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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
THE WORLD OF PERCY JACKSON COMES TO LIFE IN THIS FANTASTIC EPISODE! Tracy Beaker makes her way into the mysterious camp half blood. What will she find in this mysterious camp? Read on to find out!

Submitted: July 28, 2015

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Submitted: July 28, 2015



The Best Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 3 Episode 4

Chapter 1

Tracy Beaker makes her way both alone and afraid into the mysterious camp half blood. Tracy hopes that neither Kyle nor Razz will be too concerned about her while she is away from them both. Tracy is still very concerned about the whereabouts in the world her dear friend Lily Kettle is right now, but however this place has distracted with the question where could I possibly be now? Tracy makes her way into the camp. She can see cabins scattered around the camp, and lots of little hills and woods. This camp seems to stretch on for at least a couple of miles or maybe more. There seems to be lots of different kind of magical creatures surrounding Tracy as she makes her way through this weird camp. There are centaurs, Cyclops, fauns, satyrs and zombie’s scattered around Tracy in the mysterious camp.

Camp half blood is a demigod training facility. This camp was created by someone called Dionysus, and he is otherwise called Mr D. This camp has magical borders that managed to prevent both Kyle and Razz from entering the camp. These magical borders are enforced by the Golden Fleece. This Golden Fleece was found by the Cyclops called Tyson, the satyr known as Grover and two demigod’s called both Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.

Tracy can see a big house in the camp. This big house is where the oracle of Delphi used to live up in the attic, and this was before some woman called Rachel Elizabeth Dare took the oracle into her own body, and took to telling many different prophecies. This house is also a main meeting place for the leaders of the cabins for major problems, and sharing out ideas before any quests. Tracy bravely makes her way across and into the big house through it’s open door.

Chapter two

The big house is a large sky blue house that serves as the main administrative building in the whole of camp half blood. The big house has been part of camp half blood for a very long time. It’s held the oracle’s body ever since she died, and that is until Rachel Elizabeth Dare was made the oracle herself.

“Hello!” Tracy calls out into the house as she makes her way feeling incredibly brave further into it.

Suddenly a man who appears to be quite extraordinary indeed appears from a room before Tracy in the entrance of the house. This man is called Mr D, and he is a god. He is the God of grape harvest, wine, madness, parties, ecstasy and also theatre. Mr D is the camp director of camp half blood, and he was placed under that position by his great powerful father Zeus, and this was because of punishment for chasing after an off-limits nymph. Since Mr D is a God he is an immortal man. Mr D smiles across the hallway off the house over at Tracy.

“Hello Tracy Beaker daughter of Pan!” He says to her.

Tracy’s left shocked by what this strange man has just said to her.

“Who’s Pan?” Tracy takes to questioning Mr D.

Mr D proceeds to tell Tracy that her father is Pan the God of the wild, hunting, rustic music and also folk music. Pan is sometimes referred to as the son of Dryope and also Hermes. Mr D explains to Tracy that her magnificent papa Pan appears to man as an old satyr, and this satyr has incredibly large horns. Mr D explains to Tracy that the satyr Pan came to find Tracy’s mother who is called Carly Beaker, and Carly took an instant interest in Pan, likewise may I add the old satyr also took a liking to the human lady. Carly and Pan fell in love with one another, so much so that they had a little girl who is off course Tracy, but then Pan was asked to return to Olympus, and Carly tried to look after their daughter Tracy all by herself for a couple of years, but she soon discovered that she couldn’t, because of both money problems and due to other commitments, and so Carly placed Tracy into the Dumping Ground.

Tracy believes that absolutely anything is possible nowadays, and there’s nothing in the world that wouldn’t surprise her anymore, and so Tracy believes every single detail of the truth that the God Mr D tells her inside this big blue house in camp half blood.

Chapter three

Mr D leads Tracy Beaker the daughter of the God of the wild Pan into his office in the big blue house in camp half blood. Mr D takes a seat down behind his desk in his office, and he friendly gestures Tracy towards taking a seat down on a chair behind his desk. Mr D smiles over at Tracy.

“Tell me whatever disturbs your mind daughter of Pan!” He tells her.

Tracy takes a look back over at the God in response to what he has just told her.

“I just stumbled into this camp by accident,” she says to him in response to what he has just told her believing this to be true.

Mr D shakes his head back at Tracy in response to what she has just told him.

“No you didn’t I’m afraid, no one enters camp half blood by accident!” Mr D takes to explaining to Tracy.

The God folds his arms.

“There must be something going on in your life that you need help with in order for you to come here just now daughter of Pan,” he tells Tracy.

Miss Beaker suddenly realises that it can’t be a coincidence that she just happened to come into this camp today. Tracy takes a look back over at Mr D in response to what he has just told her.

“My friend’s in danger! She’s been taken by who I believe to be an evil man, and so I need your help in order to save her! I need help from your camp in order for me to track down and rescue my friend Lily Kettle!” Tracy informs Mr D in response to what he has just told her.

Mr D’s left shocked to learn that the daughter of Dianna is in danger like this. Lily is the Granddaughter of Dianna who is otherwise known as Artemis. Artemis is the virgin Goddess of the hunt, the moon, chastity, animals and the wilderness. Artemis is one of the two twin archers. Artemis descended down to the earth from Olympus, and there she fell in love with a man who was Lily’s Grandfather, and then they married, and Artemis soon gave birth to their only child Steve. Mr D is now scratching his great big hairy beard with his hand.

“Ah Granddaughter of Artemis is in danger, suffering at the hands of an evil man you say, who can only be Ryan Robertson off course, the son of the evil God Hades! Tracy I understand that you want your friend Lily safe, and so I will give you three of my warrior’s who will be Percy Jackson, who is the son of Poseidon God of the seas, Annabeth Chase, who is the daughter of Athena, and Grover Underwood, who is the lord of the wild, as well as giving you weapons!” Mr D explains to Tracy.

The daughter of Pan is left pleased by what the son of Zeus has just explained to her.

Chapter four

Mr D leads Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood into his office in the big blue house, and there they find Tracy Beaker sitting alone on her chair in the office. Percy smiles over across D’s office at Tracy.

“Don’t worry we’ll help you to track down your friend and her enemy!” He makes a vow to her.

Annabeth hands a sharp sliver sword over to Tracy.

“Nice to meet you daughter of Pan,” she says to her as she does this.

Tracy smiles back at Percy, Annabeth and Grover.

“Listen I can’t thank any of you enough for agreeing with Mr D to help me,” she tells them all.

In response to what she has just told them all Percy, Grover and Annabeth all tell Tracy in response no worries. Mr D turns to address Tracy.

“Any smallest detail you know off to where Ryan son of Hades could have taken Lily Granddaughter of Artemis to?” He takes to questioning her.

Tracy takes a look back at Mr D in response to his question to her.

“Ryan wanted Lily to meet him at platform nine and three quarters in Kings cross train station in London,” she explains to him in response to his question to her.

In response to what Tracy has just taken to explain to him Mr D now knows where Ryan would have taken Lily to. Mr D turns to face Percy.

“Ryan would have taken Lily to a castle known as Hogwarts! You must go with Tracy and your two friends to Hogwarts!” He tells him.

Percy nods his head in response to what Mr D has just told him. Percy turns to face Annabeth.

“Order us a chariot of damnation to pick us up just outside of the camp!” He orders her.

Annabeth nods her head in response to what Percy has just ordered her about.

Chapter five

Mr D watches from a high tall hill in camp half blood, as Tracy Beaker takes to heading out of the camp, on what he believes to be her very first quest with her friend’s Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood. Just outside the camp’s borders in the dark forest Annabeth whistles into her hands, and what appears to be a US cab that is actually a chariot of damnation appears out of what seems to be nowhere falling from the sky before them. Tracy thinks about both Kyle and Razz Kevins (the two people she loves), and she knows that she simply just can’t abandon either of them in this dark forest. Tracy turns to face Grover as both Annabeth and Percy head into the cab together.

“Wait my two friends are here in this forest we can’t just leave them!” Miss Beaker explains to Mr Underwood.

Grover nods his head in response to what Tracy has just explained to him.

“If we drive past them we’ll pick them up!” He promises her in response to what she has just explained to him.

Grover then pushes Tracy towards the direction of the cab, and then the daughter of Artemis proceeds to take a seat down in the cab. Grover finally gets himself into the cab placing his crutches down upon his knees in the chariot of damnation.

The chariot of damnation is also known as the grey sister’s taxi. The driver’s of this vehicle have no care for how fast they drive. The three sisters’ of this chariot of damnation only have one eye to go round the three of them, and if they were to lose that eye then they will just drive faster and faster until their car bursts into pieces. There are black chains in this cab instead of seat belts.

The three sisters’ turn round in their chariot of damnation to face their four passengers who are Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood and Tracy Beaker.

“No credit cards just cash!” They tell them all together.

Annabeth takes a look back at the three sisters’.

“We’re going to Hogwarts castle!” She explains to them all.

The three sisters’ nod their heads in response to what Annabeth has just explained to them before they begin to drive their chariot of damnation just like the wind. When the cab flies past the road that Kyle Kevins parked his car on earlier on, Tracy is left shocked to discover that the car is no longer there. Tracy knows that her two friends would never ever abandon her, and so therefore she knows that unfortunately something must have happened to them.

Chapter six

It doesn’t take the three sister’s long to drive their chariot of damnation up to Hogwarts castle, and there in the castle grounds they proceed to kick their three passengers out of their cab. Tracy Beaker smiles over at Percy Jackson as she lays on the soft grass of the grounds of Hogwarts castle with him, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood by her side.

“Our quest to find and save Lily begins!” Tracy tells her friend Percy.

Jackson nods his head in response to what Beaker has just told him as they struggle to their feet up from the soft ground together. Percy proceeds to help Annabeth up onto her feet, and Tracy helps Grover onto his feet. Grover collects his clutches from the ground. Percy takes a look up at Hogwarts castle with wonder in his eyes.

“It seems that we’ve just entered ourselves into a new world now!” He tells his friends.

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry is a British wizarding boarding school teaching the magical arts, it is located in Scotland. Tracy and her three new friends have travelled up to Scotland in the chariot of damnation. Tracy and the others can suddenly hear singing making its way into their ears from the castle.

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy, Warty Hogwarts.

Teach us something please

Whether we be old and bald

Or young with scabby knees

Our heads could do with filling

With some interesting stuff

For now they’re bare and full of air

Dead flies and bits of fluff

So teach us things worth knowing

Bring back what we’ve forgot

Just do your best, we’ll do the rest

And learn until our brains all rot

It seems to be another start of a new school year in Hogwarts castle. The current headmistress of Hogwarts castle is Minerva McGonagall. Madam Professor Minerva McGonagall is a with, and also a registered Animagus. An Animagus is either a witch or a wizard who can morph him or herself into an animal at their own will. Being an Animagus is a learned much rather than a heredity skill. Minerva can change her own form of a female into a cat. McGonagall is a half blood lady. She is also a widow. Tracy, Percy, Annabeth and Grover all stand side by side in the grounds of Hogwarts castle taking a look up at the castle with wonder in their eyes.

“We need to get into that school!” Miss Beaker tells Mr Jackson and the other two.

Percy, Grover and Annabeth all nod their heads in agreement to what Tracy has just told them. They can see a little hut a short distance away from them in the grounds of the school. Rain is all of a sudden coming down pounding down hard on the four of them now.

“We need to take shelter in that hut!” Tracy calls out to the other three.

They all nod their heads in response to what she has just told them. Tracy, Percy, Annabeth and Grover all start to hurry through the grounds of Hogwarts castle over to the little hut. Tracy kicks open the front door of the hut when she reaches it with her three friends, and then Tracy proceeds to enter her way into the little hut along with Percy, Grover and Annabeth.

“What’re you doin’ here? Get outta my house!” The voice of a giant growls out sharply at the four of them when they have all entered their way into the hut.

Uh oh they’re in trouble now with Hagrid inside his cabin!

Chapter seven

Tracy Beaker, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood all spin round to face the giant Rubeus Hagrid inside his home cabin. Hagrid is a half giant wizard. Hagrid’s blood status is half human. His species is half giant. Rubeus is the keeper of the keys and grounds at Hogwarts, and also the care of magical creature’s teacher. Hagrid’s house when he attended Hogwarts School of witch craft and wizardry was Gryffindor. Tracy bravely steps forward to face the oaf Hagrid inside his cabin before her friend Percy can stop her from. Tracy smiles up at Rubeus.

“Sorry to burst in on you like this but my friends and I need somewhere to go to get out of the rain!” She tells him.

Rubeus accepts Tracy’s apology to him, and he takes to allowing both her and her friends to remain in his cabin until the rain has stopped outside it.

“Very well take a seat and make yaself’s at home!” The half human half giant man tells his three guests.

Tracy takes a good look round this half giant’s home with her two eyes. There’s a dog in the hut. His name is Fang. Fang is an oversized boarhound, and he is just one of many of Hagrid’s pets. Fang is the colour black. Hagrid takes a look over at Tracy as she watches Fang.

“He won’t hurt ya!” He promises her.

On the contrary Tracy thinks that Fang is a lovely dog. Fang can’t stop slobbering. Hagrid takes a look over at the four human’s who have made themselves at home inside his warm cosy hut now.

“Never seen any of you in the castle before what brings you all here?” Rubeus takes to questioning the four people.

Percy takes a look back at Hagrid in response to his question to him.

“We’ve been sent out on a little rescue mission to rescue a girl called Lily Kettle from a lad called Ryan Robertson, and we believe that he may have taken her here!” He explains to him in response to his question to him.

In response to what Percy has just explained to him Hagrid suddenly remembers seeing a young lady dressed in a purple barber jacket, wearing dark grey skinny jeans and dark brown boats, with blonde hair and white light skin getting dragged off the Hogwarts express by some boy who was wearing a dark black jacket, with brown hair, and also light white skin, with dark brown trainers on while he himself (Hagrid) had been busy collecting the first year students off the express train earlier that day. Hagrid nods his head back at Percy in response to what he has just explained to him.

“I know the people who you are referring to! The boy seemed to be really giving the girl a hard difficult time, and he was dragging her down the road leading away from the Hogwarts express, and they seemed to be heading into the Forbidden forest!” Rubeus shares out his information with both Percy and the others.

Everyone is left shocked by what the half human giant has just shared out with them all. Tracy knows that Ryan better not have harmed Lily in anyway, because if he has, and god forbid it, but if he’s killed her then Tracy will hunt the idiot down in the pits of hell, and she’ll really make him both suffer and pay for what he has done to her friend. The rain has stopped outside now. Annabeth turns to face Tracy.

“Come we better take a look in this Forbidden forest to see if we can find both your friend Lily and her kidnapper Ryan there,” she tells her.

Tracy nods her head in agreement in response to what Annabeth has just told her.

Chapter eight

The Cyclop had managed to scare both Kyle and Razz Kevins away from entering their way into camp half blood, but however he had allowed Tracy Beaker into the camp, because he had managed to sense that she was a daughter of a God. Kyle and Razz ran away from the beast in the dark forest, but however just a couple of miles away from the monster in the forest three hooded dark figures appear out of the darkness of the spooky creepy forest just before them. The hooded person in the middle of the other hooded two people lifts off their hood to reveal the face of Shannay Ravens. Shannay smiles coldly at her two new people.

“Well don’t just stand there snatch em!” She commands them both.

The two hooded dark creeps then take of chasing both Kyle and his son Razz in the dark forest, and they manage to both catch up with them and catch them off guard, knocking them down onto the ground of the dark forest. Shannay’s two new people have managed to capture two of her enemies for her. These two people are former followers to the former dark lord Voldemourt, but now that he has fallen they have both fallen into Shannay’s powerful two hands, and so she has now come to be their new dark lord. The two death eater’s drag both Kyle and Razz back over to their new mistress with them both kicking and screaming. Both Kyle and Razz are dumped hard down onto the ground of the forest onto their knees just before where their enemy Shannay is towering over them, and they both take a look up at her with anger in their two eyes. Shannay smiles down coldly at her two enemies.

“Tell me where Lily my dear child is!” She commands them both in a sharp quick snap.

Kyle struggles up onto his knees up off the ground of the forest, and he rounds in anger on Shannay.

“It’s funny I was just about to ask you the same! Where the hell is Lily?” Mr Kevins yells out at Miss Ravens in a sharp tone of anger.

Shannay is left shocked to discover that neither Kyle nor his son Razz know where her dear enemy is either. Shannay’s troubled.

“Well whether she is for once I had nothing to do with her disappearance,” she explains to both the Kevins boys in a truthful tone.

Razz refuses to believe that Shannay didn’t send Ryan Robertson after his girlfriend. Shannay grabs Kyle firmly by the scruff of the neck.

“Don’t worry yourself about Lily, because I shall find her and I shall make her pay for everything that she has done to me! Worry not about Lily, but about yourself Mr Kevins, because I’m going to send both you and your son on a little journey down to the sea!” She tells him in a snappy tone.

Shannay then disappears out of the forest with her two death eater’s, Kyle and Razz, and she appears on top of a cliff top that is overlooking the sea. The sea below them seems to be really rough and harsh; it almost seems to be deadly. Shannay uses her dark magical powers to throw both the father and son flying off the cliff, and they land deep in the freezing cold water together. Shannay is intending on killing both Razz and his father. She watches as they both sink deep under the water, but she doesn’t see anything else of them surpassingly dying apart from bubbles floating on the surface of the wild sea.


Are they dead? No they are not for underneath this water there is magic. In fact underneath this water there is actually a bright golden magical kingdom. The magic from the kingdom shares out its power with both Kyle and Razz Kevins allowing them to both breathe under water. Both Kyle and Razz take to deciding to explore the mighty kingdom under the sea together.

















© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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