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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lily Kettle continues her fight against her new enemy Ryan Robertson in the grounds of Hogwarts castle. Will Lily come to learn like we ourselves learned in episode 1 of this series just what his intentions are with her? Read on to find out!

Submitted: July 28, 2015

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Submitted: July 28, 2015



The Best Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 3 Episode 5

Chapter one

The evil cold hearted young man called Ryan Robertson leads his prisoner Lily Kettle both roughly and aggressively through the Forbidden forest. Lily keeps on trying to struggle her arm away from Ryan’s hand, but every time that she tries to his hold on her arm just grows stronger. Ryan suddenly pushes Lily hard into a tree in the forest. Robertson closes his hands in tightly around Kettle’s neck.

“Wait here!” He commands her in a sharp snap believing that she will just listen to him, but unfortunately for Ryan she doesn’t.

As soon as Ryan removes his hands in from around his prisoner’s neck, and he turns his back on her in the dark forest, Lily leaps onto Ryan knocking him down to the ground of the forest. Lily then tries to run away from her kidnapper in the dark forest, but he quickly jumps up onto his feet, and he chases after her. Lily dares not look back at Ryan while she is running away from him with fear of meeting his bloodshot red eyes. Ryan catches up with Lily, and he grabs her firmly from behind.


Lily turns round on the spot to face her new enemy.

“Then you maybe as well kill me now for whatever you want with me I’ll never ever give you what you want!” She tells him sounding brave.

Ryan shakes his head in disgust at Lily as he grabs roughly hold of her yellow blonde hair.

“You just want a quick escape from me don’t you, and I’m not going to give you that! I will make you kill Razz Kevins if it is the last thing that I do!” Ryan snarls out at Lily coldly.

Miss Kettle now takes to realising much to her horror just what Mr Robertson wants with her. Ryan drags Lily by the hair over to a tall big fat tree in the dark forest. He luckily finds some rope laying on the ground just before him, and he proceeds to tie Lily firmly to the tree with it. When Lily is tied up Ryan heads off into the Forbidden forest away from her.

Chapter two

The Forbidden forest is also known as the dark forest. This forest borders the edge of the school Hogwarts grounds. The Forbidden forest is off limits to the students in the school entering it, but however a case of detention can always be accepted. Care of magical creatures lessons also take place in the Forbidden forest. There are various dangerous creatures living in the forest. Students from the school wouldn’t dare enter their way into the dark forest, because of the enchanted dark creatures that live in the forest. Black flowers have been found to have grown in the forest.

The Forbidden forest is home to a great big Acromantula coronary, also its home to a coronary of centaurs, herds of unicorns, hippogriffs and thestrals. Also living in the dark forest there is a pack of wolves, no oh, and a giant called Grawp. Grawp is Hagid’s half brother undersized giant.

Lily takes a look up from where she is tied to her tree at the full bright white moon that is hung up in the sky above her head now. Lily knows now that she has been with her new enemy Ryan Robertson for many hours now. Lily wonders whether her one true love Razz Kevins is indeed coming to rescue her, as she sincerely hopes that he is. Lily wishes only that she did in fact have her magical powers back, because she really wants Ryan to pay for how he is tormenting and bullying her like this. Lily knows however that if she was to get away from Ryan then sooner or later she would come by her enemy Shannay once again, and her battle against her would surely continue, since the fact that Shannay wants Lily dead. Lily takes a look round the dark forest. The light from the moon is shining down on this dark forest making it quite bright. The young lady can suddenly hear voice; a familiar voice to her is amongst them. Could that be the voice of Tracy Beaker that Lily is hearing all of a sudden?

“TRACY!” Miss Kettle screams out at the top of her voice into the dark forest.

Is this however just Lily’s mind playing tricks on her? Lily knows that quite possibly her sub conscience could be playing games on her in the darkness of this forest. Is Lily indeed going mad with the hope that the lady who is like a big sister to her has come here to rescue her? Suddenly however four figures appear before Lily in this dark forest, and Kettle can actually see now that one of them is in fact her friend Tracy. Lily doesn’t however recognise the other three people who Tracy is with in this forest. Lily is feeling quite relieved now to be finding Tracy standing before her facing her in this forest.

“TRACY!” Lily cries out in a tone of great delight a big wide smile spreads far and wide across her delighted looking face now.

Chapter three

Tracy Beaker has found her at last! Tracy has found the one and only Lily Kettle, but she is left absolutely shocked to find her tied up firmly to a tree in this strange forest. Tracy is still with her three new friends Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood as she faces her friend Lily Kettle in this dark forest. Tracy rushes over to Lily feeling quite relieved to have found her at last. Tracy begins at once to untie the rope that has been forced around Lily by Ryan trapping her to the tree. Tracy has now managed to free Lily from both the rope and the tree, and she now proceeds to pull her into a loving hug.

“Oh Tracy, how did you manage to find me?” Lily questions the lady who is like a big sister to her in a relieved tone.

Percy steps forwards to face Lily who he set out to save in the forest.

“Me and my friends helped your friend to find and rescue you when she came into our camp seeking assistance in saving you!” He tells her in response to her question to her friend.

Lily smiles back at Percy in response to what he has just said to her.

“Thank you this is truly a very noble and kind thing that you have done today,” she says to him in response to what he has just told her.

Annabeth steps forward to face Lily in the Forbidden forest.

“Where did he go that Ryan bloke who kidnapped you where did he go?” She demands an answer urgently from her.

Annabeth knows that it’s up to both her and her friends to both find and deal with Ryan Robertson before he can hurt anyone else just like he hurt Lily. Lily shrugs her shoulders in response to the answer that this new stranger has just demanded from her.

“I’m not sure but he told me to wait by the tree for him, he can’t be too far away!” Lily tells Annabeth.

Lily takes off her jacket. It is quite warm in this forest. Lily’s jacket now has a great big hole in it thanks to Ryan harming her by pushing her over and things. Lily dumps her jacket down onto the ground of the forest. Lily takes a look down at her purple barber jacket once more.

“Goodbye dad,” she says to it thinking of her dad buying it for her before turning back to face Tracy.

“We need to find Ryan if he doesn’t kill me then he’ll surely kill Razz,” Lily explains to Tracy.

Miss Beaker nods her head in understanding to what Miss Kettle has just explained to her. Tracy’s troubled.

“What does Ryan want with you?” She questions Lily.

Lily then begins to wander away from both her tree and jacket with Tracy by her side Percy, Annabeth and Grover all follow on behind them both into the forest.

“He wants me to get my magical powers back and to kill Razz!” Lily informs Tracy in response to what she has just questioned her about.

Tracy’s left horrified to learn that Ryan wants to force Lily to kill Razz like this.

“We need to kill Ryan before he has a chance to force you into killing Razz,” Beaker tells Kettle.

Lily wouldn’t kill Razz in a million years. She wouldn’t even kill his heart by breaking it in a thousand years. Lily knows that there’s no way in the world that Ryan will be able to force her into murdering Razz, but however she knows that she has no other choice but to find him. Lily knows deep down in her heart that it’s up to her to both stand up to and face Ryan right now.

Chapter four

The boy who lived, the young man who defeated the greatest dark lord of all time Voldemourt is right now heading down a corridor on the north east side of the castle Hogwarts, when suddenly he sees a window smashing at the end of the dim lit up corridor to him.

“Someone unwelcome is trying to break their way into Hogwarts!” Harry Potter explains to himself rushing over along the corridor now to the broken window.

Harry withdraws his wand from a pocket in his jeans all of sudden, he has made his wand ready for attack now. Suddenly Harry watches before his two bright green eyes as a young man just a little bit younger than himself, jumps into the castle through the window that he has just taken to break in it.

“Who the hell are you? What do you want?” Harry demands answers from the young man pointing his wand in anger at him ready to strike him down with a deadly jinx.

All of a sudden Harry’s scar begins to give him quite a lot of pain.

“Ah!” Harry cries out in great pain clutching hold of his lightning shaped scar on his forehead while experiencing agony.

Harry’s left shocked by the pain that he has just experienced from his blood red scar, because after all he hasn’t received any such pain from it ever since he defeated Lord Voldemourt. The young man rounds in sharp anger on Harry.

“Tell me where the library here is?” He demands an answer quickly from him.

The young man smiles coldly down at the wand in Harry’s hand.

“Ah that’s what I need,” he tells both himself and Mr Potter.

Ryan makes a grab for Harry’s wand out of his hand, and he actually overpowers Potter as he tries to hold his wand firmly in the palm of his hand. Mr Robertson steals Mr Potter’s wand out of his hand. Harry shakes his head from the stranger to the wand that this unknown person to him is now holding firmly in his hand.

“You won’t know how to use that thing!” Harry warns Ryan believing him not to be from a world of magic.

Harry’s right off course, Ryan’s not from a world of magic, and therefore he won’t be able to use the wand that he has just stolen from his new foe, but however Ryan hopes to get to know how to use the wand so that he can use it in his fight against Lily.

Harry Potter is an extremely brave young man who has only just defeated the most feared dark lord of all time. Harry is loyal to the people who he loves and the people who he calls his friends. Harry’s a selfless person who only cares about the lives of others and not himself. Harry has both a very good and a long term memory for things. Harry is both a very talented and a much powerful wizard. Harry’s much loved subject to study at school up until his sixth year at Hogwarts was defence against the dark arts. Harry has always been very skilful when it comes down to him duelling others who he meets and fights. Harry has always been the master of flying a broomstick. Harry has demonstrated skills of leadership in his past.

Harry owns in his possessions all kind of extraordinary things, for example he owns a marauders map, a cloak of invisibility and a house to live in called number twelve Grimmauld place. Harry’s marauder’s map is one of his most treasured possessions. Back in his third year at Hogwarts, Harry was given the map by both of his friends Fred and George Weasley. Harry’s invisibility cloak is both another valued and useful possession. Harry was given the cloak by one other than Albus Dumbledore. Number twelve Grimmauld place was the home of the Black family, and it was passed onto Harry by his godfather Sirius Black when he sadly died.

A magical spell suddenly comes to Ryan as he stands facing Harry on the north east corridor of Hogwarts castle. Ryan points the wand in anger at Harry. Robertson has neither ever met or seen Potter before today, but now standing facing him in this corridor he takes an instant disliking to him. Ryan’s constantly changing now. Remember back when he first met Lily he actually quite fancied her, but he soon quickly turned to hating her. Ryan’s mind has now been both toyed and played with by that strange figure who he met on the couch, and now that devil man has twisted Ryan’s mind turning him both cold and evil.

“STUPIFY!” Ryan roars out in disgust at Harry while pointing the wand at him sending him flying backwards.

Ryan has now used the wand to stun Harry without even meaning to. It actually turns out now that Ryan himself is full of magic. While standing here on this corridor in this castle Ryan suddenly thinks of lots and lots of magical spells to use against his new enemies. Ryan all of a sudden realises that he could just use an imperius curse on his new opponent Lily Kettle making her do what he wants her to do. The imperius curse is a tool of the dark arts, and it is just one of the three unforgivable curses. Ryan comes to realise while standing there in that corridor in Hogwarts castle, that the imperius curse is just one of the most sinister and powerful spells to the wizarding kind. When this curse is casted correctly it places its victim completely under the caster’s control. Ryan now takes to escaping out of the window that he smashed in the corridor with Harry Potter’s wand in his hand, while Harry is knocked out by the stun.

Chapter five

Ryan Robertson hurries angrily up to the tree in the Forbidden forest, and he finds much to his horror that his prisoner Lily Kettle has escaped from the tree while he’s been away inside Hogwarts castle. All that remains now down by the bottom of the tree is Lily’s purple barber jacket. Ryan immediately snatches the jacket up from the ground, and he does something to it that he hasn’t managed to do with it yet, Ryan begins to search through the pockets in the jacket, and he finds Lily’s mobile phone in a pocket. Ryan quickly manages to unlock his way into Lily’s phone while holding it firmly in his hand, hacking his way into it. Ryan can see that Lily’s wallpaper of her phone is her with both her dad Steve when they very first moved into Living village. Ryan goes onto the contacts on Lily’s phone, and there he looks up Razz Kevins mobile number. Ryan presses the green button on Lily’s phone beginning to call Razz up. Mr Robertson places Miss Kettle’s phone to his ear.

“Hello!” A woman’s voice says to Ryan instantly letting him know that Razz doesn’t have his mobile phone in his hand.

Ryan wonders who has taken Razz’s mobile phone from him.

“Lily its Shannay! Listen to me girl, have you ever heard of a parley, it’s where we break off all this messy fighting and we have a talk just you and me! I shall come to your location just tell me where on earth you are!” The woman tells Ryan believing that she is speaking now to Lily.

It appears that Shannay managed to steal her enemy Razz’s mobile phone from him when she captured both him and his dad. Ryan decides upon himself to start talking to this Shannay lady. He knows who she is off course from visiting the museum of Lily Kettle in Liverpool city. Ryan knows that Shannay is an enemy to Lily in both this reality and she had been in another, but in that other reality it seems that Lily managed to kill Shannay.

“Shannay I’m not who you think I am, I most certainly am not your enemy Lily Kettle! My name is Ryan Robertson, and I like you am also an enemy to Lily! I captured Lily in Kings cross station, and I am very sorry to say that while I was away attending to my own personal business inside a castle she managed to escape from me, but I am talking to you now with the intention of proposing an alliance to you!” Mr Robertson tells Miss Ravens.

There’s a moment of silence now while Shannay takes to considering over the phone what Ryan has just proposed to her, and at last Miss Ravens comes to her decision.

“Very well then Ryan I agree to forming an alliance with you against our mural enemy Lily! Tell me where you are and I shall come and meet you!” Shannay tells the young man who she is talking to over the phone.

Ryan then takes to explaining to Shannay over the phone just where his current location is, and he tells her that he’s in the Forbidden forest which is just across the grounds from Hogwarts castle. Moments later after the phone call ends Shannay appears out of nowhere in the middle of the Forbidden forest before her new alley Ryan there. Shannay still doesn’t trust that Ryan is who he says he is, an enemy to Lily, until off course she sees him holding both her jacket and phone in his hand. Shannay smiles coldly at Ryan.

“Attempt kidnap, nice one,” she says to him congratulating him for his efforts to bring their shared enemy down.

Ryan is only sorry that he failed in holding Lily hostage. Shannay places her arm gently around Ryan.

“To bring a person such as our dear friend Lily down contains a great deal of team work, and so we shall therefore work together to bring her down! She’ll be here somewhere in this forest, and we shall both hunt her down, and whatever you wanted her for doesn’t matter, because when I find her I’m killing her!” She tells him in a truthful tone.

Ryan knows that Shannay’s right somehow, and instead of making Lily kill Razz the two of them should just concentrate on killing her.

Chapter six

Lily Kettle is hiding behind a tree in the Forbidden forest watching both of her two enemies both Shannay Ravens and Ryan Robertson discussing their plans together to bring her down. Tracy Beaker, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood have all gone off together to fetch help for themselves from Hogwarts castle. Lily has watched while Ryan searched through her jacket, and took to withdrawing her mobile phone from it. Lily then witnessed Ryan being on the phone to Shannay, and she now knows that they are both intending to kill her. Lily watches as both Ryan and Shannay disappear off together in a separate direction to the one that she’s in herself in the forest. Lily now knows that thanks to Shannay Razz is in grave danger. Lily finally comes out from behind her tree when she knows that she is safe to. Lily waits by the tree that she was once tied up to for her friends to return to her with help. Lily picks her purple barber jacket up from the ground, Ryan left it dumped down there, but he took her mobile phone with him. Lily places her jacket on, it is unfortunately barely rags now. Finally Tracy returns to Lily with her friends Percy, Grover and Annabeth and some new friends who she managed to find in the castle who are Harry Potter and his two friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. Harry smiles over at Lily across the forest.

“Your friends have now filled me in on your situation, and so therefore my two friends here and I would like to offer you up our protection in your fight against your enemy Ryan Robertson,” he tells her.

Lily is left delighted by what Harry has just told her. Lily knows from watching his eight films that this Harry bloke is an extremely powerful wizard, and so therefore she is willing to place her life in his two hands.


Wow look at what powerful alliance has been created here then! It now seems to me that Harry Potter is now offering up his services to work with both Percy Jackson and Lily Kettle. Harry leads both his two best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley as well as his new set of friends which include Lily Kettle off course, Tracy Beaker, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood into Hogwarts castle.

The end











© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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