The Adventure Continues Series Two Episode Three 2014 EDITION

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My favorite Once Upon a time August Wayne Booth enters himself into the adventure in this part of the series. He arrives in the city of London and he comes across an old friend who he really needs to help there.

Submitted: July 27, 2015

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Submitted: July 27, 2015



The Adventure Continues

Series Two Episode Three

2014 Edition

Chapter one

A train pulls up at Kings cross station in the city of London, and a man departs from the train there. This man has two names, he is known both as August Wayne Booth and also as Pinocchio. This man however prefers to be known as August rather than Pinocchio. August makes his way through the big train station, and don’t an escalator in the station. At the bottom of the escalator August turns left heading for the London underground. August uses his train ticket to make his way to the London underground, and then onto a tube. August heads to a park centre in the tube. After leaving the little underground station that the tube has only just pulled up by August makes his way out from the station into the open wide fresh air of the centre. August makes his way past the square centre where there are a lot of people overcrowding it, and finally comes to a road that he seems to have travelled an awful long way to get to. There pulled up on the road August finds his old motorbike that he used to travel all around the mysterious town of Storybrooke on. August received a message by a bird informing that he would find his bike here in this specific destination in London. Also by his motorbike laying face down on the hard dirty road August finds a man.

“Hey are you ok Mr?” August calls out to the man.

The man wouldn’t have heard August calling out to him, because this man appears to be unconsise. August grabs the man and he pushes him around, so that August can have a good proper look at the man. August recognises this man as an old acutance of his Neal Cassidy who is otherwise known as Baelfire.

“NEAL!” August calls out to the unconsise man sounding rather concerned about him.

August carries Neal up from the hard ground surface of the dirty road, and he lifts him onto his motorbike. Both Baelfire’s arms and legs dangle over the bike. August takes a seat down on his bike, and he grabs firmly onto the handles of his bike. August is wearing leather gloves, so that he can have a much better grip on the handles of his bike. However much to his horror and also much to his great disappointment August discovers that his motorbike unfortunately won’t kick into life.

“Hell no!” Pinocchio makes a complaint to himself.

August then discovers that whoever stole his bike from him in Storybrooke destroyed the engines of his bike. August doesn’t suspect Neal of stealing his bike, and he is right too, because before falling unconsise down beside it Neal located the bike here, and he tried to use it by kicking it into life as best as he could, but unlike August Neal doesn’t know too much about motorbikes, and so he couldn’t fix the destroyed engine. August jumps to his feet up off his bike before lifting Neal off his bike. August knows that he needs to get Neal some medical treatment before he sees to fixing his broken bike. Luckily for August there’s a medical centre near to the square centre where he can take his old pal Neal too for treatment. August unfortunately has no idea at all if Neal’s indeed dead or not, but if August can get Neal seen to medically by any means then he’s got to try. August drags Neal down the street by his arms, and Neal’s legs trail off down the street, because Neal is too a big of a man for August to carry all by himself.

Chapter two

August Wayne Booth takes Neal Cassidy to a medical walk in health care centre in order for Neal to be treated by some highly trained health care professionals. The highly trained health care professionals lay Neal down gently on a bed in the centre after August delivers him to them in the centre. The professionals check over Neal to assess what’s wrong with him. A medical member of staff then turns to address the attention of August in a quiet room in the walk in centre.

“Your friend fortunately isn’t dead, and we can revive him, and he’s going to be completely fine, but unfortunately he’s going to suffer from a memory loss condition!” She informs him in the room.

August is left totally shocked by the member of staff’s information. August folds his arms as he continues to look at the medical member of staff.

“Just how long is it necessary for you to keep my friend in here?” He questions her in response to her information.

The medical member of staff takes a look back at August in response to his question.

“Just a couple of days in order for us to observe and assess him!” She tells him in response to his question.

August nods his head in response to the member of staff’s response.

“Thank you, I believed my old friend to be a dead man when I found him laying face down and unconsise on the road like that,” he tells her.

August then decides upon himself to just leave his old pal Neal to be placed under observation and to be assessed in the health care centre, and Pinocchio is now ready to go off and to fix his the damaged engines of his motorbike.

Chapter three

A couple of days later, Baelfire Neal Cassidy struggles to open his eyes, and when he does he is left shocked to find himself laying on an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar strange white room. Neal takes a look with his eyes at a big machine that is connected with wires to him in the room. Neal can feel wires from the machine in both his nose and fingers.

“HELLO!” Baelfire calls out hoping beyond hope that some person has heard him, and they can therefore come into this strange white room and explain to him just how and why he’s here.

The door of the white room then opens and a health care member of staff then makes his way into the room followed closely by August Wayne Booth. August stands facing his old acutance Neal inside the room. Over the past couple of days August has actually managed to mend the damaged engines of his motorbike. August gives Neal a happy smile.

“Well look who’s finally chosen upon himself to wake up,” he says to him.

Neal takes a look at August with a look of confusion on his face.

“Where am I? Who are you?” He questions him sounding both troubled and confused.

August then suddenly remembers the health care member of staff telling him that when he wakes up Neal will be suffering as a result of memory loss. August smiles back at Neal in response to his question.

“I’ll explain everything to you my friend after we’ve gotten you out of here, and once we’ve gotten ourselves some place nice,” he tells him in a promise in response to his question.

Neal then falls into silence in response to what this strange man has just said to him. August then turns to face the health care member of staff.

“Is it really necessary for my friend to continue to stay here?” He questions him.

The health care worker shakes his head in response to August’s question.

“No I’ll discharge him that now that he’s awake and he seems to be fit and healthy!” He informs him in response to his question.

August then signs Neal out of the walk in centre. While being treated within the walk in centre Neal was wearing a white gown, but now that he’s being discharged from the walk in centre Neal is back to wearing his filthy clothes. The workers in the health care centre couldn’t really identify what had caused Neal to faint and for him to lose his memory of things. August and Neal take a stroll out of the walk in centre, and they head over to a café’ together that is located just across the road from the walk in centre. August orders both himself and Neal a water each from the waiter in the café, and the two men take a seat down together in the café. August and Neal take a seat down together by a table in the café’ directly opposite one another. August takes a sip from his glass of water. Neal just takes a look at the water found within the glass still appearing to be rather confused. August gives his old pal a smile.

“I think the moment has come for me to give you an explanation of whom you are and where you’re from. Your name is Baelfire or as you prefer to be known as Neal Cassidy, you’re from a place called the enchanted forest, and you’re the son of the dark one Rumplestiltskin who prefers to be known as Mr Gold!” He begins to tell him.

Neal just begins to rock both backwards and forwards on his chair in response to what August has just told him. August decides to continue with his explanation hoping somehow that Neal is listening to him, even though he doesn’t seem to be paying him any attention.

“You fell in love with a girl called Emma Swan, but I made you send her to prison, because you see I wasn’t happy with the way in which you were holding Emma back from facing a destiny that she had. It was Emma’s destiny to break a curse that an evil Queen known only as Regina had placed over a town called Storybrooke. You weren’t happy by the way in which I had forced you to send Emma to prison, so you gave me a yellow bug to send to her and an envelope full of money. I sent the yellow bug car keys to Emma in prison, but I kept the envelope full of money for myself. Like you I was a thief! The way in which you were keeping Emma from facing her destiny was you were robing convenient stores with her. I found you years later after you had given me the yellow bug car keys that I then sent onto our dear friend Emma, and when you found me again I had just spent a short time in Hong Kong, and I told you that I was heading to Storybrooke to persuade Emma to break the curse. When you next found me I had turned back into a wooden man, because I had failed in my task to be brave, selfless and true, and I had been shot by a woman who you had fallen in love with while trying to forget about Emma called Tamara, and I died in my father the old man Marco’s arms, but I had been selfless, brave and true on the day that I had died, and because of that the blue fairy who is otherwise known as Mother superior was able to bring me back to life as a little boy, and I lived happily with my father Marco in Storybrooke after that.” August continues to explain things to the confused Neal.

A couple of months ago in Stroybrooke

Gappetto (Marco) is playing in the park with his young son August (Pinocchio). Marco is pushing Pinocchio on the swing in the park. All of a sudden a white witch appears out of nowhere before them both in the park. The white witch is carrying a big white scary looking staff in her pale white hand. Marco starts to panic when he sees the spooky looking white witch standing before him and his son in the children’s park. The old man quickly lifts his son off the swing, and he grabs him firmly by the hand.

“Run Pinocchio! Run my boy!” Marco yells out at his son in an urgent tone.

August obeys his father at once, and he sets off running beside him, but the white witch chases Marco and his son through the park. Marco soon realises that he is an old man and that his son August is now once again a young boy, and that there’s no way that the two of them can outrun a woman with magical talents, so the father and son stop running together, and they turn round to bravely face the white witch.

“Do not be afraid of me I only wish to transform your young boy back into the man who he really is,” the witch tells Marco.

Gappetto’s shakes his head at the white witch.

“Oh no my dear please don’t I am happy with my boy just the way he is,” he says to her.

The white witch laughs in response to what Marco has just told her.

“Ah don’t be silly darling why would an old man like yourself wish for all the responsibility to take care of a young child when he could have a full grown man to care for him?” She questions him.

The white witch then proceeds to turn the young August back into the full grown man August who he was before. The witch then just simply vanishes. Marco pulls his son who’s now taller than him into a loving son.

“I will always love you the same no matter whether your boy or man!” He promises him.

August withdraws a memory potion that is the exact same that he had sent to the pirate Captain Hook a couple of weeks ago for him to help get Emma Swan her memories back. August pours some of the memory potion into Neal’s glass of water while he is away at the gent’s toilet. August hopes that the memory potion will work. August has no idea at all that it worked when Hook gave Emma the potion, because he hasn’t seen Emma since he sent the potion to Captain Hook. Neal returns from the toilet. He then takes a sip from his water, and all his memories luckily come flooding back to him, because it wasn’t working for August trying to remind Neal of his memories with his stories.

“Hey Pinocchio!” Neal cries out after all his memories have returned to him one by one.

However even though he has just drunk the memory potion Neal unfortunately can’t remember anything passed dying in the town of Storybrooke in London. Neal has no idea at all how his dead body was able to get from Stroybrooke Maine to the square centre in the capital city of England London. August nods his head at his old pal/acutance.

“Alright Baelfire been a long time,” he says to him.

August then shares a firm handshake with Neal.

“Thanks for getting me to that medical walk in centre for the treatment that I really needed.” Baelfire thanks Pinocchio in a grateful tone.

August shrugs his shoulders in response to Neal’s grateful tone.

“What are you thanking me for my man it was the least I could do,” he tells him in response to his words of thanks.

August is troubled.

“Any idea who stole my motorbike and savaged its engines?” He questions Neal.

Baelfire shakes his head in response to August’s question.

“No I died in Emma’s arms in the town of Storybrooke, and the next thing I can remember is that I’m waking up in that walk in centre with no memory of anything that had occurred to me! Whatever or whoever brought me back to life from the dead must have tempered with my memory!” He informs him in response to his question.

August rounds on Neal across the café’ to him.

“Tell me your story! Tell me just what happened to you since we last saw one another in Storybrooke!” He commands him.

Neal nods his head in response to August’s command to him, he is ready now to share his story with him.


Neal Cassidy’s story since he last met August Wayne Booth:

In the park in Storybrooke August actually met Neal a number of different times while Pinocchio were a little boy as Baelfire was teaching Henry you know his son how to handle a sword. Neal and the woman he was engaged to Tamara while he was trying to move on from Emma spent a number of different meals together at Granny’s diner in Storybrooke. I came to my guest room in Granny’s bed and breakfast one day to find my son Henry stood outside it. Neal noticed that Henry was kicking the door of his room, and Neal recognised what Henry was doing, because he had taught Emma how to use that trick. Neal entered his room to find Emma prying open a loose floorboard. Neal is then explained to by Emma (the mother of his child Henry) her suspicions on his partner Tamara. Emma believed that Tamara is a person who August Wayne Booth himself was trying to warn her about before he turned back into the little boy that he was before. Emma also has her doubts about Tamara, because Tamara holds in her procession a list of everyone who lives within the town, and what their fairy-tale names are. Neal tells Emma that it was he who gave Tamara that list. Tamara is actually Neal’s fiancée. Neal goes on a limb allowing Emma to search his guest room for signs that Tamara maybe not be who she seems, but unfortunately neither Emma or Neal locate any signs or symbols to indicate to them that Tamara may not be all that she seems to be. Neal questions Emma on whether her reluctant attitude and behaviour is due to Tamara being in Storybrooke, but Emma strongly denies it, and she leaves the guest room along with Henry.

Neal Cassidy awakens in his cosy bed in the guest room in Granny’s bed and breakfast to find his fiancée’ Tamara fully dressed, and she is all ready to go out on a marathon training run. Neal tries to persuade Tamara to have a sleep in, but Tamara tells Neal in response that the training is necessary for her to do so. Tamara wishes to be as prepared as she possibly can be for her upcoming marathon. Emma Swan later confronts Neal with the news that Regina Mills has gone missing. Emma believes and she shares her belief with Neal that Tamara has Regina, but Neal is still in disbelief, and he even doesn’t believe Emma when she points out to him that there’s sand on the floor of the guest room right by Tamara’s shoes, and this indicates to both Emma and Neal that Tamara lied to them about running through the woods. Neal then follows Emma to the shoreline in the town of Storybrooke, and this is where Tamara casually jogs up to them both. Tamara explains to Neal the reason for her change in jogging spots from the woods to the beach with an answer that pleases him. Once Tamara has left them Neal tries to show sympathy towards Emma, believing that she is having a difficult time with Tamara his fiancée being in the town. Emma puts up a fight against Neal’s accusations that she is in anyway jealous of his current relationship. When Emma tries to wander away from him Neal lets out the truth to her that he wanted to go back for her when she was spent to jail in his place. Neal admits to this that he really truthfully wished to, but he was actually way too scared that Emma would never forgive him when he faced her, because Neal never actually forgave himself for leaving her.

Both Neal Cassidy and Emma Swan work out that Regina Mills the evil Queen is trapped within the town cannery, and they make their way into the building together. Neal is relieved to learn that Tamara is not involved, but his ease actually turns out to be horror when he learns that she really is involved in kidnapping Regina. Tamara knocks Emma unconscious. To his absolute shock Tamara then admits to Neal about lying about everything to him since the very first day he met her back in New York City. Though Tamara thinks that Neal is a truly good man the job that she has been set out by her home office is much more important to her. Tamara shoots Neal with her loaded gun in his abdomen, and she apologises to him for doing so. Emma manages to kick the gun out of the evil Tamara’s hands, but Tamara distracts both Emma and Neal further by using a magical bean to open up a portal. Unfortunately Emma very nearly almost falls into the magical portal herself, but she is pulled up by the wounded Neal. Neal however then clings himself onto Emma to prevent himself from falling into the portal. Neal tells Emma in an urgent tone to just let him go, but Emma is much more concerned that Neal will die from the gun shot that’s just hit him no matter what world he lands himself in after falling through the portal. Neal tells Emma in response to her being concerned about him their son Henry can’t lose both of them, and he surely will if Emma doesn’t let go of Neal, because if she doesn’t let go off him then they will both unfortunately fall into the portal. Terrified by the thought of losing him once more Emma makes a confession to Neal about her genuine love for him. Neal also tells Emma that he loves her too before he falls into the portal.

Neal Cassidy lands in the enchanted forest where he was before when he was a young boy by a shoreline of a beach. He’s unconscious when he lands there. Three strangers a Prince known as Phillip, a lady known as Aurora and another warrior lady known only as Mulan locate Neal unconscious by the shoreline of the beach, and they take him together back to their Palace for them to tend to his injuries there. Neal awakens from being unconscious on a bier to find Mulan watching over him. Mulan questions Neal the man she has just seen too who he is. Neal responds to Mulan with his name. Mulan’s two current companions Aurora and Prince Phillip rush over to stand by Mulan’s side as they face Neal together.

Neal Cassidy then explains to August Wayne Booth that with the help of the warrior Mulan he was able to find his way travelling to his father’s dark castle in the enchanted forest, and when both Neal and Mulan arrived at the castle they discovered together much to both their shock and surprise that it had been taken over by none other than Robin Hood. Neal discovered much to his horror while being inside his father’s old castle that both the woman he loves Emma and his son Henry are in Neverland. Neal then realised much to his shock that his son Henry much be the truest believer that Peter Pan has spent such a long time searching both heaven and earth for. With the assistance of both Robin Hood and Mulan Neal was able to summon a shadow that took him from his dad’s place in the enchanted forest to the bewitched island of Neverland, he explains all this to August. August listens to everything that Neal tells him in the deepest interest.

“Did you find Henry? Did you defeat Peter Pan?” He questions him in a tone of concern.

Neal nods his head in response to August’s questions.

“Yeah we defeated Peter Pan, but it was my father who defeated him in back Storybrooke after Peter Pan had caused a whole lot of trouble there. August have you ever stopped to ask yourself just who casted the second curse? Well it was my Grandfather Peter Pan! My father used his dark one dagger to defeat Peter Pan, but in so doing my dad also died for a short time himself.” He begins to tell him.

Regina Mills managed to save both Neal Cassidy and every other resident at that time in the town of Storybrooke, but in so doing there was a price. Everyone needed to get back to where they all came from, back to the enchanted forest, all except from the saviour Emma Swan that is and Neal and Emma’s son Henry Mills. Emma and Henry needed to go to New York City, because they couldn’t escape the curse by being sent back to the enchanted forest since Henry wasn’t born into that world, and because Emma was designed to break the dark curse that the evil Queen before Peter Pan had originally casted over the residents of the town.  Neal and the others all said farewell to both Emma and Henry, and Neal made a promise to both his child and the mother of his child telling them that this wasn’t over and that he would see them both again. Neal then got sent back to the enchanted forest after watching his one true love Emma’s yellow bug cross the town line. Neal shared some adventures with Snow White, Prince Charming, Queen Regina, Belle and Robin Hood in the enchanted forest, including both Neal and Belle together trying to find a way of bringing Rumplestiltskin (Mr Gold) back to life from the dead. Neal found himself suddenly back in the town of Storybrooke with no memory whatsoever that had occurred to him while being in the enchanted forest. The last thing Neal can remember before breaking into his dad’s shop in Storybrooke and finding both Belle and Captain Hook there is watching Emma’s yellow bug cross the town line. Neal was sent to the hospital in Storybrooke by both Belle and Hook there, and he was able to be reunited with his one true love Emma Swan there. Prince Charming (David Nolen) then broke the news to Neal that both he himself and the others Snow White (Mary Margret Blanched), their daughter Emma Swan (the saviour), Captain Hook (Killian Jones) and Belle believed that his father had returned to life from the dead, and this pleased Neal but it also didn’t please him. While Emma went out and searched all over the town of Rumplestiltskin along with her father Prince Charming, while Snow went home back to her apartment to be watched over by a woman who she believed she trusted to help her with her pregnancy, and while Belle went back to watch over Mr Gold’s shop, and to do some research into what this mysterious mark that had appeared on Baelfire’s hand, Hook played nanny over Baelfire in the hospital. Neal told Killian that he really needed to go out leave the hospital to find both his dad and son and set things right with them both. Neal managed to persuade Killian to let him leave the hospital, and after hugging him the Captain agreed to allow Neal to leave his treatment that he was being given inside the hospital. Neal then met back up with Emma in the town of Storybrooke, and they talked to one another for a little bit while they searched for the dark one in the outskirts of the town together. Neal told Emma that he wanted her to just be happy, and even if that meant that it wasn’t with him. Emma told Neal in response to this that they were happy once. Belle phoned Emma on her mobile, and she proceeded to explain to her over their phone call that she had completed her research and she told her that Neal was supposed to be dead, because of the mark on his hand. Emma then worked out that Mr Gold must be inside his son preventing him from being dead. Neal begged Emma to use her magic to get his father out of him, because Baelfire knows that the saviour needs his dad more than him in order to save the town. Emma was then forced to obey Bae, and she used her magic to get Rumplestiltskin out of him. Gold then told both Emma and his dying son Neal that the lady who is pretending to help Snow White with her pregnancy is actually the wicked witch of the west, and Rumplestiltskin told both his dying son Baelfire and the saviour that the witch wants what she doesn’t have. Neal then died in Emma’s arms and in the presence of his father.

Chapter three

“Wow! That’s some story that you’ve just told me!” August Wayne Booth tells Neal Cassidy sounding shocked while stood by their table in the café.

Neal finishes his water hoping to get some memory of how he came to London from Storybrooke, but unfortunately the memory potion that is in his glass of water doesn’t give him anymore memories. Neal then makes a visit to the gents toilet in the café’, and when he returns from there August takes a look at him.

“What’s our plan now? Where are we headed? What’s our destination?” Wayne Booth questions Cassidy sounding rather troubled.

Neal rounds on August in response to his questions.

“Storybrooke! I’ve got to return to Storybrooke! I’ve got to find a way back to Emma again and my son!” He informs him in response to his questions.

August takes a look at Neal appearing to be rather troubled.

“Are you sure that Emma loves you, because I have reason to believe that she’s in love with a man called Captain Killian Hook?” He tells him in response to his information.

Neal shrugs his shoulders in response to August’s words.

“I’ve got to find a way back to Emma! I need her and I hope that she needs me too!” He says to him sounding both sharp and firm in response to his words.

Neal knows however for a fact that Emma (the woman he loves) is really truly in love with none other than the pirate Captain Hook. Suddenly a tallish lady with long dark black straight hair whose wearing a white dress appears out of nowhere before both the fairy-tale lads in the café. Both Neal and August figure out straight away that this woman must be magical by the way in which she has just appeared before them both like this. The strange mysterious magical lady smiles coldly from August to Neal.

“At last we meet!” She snaps out at them both sounding cold.

August is left shocked by what the lady has just told him to discover much to his horror that this is actually no chance meeting. This lady is in fact Morgana Pendragon; she’s the evil witch that killed the father of Lily Kettle (Steve Kettle) back in the Liverpool city.

“Who the hell are you?” August demands an answer sharply from the white witch.

Pinocchio then surprisingly then proceeds to withdraw one gun after another from his dark black leather jacket. August hands one of the guns over to his mate Neal. Both Neal and August then round on Morgana with the guns held firmly in their hands with their triggers aimed directly at the evil witch.

“Long time since I handled a gun!” Neal tells August a little taken aback by what he is now using.

Pinocchio smiles back at Baelfire in response to what he has just said to him.

“You’ll be fine if this lady does in fact turn out to be a fret to us than just aim your gun at her, and then just simply pull the trigger,” he instructs him in response to what he has just said to him.

August rounds angrily on Morgana, and he aims his gun directly at her.

“WHO ARE YOU?” August thunders out at Morgana demanding her for an answer.

Morgana smiles coldly back at August in response to his question as she snaps her fingers sharply at Neal.

“I’m the woman who brought your friend over there back to life from the land of the dead!” The wicked witch informs Pinocchio in response to his question.

August but especially Neal is then left absolutely shocked by Morgana’s explanation to them.

Morgana Pendragon makes her way into the mysterious fairy-tale town of Storybrooke in Maine in America. She is dressed in a dark black cape with a dark grey hood on over her head. Morgana seems to be storming hurryingly into the town, she seems like she is on a mission. Morgana seems to know where she is heading too in the town even though it appears that she has never been in this town before today. The witch Pendragon makes her way to the graveyard in the town, and she locates Neal Cassidy (Baelfire’s) grave there. Morgana then uses her dark magic to break into the grave, she uses her powerful powers to break the ground apart on the grave, and then she proceeds to use her powers to summon Neal’s coven out of the grave. Morgana stands looking down at the coven. Morgana doesn’t then proceed to open the coven, she then just simply proceeds to make both herself disappear out of graveyard and out of the town and Neal to disappear out of his coven, and both Morgana and the dead Neal appear by August Wayne Booth’s motorbike in the square centre in the little sunny park in the capital city of England London together. While she used her powers to make both herself and the dead Baelfire vanish from the town the wicked witch also used her powers to make Pinocchio’s motorbike disappear from the town. It seems that Morgana has now just stolen August’s bike from Storybrooke. Morgana then uses her powers to bring Neal back to life from the dead, but she also uses her dark magic to cause further injury to him, and to make him to continue to be unconsise. Morgana then uses her powers to rip the engine apart on Booth’s bike. The witch then proceeds to lay the unconsise Neal face down on the side of the road just beside the stolen motorbike. Morgana then disappeared away from the side of the road where she has just placed that damaged motorbike and the unconsise human being. Morgana disappears out of London itself, intending to only return there when two men have been reunited there August and Neal, and then she will proceed to return and to attack them both there.

Neal places the end of his gun hard against Morgana’s head in anger.

“Was it you who stole my mate’s motorbike?” He yells out at her in a sharp tone of disgust.

The witch nods her head in response to Baelfire’s question. Neal closes his hand in anger around Morgana’s neck, he seems determined to want to chock her to death. Morgana then kicks Neal roughly away from her. Neal then falls back into a corner of the café in London away from his new enemy. Morgana then uses her dark magic to make two scary looking dwarves suddenly appear out of nowhere in the café before herself, August and Neal. The waiters who work within the café have now all disappeared screaming out of their café in terror. The two dwarves round in anger on both August and Neal, one goes for each off them. Both August and Neal round in disgust on the dwarves, and they aim their guns at them in anger. Neal manages to use his shot gun to shoot the fierce dwarf to death, but August on the other hand is not so fortunate. The dwarf that’s rounding on August seems to be a lot more powerful than the one that just rounded on Neal, because this dwarf can use magic. Neal quickly turns to face August.

“You deal with that dwarf while I myself deal with Morgana!” He informs him in a demanding tone.

August then nods his head a little reluctantly in response to Neal’s information. The dwarf then proceeds to chase the terrified Pinocchio as fast as it can out of the café. Neal rounds in anger on Morgana.

“You may wish to defeat me but trust me it’ll be me the one that defeats you!” He tells her in a promise.

Neal then bravely steps forward to confront the wicked witch. August leaps onto his motorbike just outside the café, and he kicks its engines quickly into life. The angry scary dwarf then uses its own magical powers to make a motorbike appear on his bottom. August grabs hold of the handle bars of his bike, and he then proceeds to go zooming off on it down the main road. The dwarf then races on after Pinocchio while riding his own motorbike. August keeps one of his hands on a handle of his bike in order to steer it, and he keeps another one of his hands firmly closed around his gun. The dwarf seems to be catching up closely to August’s bike on his own bike. While also steering his bike Pinocchio turns round, and he fires a bullet off his shot gun at the front wheel of the dwarf’s bike. A thick black bullet zooms of the end of August’s gun, it flies through the air, it hits the front wheel of the dwarf’s motorbike full on, and the minute it hitsthe tire of the dwarf’s bike punctures. The dwarf then comes crashing off his bike, and while he’s laying down on the solid ground of the road beside his destroyed bike August comes zooming in beside the dwarf’s motorbike, and Pinocchio uses his shot gun to shoot his enemy dwarf to death. The dwarf is now dead! August has won his newly found battle!

Meanwhile back to inside the café’ in the square centre in London, the evil wicked witch Morgana Pendragon uses her powerful dark powers to throw the fairy-tale character Baelfire over a table. Neal crashes down onto the cold hard surface of the floor of the café. Neal quickly gets to his feet up from where he was laid out on the floor. Neal knows that he can’t afford to die here in the café in his battle against the evil witch. Neal knows that he must escape from this café now, he must steal a car and he must head back to Storybrooke in it. Neal the makes a dash as fast as he possibly can out of the café. Morgana chases after her opponent out of the now destroyed because of her magic that she used upon it café. Just outside the café Neal breaks open a door of a car, before proceeding to take a seat down in the car. Neal manages to kick the engines of the vehicle into life. Neal then proceeds to drive the car that he’s just stolen off down the main road. A witch’s broomstick chases after Neal’s car down the road, and driving the broomstick is none other than Morgana herself. Neal is determined to out run the broomstick in his stolen car however. Morgana while flying her broomstick then uses her powers to break the engine of Neal’s car down. Neal is now outraged that the evil witch has managed to outwit him. Just as Neal departs from his broken down car August’s motorbike pulls up beside the car. August swings his leg over, and he proceeds to get off his bike. Both August and Neal then round on Morgana together, and they both aim their guns directly at her. Morgana uses her powers suddenly to make Neal’s gun disappear out of his hand. August then pulls the trigger of his gun, and a bullet springs off the end of his gun, the bullet flies through the air, and it hits Morgana’s broom. The second the bullet hits the broom the stick splits apart. Morgana lands safely on her two feet however. Morgana then uses her powers to make August’s gun disappear out of his hand. The wicked witch then uses her dark powers to make both the lads suddenly disappear from standing before her.


Both August Wayne Booth (Pinocchio) and Neal Cassidy (Baelfire) appear out of nowhere together by a strange looking land post in a land covered in thick white snow. Standing directly before where the two men have just appeared is a lady with long blonde straight hair who appears to be in her early twenties, and she appears to be rather attractive in which captures the immediate attention of August. August just stands there gobsmacked by the sight of the beautiful lady, but Neal rounds in anger on the woman.

“Who are you? Where am I? Where’s the witch?” He demands answers from her sounding rather angry indeed.

Neither Neal nor August knows the name of the wicked witch yet, so neither of them knows that her name is in fact Morgana Pendragon. The blonde haired lady strolls over to Neal, and she raises her hand out before him.

“There is no need to fear me! Welcome to Narnia, what brings you here? My name’s Rose, Rose Tyler, and you are?” Rose questions Neal sounding troubled.

Neal is left shocked by Rose’s words to discover that both he himself and his friend August have now come to the magical land of Narnia. Neal remembers watching a fantasy film once that was called Narnia, but Neal more than anyone knows that both characters and places from films are real, because he himself is from none other than the enchanted forest.

“My name’s Neal! That man over there is called Pinocchio, but it’ll just sound weird if you call him that so just call him August instead! Nice to meet you Rose, any idea how my mate over there and I can exist ourselves out and away from Narnia?” Baelfire questions Miss Tyler.

Rose shakes her head in sadness in response to Neal’s question to her.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this but there’s an old myth that once you step foot in the land of Narnia you can never ever leave! I’m sorry Neal but you and your friend August are trapped here with me, but it’s alright you can trust me! I shall act as your guide if you’d like in this land!” She tells him in a lie in response to his question.


Neal kicks out at the snow in disgust with his foot, and the snow sharply hits off the lamppost. Neal is left disgusted to learn that both he himself and August can never ever leave Narnia, and that they are stuck here in the company of this Rose Tyler forever!

To be continued!


© Copyright 2018 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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