She shouts out at Lily.

Razz takes a look at Lily.

“When we get out of this alive you’re seriously going to have to tell me what your feelings are towards both Liam and Johnny, because I met them both, and I know that they have feelings for you,” he tells her.

Lily’s left shocked about what her boyfriend has just told her about. Deep down in Lily’s heart she really misses her two old friends back at the Dumping Ground both Johnny and Liam, and she loves them both, but she doesn’t love either one of them as much as she loves Razz. Lily shakes her head back at Razz.

“Neither Johnny nor Liam mean anything to me,” she tells him in a lie.

The worst thing is that Razz knows for a fact that Lily is lying to him, because he can tell a liar a mile off, and the look in Lily’s eyes proves to him that she is lying to him. Morgana shakes her head in disgust.

“Enough of this!” She snaps out in a sharp tone of anger as she uses her dark enchanted powers to send both Lily and Razz back in time with Narnia history.

Both the loving romantic couple just simply vanish out of the great hall together.

Chapter 8

Aslan the golden lion and Will Scarlet (the Knave of Hearts) take off racing down to the prison cells in Cair Paravel palace in the enchanted realm of Narnia together.

“ALICE!” The Knave calls out as he heads along a prison cell corridor in the freezing cold palace keeping an eye out for his friend wherever he goes to.

Aslan stops outside a prison cell in the palace, and he takes a look back over at Will.

“I need to get into that cellar,” he tells him.

Will’s left troubled by what the lion has just told him.

“Why what is it?” The Knave questions the golden lion in response to what he has just told him.

Aslan takes a look back at Will in response to his question to him.

“My children are inside there,” he tells him in response to his question to him.

Will then returns up the corridor to face Aslan, and he takes a look inside the prison cell where the golden lion is stood outside with trouble in his eyes. There are four young adults inside this cellar, and they are made up out of two young ladies and two gentlemen. The young adults are all sunk down onto the cold ground surface of their prison cell together. The Knave takes a look back at Aslan.

“Who are these people?” He questions him sounding troubled.

Aslan faces the Knave of Hearts in response to his question to him.

“Their names are Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy! They are the former King’s and Queen’s of Narnia! The King’s and Queen’s of old!” He tells him in response to his question to him.

The Knave knows that Aslan really likes the four people locked up inside this prison cell, and that he really should try and rescue them from it for him, and so Will proceeds to break into the prison cell. The door doesn’t open easily, but the Knave gives it everything that he’s got to crack it open, and eventually the door swings open. Will pops his through the door of the prison cell.

“Come now with me and your friend, we need to get out of here,” he tells the small Pevensie family inside.

In response to what the Knave has just told them Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy then all head out of the prison cell together. Aslan takes a look up at Peter.

“High King Peter the great returns,” he tells him.

Peter shakes his head down at Aslan in response to what he has just told him.

“I’m sorry sir I don’t wish to be a King anymore my family and I now wish to leave Narnia, and to return to your world together,” he explains to him in response to what he has just told him.

Aslan nods his head in understanding to what Peter has just explained to him. Aslan then turns to face the Knave.

“I must now leave Narnia with my friends!” He tells him.

Will nods his head in understanding to what Aslan has just told him. Aslan is just about to leave both this palace and this realm of Narnia with his friends the Queen’s and King’s of old, and to return to his very own home world with them when suddenly the old white witch Jadis appears out of nowhere on the corridor of the prison cell’s before them along with her prisoner Alice. Jadis has a knife in her hand directed at Alice’s neck. Will takes a look in mercy from his friend Alice to his new enemy Queen Jadis.

“Please let Alice go!” Will begs Jadis.

The white witch shakes her head at the Knave of Hearts in response to what he has just begged her. Alice knows that she really needs to get out of this by herself, and so she kicks her leg backwards into the witch, and then Jadis is forced to release her arm from pain driving her to do this. Alice then spins round on the spot where she is standing on, and she rounds great anger on Jadis.

“You really shouldn’t have captured me!” The young lady from Wonderland snaps out at her new enemy the old white witch in a tone of sharp anger.

Alice then launches herself in anger onto Jadis, and she forcefully struggles the knife out of her hands. Alice forces the knife out of Jadis’ hands, and into her own hands. Alice then kicks Jadis roughly away from her in anger before aiming the knife in the direction of her chest, and hauling it over in the direction of her chest. The knife zooms forward out of Alice’s hands, and it proceeds to strike Jadis hard in the chest killing her with a simple strike. Aslan smiles over at Alice.

“I can feel that Morgana Pendragon has now left Narnia now that her Aunty is dead, and returned to the realm of earth along with her prisoner Sir Gwaine! You’ve managed to free Narnia from both pain and torment!” He tells her.

Alice is left delighted by what Aslan has just told her. Only the young lady from Wonderland had the true power to save Narnia. Alice now rushes forward lovingly into Will’s open embrace. Both the Knave and Alice then decide to remain in Narnia together to get married there, and to become the new King and Queen there, and meanwhile Aslan and all the children from the Pevensie family return to the lion’s own world together. Narnia is safe for now and hopefully for all the years to come, but both Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins have both been sent back in time to the past in Narnia.

To be continued!  









Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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