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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
The son of Poseidon God of the Sea Percy Jackson manages to escape himself from the dark forces in the 8 part of the third series. He then sets out to track down his two new allies both Lily Kettle and Harry Potter. Will he be able to find them? Read on to find out!

Submitted: July 28, 2015

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Submitted: July 28, 2015



The Best Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 3 Episode 8

Chapter 1

Percy Jackson landed safely on his two feet after jumping down the last bit of the wall of Hogwarts castle. Percy took a look up at the window that he had just jumped out of, and he could see Ryan Robertson bending out of the window taking a look down angrily at him.

“Run along then! OFF YOU GO TO LILY; SHE’LL NEED YOU TO PROTECT HER AFTER ALL, BECAUSE WHEN I FIND HER SHE’S DEAD!” Ryan roars out angrily down at Percy.

Mr Jackson decided upon himself to just simply ignore Mr Robertson, and he takes off running throughout the grounds of Hogwarts castle away from the castle. Percy knows that he needs to get to London somehow to find both of his two new friend’s Harry Potter and Lily Kettle there, because he believes them both to still be in Diagon alley, for Percy is unaware that they are now hiding in the Forbidden forest. However unlike the girl he loves Annabeth Chase Percy doesn’t really know how to summon a chariot of damnation. While whistling is simple for some people it is difficult for others to do. Percy reaches the dark forest, and he makes his way bravely into it. Percy passes a gigantic spider as he makes his way into the forest. Jackson is unarmed due to his enemies removing all the weapons that both he and his friends took from camp half blood away from them. Percy however believes that this creature won’t be able to harm him with it just being a spider, but he is proved wrong, because the hungry fierce spider launches himself in great anger at Percy. The spider leaps up onto his new enemy, and he struggles him down to the ground.

“AH!” Percy screams out in anger.

The spider snaps his teeth out in aggression at Mr Jackson, and it bites into his arm.

Chapter 2

Percy Jackson now finds himself caught up in full battle with the gigantic spider.

“STUPIFY!” The familiar voice of Lily Kettle yells out coming racing into the view of Percy’s two eyes along with her new companion and friend Harry Potter.

The spider goes flying off Percy’s chest, and it lands on a heap on the ground a short distance away from him. Lily offers her hand down for Percy to take, and when he takes hold of her hand she helps him to his feet. Lily smiles at Percy.

“Thank god the damsel in distress managed to rescue a person in distress herself,” she tells him.

Harry laughs in response to what Lily has just told Percy. Percy places his arm gently around Lily his new loyal friend.

“I truly owe you my life,” he says to her.

Lily shrugs her shoulders in response to what Percy has just said to her.

“Yeah well the whole reason why I’m no longer Ryan’s prisoner is because you offered out your assistance to help Tracy to find me,” she tells him truthfully.

Lily pulls Percy into a friendly hug.

“How in the world did you manage to get out of the castle?” She takes to questioning him.

Percy then takes to sharing out his story with both Lily and Harry.

Chapter 3

Lily Kettle, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter all begin to head off further into the dark forest together side by side. Harry has become Lily’s mentor while teaching her how to both perform and control magical abilities. Harry had begun with teaching Lily the stunning spell to use with the use of her magical wand, and so Lily used this spell to stun the spider that was attacking Percy by knocking it unconscious away from him. They stop in their travels together in the middle of the Forbidden forest, and there Harry turns to face Lily.

“Stunning spells are one thing that’s important for you to use but having the use of a patronus spell is another thing altogether. Lily I now need to teach you how to perform a patronus spell.” He tells her.

Lily’s left troubled by what Harry has just told her.

“What does a patronus spell do?” She questions him sounding troubled.

Percy has now taken a seat down on a log in the forest watching while both Harry and Lily take to discussing their next lesson together. Harry folds his arms while continue to face his new apprentice Lily.

“The patronus charm is the most famous and also one of the most powerful defensive charms that is known to the wizarding kind, but however my apprentice it is a really difficult and complicated spell to learn, so concentrate while I teach you!” Mr Potter takes to explaining to Miss Kettle.

Lily nods her head in response to what Harry has just taken to explain to her. Lily then takes to withdrawing her wand from her cloak.

“Ok then Harry I’m ready so what do I need to do?” Lily asks her new mentor.

Mr Potter smiles back at his new student in response to what she has just asked him.

“Well take to remembering the happiest memory in your life, and then after doing that just simply take to drawing circles with your wand, and then hopefully the spell shall come to you!” Harry explains to Lily.

Trying to think up the most happiest memory in her life at the moment will be quite difficult for Lily to do, because after all the darkness that she’s just experienced in her life over the past couple of months. However Lily knows that all she needs to do is think of a time with either her current boyfriend Razz or her deceased dad Steven before he died, and so she takes to thinking back over just so happy she was feeling when she discovered that the young man who she believed to be dead Razz waking her up from her second sleeping curse, and so with that memory coming into her mind Lily is able to cast quite a strong powerful patronus charm. Lily’s patronus comes out of her magical wand with the sight of a three legged dog.


Chapter 4

Lily Kettle succeeded the very first time she tried to cast a powerful patronus charm in doing so, and this really impressed her mentor Harry Potter. Harry pulls his apprentice into a friendly hug.

“Nicely done Lily pretty good dog that was,” Harry cries out in great delight at his new friend.

Lily is now feeling quite pleased with herself for casting the patronus charm by using her magical powers. Another happy memory that she could have used is when she found her dad all those years ago back while she was living in Elmtree house. Percy hurries up to them in the Forbidden forest carrying some firewood.

“What have I missed?” He questions both of his friends.

Harry then takes to telling Percy of Lily’s success. Percy takes to dumping the pile of firewood on the ground of the forest just before himself. Percy smiles over at Lily.

“Good work so it seems you’re full of success,” he tells her.

Lily shakes her head in response to what Percy has just told her.

“No not yet I will be however if I manage to deal with both Ryan and Shannay!” Lily explains to Percy.

Harry uses his magical powers to set the pile of wood on fire, and then he takes a sit down on the log that Percy was sitting on earlier to warm himself. Harry gestures Lily towards taking a seat down on the log that he himself is sitting on, and so she does.

“Not bad for day number one Lily, but you still have so much to learn, and I tell you that because now more than any other time is the time for honesty!” Harry tells his new pupil.

Percy rounds on Harry.

“Yeah well you’re not the only one with tricks to teach her!” He snaps sharply out at him sounding jealous.

Percy is feeling jealous of Harry for knowing all these neat magic tricks to teach to others, but however he actually does have some of his own magical tricks that he can teach to Lily.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile both Shannay Ravens and Ryan Robertson have locked their prisoner’s Hermione Granger, Annabeth Chase, Tracy Beaker, Ronald Weasley and Grover Underwood up in the Astronomy tower in Hogwarts castle. The astronomy tower is the tallest tower in Hogwarts castle. This tower is where the students of the school take to studying the stars and also planets through telescopes in their Astronomy lessons, along with their teacher Professor Aurora Sinistra. This tower inside Hogwarts castle is quite often out of bounds for students except off course for lessons. Hermione, Annabeth, Tracy and the others are all sitting down on the floor of the tower. Hermione takes a look over at Ron who is sitting in the tower opposite to her.

“Right we just need to concentrate on trying to remember a time in the past we’ve seen someone here get out of this castle throughout using the front door to it,” she tells him.

Ron nods his head in response to what Hermione has just told him.

“Yeah I can think of a time, the time when Dumbledore fell out of this tower to his death after Snape used the killing curse on him,” he explains to her.

Hermione believes simply that Ron can be a total idiot at times. Annabeth takes a look over at Grover.

“How the hell are we going to get out of here?” She takes to questioning him.

Grover has no idea at all just how he and the others are going to get themselves out of this tower alive and well.

Chapter 6

Ryan Robertson is now storming angrily out of the main gate of Hogwarts castle. He is determined to track his enemy Lily Kettle down and kill her in cold blood. Ryan is carrying the sword of Godric Gryffindor firmly in his hand. He found it hidden away in the deceased headmistresses’ office in the castle. Ryan can suddenly see a total of three people making their way out of the dark forest quite a distance ahead of them, and he discovers after setting his eyesight upon the three of them for a few minutes that they are Lily Kettle, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Ryan can see by just taking a quick look over at them that both Harry and Lily are carrying magical wands in their hands, and Percy is holding a sword firmly in his hand, but however his sword doesn’t appear to be half as powerful as what Ryan’s is.

Lily Kettle wanders out of the Forbidden forest in the grounds of Hogwarts castle with both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson by her side. Lily can suddenly see her enemy Ryan Robertson standing a couple of metres ahead of both her and her companion’s carrying what appears to be a powerful looking sword in his hand. Lily takes a look beside her from Harry to Percy.

“Leave Ryan to me!” She instructs them both sounding both incredibly angry and brave.

Thanks to the training that Harry has just given to her Lily now believes that she is ready to bravely face Ryan. Percy makes to object to what his friend has just instructed him about, but however Harry on the other hand believes that Lily is ready to face her enemy. Harry takes a look over at Percy.

“She’s ready!” He tells him.

Percy nods his head in response to what his new friend has just told him. Percy then smiles over at Lily.

“Best of luck,” he says to her.

Lily nods her head in response to what Percy has just said to her. Lily then rounds on both Harry and Percy.

“You boys get yourselves into the castle and find and save the others there!” She commands them.

Both Percy and Harry then nod their heads in response to the command that Lily has just given to them. Both Harry and Percy then hurry off together in a direction leading up to the castle opposite to the one that Lily is about to encounter Ryan in. Lily then takes a look back at Ryan who has now raced up to her presence. Lily smiles simply at her enemy.

“We meet again so soon!” She tells him.

Without speaking to her Ryan just takes a sweep out at Lily in anger with the sharp blade of the sword. Luckily Lily manages to back away from the blow of her enemy’s sword. Lily bravely points her wand in the direction of her enemy.

“STUPIFY!” Lily roars out at Ryan as she blows him off his feet, but Mr Robertson uses his own magical powers to make himself not get knocked out quickly after Lily fires her jinx at him.

Ryan launches himself in the direction of Lily, and he uses his dark magical powers to make her go flying off her feet. Lily lands on a heap in a pile of wet mud on the grounds of the castle. Ryan then rushes over to Lily. He bends down beside her; he grabs her roughly by the chin. Ryan then comes onto Lily forcefully kissing her. Miss Kettle pushes Mr Robertson angrily away from her, and she gives him another well deserved slap across his face. Suddenly the dark black hooded devil stranger returns to Ryan in the grounds of Hogwarts castle, wearing his misty grey coloured vale over his head. The stranger turns to face his puppet Ryan.

“Good work here she is at your mercy just the way I like to see her!” He tells him sounding really pleased with him.

Lily takes a look up with fear in her two eyes at the spooky looking creature.

“WHO THE HELL IS THIS?” She screams out terrifyingly at Ryan.

Robertson rounds on Kettle in response to her question to him.

“NO IDEA LET’S FIND OUT!” Ryan yells out sounding scared at Lily while rounding on the stranger.

Ryan launches himself at the hooded devil stranger, and he roughly pulls the vale down from his head, and then Ryan backs away from that face he is so ashamed off in fear. It would seem that Ryan is now facing himself. Ryan takes a good hard look at his own face from the future with anger in his eyes. The face of the future Ryan Robertson looks back at both himself from the past and his enemy Lily. His face is all burned and damaged and it is all horribly mangled.


Chapter 7

Ryan Robertson from the present can’t believe now what he’s become, and what he has been taking horrible cold orders from. Ryan takes a look down at the young lady who he’s given such a hard time too.

“Oh Lily!” Ryan cries out in sadness at the young lady who he’s kidnapped, tortured and traumatised.

Ryan is now full of regret for what he has done to Lily how he abducted her from Kings cross station and brought her here on the express train to Hogwarts. Ryan from the future snaps his fingers down in anger at Lily.

“Kill her!” He commands himself from the past.

Ryan from the present however has no intention of killing Lily now, and he certainly isn’t going to hurt her in any way anymore. Ryan from the present offers his hand down for Lily to take, she takes hold of his hand, and Ryan helps Lily gently up onto her two feet from the ground. Ryan pulls Lily into a hug while he feels full of regret for harming her like how he did.

“I’m so sorry,” Ryan whispers out to Lily feeling full of sadness.

Ryan then backs away from Lily with the fear of hurting her against his own will. Ryan takes a look down at the sword that he’s carrying in his hand, and he proceeds to sink the sharp blade of it deep into his own chest, destroying himself while he’s at it. Lily takes to screaming out in fear as the man who she now realises wasn’t intentionally hurting her kills himself. The minute that Ryan’s dead body from the present drops to the ground him from the future bursts up into little pieces of dust.

Chapter 8

Lily Kettle knows that Ryan Robertson has just done something that he really shouldn’t have done, because now he’s just messed with the future of both his own timeline and her own. Lily knows that since Ryan has just committed suicide here today him from the future won’t be able to give him from the past orders to go against she herself. Lily takes a look up at the sky, and she’s finds much to her horror that it is the colour purple. Lily then vanishes suddenly out of the grounds of Hogwarts castle without intending to.

Lily Kettle can feel herself all of a sudden falling through the earth so it seems. Lily can feel a great deal of pounding coming to her from her head, and a large amount of agony she is experiencing now from her chest. Lily is falling hard onto a concentrate pavement now it seems. Lily knows that she just can’t be in the world of Harry Potter anymore, but the question is now in her head just what world can she possibly be in now?

Lily struggles to her feet, and she takes to discovering that she is stood on a street that she learns from reading a sign is called Ross way. Suddenly Lily can see a young man who appears to be the same age as she herself wandering out of a driveway of a house that she is stood on a road just outside. The young man seems to be in quite a rush Lily can see. Lily before she can stop herself from doing so takes to following this young man up the street that he lives on.

“EXCUSE ME!” Lily can hear herself calling after the man all of a sudden.

Lily knows that she took the man off guard now, because she can see him suddenly jumping out of his skin in fright. The young man turns back to face Miss Kettle in response to what she has just called out at him. The man seems to be really shocked to have found this young lady standing before him on his street like this.

“Oh my God Lily Kettle!” The young man cries out sounding shocked at our Miss Kettle.

Lily is left shocked to discover that this young gentleman knows her name. Lily rounds on the young man.

“What the hell is your name?” She demands an answer from him.

The young man takes to smiling back at Lily in response to her demanding question that she’s just fired off him.

“My name’s Matthew, Matthew Seed!” The young man explains to our Lily.

Lily folds her arms as she takes to giving Mr Seed a suspicious look.

“Well Matthew tell me are you and friend or a foe to me, and DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT LYING TO ME, BECAUSE I’M JUST NOT IN THE MOOD? HOW DO YOU KNOW ME?” Lily can hear herself screaming out at this bloke called Matthew who she’s just met.

Matthew reaches out at Lily, and he touches her with his hand.

“Oh my God you’re real aren’t you?” Matthew takes to questioning Lily.

Lily shrugs her shoulders feeling annoyed.

“Do you wish to see just how real I am?” She questions Matthew sounding frustrated.

Before she can stop herself from doing so Miss Kettle gives Mr Seed a full on slap hard across his face. Matthew rounds in anger on Lily.

“I know you from watching a TV programme called the Dumping Ground, and also from me writing my own adventures about you called the ultimate adventure!” He takes to explaining just how he knows her to her.

Lily is left shocked by what Matthew has just explained to her. Matthew is clutching his mobile ALCATEL phone firmly in his hand so it seems, and he takes to looking down at the time on it. It’s rather early morning here it seems. Matthew can see that the time on his phone says to him that its ten minutes past eight am. Matthew smiles back at Lily.

“Sorry great meeting you, but I have to go up to my work placement at Star of the Sea now,” he tells her apologetically.

Lily grabs Matthew firmly by the right arm to hold him back just as he appears to be turning away from her.

“Very well then Matthew I can see that you’re in rather a hurry, but my friend I’m going to tell you this that wherever your heading yourself off to I’m coming to, because I’m not letting you out of my sight now, not now that I’ve discovered that you’ve been watching me in this so called TV programme called the Dumping Ground, and you writing your own adventures about me which I’d really love to read by the way!” Lily explains to Matthew.

Mr Seed takes to smiling back at Miss Kettle in response to what she has just explained to him.

“Very well then Lily more the merrier you may tag along if you’d like to,” Matthew tells his new found friend.

Matthew and Lily then take to crossing over the road of Ross way together.

Chapter 9

It doesn’t take Matthew Seed long to lead his new found friend Lily Kettle out of his estate which is known as Whitley lodge, and pretty soon they are crossing over Whitley road together. Matthew Lily can see has got black curly hair, blue eyes and white skin. Matthew so it seems is the same age as Lily which is seventeen nearly eighteen. Today while Lily is wearing still her navy blue cloak that is still covered in wet mud Matthew is wearing a black Denham jacket, with skin tight blue jeans and a T-shirt which is the colour grey which has some things to do with coca cola on it. Matthew is wearing some light grey trainer’s that Lily believes looks an awful lot like boots.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Matthew takes to asking his new friend as he leads her bending over a red metal barrier and onto a great big green field that seems to stretch out both far and wide.

Lily also bends over the metal barrier and she steps foot onto this great big field of green grass.

“Yeah I do as it goes, his name is Razz, Razz Kevins, and I’m rather hoping to make him my dear husband soon,” Lily explains to her new friend as she begins to wander across this field with him by her side.

Matthew remembers watching an episode of the Dumping Ground a while back with a bloke called Razz Davies in it. Matthew smiles at Lily.

“Welcome to Churchill playing fields,” he says to her.

Lily can see that there’s a hell of a lot of life going on in this field. There seems to be quite a lot of dogs with their owner’s on this field, and some early morning runner’s too on this field. Lily’s rather troubled.

“What day is it?” She questions Matthew.

He takes a look back at her in response to her question to him.

“Thursday, more precisely Thursday morning, which is why I really need to head up to Star of the Sea,” Matthew responds to Lily’s question to him.

Lily’s found it quite hard for her to keep a good track of the days over the past couple of months. It doesn’t take either Matthew or his new companion long to cross over Churchill playing fields. They are now passing the running track on the playing fields now. Lily takes a look back at the children’s playing park in Churchill. She is just hoping to find her little brother Jonah Kettle playing with some other little boy’s about his own age there, but however unfortunately just how she suspected he wouldn’t be Jonah isn’t there. They now come out of the playing fields at the opposite end of it now, and they take a turn right where there seems to be a lot of people busying themselves with their early morning routines.

Lily Kettle is now following Matthew Seed into his primary school that he goes to help out in that is called Star of the Sea. There seems to be two ladies in the reception ready to welcome them both into the school, and one of the receptionist’s has just buzzed both Matthew and his new friend Lily into the school entrance

“Hello Matthew, brought someone with us today I see,” one of the receptionist’s who Matthew himself knows as Mrs Turnbal tells him.

Mr Seed nods his head in response to what Mrs Turnbal has just told him.

“Yeah this is Lily and is it alright for her to come here today with me?” He questions her.

Mrs Turnbal takes to nodding her head in response to what Matthew has just questioned her about.

“Oh yes certainly,” Mrs Turnbal tells Matthew.

She then turns to face Lily, and she gives her a little smile.

“If you’re a friend of Matthew’s then you’re a friend of mine welcome to Star of the Sea,” Mrs Turnbal says to Lily.

The other school receptionist Mrs Campbell then hands school visitor sticker’s over to both Matthew and Lily, for them to have one each. Matthew then leads his new friend Lily into the main school building after Mrs Turnbal buzzes them both into the school. Lily takes to following her new friend Matthew through the main hall of Star of the Sea. Lily can see that this school hall looks very nice. Lily wonders whether she’ll ever be able to teach a class of children the lesson PE in a school hall such as this. Matthew opens up a blue coloured door on the other side of the hall for his new friend Lily to go through, and she takes to going through it. Matthew then leads his new friend Lily to the year four corridor in the school where the two classes are, and there he turns left in the corridor leading up to a classroom. Matthew knocks loudly on the front door of the classroom before making his way into the classroom. Lily follows Matthew into the classroom, and there they both find a middle aged man with white hair.

“Good morning Mr Burton,” Matthew says smiling over at the man.

Mr David Burton is a man who taught Matthew back when he came to this school in year six, and last school year Matthew helped Mr Burton for an afternoon with teaching his year five class, but this year Matthew is continuing to help Mr Burton out with his year four class.

“Good morning Matthew!” David cries back at his former student in a tone of happiness.

Mr Burton then turns to face Lily.

“Who’s this?” He questions Matthew turning back to face him.

Matthew smiles back at Mr Burton in response to the question that he’s just asked him.

“This is a new friend of mine who I met on my way over here today called Lily,” Matthew tells David in response to the question that he’s just asked him about.

Mr Burton folds his arms taking a look of suspicion over at Lily.

“Are you safe to work with kids?” He questions her.

Lily nods her head promisingly in response to the question that Mr Burton’s just asked her about. Lily smiles back at David in response to the question that he’s just asked her about.

“Yes sir I’m hoping to become a primary school teacher eventually when I finally give myself the chance to,” Lily explains to Mr Burton in response to the question that he’s just asked her about.

Mr Burton nods his head in response to what this new comer in the school has just explained to him.

“Good, good profession to get yourself into, you seem to have a lot in common with your new friend Matthew here, because he too wished to become a primary school teacher!” Burton informs Kettle.

David then takes a glance down at the time on his watch.

“Nearly time for the morning bell Matthew,” he says to his former pupil.

Five minutes to go before the kids of the year four class make their way back into their classroom, and so Mr Burton crosses his classroom over to the back door of his room, and he pushes it open. David then takes to waiting with both Matthew and Lily for the morning bell to go.

Chapter 10

The school bell rings out loudly throughout Star of the Sea RC Primary School loudly that morning. Mr David Burton takes to leading his year 4 class into their classroom through the back door from their school yard. Matthew Seed stands near to the door side by side with his new friend Lily Kettle as his year four children make their way back into their classroom.

“HEY!” Matthew cries out in a tone of happiness at his thirty one year four children.

Surprisingly the children then all round in anger upon both Matthew and Lily.

“KILL!” They all thunder out at them together.


Matthew now takes to realising much to his absolute horror that something dreadful must be up with his year four children who he loves very much deep down in his heart.










© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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