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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Journey under the sea in this fantastic episode with both father and son (Kyle and Razz Kevins). Explore an enchanted world hidden deep below the sea with them.
Elsewhere continue to explore an enchanted world with both Tracy Beaker and Lily Kettle.

The Best Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 3 Episode 6

Chapter 1

Both the father and son Kyle and Razz Kevins are now under the sea together. The Kingdom that they are both facing now under the sea seems to be truly extraordinary. This kingdom that is deep under the sea is the colour golden. Both the father and son are luckily very good swimmers, but even because they are if this was just a normal piece of sea then they would have drowned, because both the coldness and the strength of this current would surely kill a man within just a couple of seconds, but luckily the waters of this part of the sea of planet earth has been protected by magical properties. Who casted the magical spell to bring life under this sea? Read on to find out!

Both Kyle and his son Razz land safely on their feet just before the entrance to the mighty golden kingdom. The main gate to the castle is firmly locked uptight. Kyle turns to face his son.

“There must be a way for us to break our way into this kingdom,” he tells him.

Razz takes to nodding his head in agreement to what his father has just told him. Kyle knocks his fist hard against the dark gold wooden gate, and then surprisingly a young man who is not actually that much older than Razz himself is unlocks the gate from inside the castle to open it. Inside the castle the young man with blonde hair and blue eyes opens up the gate, and he stands facing both of his new visitors to his home castle from just inside it. This young man has a dagger attached both securely and firmly onto his cloak. The young man with blonde coloured hair folds his arms as he stands just by the entrance of his home castle facing both the father and son.

“Well, well, just who do we have here?” The young man snaps out at both Kyle and Razz demanding them both for an answer.

There’s a moment of silence, while Kyle rounds on the young man in response to the question that he has just snapped out at both him and his son.

“We mean you no harm! Please sorry to intrude upon you like this, but we were kind of wondering if you’d very kindly offer up shelter for the two of us inside your castle?” Mr Kevins questions this young man called Mr Luke Castellan.

Luke can see from standing facing both Kyle and Razz from just inside his home palace that they are both stood really deep in water, and so therefore they are both just absolutely soaking wet. Luke nods his head back at Kyle in response to what he has just told him.

“Very well then my home shall now be our home! I’d like to take this time to welcome you into your new home here which I’d be more than happy to share out with you, on one condition, and that is that only you are welcome here, and not that boy of yours!” Luke explains his conditions to Kyle.

What Mr Castellan has just taken to explain to him horrifies Mr Kevins. Kyle knows that he needs to think of his son before himself, and so he takes to shaking his head in response to what this strange young man has just explained to him, but however Razz takes now to standing directly in front of his father facing Luke.

“My dad would be more than happy to accept the terms of your conditions to him!” Razz promises Luke trying to force his father’s decision in this matter.

It is clear now that Luke really doesn’t either like or trust Razz. Kyle pushes Razz roughly out the way of both him and Luke.

“No way in the world am I agreeing to this sorry man but I don’t accept your conditions to me!” Mr Kevins snaps out sharply at Mr Castellan in a tone of anger.

Luke shrugs his shoulders in response to what Kyle has just snapped out at him.

“Very well then I’m afraid that there’s nothing that I can do for you, now go away, and leave me in peace to live out the rest of my days alone in solitude!” Luke tells Kyle slamming the gate sharply in both the faces of him and his only child.

Kyle is feeling really incredibly angry now. Kyle hates Luke for not being at all friendly to his only son, and so now Kyle knows not to bother Luke ever again. Kyle turns now to face Razz.

“Come on my boy we need to swim back up to the shore now!” He tells him.

Kyle is now ready to leave this truly wretched place with his only son.

Chapter 2

Both Kyle and Razz Kevins manage to swim right up to the shore of the golden beautiful looking beach which lays just before the sea, and on the beach they sink down onto their bottoms onto the red hot sand. Kyle smiles over at his only son while sitting down on the sand with him now.

“Listen to me that boy was wrong to not help us, but we must now find both Tracy and Lily!” Kyle explains to Razz.

Razz nods his head in agreement to what his father has just explained to him. Find both of their girls Lily and Tracy they must. Kyle takes a look out to sea, and he smiles over at the horizon, it seems to be a really fine sight out there. Razz takes a look back at his dad.

“Well we’re in a fine mess aren’t we, I mean that the Ryan bloke hates Lily and that other man down there below the sea hates me!” He tells him.

Kyle knows that if that Ryan bloke has laid harm on Lily’s head then he’s dead without a second pause. Razz struggles to his feet up from the sand.

“Come on dad let’s go,” he says to his old man.

Kyle struggles to his feet up from the ground. Kyle nods his head in agreement to what his son has just said to him. Both Kyle and Razz then head over to the main road that lays just behind of the beach. Their clothes actually seem to be incredibly dry thanks to the magic from below the sea.

Kyle and Razz are now heading down the side of the main road together. Cars keep on racing past them. Kyle’s plan is for both he himself and his son to head to the nearest either town or main part of a city, and board a train or a bus to London there, actually however now Kyle believes that it’ll be too late for them to head to Kings cross train station in London, because he knows that both Lily and Ryan’s train would have long since left the station now. Suddenly a car pulls up beside them on a main road, and the car window winds down just next to the two family members. A woman who is the driver of the car smiles out of her vehicle at both Kyle and Razz.

“Hello there, at last I find you two!” She says to them both.

Kyle’s left shocked to discover that this woman seems to have been searching for both him and his son, and so is Razz. This woman has red hair, and she seems to be really attractive indeed with both looks and the black uniform that she is wearing. Kyle takes a look back in the car at this strange woman.

“Who the hell are you?” He questions her.

The lady then reaches her hand out of her car to show both Kyle and Razz her badge. Written on this badge is this female’s name, and it turns out that her name is Agent Natasha Romanoff. The lady smiles at Kyle.

“There you have it both Mr Kyle Kevins and Mr Razz Kevins my name which is Natasha Romanoff, but you two can just called me Agent!” She tells both him and his son in response to his question to her.

Kyle tries to ignore this woman’s beauty focussing on his feelings of love towards Tracy. Natasha knows now that she’s found the two men who she was searching for, and all what’s left for her to do now is to give them both a lift up to her headquarters just like how she is intending to do.

“Get in then boys for SHIELD awaits for you both!” Romanoff commands both the two Kevins to get into her car, and they both obey her a little hesitantly by getting into her car.

Kyle takes a seat down beside this woman in the front seat of her truck, and Razz takes a seat down in the middle seat in the back row of chairs in the car. The reason to why they have both took a seat down in this Agent’s vehicle is because they want to get to know just how she knows so much about the two of them. Natasha continues to drive her black coloured car down the main road when both Kyle and Razz have safely made their way into it.

Chapter 3

Oh no Natasha Romanoff’s black truck breaks down on a busy motorway, and there seems to be a hell lot of cars behind them. Luckily however the Agent gets out of her car, and by lifting up the front of the car she manages to easily fix it. Romanoff just plays around with her engine a bit, and then she luckily fixes it. The Agent then gets back into her car.

Meanwhile both Lily Kettle and Tracy Beaker are still in the company of their new band of friends who are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hermione Granger, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood and Ronald Weasley in the great hall in Hogwarts castle. Standing in this great hall right now taking a good look round at all the different detail in it, Lily knew that she had never even imagined such a strange and splendid place. This hall is lit up by lots and lots of candles that seemed to be floating in mid air above a total of four quite long tables. These four tables were laid out with both glittering golden plates and goblets. Lily took a look up from where she was sitting with her friends in the hall, and she could see a velvety black ceiling which was dotted with many different stars. Hermione took a look over at Lily’s surprised face while sitting down beside her in the great hall.

“This ceiling has been bewitched to look like the sky outside, I read about it in Hogwarts a history,” she fills her in on why it looks like what it is.

However it was difficult for Lily to believe that there was actually a ceiling there at all, and that this great hall didn’t just open up to the heavens.

The great hall is the main gathering area in the school which is found just off the entrance hall. The students in the school take to eating their meals inside this hall, and they also receive daily owl post here that is addressed to them. Certain special events organised in the castle go on here. Luckily right now it is just our eight heroes gathered inside the hall. They are all sat together by a table on benches either sitting beside one another or facing one another. Harry smiles over at Percy.

“Me and you need to deal with this Ryan Robertson bloke!” He tells him in a determined tone to bring down his new enemy.

Harry knows that Lily is his new friend, and so therefore the enemy of his friend is his enemy. Percy takes to nodding his head in agreement to what Harry has just told him, but however Lily shakes her head at both of the two men.

“Ryan’s not your problem, he’s mine, and so therefore it must be me to deal with him!” She explains to them both.

Harry both knows and understands just why Lily wants to deal with this Ryan fella herself, but unfortunately he also knows that she doesn’t have the power to kill him without getting herself defended first. Harry smiles back over across the table at Lily in response to what she has just explained to him.

“Yeah right ok yes it only seems fair that you are the one to deal with Mr Robertson, because after all he does want your head on a plate, but first we need to get you armed up. Lily Ryan was right about one thing however so it sounds like, and that is that you really need to get your magic back, and so for that reason I would be really happy to teach you how to perform magic correctly!” Mr Potter tells Miss Kettle.

Lily is left shocked right now to learn that Harry Potter is offering her the chance for him to teach her how to use magic.

“Don’t refuse this incredible opportunity Lily!” A little voice inside her head urges her not to.

Lily nods her head immediately in response to what Harry Potter has just told her.

“Yes please Harry if you wouldn’t mind teaching me how to use magic I would love that,” Miss Kettle cries out in a happy tone of delight at Mr Potter in response to what he has just told her.

Harry now knows that he needs to take Lily to the wand shop in Diagon alley for her to find and pick up a wand that best suits her there. Harry turns to address Percy while sitting opposite him at the table.

“Listen to me Lily and I need to leave the castle together now, but I’m leaving you in charge of this new little order that has been grouped up here!” He tells him in an explaining tone.

Lily’s left really rather troubled by what Harry has just told Percy. Percy however knows that Harry must have his reasons for leaving the castle, and so he agrees to act as the leader of this little group of people while he is away from it. Lily continues to sit facing Harry in the great hall.

“Why do we need to leave the castle?” She takes to questioning him in a curious tone.

Harry realises that there’s nothing further to be said between both himself and Percy, but however he knows that now he must concentrate all his attention on Lily. Harry smiles back over at his new friend in response to what she has just questioned him about.

“We need to take a trip into Diagon alley to visit Olivander’s the wand shop there,” Harry explains to Lily.

Kettle remembers from watching the eight Harry Potter films, more precisely the first movie which is the sorcerer’s stone just why they need to take a trip to Olivander’s. Lily turns to face Tracy while sitting near to her at the table.

“Continue to place your trust in Percy while I’m away,” she instructs her.

Tracy nods her head in understanding to what Lily has just instructed her about. Lily rises to her feet up from the bench that she’s been sitting on.

“Come on Harry let’s go then,” Miss Kettle says to Mr Potter.

Annabeth takes a look up at Harry from where she’s sitting on the bench.

“Would you like me to order you a chariot of Damnation?” Miss Chase questions Mr Potter.

Harry has never heard of a chariot of Damnation before and neither has Lily, but however they both gather that it’s some form of transport. However Harry doesn’t need the chariot of Damnation, there is a way that he can get both he himself and Lily to London in just simply a second, and that is by apperating.

Apparition is a magical method of transportation. However you can’t apperate both in and out of Hogwarts, and so therefore both Harry and Lily are going to have to head into Hogsmead together.

Chapter four

Both Harry Potter and Lily Kettle take a wander out of Hogwarts castle together side by side into the darkened school grounds. Nightfall has fallen now, and the sun has disappeared once again. Unfortunately they meet both Shannay Ravens and Ryan Robertson in the school grounds not too far away from Hagrid’s hut, and they both seem to have been eagerly waiting for their enemy Lily. Harry knows who they both are straight away by just taking one look over at them both. Harry quickly takes to withdrawing his wand from his cloak, and he points it angrily in the direction of the two villains

“Get behind me!” Harry commands Lily in an urgent tone.

Miss Kettle chooses not to hide away from her two enemies behind her new loyal friend now however. Lily is ready to face her two deadly enemies. Ryan charges towards Lily all of a sudden with a sharp bladed knife held firmly in his hand. Ryan rounds in anger on Lily. Lily is ready now to face Ryan. Harry makes ready to defend Lily from her fierce enemy, but however she quickly turns to face him.

“Deal with Shannay!” Lily orders Harry.

Mr Potter is left surprised to learn that Miss Kettle doesn’t wish him to protect her against her enemy Mr Robertson. Lily rounds in anger on Ryan. Shannay however doesn’t seem to have moved from before. She is still stood like a stone statue in the exact same spot that she was standing at just before with Ryan near to the giant’s hut. Ryan reaches Lily, and he makes a grab for her.

“Touch me and you’re a dead man!” Lily warns her new deadliest enemy in a tone of warning trying to hide away the fear that she’s experiencing in her voice.

However Ryan does touch her, he grabs her, and he knocks her roughly down onto the grassy ground. Lily screams in shock however she was expecting it when Ryan pushes her over like this. Ryan takes a look down at the sharp bladed knife in his hand, and so does Lily. Ryan lashes out in anger at Lily with his knife intending to split her throat, but however he can’t, because Harry has chosen to defend Lily against him after all. Harry summons up a magical spell to make Ryan’s knife disappear simply out of his hand before he can kill Lily. Lily closes her eyes with relieve, and she manages to kick Ryan roughly off her. Harry points his wand over at Ryan.

“Stupefy!” He yells out at him in an angry tone.

Ryan’s then knocked unconscious thanks to the stunning spell that Harry’s just used on him. Harry then points his wand back over in the direction of Shannay, and he manages to use the exact same stunning spell on her. Harry smiles back over at Lily.

“Look don’t try and fight him off on your own right now, because that’s why I’m here to rescue a damsel in distress,” he tells her.

Harry then grabs Lily firmly by the hand, and he hurries through the grounds of Hogwarts castle with her by his side.

Chapter five

Both Harry Potter and Lily Kettle have made their way into the little village of Hogsmead together which is located near enough to Hogwarts castle. Harry smiles at Lily.

“Prepare yourself to vomit!” He warns her as they stand by the entrance to the village together.

Apperating gives you a sickly sensation the first time that you do it, Harry knows from remembering back to the first time that he ever apperated. Harry grabs Lily firmly by the arm, and he apperates with her out of Hogsmead village, and into Diagon alley in the city of London. Lily believes when they appear in the alley that apparition feels a lot like being forced through a very tight rubber tube, and this is the exact same feeling that Harry got the first time that he ever apperated. Lily doesn’t actually through up, luckily. Both her and Harry have appeared in the very heart of the alley, and so they don’t have to pass through the Leaky Cauldron to get into it. Lily feels when passing down the alley with Harry the same feelings that Ryan experienced back when he visited this alley before with Mundungus. It doesn’t take Harry long to lead Lily the way to Olivander’s wand shop in the alley. Harry forces open the door leading directly into the shop, and he finds his old friend the wand maker sitting down by an old arm chair in the far corner of the rather dark shop. Harry smiles over at the old man who’s sitting in his chair.

“Hello Mr Olivander sir, I’m here today to help my friend over here Lily buy a wand!” Harry explains to his old pal.

There’s a moment of silence while the old man takes to studying Harry with his two eyes just simply wondering who on earth could be in his shop now, but however Mr Olivander picks up Harry’s voice as belonging to him, and so he takes to recognising him. Mr Olivander takes to struggling up onto his feet from his arm chair, and he picks his old walking stick up from the fall. Now stepping into some kind of light from the sun outside, Harry can now see that Mr Olivander has taken to age somewhat since he last set his two eyes upon him.

“Ah Mr Potter very nice to see you again!” The old wand maker cries out at Harry in a tone of delight.

Mr Olivander takes to limping his way across his wand shop over to both Harry and his new friend Lily. The old man takes to studying Lily for a couple of seconds with his two eyes when he is stood before her in his wand shop.

“Ah my girl I may have the very wand that you require inside here!” Mr Olivander explains to Lily leading her the way by the hand into the back of his shop to fetch a wand for her.

Harry waits by the inside entrance of the wand shop while Mr Olivander sees to getting Lily a wand that she needs. It doesn’t take Mr Olivander long to find the right kind of wand for Lily, and the wand that she is actually given to first is the wand that chooses her. Mr Olivander once told Harry that for those who have taken to study wand law then they know that the wand chooses the wizard. Harry is pleased that Lily had no bother getting her wand, because after all he himself had quite a lot of trouble getting his own wand from here. Harry pays Mr Olivander the right money for Lily’s wand. Lily knows that she can’t pay Harry back the money for him buying her wand, because after all she has no wizarding money. However Lily thanks Harry very much for buying the wand for her, and in response he assures her that it’s on the house. A cherry wand has chosen Lily. Harry’s own wand is a holly wand.  

Chapter six

Both Harry Potter and his travelling companion Lily Kettle appear back into Hogsmead village by apperating from Diagon alley there, and it doesn’t take them long to head back up to the castle from there. Luckily they don’t run into either of their two enemies Shannay Ravens and Ryan Robertson on their way back up to the castle, but however when they are passing through the grounds of the school leading up to the wonderful looking castle both Harry and Lily can see that they are now no longer laying knocked out on the grass of the grounds.

Harry quickly makes his way into the great hall in the castle when they arrive back inside there to alert his new friend Percy Jackson that they are back, but however he is left shocked to find Shannay Ravens in the room along with Tracy Beaker, Annabeth Chase and Hermione Granger, and she appears to be torturing them all there by using the cruciatus curse on them all there. Harry is left shocked by the sudden sight of finding all three of his friend’s suffering by his new enemy’s hand. Harry chose to make Shannay his new enemy when he joined forces with Lily Kettle, and used the stunning spell to knock her out. Harry quickly withdraws his wand from his cloak, and he points it in anger towards Shannay. Harry uses his own magical powers to bring a sudden stop to Shannay from using her magical powers to torture his fellow allies.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Harry demands an answer angrily from Shannay.

Before she can answer him however Lily comes rushing into the great hall terrifyingly, and she turns urgently to face him there.

“Harry there are both students and teachers laying dead all over the school!” Lily takes to shouting out at Harry in a tone of panic.

Harry is left horrified by what Lily has just shouted out at him to discover that many of his friends have fallen today. Shannay smiles coldly at both Harry and Lily.

“I’m taking over Hogwarts as from now!” She informs them all in a joyful cold yell.

Lily fears that Shannay is way too powerful for Harry, and so she takes to grabbing him firmly by his arms to stop him from going for her. Shannay quickly uses her magical powers to make Hermione, Tracy and Annabeth disappear from them suddenly sending them out of the room to be locked up in some closeout somewhere in the castle.

“Harry come on let’s go! We need to run away now while we still can! I’M AFRAID THAT THERE’S NOTHING THAT WE CAN DO FOR HOGWARTS NOW! HARRY COME ON!” Lily screams out at him in an urgent tone.

Lily knows that both her and Harry just need to learn to accept the fact that Hogwarts has unfortunately fallen out of their hands for now. Suddenly a death eater comes bursting his way into the great hall followed by a big crowd of them. Harry is left shocked to find his old enemies the death eater’s have returned to battle him, because after all he hasn’t seen them ever since he brought down their old dark lord. Harry like his new friend Lily now knows that unfortunately there’s nothing that he can do. Harry uses his magical powers to sum his firebolt broomstick to his location, and when it flies to his presence he jumps onto it.

“Get on!” Harry commands Lily.

He doesn’t need to tell her twice, because Kettle leaps herself up onto Potter’s broomstick, and when they are both safely on it Harry flies his broomstick out of the great hall, flying over the heads of the many different villainous death eaters’. Harry steers his broomstick out of the castle, and he uses his magical powers to blast open the front gate leading out of the school. Both Harry and Lily can see their enemy Ryan waiting by the entrance of the castle to prevent them from leaving, and he tries to cast a killing curse at Lily, but the jet of green light takes to missing her by inches luckily. Ryan has failed in trying his best to wipe out his enemy. Ryan seems to be learning magic quickly, and now it is time for Harry to properly teach Lily how to perform magic.

Harry fires another stunning spell at Ryan, and it hits him hard in the head knocking him out. Good boy Harry, well done on knocking out that nasty pasty! The firebolt broomstick takes to flying out of Hogwarts castle with both Harry Potter and Lily Kettle sat on it. Both Harry and Lily have managed to escape from both Shannay and Ryan today, but the question remains how long can they both avoid getting captured by them? Hogwarts is now in the hands of the enemy, and their loved ones are now suffering by their hands!

To Be Continued!  













Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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