The Adventure Continues Twenty Fourteen EDITION Series Two Episode Eleven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Continuing on with the many adventures that are now going on in the never ending maze of Mzzuan.
There's a monstrous desert in Mzzuan. Three new people now take to arriving in it and they are both Tom Clarkson and his family. What will their adventures in Mzzuan hold for them? Read on to find out!

The Adventure Continues

(Twenty Fourteen EDITION)

Series Two Episode Eleven


Mzzuan is one hell of a place! It actually has everything upon everything that you as a person could ever possibly imagine in it, but however a red hot dangerous harsh desert stretches out for miles upon miles in this magical enchanted land, and the boiling desert is actually so big that if you were in it you wouldn’t actually believe that there’s more life in this world than what seems to be an ongoing desert.

Chapter one

Rose Kelly was dead, but her daughter Sambuca had only just been reunited not happily at first I’m ashamed to say with her one true love and the true keeper of her heart Finn Sharkey. Sam and Finn had both been reunited together back in Living village, and back when they found one another in that village they got engaged to be married with one another, but however now they have both been sent to the very heart of this blasted red hot dry desert here in Mzzuan the maze by none other than the evil cold hearted witch Shannay Ravens.

Tom Clarkson a man who was engaged to marry Rose Kelly before she unfortunately died, follows both Finn Sharkey and Sambuca Kelly across the red hot mountain that they are on together in Mzzuan. Finn is walking side by side with Sam climbing down the mountain slowly with Tom following on behind them.

“Come on Tom hurry up!” Finn calls out to his travelling companion commanding him to hurry up.

Tom can’t go any further without a drink of water. He is feeling just really dehydrated now, and he can’t function at all without just one sip of water. Sam is also feeling dehydrated, but not as much as what Tom is. Both Sam and Finn turn round to face their former teacher together, and that is when they see him collapse unconscious onto the ground of the hard mountain. Tom bangs his head against a rock as he falls over onto the mountain surface.

“TOM!” Sam screams out in freight when she sees her friend suffering like this.

Finn exchanges looks of horror with his fiancée’ Sam.

“We need to get him help!” He shouts out at her fearfully.

Finn is scared that if he doesn’t get Tom help soon he’ll die, and neither Finn nor Sam are in the mood of losing just anyone else who they love.

Chapter two

Captain Hook (Killian Jones) smiles at Lily Kettle as she faces on top of a red hot desert mountain in the never ending maze of Mzzuan. Lily has both her friends Alice and Tracy Beaker stood by her sides. Alice is the young lady from the enchanted land that is known as Wonderland. Kyle Kevins is also amongst the party, but he has got Captain Hook caught in a headlock. Lily smiles out coldly at the creepy pirate Captain who kidnapped her back home in Liverpool city, and who brought her here to Mzzuan with the intention of marrying her. Hook winks at Lily.

“No need to blame me for Queen Morgana’s desire to capture and torture your friends is there?” He questions her.

Tracy places her arm lovingly around Lily, and they continue to stand there facing Hook together. Hook takes a look from Lily to Tracy.

“Oh you’re both equally as beautiful it’s hard to know which of you to go for!” He snaps out sharply at them both.

Hook only said this however to tease Kyle, and it worked because Kevins then gave the evil pirate a full on punch in the face.

“Shut it pirate if you know what is good for you!” Kyle warns Killian.

Hook takes a look up in anger at Kevins.

“I will not be silenced by you mate!” He snaps out sharply at him.

Hook smiles coldly back over at Lily.

“And nor by anyone else!” He warns her.

Lily folds her arms as she continues to face the fierce pirate Captain.

“Hook you’re our prisoner, and you’ll do well to remember that!” Lily snaps out sharply at her kidnapper.

Hook’s suddenly scared right now.

“Love the wedding’s not off is it?” Killian questions Lily in a frightened tone.

Lily shakes her head in anger at Hook.

“Mate we’re never going to happen! You and me we’re completely different people! You’re a scandal and a thief and I’m just a little girl who wishes to be reunited with her father, but I can’t be can I, because he’s dead,” she tells him in an explaining tone.

Tracy turns to face Lily.

“We really need to be interrogating him to find out what Queen’s Morgana and Tiger Lily want with Mike, Tee and Carman,” she reminds her.

Lily nods her head in agreement to what Tracy has just told her. Hook winks lovingly at Lily once more.

“Oh I’d like to see you try and interrogate me,” he tells her simply.

Lily is getting rather fed up with the pirate now.

“Don’t try me!” She warns him.

Lily takes a look at Kyle.

“What to do with him?” She questions him.

Alice smiles at Kyle.

“What do you suggest that we do with him?” She questions him.

Suddenly they can hear running footsteps.

“Help!” A voice of a young a man calls out from a short distance away from them down the mountain.

The stranger Finn Sharkey then comes into view of Lily Kettle and her friends.

“Seems that we’re not alone on this mountain!” The prisoner captain tells his captives.

Finn takes a look desperately at all the women and men who are gathered before him on the top of this mountain. Lily’s troubled as she rounds on Finn.

“Who are you?” Kettle questions Sharkey.

Finn smiles back at Lily in response to her question to him.

“I’m a friend to you if you’re a friend to me! Please I really need your help!” He tells her in response to her question to him.

Lily looks to Tracy for guidance and support on this matter, because she doesn’t want to offer anyone help and support who will kick them in the backside and betray them. Lily can’t have any more problems to deal with right now, because Captain Hook is a handful for her to deal with by himself. Lily takes a good long hard look at Finn. Kyle takes a look at Lily.

“Trust him, because if he betrays you then I’ll chop his head off!” Kyle promises Lily.

Finn shoots a nasty cold look over at Kyle.

“Yeah well just as soon as my teacher’s back on his feet he’ll knock your block off!” He warns him.

In response to his warning Kyle then jumps to the conclusion that he can’t trust Finn, and neither can Lily. Lily then uses her magical powers to make thick rope appear around both Finn’s hands and legs imprisoning him.

Chapter three

Finn Sharkey has now surprisingly become a prisoner to Lily Kettle just like Captain Hook. Lily has used her magical powers to make a golden tree appear out of nowhere on top of the desert mountain, and she has also used her powers to tie both Hook and Sharkey to it. Lily has a sword fixed onto her back. Lily also has a gun placed securely onto her belt. The young Kettle lady is a true warrior. Finn turns to face Killian while they are both tied to the tree together.

“So I take it that they’re not going to help me mate than,” he tells him.

Hook takes a look coldly at Finn.

“I wouldn’t get your hopes for help from these people up son,” he says to him.

Finn then takes a look down at the sliver shiny hook that is fixed onto the captain’s hand instead of him having a hand.

“I’m not even going to ask what they did to you man,” Finn tells Killian.

Hook takes a look down at the sliver shiny hook that he has now instead of a hand.

“Oh yeah if only they had been the ones to do this to me,” Killian tells Finn.

Sharkey’s troubled.

“Just who are you?” He questions Jones.

Hook takes a look back at the young man in response to his question to him.

“Killian Jones, but people have come to calling me by my more colourful manicure Hook!” The pirate Captain tells Finn in response to his question to him.

Finn is left ever so shocked to learn the name of his new acutance.

“Hook, as in Captain Hook?” Finn questions Killian.

Jones nods his head in response to Sharkey’s question to him. Killian smiles at Finn.

“Don’t worry yaself laddy cause e’ve got a plan aye,” he informs him.

Finn’s troubled.

“Let’s hear it,” he whispers over to Hook.

Kyle has now headed over to join Lily, Tracy and Alice. Hook brings his face closer into contact with Finn’s.

“We escape from here son,” he tells him.

Finn’s left troubled by what Hook has just told him.

“How do you suggest that we do that?” He asks him.

Hook then uses the sharp end of his metal hook to slice the rope off both himself and Finn. Killian has now drawn attention to himself. Lily has just witnessed with her own two eyes Hook escaping himself off the golden metal hard tree. Lily taps Kyle on the arm to get him to notice that Hook has just escaped.

“Oh no he’s finally made a move,” she warns him.

In response to Lily’s shocking warning to him Kyle then makes to round on Hook, but the pirate is more than ready for him, and Killian leaps onto Kyle knocking him down to the ground. Jones punches Kevins full on in the face.

“OH NO KYLE!” Lily screams out in a tone of horror.

Hook continues to throw punch after punch into Kyle’s face. Lily then makes to round on the pirate who is attacking her friend, but Finn rounds on her. Finn charges towards Lily, and he rugby tackles her down to the ground. Lily then slaps Finn full on in the face when he is laying on top of her down on the ground. Tracy rushes over to offer up her assistance to Kyle in his battle against Hook while Alice makes to pull the aggressive Finn off Lily. Alice makes a grab for Finn, but he is ready for her, and Finn turns round quickly, and he grabs Alice sharply by her throat.

“Get off me!” Alice hisses out at Finn through a cough.

Sharkey is strangling the young lady from Wonderland. Hook smiles coldly down at Kyle.

“Sorry mate but you never should have taken me prisoner!” He snaps out sharply at him.

Lily takes a look desperately from Finn to Hook. She is left horrified to see them overpowering her friends. Lily is shocked to see that Finn has nearly chocked the life out of Alice, and Hook is just about to sink his sharp metal hook deep into Kyle’s chest. Lily knows that she needs to act now, because she really needs to save the lives of her friends. Lily then uses her powerful magical powers to make both Captain Hook and Finn Sharkey disappear from both her and her companions suddenly, sending them both off to another part of Mzzuan far away from her. Lily steps forward to come face to face with Alice who now has her hand over her neck.

“Are you alright?” Miss Kettle questions her new friend from Wonderland in a tone of concern.

Alice doesn’t respond to Lily’s question to her, because she really doesn’t know if she is alright right now. Alice is left shaken by the horrifying fact that Finn could have killed. Lily places her arm gently around Alice her new mate to comfort her. Lily takes a look over at Tracy, and she watches as she kisses Kyle lovingly on the lips to comfort him from him being attacked by Hook. Alice also sees Tracy and Kyle kissing one another, and she becomes incredibly jealous by it. Lily clears her throat by coughing.

“Oh Tracy without Hook as our prisoner there’s no way of us knowing what Queen’s Tiger Lily and Morgana have planned for how to torture Mike, Carman and Tee!” She informs her friend.

Alice takes a look at Lily.

“We need to rescue them!” She tells her urgently.

Kyle smiles from Tracy to Alice.

“I’ll see you both fairly soon pretty ladies,” he says to them both.

Kyle then takes a look over at Lily.

“I’ll go after Captain Hook!” He explains to her in a promise.

Lily nods her head in response to what Kyle has just explained to her.

“Yeah well I suppose that you are the best man for the job, but first mate you’re going to need a horse, and capture him Kyle capture Hook by any means necessarily!” She tells him.

Lily then uses her magical powers to make a piebald horse appear out of nowhere just beside Kyle. This horse is the colour of both black and white. This horse is called Daniel, and he’s going to prove to be a loyal travelling companion to Kyle as he journeys on throughout Mzzuan to both haunt down and capture Captain Hook. Daniel has a black leather saddle fixed securely onto his back. The horse also has come with reins. Kyle takes a look from Daniel to Lily.

“Where did you get him from?” He questions her.

Lily takes a look back at Kyle in response to his question to her.

“I just simply used my magical powers to create him up out of dust.” She tells him in response to his question to her.

Kyle struggles up onto Daniel’s back, and he takes hold of his reins firmly. Kyle smiles down at both Tracy and Alice.

“I love you both!” He owns up to them both about loving the other.

Both Tracy and Alice then exchange jealous looks with one another. Lily takes a look up at Kyle.

“Find him!” She commands him.

Kyle nods his head in response to Lily’s command to him. Kyle then kicks his horse on, and he rides him down the desert mountain. Daniel is riding as fast as the speed of light. On and on he goes travelling down the desert mountain.

Chapter four

Captain Hook (Killian Jones) and Finn Sharkey are now heading to the cave in the desert mountains where Finn last saw both Sambuca Kelly and Thomas Clarkson. Both Killian and Vincent are unarmed and defenceless.

“Well they were cold hearted bitches mate!” Finn tells Hook.

The pirate smiles coldly back at Finn in response to what he has just told him.

“You don’t know the half of it I’m afraid to say mate, because they’re only here in this desert because of me!” Killian confesses to the young man.

Vincent doesn’t want to argue with Killian, because after all he has only just offered down his services o help him to save Tom’s life. Hook shakes his head with disappointment at himself.

“I kidnapped that Kettle girl from her home city, and I brought her here to Mzzuan!” The pirate owns up for his actions to the young man who has only just put his trust in him.

Finn is left ever so shocked to hear that from the pirate. Finn turns to face Hook forgetting all about Tom, and he rounds in anger on him. Finn then pushes Killian hard in the chest.

“You are just as bad as they are!” He snaps out sharply at him in a tone of anger.

Killian smiles at Finn.

“Are you forgetting all about your friend?” He questions him in great disgust.

Hook then shakes his head in disgust at Finn.

“I would never help to save a strangers life, because I’m happy to say that the only person who I care about is me!” He shouts out in great disgust at him.

Hook rounds in anger on Finn, and he punches him full on in the face with his only free hand which is his left hand.

“OY! DON’T TOUCH HIM!” The voice of Tom Clarkson rages out at Killian from a short distance away from both him and Finn.

Tom hurries up to both Hook and Finn. He’s back on his feet. Something inside Sambuca’s heart managed to save Tom’s life. Sam races up to Finn’s side.

“Hey you,” she says to him lovingly and happily.

Tom rounds in anger on Hook.

“You’ve just attacked the wrong kid mister!” He snaps out at him in incredible disgust.

Hook lashes out at Tom in anger with his Hook, but however Killian doesn’t manage to hit Clarkson with his weapon. Tom punches Hook full on in the face. Sam takes Finn lovingly by the hand.

“Don’t worry Tom will deal with this!” She promises him.

Tom is now in full battle with Killian.

Chapter five

Lily Kettle is now fully dressed in chainmail. Lily has a sliver shiny sword help firmly in her hands. Lily is also wearing black gloves on her hands. Lily is now heading down the mountain rather hastily with Tracy Beaker and Alice who is the young lady from Wonderland.

“We need to find a cave in at the bottom of the Desert Mountains to set up headquarters inside!” Lily informs her warriors.

Tracy nods her head in agreement to the girl who is like a little sister to her’s question. Lily smiles over at Alice.

“Can I have a little word with you in private please?” She questions her.

Alice nods her head in response to Lily’s question to her. Both Lily and Alice then drop back from Tracy for a few paces.

“I’m going to travel to Mzz alone!” Kettle explains to her friend from Wonderland.

Alice folds her arms as she continues to walk by Lily’s side.

“I’m guessing that you don’t want Tracy to know this,” she tells her.

Lily then nods her head in response to what Alice has just told her.

“Yeah I’ll walk you two to the cave, and then I’ll come up with some lame excuse of setting off to collect firewood, but I’ll really set off for the palace, it’s your job to keep Tracy safe and sound until I return with my friends,” she says to her.

Alice takes a look over at Lily.

“I don’t want to be friends with Tracy, and I certainly don’t trust her, because you see mate we’re both fighting over winning the affections of the same man,” she explains to her.

Lily takes a look at Alice with mercy in her eyes.

“Please you have to keep Tracy safe, because she’s like a big sister to me, and if you give your life to protect her’s then I promise that after we escape from this wretched place then I’ll take you home to Wonderland!” She promises her.

Alice suddenly rounds on Lily.

“You’ll have to promise to do more than that!” She tells her sharply.

Lily then rounds in anger on Alice.

“I thought that you were a good person, and good people don’t have to be begged to save the lives of others. Besides what more could I possibly give you that you want more than returning to your home land?” She questions her.

Alice smiles back at Lily in response to her question to her.

“I want my husband to return to life from the dead,” she tells her in response to her question to her.

Lily takes a look at Alice, and she shakes her head in sadness at her.

“I don’t think that my powers are strong enough to bring people back from the land of the dead, and besides all magical powers must have their limits!” Lily explains to Alice.

Alice is suddenly reminded herself of the first three rules of magic, and they are you can’t bring someone back to life from the dead, you can’t make someone fall in love with you, and that you can’t change the past. Alice shakes her head in sadness.

“Yeah your right off course Lily you can’t bring someone back to life from the dead, because I’ve only just remembered that the very first rule of magic is that you can’t make someone return to the land of the living from the land of the dead!” Alice tells Lily her friend accepting the truth.

It unfortunately seems that Cyrus is now dead and gone for good. He won’t be returning from the dead now like how he once did back in Wonderland. Alice knows that the only way she can cure her broken heart is if she was to fall in love with Kyle, because after all he does seem like he is a good man, and he does really love her probably just as much as what Cyrus himself did.


Chapter six

Captain Hook has now overpowered Tom Clarkson at the bottom of a desert mountain, and he has now taken to knocking him out. Tom is now laying unconscious on the surface of the red hot powerful ground of the never ending maze Mzzuan. Sambuca Kelly and Finn Sharkey have both now taken to rounding in anger on Killian Jones together. Hook is still without a sword, but so are his new opponents. Killian suddenly realises something. Hook takes a look over at Finn.

“You and I we need one another lad!” He informs him.

Right now Finn refuses to believe the information that Captain Hook has just given to him. Killian then takes a look over at Sam.

“We all need one another love!” He tells her.

Sam shakes her head in anger at Hook.

“How can we trust you?” She snaps out in disgust at him.

Tom opens his eyes suddenly, and he struggles to his feet up off the ground. Tom takes a look at Hook.

“Prove it to us that we need you!” He commands him.

Tom was just coming round from being knocked unconscious by the villain pirate when he overheard the conversation that he had been having with the two young adults. Finn shakes his head at Tom.

“We can’t trust him!” He insists to him.

Tom smiles back at Finn in response to what he has just insisted to him.

“Maybe son but then again maybe not. What’s his name again?” He questions him.

Finn continues to face Tom in response to his question to him.

“His name is Captain Hook Mr Clarkson,” he tells him in response to his question to him.

Tom shakes his head in disgust at Finn.

“Get real Sharkey, because Captain Hook doesn’t exist! He’s a children’s fairytale character for gods shake son get with it! So what this man just told you who he was and you just believed him? I thought you knew better than to believe such rubbish Sharkey!” He tells him sharply.

Finn then rounds on Tom.

“Yeah sir, just take a look at the hook on his arm, and then tell me that he’s not Captain Hook!” He snaps out at him.

Finn then takes a look over at Sam for support in his little argument against Tom, but shockingly he finds that she’s being held captive by Killian Jones. Captain Hook has now decided to catch Sambuca Kelly in a headlock, and he keeps on showing her his sharp hook to frighten her with

“SAM!” Finn yells out in a tone of shock when he sees her in danger once again like this.

Captain Hook suddenly realises something as he throws Sambuca Kelly roughly away from him. Killian takes a look from Finn to Tom.

“Gents you two need me!” He tells them.

At first Finn refuses to believe what Hook has just told him, and he pulls Sam into a romantic embrace to comfort her, because he knows that she is still shaken after the pirate has just rounded on her like how he has just done. Tom knows that there’s absolutely no way at all that he needs Hook. Finn smiles at Sam.

“Let me deal with this man,” he says to her.

Sam nods her head in response to what her man has just said to her.

“Be careful!” She warns him.

Finn then rounds in anger on Hook.

“Prove it do you know a way in which we can all get out of this blasted place?” He demands an answer sharply from him.

Surprisingly Killian nods his head in response to Finn’s demanding question to him.

“Oh yes son yes I do!” Hook tells Sharkey truthfully in response to his question to him.

The time for the truth, and that truth is that Captain Hook has always known how to both leave and enter Mzzuan, and that is how he was able to know about this magical maze, and how he was able to bring the enchanted Lily here. Hook has once visited Mzzuan before, but that was many years ago now. Finn turns to face Tom.

“We need him!” He informs him in an explaining tone.

Tom rounds once more in anger on Finn.

“This bloke’s taking us for a ride Sharkey!” He snarls out at him.

Hook smiles coldly at Tom.

“Trust me mate when I say it is only beautiful women who I take for rides!” He informs him in an honest tone.

Tom shakes his head in disgust at the pirate.

“Thought of that one all morning did you?” He snaps out at him in disgust.

Finn turns back to face Hook.

“Alright then mate I’ll put my trust into you, but know this pirate, and know it to be true if you harm Sam then I will kill ya!” He warns him sharply.

Hook nods his head in response to what Finn has just told him.

“Trust me laddy when I tell ya I would never hurt a perfect girl such as her!” He tells him truthfully in response to his warning.

Sam’s left troubled by what Hook has just told Finn. Kelly then turns on the spot to face the pirate, and she rounds in anger on him.

“You tried to kill me just before!” Sambuca reminds Hook.

Killian then winks over friendly at her in response to what she has only just reminded him about.

“Yeah but I’m really warming up to ya now lass!” The villain pirate makes a vow to the young Kettle lady.

Sam smiles over at Hook.

“Well I’ll have no other choice but to trust you if it’s true what you tell us, and that you can really get us home!” She tells him.

Sam like her man is now both ready and willing to put her trust into Captain Hook. Tom rounds in anger once again on Killian.

“Get us home and then you would have gained my trust in you!” He informs him in a command.

Hook then nods his head back at Clarkson in response to the information that he has just given to him.

“Ya have yaself a deal mate!” He promises him in response to the information that he has just given to him.

Killian then shares a firm handshake with Tom.

“To Living village we go mate, but it’s going to take us a little bit of time to travel out of the enchanted maze of Mzzuan and into the world that Liverpool is located in!” He tells him.

Both Tom and Hook then shake hands together using Hook’s only hand to do so.


Chapter seven

Lily Kettle, Tracy Beaker and Alice the young lady from Wonderland all arrive both hot and tired at a cave to spend the night in together deep in a desert mountain. Lily smiles over at Alice when they are left just outside the cave together after Tracy has headed into the cave.

“See you soon, and remember to give your life to protect her!” Lily tells Alice as she nods her head at her.

It only goes to show just how much Lily looks up to and cares about Tracy like a big sister to her by asking someone to give their life to protect her. Alice then pulls Lily into a hug of friendship. Lily kisses Alice friendly on her head.

“See you later my friend and good luck in finding and rescuing your friends!” The young lady from Wonderland says to Kettle.

After sharing the hug with Alice Lily then heads off away from the cave to travel alone to the great dark enchanted palace of Mzz that lays many miles away. Alice makes her way back into the cave. Tracy is laying down on a soft rock in the cave, but she takes a look up at her new rival for Kyle’s affections as she makes her way up to her in the cave. Alice smiles down at Tracy.

“Lily’s just heading off to find some firewood!” She lies to her without hesitation.

Alice has now difficulty in all at lying to Tracy, because after all she doesn’t really like her that much. Tracy takes a look up at Alice with suspicion in her eyes, and she takes a seat up suddenly on the rock facing her.

“You’re lying!” Beaker declares to the lady who she doesn’t really like very much.

Alice rounds in anger on Tracy.

“How dare you accuse me of lying to you?” She yells out sharply at her.

Tracy nods her head coldly in the direction of Alice.

“You are aren’t you?” She snaps out in the exact same sharp tone at her.

There’s a moment of silence.

“Alright then Lily’s heading to Mzz!” Alice confesses to Tracy.

Tracy urgently rises up onto her feet from the rock that she’s been sitting on.

“What? Alice you don’t understand she’s going to get ripped to pieces if she goes there! Alice Lily’s going to get killed if she goes there to that palace!” Tracy cries out at her current companion in a tone of horror.

Tracy’s left horrified by the danger that Lily knows that she’s in, and that she’s willingly heading herself into. Tracy tries to push her way past Alice out of the cave, but Alice grabs her firmly by the arm to stop her from doing so.

“Get out of my way!” Tracy shouts out at Alice trying to command her.

Alice shakes her head at Tracy.

“You can’t go after her my friend, because Lily commanded me to protect you, and unfortunately that is exactly what I’m going to do!” She tells her.

The sun outside was really bright, and Tracy just hoped more than anything that it was just shining down brightly on Lily right now. Tracy is now going to put her life into Alice’s hands.

The end






Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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