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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
WARNING: The third series may be unsuitable for children.
Who is this mysterious Ryan Robertson fella who sent the letter to Lily at the end of last episode? Brace yourself to find out just who he is? Is he a friend or a foe to Lily? Read on to find out!
Prepare yourself to enter into the world of Harry Potter with this rather fantastic 10 part series.

Submitted: July 28, 2015

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Submitted: July 28, 2015



The Best Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 3 Episode 1

Introduction to the new series:  

His two eyes quickly met with her own two eyes for the very first time, and this was while they were inside the museum of Lily Kettle in Liverpool city together. They were there that morning as complete strangers to one another.

Ryan Robertson had laid his very own two eyes set directly fixed upon Lily Kettle inside that museum that day, but however the question was rested upon his mind now, and that question was simply, was she really the exact same girl from the picture that he had just seen while he had been taking a short little tour around this museum, and the story that he had just learned about a young lady, who looked rather remarkably the exact same as this very girl who he is staring over at right now.

He had just very simply been looking around this museum as an explorer inside this historical museum that is all about this young lady’s life, when he actually saw a glimpse of the exact same young lady wearing a black velvet hair band on over her shiny blonde hair, with a purple barber jacket on along with skin tight grey coloured jeans, and dark black leather boots, her hair was long and straight the colour of yellow blonde, and her eyes were just an incredible sight in Ryan’s own opinion, but unfortunately for him she was with someone, and so he couldn’t really begin flirting with her, like how he has done so with various other girls over the course of his life so far.

She was with that day when he first saw her a young man who could only have been her boyfriend for he was not too much older than she herself was, and the two were very different from one another to be both brother and sister, and so they couldn’t have therefore been anything but boyfriend and girlfriend to one another. It was only for a moment however that Ryan Robertson had laid his eyes set upon Lily Kettle in this museum that is all about her life, and then Lily moved on away from him without even speaking to him along with her lad Razz Kevins, but however she clearly had noticed him. Were they to see one another again? Read on to find out!

Chapter one

Ryan took to exploring the rest of this museum all about this young lady his age called Lily Kettle, and taking to learn all about her exciting past in both this reality and also in another reality Ryan could tell. Wow Ryan wished to get to know this Lily girl a lot more, and that was just something that he was determined to do in any way that he could.

Chapter one

Ryan Robertson is now catching a couch from Liverpool city into the city of London. He is sitting alone on the bus. That’s the story of his life sadly aloneness. Ryan has no family, and therefore he has decided not to waste his time with any friends. Ryan managed to raise himself up by growing up in the wildness of planet Earth both alone and afraid. Ryan never ever wasted his time by going to any school whatsoever, and so therefore he hasn’t ever really learned how to do basic reading and writing or basic number work. Ryan really dislikes getting to know people, but however he has come to know quite a lot about that Lily Kettle girl by visiting the museum all about her, and that was without even speaking to her, even though Ryan usually likes to keep himself to himself he’d actually quite like to get to know Lily.

“Are you Ryan Robertson?” A voice from behind where he is sitting on the couch questions him.

Ryan jumps in shock when he hears the voice of a young man questioning him about that, because he hasn’t either spoken to or got talked to anyone in such a long time, and so it is a bit of shock for him discovering somebody suddenly talking to him like this. Ryan turns round on the seat that he’s sitting on to face the person who asked him the question from behind. Ryan is left totally shocked to find a dark figure dressed in a dark black cape, and wearing a dark grey misty coloured vale over his head hiding away his face from the naked eye. Ryan can’t help but take a look at the figure with fear in his eyes. You wonder why I don’t like people, a voice inside Ryan’s head tells him.

“Yeah,” Robertson tells the stranger with a tone of fear in his voice.

The stranger takes to sitting down beside Ryan now on the couch, and this makes Robertson really wish more than anything else that’s on his mind at the moment that he really wasn’t here. The stranger sits facing forward.

“Been to the museum of Lily Kettle have you?” He takes to questioning Ryan.

Robertson nods his head in response to the question that he’s just been asked.

“Yes,” Ryan responds to the question.

The stranger continues to sit facing forward not having any intentions of lifting the vale of his head to face Ryan.

“She’s quite a remarkable young lady she is that Lily Kettle, I know she is, because just like you I’ve been watching her,” the man says to Ryan.

Robertson really doesn’t recognise the man’s voice, and after all it’s been quite a long time now since he last spoke to anyone, and so Ryan knows that even if he could see this man’s face he wouldn’t know him. Ryan wonders just how this fella could know everything there is to know about himself when he has never ever met this man before in his life.

“She needs you Lily Kettle does. Well more precisely she really needs someone to guide her towards her getting her magic back, and by seeing the great interest that you show for her, I can tell that you’re the man I need for helping to make Lily become the hero that she was destined long ago to become. Have you ever heard of Hogwarts before?” The dark stranger asks Ryan.

The name Hogwarts doesn’t ring any bells at all in Ryan’s memory.

“No I’ve never heard of Hogwarts before, but have you ever heard of showing people your face before?” Ryan demands an answer sharply from the devil man.

The monster man turns to face Robertson without removing the vale from his head, and so Ryan still can’t see sight of this man’s grim face staring back at him.

“If I showed you my face son then you would never ever be able to sleep again!” The gentleman warns Ryan without removing his vale from his head.

Ryan is left terrified by what the man has just warned him about to not possibly know just what is hidden beneath his vale.

“Please don’t remove your vale!” Ryan takes to begging the stranger sounding much more scared than he has ever been before in his life.

Laughter all of a sudden comes from the devil in response to what Ryan has just begged him not to do, but however this man knows that he really needs Ryan’s help, and he deep down knows that he isn’t really going to be able to get that by showing him his face.

“Very well then boy you may not see the face of horror staring back at you today, but listen to me son! I SAID LISTEN!” The devil rages out at Ryan frightening him to death.

The man continues to face Ryan now with his vale placed securely on over his face.

“I’m listening! I’M LISTENING!” Ryan shouts out at the monster in a tone of fear.

The man smiles coldly behind his misty coloured vale.

“Good! Very good, boy, cause she needs ya to listen to me! Lily Kettle really needs ya to listen to me, but she doesn’t have a clue who you are, and if she was to ever meet me she would die of utter horror at the sight of my horrifying face!” The devil hisses out at Ryan in a tone of sharp anger.

What in the devil could be behind that vale Ryan wonders to himself begging himself not to remove the vale.

“Hogwarts! Your world’s started to make films and books about the world of Hogwarts, but I know for a fact that you RYAN ROBERTSON IS WAY TOO STUPID TO HAVE EVER READ OR WATCHED A HARRY POTTER FILM OR BOOK BEFORE IN HIS LIFE!” The monster rages out at the terrified boy.

Ryan takes a look round at all the other passengers aboard the couch, and he is utterly horrified to find that every single one of them is fast asleep now. It can’t be a natural occurring all these people falling asleep at the same time in the same place, and so therefore it must be the work of the devil. Even the driver must be asleep, for Ryan only realises now that the couch has all of a sudden stopped moving.

“You must take Lily Kettle to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, because it actually exists! I myself have never ever been there to the world of Harry Potter, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t studied that world, because I have. You must when you get to London pay a visit yourself to Diagon alley, and collect a brown barn owl from there, and then get to work on writing a letter to Lily arranging to meet her at platform nine and three quarters in Kings cross train station in London, and then after you meet Lily there after a couple of days from today you must kidnap her, and take her aboard the Hogwarts express to Hogwarts castle, and once you’ve arrived in Hogwarts castle you must steal books from the library in the school there to help you to teach both Lily and yourself magical spells. Teach her dark magic! Corrupt Lily’s soul, and twist her heart both black and cold, and once you have done that send her home back to dear old Living village, and there Lily shall kill her dear boyfriend Razz Kevins, and then both your work and my work shall be complete!” The stranger tells Ryan in a commanding tone.

Whoever this man is he must be a really bad menacing daemon. Ryan’s too afraid of the monster to even consider letting him down, and not doing what he is asking him to do, and so therefore Ryan knows that he has no other choice but to obey what the man has just asked of him. The devil knows that Ryan won’t let him down, for he knows that Ryan has always had darkness inside his heart, and so therefore the devil knows that Ryan is far too evil himself not to follow the dark path that has just been set out for him to corrupt Lily Kettle’s soul. The devil then vanishes off the seat and away from the couch, after using his magical powers to awaken all the sleeping passengers up on the couch. The driver takes hold of the wheel after he has taken this little cap nap that he can’t even remember wanting to have, and he continues to drive the couch on. Ryan knows now that his interest in Lily has only just begun to happen.

Chapter two

The couch pulls up by Victoria couch station in the city of London, and Ryan Robertson takes to departing from the couch there. Ryan now knows where he needs to be, and that is Diagon alley wherever it maybe. Ryan is now ready to capture himself Lily Kettle, and to turn her mind both dark and cold, and then to use her to murder her one true love Razz Kevins in cold blood. Ryan walks away from the station. Before meeting the stranger Ryan just simply boarded the couch to move from one city to another, because he tends not to stay in one place for far too long for personal reasons, meaning that he doesn’t really wish to become attached to one particular place.

The city of London is just as lively and as busy a place as ever as Ryan Robertson makes his way through it determined to find his way to Diagon alley. Ryan stops to talk to an old lady in the very heart of the city, asking her about directions for where he needs to go.

“Excuse me, but I was wondering whether you can help me to find my way to Diagon alley!” Ryan yells over to the old lady racing over to her.

The old lady shakes her head back at Ryan in response to the question that he’s just yelled out at her.

“I’m sorry sonna but I don’t know where it is,” the old lady tells Ryan.

Robertson smiles coldly back at the old hag in response to what she has just told him.

“Fat lot of good then you are old hag!” He snaps sharply out at her upsetting her.

Ryan then storms away from the old lady down the street. Suddenly a bald headed man jumps onto Ryan as he heads down the street, knocking him down to the ground.

“Diagon alley hey is that what ya looking for son?” The bald headed little man shouts out at Ryan as he lays on top of him on the street.

This man is crushing Ryan’s head with his hands as he pressures down hard onto it. Ryan sharply kicks the mad little man off him using his hard white trainer’s that are placed on over his two feet.

“What’s it to you?” Ryan snaps out aggressively at the little man as he jumps to his feet from the ground, and he takes to kicking the bald headed man hard in the head.

The little man struggles to his feet up from the ground, and he rounds on Ryan.

“Well for the right price I could help you get into Diagon alley muggle man, because that’s exactly where I myself am heading to the wizarding world!” The bald headed little man informs Ryan explaining to him.

Ryan grabs the man sharply by the neck.

“Who the hell are you?” He demands an answer quickly from him.

The little man smiles and nods his head over at Ryan in response to his question to him.

“I’m called Mundungus, Mundungus Fletcher!” The bald headed man grins at Ryan in response to his demanding question to him.

Mundungus then takes to bowing down before Ryan.

“At your service if you be at mine in return good man!” He informs him.

Ryan shakes his head in disgust at Mundungus.

“Let’s put it this way then you little creep, you help me get into Diagon alley then I’ll give you more than enough gold to last you through a life time!” He promises him in a lie.

Mundungus can’t tell that Ryan is indeed lying to him, and so he takes to agreeing with the deal that he is trying to make with him. Mundungus shakes hands with Ryan.

“You have yaself a deal son,” he tells him.

It’s clear now that Dung overheard Ryan asking that old lady about directions on how to get to Diagon alley, and so Fletcher followed Robertson in his path.

Chapter three

Mundungus Fletcher’s blood status is a half blood. Mundungus is also known as Dung to people who he comes into contact with. Fletcher’s hair colour is ginger while his current companion (Ryan Robertson) who is at the moment heading through London with hair colour is light brown. Mundungus is actually a bit of a criminal in the wizarding world. He is not overly brave, but however he isn’t that much of a coward. Both Dung and Ryan arrive outside a pub in the city of London called the Leaky cauldron together.

“One hell of a drinking place,” Mundungus cries out at Ryan in a tone of excitement.

However Robertson is far too busy as we know to even think about stopping for a drink now. Ryan rounds on Mundungus.

“Get me into Diagon alley then you may go for a drink creature!” He snaps out at him.

Harsh words we know taken from a harsh man. Mundungus then begins to lead the way for Ryan into the Leaky Cauldron.

“DUNG!” Loads of delighted voices cry out loudly when they see Mundungus making his way into the pub before them all.

Everyone inside this pub seems to be rejoicing happily together. Ryan has absolutely no idea at all that the whole entire wizarding world is rejoicing right now, because the boy who lived has only just defeated he who must not be named. Mundungus winks cheekily over at the ladies in the Leaky cauldron, and he smiles happily over at their husband’s, as to not land himself in fight. Mundungus takes a look over at his new acutance Ryan inside the pub.

“Fancy a butter beer mate?” He questions him.

Ryan ignores the thief’s question to him, for he is way too busy to even be thinking about stopping for a drink right now. This pub seems to be very busy, and therefore it must be a very popular place to drink. This pub is also an inn. A girl called Hannah Abbott is the landlady of this pub, but the former land lord of this pub was a man called Tom. This pub was built in the year fifteen hundred, and it was built up by a woman called Daisy Dodderridge. Daisy built up the Leaky cauldron with the intention of it acting as a gateway between both the non-wizarding world and Diagon alley. Ryan can tell that Hannah rents out rooms upstairs in her pub for her visitors to stay in, and he can also make out that this pub has a bar in it with several private parlour rooms attached onto it, and also the Leaky cauldron Ryan can see has a large dining room in it.

However when Ryan Robertson first took a glimpse at the Leaky cauldron from outside it before Mundungus Fletcher led him into it, the pub looked like an old shop that has been broken down, and it is on a road called Charing cross.

Mundungus Fletcher proceeds to lead the young man who is now entering himself into a world of magic (Ryan Robertson) through the pub, and into the courtyard at the very back of it. This courtyard that both Mundungus and Ryan are now stood in together seems to be rather chilly indeed. There’s a great big rather old looking wall going across the back end of the courtyard. Ryan takes to watching in wonder as Mundungus proceeds to withdraw a grey coloured magical wand from his jacket pocket, and Fletcher taps the very end of the wand on the wall. The wall then begins to slowly move apart before both of the two men’s eyes. Both Ryan and Mundungus can now see into Diagon alley, and they therefore proceed to enter into it together.

Chapter four

The enchanted wall rested in the rather chilly courtyard of the Leaky cauldron, proceeds to come together after both Ryan Robertson and Mundungus Fletcher have entered their way into Diagon alley together.

“Wow!” Ryan cries out in great alarm taking in the sight of the alley that rests right before his two very own eyes.

Ryan suddenly wished that he eight more eyes. There were shops everywhere selling both telescopes and strange sliver coloured instruments, that Ryan had never seen before. There were windows in the shops and various other buildings that were stacked with barrels of bat spleens, and also eels’ eyes, tottering piles of spell books, quills, and rolls of parchment, potion bottles, globes of the moon. Mundungus rounds on Ryan in anger.

“Hey son where’s me gold?” He demands an answer from him in a tone of anger.

Ryan rounds on Mundungus in disgust in response to what he has just questioned him about.

“What, did you really think that I was being serious? Get over yourself, for you’ll never own any gold of your own, the only way you can get that stuff is by stealing it! Once a thief Fletcher always a thief! Now get out of my sight!” Robertson commands Mundungus in a sharp tone of anger.

Mundungus suddenly withdraws his wand from his cloak in anger, and he points it aggressively over in the direction of Ryan.

“I’m going to make you pay for what you have just done by taking me for a ride like that!” Fletcher hisses out at Robertson in a tone of disgust.

Ryan takes a run suddenly away from Mundungus down the street. Fletcher is just about to fire a jinx after the boy when suddenly he is grabbed from behind. Mundungus comes to the worst conclusion off course straight away to who is grabbing him from behind.

“Oh no not another pair of bleeding house elf’s!” He snaps out.

There’s a moment of silence.

“No sir the guards of Azkaban prison!” The voice of an angry Auror tells Mundungus firmly taking to capturing him on the spot, for the crimes he has committed by stealing from others.

Chapter five

Ryan Robertson heads on down through Diagon alley. Finally Ryan finds the building or more precisely the shop that he’s looking for, and he locates it on the North side of the alley. The door of the building outside labels it as number five hundred and twenty one of the alley, and this building is called Eeylops owl emporium. Ryan makes his way into the store. The store isn’t very big in size, and the reason to this is probably because of owls being nocturnal creatures. Ryan could tell that he had come to the right shop back when he was stood outside it before, because outside the shop Ryan could see through the see through glass window many different colours and spices of owls hung up in cages, and all who seem to be watching the people passing by the shop.

Ryan’s biggest worry has proven not to be a worry at all, because you see he has no wizarding money, he has no muggle money either for that fact, but however by entering the shop Ryan can see the shop keeper sleeping soundly behind the counter in the shop, and so while the shop keeper is sleeping in his chair, Ryan picks up a sliver coloured metal cage containing a brown coloured barn owl inside, and he hurries outside the shop with it held firmly in his hands. There was absolutely no way at all that Ryan was going to be paying ten gallons for the creature.

Likewise on a lucky escape from the shop keeper by running away from her, Ryan Robertson manages to steal a white feather quill and a black carton of ink from another shop in Diagon alley, called Amanuensis quills.

Ryan Robertson heads into a darkened alley in Diagon alley called Knockturn alley with both his owl in its cage, and his quill and ink held both firmly and securely in his two hands. Ryan takes a seat down on some doorway steps in the freezing cold dark alley, and he realises much to his horror that he doesn’t have any paper to send his letter off to Lily Kettle with. Ryan knows that the shops in this alley all seem to be way too creepy for him to even start considering stealing from. Luckily however or not so luckily, because Ryan vowed to himself never to come across this person again, the dark stranger wearing the dark black misty coloured vale on over his head appears out of nowhere in the alley with a piece of paper held firmly in his hand. The devil takes to throwing the piece of paper down at Ryan.

“I forgot to tell you to collect one of these son!” He hisses out at him sounding both dark and evil in his tone of voice.

Ryan collects the piece of paper up from where the stranger tucked it down onto his left knee. The devil nods his head down at Ryan.

“Begin writing then boy! I’ve just checked myself to see where on earth Lily Kettle is right now, and it turns out that she’s in Liverpool city in a place called the pa pe pizza restaurant! So start of your letter by addressing it to her, say in it, dear Miss Lily Kettle, the pa pe pizza restaurant on Livy street in Liverpool city. Then start off your actual letter by saying, dear Miss Lily Kettle, I know all about you, and I believe that you must have your magical powers back. Meet me at platform nine and three quarters in Kings cross train station in London, and you better be alone! Signed Mr Ryan Robertson!” He tells him what to write in his letter that he’s sending out to Lily.

Ryan proceeds to write down both the beginning part and the actual letter that he’s sending out to Lily, before folding it up, releasing his brown coloured barn owl from its cage, and handing him over the letter. The fluffy owl takes hold of the letter firmly in his front two claws before beginning to fly away from Ryan and the stranger out of sight up into the skies of the alley.

“FIND HER!” Ryan screams after the owl.

He watches it fly away from him with hope in his two eyes that it’ll be able to find Lily in her correct destination.


Ryan Robertson waits by platform nine and three quarters in Kings cross train station in London. All that Ryan had to do to get to platform nine and three quarters was to run straight at the middle of the wall separating platform nine from ten. Finally Lily Kettle takes to showing up dressed in her usual purple coloured barber jacket, with her dark grey coloured skinny jeans on, and her dark brown leather books. Lily’s clothes are slightly different to when Ryan saw her before back in her museum in Living village. Ryan smiles coldly over at Lily as soon as he sees her heading up to him.

“Finally!” He hisses out at her sharply longing to begin his work on both kidnapping her and turning her evil.

Lily takes a look over at Ryan with suspicion rested in her two eyes when she is stood directly facing him.

“I take it that you’re Ryan Robertson aren’t you?” Miss Kettle questions the young man who is actually her own age who sent the letter out to her.

Ryan nods his head in response to the question that Lily’s just asked him before launching himself onto her. Ryan grabs Lily closing one of his arms around both her two arms and body, out strengthen her, and trapping her within his tight clutch. Ryan places his other hand firmly on over Lily’s mouth.

“You know that I am!” He snaps out at her sharply.

The Hogwarts express is suddenly sighted by Ryan on the railway tracks in this unknown platform to the muggle world. Ryan knows that he’s got to drag his new prisoner both kicking and screaming onto that express train.

To be continued!

















© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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