The Adventure Continues Series two Episode two 2014 edition

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tracy Beaker continues to search for her friend Lily Kettle along with her two new friends Tom Clarkson and Kyle Kevins. She journeys down to the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England with them both.
Meanwhile Shannay continues to cause a great deal of trouble in Living village.
Tracy makes a return trip at long last to the good old Dumping Ground where she's happily reunited with her old friend Mike Milligan.

The Adventure Continues

Series Two Episode Two

2014 Edition


The orphan Lily Kettle and the pirate Captain Hook are now in the never ending maze of Mzzuan together. They are heading down a dessert mountain there. Lily is mourning the deaths of both her deceased boyfriend Razz Kevins and her deceased dad Steve Kettle. Killian Jones (Hook) shares out all the exciting and thrilling tales and stories of his many adventures he experienced while sailing the seven seas with Lily. Lily isn’t enjoying hearing about all Captain Hook’s many adventures, because she just wants some peace, quiet and space to mourn over the deaths of her two loved ones. Hook has given Lily a sword in case they are attacked, because he wants her to process something that she can defend herself with. Hook has his own sword on him in case he needs to use it against his companion Lily or any person who may jump out of nowhere to attack him. At the bottom of the dessert mountain that they’ve been heading down together Lily breaks into a run hurrying away as fast as she can from Hook. Hook chases after Lily willing for her not to escape from his presence. Hook warns Lily that she won’t be able to survive on her own in Mzzuan without him. After arguing with one another there’s then a brief confrontation while both Hook and Lily aim their swords at one another, but Hook persuades Lily to lower her sword from him, and then after Lily has lowered her own sword Hook places his own sword back onto his belt. Lily places her trust in the pirate, but her instinct somehow warns her not to trust the pirate Captain. Lily then questions the mysterious man who brought her to Mzzuan if he is in fact Captain Hook then why he isn’t in Neverland, but Hook tells Lily in response that Neverland is a place that he actually vows never in his life to return to. Both Captain Hook and Lily then stop on their travels to rest for the night within a cave in a dessert dry mountain, and there Hook drinks from a bottle of rub while Lily spends the night resting. In the mourning Lily awakes to discover that all this hadn’t actually been a strange dream that she had hoped had occurred in her head. Lily is actually in the gigantic maze of Mzzuan, and she’s really in the company of the mysterious pirate. Hook gives Lily a ball of gooey slime to eat for her breakfast, and he calls the ball of slime an Anu. Lily takes a bite out of the Anu, and she believes it to be the foulest thing she has ever tasted before in all her life so far. Lily then rounds on the pirate for giving her that food that she believes he had the intention of poisoning her with, and Lily aims the sharp blade of her metal sword once more at Captain Hook. Lily’s eyesight goes all funny, and she collapses unconsise onto the hard ground surface of the dry dessert cave. When she fell unconsise Lily hit her head rather hard off a great big rock that was in the cave, and now Hook is terrified that he has killed Lily, and so he tries to save her life. Hook rips Lily’s heart out and he rips his own heart out. Hook places his own heart within Lily’s body, and he places her heart within his own body. Hook had hoped that Lily could have his heart, and that she would continue to live with his heart instead of her own heart, but instead Hook now finds himself in Lily’s body. Hook knows now that Lily is dead, and so he leaves the cave in her body.

Captain Hook in Lily Kettle’s body then meets an old friend of Lily’s in the maze Mzzuan (Elektra Perkins), and both Hook (Lily) and Elektra then get captured by brown guards, and the brown guards take both Hook (Lily) and Elektra prisoner to their Queen Tiger Lily in her Palace in her great Kingdom of Mzz. Queen Tiger Lily is actually Lily Kettle from another reality, and in Queen Tiger Lily’s reality Elektra became a dark Queen, and she was murdered in cold blood by a man she used to love in the great battle of Neverland. Queen Tiger Lily imprisons both Elektra and Hook (Lily) in her brown Palace.

Lily Kettle is now in Captain Hook’s body, and she meets a man who Captain Hook used to sail the seven seas with Mr William Smee while being in his body. Lily (Hook) and Smee then plan together to try and find a way of escaping from Mzzuan the maze together.

Chapter one

A coach is driving away from the city of Liverpool in the country England. In the coach as well as there being many other passengers there are Tracy Beaker, Tom Clarkson and Kyle Kevins. Tracy, Kyle and Tom have searched together the whole of Liverpool city for one young lady who they have all come to love, but not one of them was able to find Lily Kettle within the city. Neither Tracy nor either one of her two new friends have any idea at all that Lily is now with a fat small pirate in a place that once you step foot in it you can never ever leave. Tracy is sat beside Tom in the couch. She gives him a sad little smile.

“I’m so sorry about you friend Flick!” Tracy apologises to Tom.

Tracy is referring to Tom’s friend Flick Mellor who was murdered just a couple of days ago in her boyfriend’s family home by none other than an evil wicked witch known as Morgan Pendragon. Tears of sadness drip down Tom’s face in response to his new friend’s apology.

“Yeah well once I’ve helped you find Lily I’ll be heading back to Living village to live out the rest of my days with the Kelly’s,” Clarkson tells Beaker.

Tom is intending on marrying the mother of the Kelly family Rose in Living village in Liverpool city. Tracy is in love with Tom’s son Josh

Stevenson. Behind both Tracy and Tom in the couch is sat Kyle Kevins. Kyle has buried his face within his two hands. Kyle is off course feeling devastated that he has lost all of his loving children Daniel, Razz and Hannah. Kyle’s son Daniel turned evil, and he fought against this person who Lily looked up to and loved called Kerry Ravens, and in Kerry’s café’ that she owned by the sunny seaside in Living village both Kerry and Daniel killed one another. Kyle’s son Razz who was Lily’s boyfriend was murdered in cold blood by an evil wicked witch known as Cora, and Kyle’s daughter Hannah was killed in cold blood by another wicked witch known as Morgana Pendragon. Kyle also lost his wife a couple of years ago. Cora was killed by Lily after she killed her boyfriend Razz, so now Cora is safely dead, but Morgana Pendragon is still out there somewhere lurking within the darkness of the world. The couch is slowly taking Tracy, Tom and Kyle to the city of Newcastle, because Tracy is hoping to stop and pay a visit to her old friend Mike Milligan in Newcastle in the high hope that she can recruit him to help her find her friend Lily.

Chapter two

Back to Living village at long last, Josh Stevenson is stood before Lily Kettle’s old home in Elmtree lane. Josh can hear a young boy crying loudly from inside the Kettle’s family home, and Josh knows that young boy to be Jonah Kettle. Josh can only begin to imagine just how scared, lonely and confused the young Jonah boy must be feeling right now. Jonah must be lost wondering why his dad isn’t coming home, and where his big sister could possibly be. All of a sudden Shannay Ravens hurries up to Josh on the street. Shannay is carrying a gun that must only be loaded in her hand. Shannay aims the trigger of the gun at Josh just as soon as she finds him standing before her on the street. Josh rounds bravely in anger on Shannay.

“I heard what happened! The weddings called off I get that now what with you converted into a new dark woman and Steve dead! Why you here?” He demands an answer sharply from her.

There’s a moment of silence. Shannay appears rather shocked to hear of Steve’s death, because she had hoped that it would have been her hand that he would have died by. Shannay rounds in anger on Josh.

“WHERE’S LILY?” She screams out at him.

Josh rounds in anger on Shannay in response to her scream.

“Missing!” He snaps out at her in response to her scream.

Shannay slaps Josh full on in the face in anger.

“Well I will find her!” She promises him in a snarl.

Shannay then smiles coldly to herself.

“And I shall kill her!” She promises herself.

Josh grabs Shannay firmly by her throat.

“None of us are going to let you harm Lily!” He snaps out at her.

Shannay then proceeds to shoot Josh with her gun. Josh roars out in pain when Shannay shoots him. Shannay then vanishes away from the dying young man. Yeah Josh is now dying.

Chapter three

Josh Stevenson collapses onto his knees onto the hard concrete surface of the street on Elmtree Lane. Josh takes a look down at his deep wound on his chest where blood is continuing to pour rapidly out from where Shannay the cold hearted lady just shot him. Josh can hear himself screaming out in pain as well as hearing the dog Shadow barking wildly from inside his deceased family home. Shadow is aware that someone in great pain is just outside his house, and he wants to protect him, but he also wishes to keep both himself and young Jonah Kettle safe. Dogs are surprising animals. They can sense things that other animals fail to. Josh can see his whole life flashing before his eyes growing up in the care of his mum, joining Waterloo Road School when it emerged with his own school Josh Fosters, meeting his dad Tom there, growing up further in the care of his dad, leaving Waterloo Road, making his way into the big wide world, and then learning of the death of his dad who died after falling from the school roof of Waterloo Road School in Greenock Scotland after that Josh met Tracy Beaker, and he fell in love with her before being reunited at long last with his dad Tom, and being introduced to the remarkable young lady Lily Kettle by his girlfriend Tracy. Suddenly Josh is sighted by his friends both Chlo Charles and Sambuca Kelly hurry as fast as they possibly can up to the dying Josh on the street. Chlo knows that Josh’s time is running short, and that both herself and Sam need to get Josh help right now. Both Sambuca and Chlo place their arms both gently and lovingly around Josh.

“Don’t worry we’re here with you now Josh, and we’re going to get you help!” They both promise him together.

Sam quickly takes a look over at the young lady whose like a sister to her Chlo.

“We need to get him back to my mum’s!” She informs her in an urgent tone.

Chlo nods her head in both agreement and understanding to Sam’s information. Both girls then help the dying Josh to his feet. Chlo and Sambuca together then realise much to their horror that Josh has been shot by someone. Chlo places her hand firmly upon the young man whose like a brother to her shoulder, and Chlo takes a look directly at Josh.

“Who did this to you?” She demands an answer from him.

Josh manages to round on both Chlo and Sambuca.

“Shannay Ravens!” He snaps out sharply at them both responding to Chlo’s question.

Josh then spits blood out of his mouth in anger. Josh then suddenly drops down dead onto the street that he’s been standing on in Elmtree Lane.

“NO! JOSH!” Both Sambuca and Chlo cry out in terror when they realise much to their horror that he’s now actually dead.

Sambuca and Chlo are both now in tears of sadness, and they pull one another into a loving hug to comfort one another while trying to work out just what to do next.

Chapter four

The coach pulls up at the coach station in Newcastle, and the devastated Tracy, Tom and Kyle all depart from it there. Chlo has just phoned and spoken to both Tom and Tracy about Josh being killed by Shannay. Just as soon as they depart from the bus Tom and Tracy pull one another into a loving hug to comfort one another. Carman Howle races up to the three of them in the station. Carman takes a look directly at Tracy.

“I’ve just about got around to altering Mike about Lily’s disappearance!” She informs her.

Carman is shocked to discover just how upset Tracy is appearing.

“What’s the matter? Haven’t you found her yet?” She questions her.

Tracy takes a look back at Carman in response to her question.

“I’ve just learned that my boyfriend Josh has just been killed!” She tells her in response to her question.

Tom seems lost for words. He is just stood there on the street like a stone statue shocked, absolutely lost for words. Kyle takes a look over at Tom; he has an understanding of what he’s going through right now. Tom suddenly rounds on Tracy.

“I’ve got to go! I’ve got to return to Living village! I’ve got to return to Rose!” He informs her in an urgent tone.

Before saying another word, and before either Tracy or Kyle can say anything to him the terrified Tom boards the couch.

“Return trip to Liverpool city please!” He tells the driver as he hands him over some money.

After the driver has accepted the money the couch doors close, and the couch pulls away from Tracy, Kyle and Carman. Tracy turns to face Kyle.

“We can’t stop him from leaving us, and besides he needs to be with Rose and the people he loves right now,” she says to him.

Kyle nods his head in agreement to what Tracy has just said to him. Tracy then turns to face Carman.

“Come now! We’ve got to find Mike!” She informs her in an urgent tone.

There seems to be a lot of urgency today. Tracy and Carman then head down the street together, and Kyle hurries to catch up with them. Kyle is choosing not to abandon Tracy like what Tom has just done. Kyle knows that he owes it to his dead son Razz to find his former girlfriend Lily.

Chapter five

Carman Howle, Tracy Beaker and Kyle Kevins head to the children’s carehome that Mike Milligan works in the city of Newcastle together, (Ashdene Ridge house). Carman uses her key to open the main doors of the carehome so that she, Kyle and Tracy can enter the house.

“MIKE!” Carman cries out to what appears to be a deserted house.

Both the careworker May-Li and the oldest resident in the carehome Faith Davies appear in the main corridor of the carehome together before Tracy, Kyle and Carman. May-Li turns to address Carman since she has overheard her calling Mike’s name.

“Mike’s out collecting a new boy!” May-Li informs Carman.

Carman, Tracy and Kyle are all left disappointed by May-Li’s information. May-Li then turns to face Tracy.

“Tracy Beaker I assume?” She questions her.

Tracy nods her head in response to May-Li’s question.

“Yeah you’ve assumed right,” she tells her in response to her question.

May-Li pulls a face at Tracy.

“Mike wondered when you were finally going to show up again!” She informs her.

Faith turns to face Carman out of curiosity.

“Why have you brought these people here?” She questions her about both Tracy and Kyle.

Carman turns back to face Faith in response to her question.

“They’re here because they want us to help them find Lily who has gone missing!” She informs her in response to her question.

Both May-Li and Faith are left absolutely shocked by Carman’s information, because they had both come to quite like Lily while she was in their care. Tracy turns to face May-Li.

“How long do you think it will be before Mike returns here?” She questions her in a demanding tone.

All of a sudden the main doors of Ashdene Ridge carehome open, and Mike Milligan steps foot into the carehome. Mike is leading an eleven year old boy called Julian into the carehome. Julian Harrison seems to be a very quiet young man, but Mike quite likes him, and believes that he’s not going to be much trouble at all because of how quiet he is. Mike is surprised to discover that his old friend Tracy Beaker is stood before him in the carehome.

“TRACY!” Milligan cries out in a tone of both happiness and excitement at his old friend as he pulls her into a loving hug.

Tracy struggles out and away from Mike’s embrace, and she raises her hand out to him to prevent him from hugging her further. Tracy takes a look directly at Mike.

“Listen I need your help!” She informs him.

Kyle rounds on Mike.

“I need your help too!” He tells him.

Mike pulls a face back at Kyle in response to what he has just said to him.

“Sorry who are you?” Milligan demands an answer from Kevins.

Kyle smiles back at Mike in response to his question.

“Here’s the deal you agree to help me and I’ll tell you my name!” He promises him in response to his question.

Mike then rounds in anger on Kyle.

“No here’s the deal sir, you either tell me who you are or get the hell out of my carehome! I need to know whether or not you’re a danger to the young people in my care!” He snaps out at him sounding aggressive.

Tracy smiles reassuringly at Mike.

“You can trust Kyle!” She promises him.

Mike folds his arms in disgust as he rounds on Tracy.

“Well I can’t trust him if he doesn’t tell me his name!” He yells back at her in a tone of anger.

Kyle smiles at Mike.

“Fine if that’s all you want a name, just chill, my name is Kyle Kevins, and I’m a broken hearted man!” He informs him.

Tracy smiles at Mike.

“Keep your hopes high because Kyle may well decide that he wants to foster one of your kids soon!” She tells him sounding hopeful for him.

Kyle knows that he’ll never love somebody else’s kids as well as he loved his own. Mike takes a look from Tracy to Kyle.

“What do you want my assistance with?” He demands an answer sharply from them both.

Tracy takes a look directly at her old boss in response to his question.

“Lily Kettle’s been kidnapped, and I require your assistance in order to find her!” She informs him in response to his question.

Mike’s left shocked by Tracy’s information.

“If you’re here about Lily then where’s Steve?” He questions her in response to her information.

Tracy takes a look back at Mike in response to his question.

“Dead! Steve’s dead! He was killed by a wicked witch! You may well believe that I’m talking a load of rubbish now Mike, but wicked witches really do exist I swear on my adoptive mother’s grave! A wicked witch known only as Morgana Pendragon set fire to Steve, and when she set fire on him she killed him!” She informs him in response to his question.

It is now revealed that Cam Lawson Tracy’s adoptive mum is dead. Mike is left totally horrified by Tracy’s information, but surprisingly he believes her, because deep down Mike knows that Tracy would never ever lie to him. Mike nods his head showing an understanding to Tracy’s information. Mike knows that after leaving his care in the Dumping Ground Lily was heading down to start a family business with her family in a café’ in a village called Living in the city of Liverpool, but he knows that Lily and her family were unsuccessful in starting their family business, because Mike remembers reading up on the news that Lily’s café’ had been destroyed burned to the ground after two people Daniel Kevins and Kerry Ravens were found dead inside it. Mike knows that even after the business that the Kettle family had hoped to begin was unsuccessful the family stayed in the village, and Mike realises that Lily must have persuaded her family to stay there because of wicked witches that had invaded her sweet little life. Mike smiles at Tracy.

“You know the answer, off course I’ll help you to find Lily!” He informs her in a promise.

Mike then takes Tracy by the hand, and he kisses her on the hand. Mike then turns to face Kyle.

“Thank you I realise that you yourself don’t have to search for Lily, but I appreciate it more than anything else that I have in my life at the moment that you are,” he says to him.

Mike then shares a firm handshake with Kyle. Kyle shrugs his shoulders at Mike.

“Let’s just say that I owe it to my deceased son to search both heaven and earth to find his girlfriend Lily!” He informs him.

Mike turns to face his fellow careworker May-Li who is still stood by both Faith and Carman’s side.

“Well don’t just stand there inform the police that Lily’s missing!” He commands her.

May-Li nods her head in response to the command that Mike’s just given her. Mike turns to face both Tracy and Kyle once more.

“We’ve got to start searching for Lily!” He informs them both.

Mike then turns to face Tracy.

“Did you search Liverpool?” He questions her.

Tracy nods her head in response to the question that Mike’s just asked her.

“And I’m guessing no luck?” Milligan asks Beaker.

Tracy nods her head in response to Mike’s question.

“No luck at all I’m afraid to say,” she tells him in response to his question.

Mike sighs.

“Well then we’ve just got to start searching Newcastle and the whole of Tyne and Wear to be on the perfectly safe side, but if Lily was in Tyne and Wear then she would have come home here to Ashdene Ridge house,” he says to both Tracy and Kyle.

Mike then turns to face Carman.

“Alert Tee and the others that Lily’s been kidnapped!” He commands her.

Carman nods her head in response to Mike’s command as she begins to disappear up the stairs of Ashdene Ridge house. May-Li returns to face Mike, Tracy and Kyle, and she takes a look directly at Mike.

“I’ve managed to alert the police that Lily’s missing and that we suspect that she’s been kidnapped!” She informs him.

Mike smiles back at May-Li in response to her information.

“Nice work,” he says to her in response to her information.

May-Li then throws her leather jacket on over both her arms and shoulders. May-Li rounds on Mike.

“Faith can look after the kids I’m coming with you to find our Lily!” She tells him.

Mike realises that there’s nothing he can say to persuade May-Li to stay behind, and to be on the office phone of Ashdene Ridge house if he needs her. Mike, Kyle, Tracy and May-Li then all head out of the main doors in Ashdene Ridge house together to begin a search for their missing friend Lily Kettle

Chapter six

Carman Howle hurries urgently into Tee Taylor’s bedroom in Ashdene Ridge house, and she finds her sitting on her bed there talking with her brother Johnny who is also in the room. Johnny is telling Tee that he may be moving out of the Dumping Ground soon to head down to an army college in a place called Haraget to start training for the army, and Tee is feeling incredibly shocked by her brother’s news. Carman stands facing both the Taylor’s in Tee’s bedroom. Carman is appearing to be really scared about something right now, and both Tee and Johnny are left frightened to find their friend appearing to them like this. Tee takes a look up at her friend with concern in her eyes.

“Carman what’s wrong? What’s happened?” Miss Taylor questions Miss Howle in a tone of real concern.

Johnny also takes a look up at his friend Carman with concern in his eyes.

“Is it Rick?” He asks her in a tone of concern.

Carman has recently been seeing a fellow lad who lives in the Dumping Ground Rick Barber, but they’re relationship was quickly broken off. Carman rounds on Johnny and she shakes her head aggressively at him.

“No off course it isn’t Rick!” She snaps out at him in a tone of aggression.

Carman then turns back to face Tee.

“It’s Lily!” She informs her.

Tee nods her head in what she herself believes to be an understanding to Carman’s information.

“You really miss her still don’t you?” Tee questions Carman sounding concerned in response to her information.

Tee knows that if she herself is still missing Lily then Carman must be too. It’s been a nearly a month and a half now since Lily left the Dumping Ground, and Carman has seen Lily since she left the Dumping Ground, but Tee hasn’t, and Tee really misses Lily, because Tee, Carman and Lily were the three best friends that anyone could have. Carman nods her head in response to Tee’s question.

“Yeah I do miss Lily off course I do, but that’s not why I’m upset about her right now! I’m afraid to say that our friend Lily has been abducted by a mysterious mad man!” She informs her in response to her question.

Both Tee and Johnny are left horrified by Carman’s information. Johnny knows that his sister Tee is a very good friend of Lily’s, and he too deep down has romantic feelings for her, but Johnny has neither ever told Lily nor anyone else that he has feelings for her. Two boys then come bursting into Tee’s bedroom together, and they are two lads who used to live at the Dumping Ground being cared for there Liam O’Donovan and Frank Matthews. Liam rounds directly on Carman.

“Mike and Tracy visited our flat and they told us that Lily has disappeared, we’ve got to find her!” He tells her in an urgent tone.

Frank nods his head in agreement to what Liam has just told Carman.

“There’s absolutely no time for us to waste!” He cries out in agreement to him.

Frank then pats Liam on the back. Johnny then jumps to his feet up from his sister’s bed, and he rounds on Liam.

“Why do you care so much about Lily?” He questions him sounding concerned.

Liam is left surprised to find Johnny rounding on him like this. Liam rounds on Johnny in response to him rounding on him.

“Because she’s my friend little dude!” He tells him truthfully in response to his question.

Johnny is worried that like him Liam also has genuine feels of romance towards Lily. Carman grabs hold of both Liam and Johnny firmly by their arms.

“Look I don’t know what you two are thinking of doing but Lily is all of our friend, and she needs us all right now! Liam Johnny will you both help me to find her?” She questions them both.

Both Johnny and Liam nod their heads back at Carman in response to her question.

“Off course we will!” They promise her together.

Beside it from being many years since Liam last saw Lily, and beside him having feelings of love for a girl called Poppy since he last saw her the truth is that like Johnny Liam also has feelings of love for Lily. Carman and Tee share a friendly smile with one another.

“Don’t worry we’ll find her!” They create a vow to one another.


Carman, Liam, Johnny, Frank and Tee all head out of Tee’s bedroom together. Just like Mike, May-Li and the two people who have just arrived in Newcastle from Liverpool the two girls and the three lads are determined to track their good old friend Lily down.

To be continued!


Submitted: July 27, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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