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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Final episode of the third series brings together everything that has happened over the course of this series. The story of both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson comes to an end and Lily Kettle is reunited with someone who she cares about in the whole wide world, more then anyone else she knows, including Razz. WHO IS IT? READ ON TO FIND OUT JUST WHO IT IS!

The Best Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 3 Episode 10

Chapter 1

Lily Kettle heads away from the time machine which is number 2 Ross way house in the grounds of Hogwarts castle, with both her new friend’s Matthew Seed and Ryan Robertson with her. Lily is now heading herself into a battle that she is fully aware won’t be her last against her greatest enemy Shannay Ravens, and her dark forces. The Lily Kettle from the past suddenly hurries up to the Lily Kettle from the present, Matthew Seed and Ryan Robertson as they make their way up to Hogwarts castle together. Lily from the present smiles over at herself from the past.

“I need your help! Well my two friends here and I require your assistance!” She informs her.

Lily Kettle from the past nods her head in response to what herself from the future has just informed her about. Lily from the past and Lily from the present exchange smiles with one another.

“Ryan’s beginning to change his ways therefore we must place our trust into him,” they tell one another.

Lily from the past turns to face both Ryan and Matthew.

“We need to find both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!” She informs them both.

Lily from the present knows that herself from the past is absolutely right with what she says. Matthew folds his arms.

“This world that I have just made my way into is full of madness, because it’s where both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are both existing and are working together!” He laughs out at the others.

Everyone seems to understand Matthew’s joke, because it was hard for both Ryan and Lily when they came to learn that such things existed. Ryan turns to face his new leader Lily.

“Where did you see Harry and Percy last?” He takes to questioning her sounding rather troubled.

However right after questioning Lily about their whereabouts Ryan himself comes to remember just where he saw the two lads last. Ryan turns to face Matthew.

“They’re in the castle!” He shares out his information with him.

Matthew smiles in response to what Ryan has just informed him about. Ryan then takes a look back at the two Lily’s.

“They’re rescuing the others from where they are being held captive inside there I presume,” he says to them both.

The two girls then take to nodding their heads in response to what Ryan has just said to them both.

“Yeah they are but we don’t really know where they’re being held, and so we’re going to need your help to find them all inside the castle,” Lily from the present tells her new friend Ryan.

Mr Robertson takes to nodding his head in response to what Miss Kettle has just told him about.

“We need to get ourselves into the castle therefore and track down both Mr Potter and Mr Jackson inside there!” Ryan shares out the common knowledge with the others.

Lily from the past, Lily from the present, Ryan and Matthew all then take off to heading towards the castle of Hogwarts together side by side.

Chapter 2

They all arrive outside the main front gate leading into Hogwarts castle together, and there Lily Kettle from the present along with the assistance of Ryan Robertson use their powerful magical gifts to blast open the main door. The main gate flies open, and then both Lily Kettle from the past and Matthew Seed take to leading the way into the castle. The two Lily’s turn to face both Matthew and Ryan together.

“Find Harry and Percy and together with them find where the others are being held prisoner, and then after you have both located and rescued the others get yourselves out of the castle!” They both take to commanding them together.

The two boy’s nod their heads in response to what the two girls’ have just commanded them about, but however Matthew’s troubled.

“Where are you two going?” He asks the Lily’s.

Lily from the past takes a look at Matthew in response to what he’s just asked her about.

“I’m ready to face my daemon!” She tells him in response to what he has just asked her about.

It is true the two Lily’s together are now ready to face the nightmare who has twisted their lives from light into darkness, Shannay Ravens. Ryan smiles at Lily.

“Best of luck,” he says to her.

The two Lily’s then take to sharing out a hug of friendship with Ryan. Matthew nods his head at the two Lily’s.

“See you both soon girls,” he tells them both in a promise determined that their stories will not end here today inside this castle of make believe.

The two Lily’s nod their heads in response to what Matthew has just told them about.

“Take care of Ryan!” They take to begging him together.

Matthew nods his head in response to what the two girls have just told him about. Both Mr Seed and Mr Robertson then take to actually making their way into Hogwarts castle now, because before they were all just standing talking to one another just outside the castle.

Chapter 3

The two Lily Kettle’s burst their way into the great hall inside Hogwarts castle together, and there they find Shannay Ravens standing alone in the middle of the hall practicing some magical enchantments. It seems that Shannay has taken to use her enchanted powers to tidy all the tables and chairs away in the hall, because they’re no longer here. Shannay seems to be summoning a raven of death to her presence, and I mean a Ravens who has died and she is now using her powers that are growing stronger every minute to bring her back to life from the dead. It seems that here today Shannay is resurrecting her sister Kerry.

“KERRY!” The two Lily’s rage out together when they watch as Kerry appears out of nowhere standing by her sister’s side in this great hall.

Only now does Shannay appear to have noticed that Lily has made her way into the great hall, and she takes a look over at her with both hatred and anger fixed into her two eyes.

“Oh bloody hell two of you my worst nightmare has come to pass!” Shannay moans out at her two enemies in a tone of sharp disgust.

Lily from the past takes to racing as fast as she possibly can across the main hall over to her fierce enemy and her sister, and Lily from the present does the exact same. Lily from the past rounds on Kerry.

“I wish that I could say that it’s good to see you, but I fear that it won’t be for me if your sister turns you to the dark side!” She tells her sharply.

It appears that Shannay already has used her dark powers to turn Kerry to her side, because now Kerry takes to rounding in hatred upon Lily. However the only darkness that has came to affect Kerry due to Shannay’s enchanted powers is her big sister’s coldness. Lily from the present rounds in anger on Shannay.

“I’m going to stop you after tonight you will be powerless!” She takes to promising her sounding really annoyed with her.

Shannay’s troubled as she takes to smiling back coldly at Lily.

“How are you going to defeat me?” She demands an answer quickly from her.

Lily from the present takes to continuing to round in anger on the woman who at one time she would have happily welcomed into her little family.

“Well to begin with you’re not the only one who can perform magic bitch!” Lily from the present takes to snarling out in great deal of anger at Shannay.

Lily from the past turns to face herself from the future.

“It’ll take the both of us to perform this magical spell,” she tells her.

Lily from the present takes to nodding her head in agreement to what herself from the past has just told her. The two Lily’s together concentrate their magical powers to take both Kerry and Shannay’s enchanted abilities away from them, and they actually luckily succeed in doing so. Lily from the present then uses her magic to remind Kerry of the good person who she was before she was murdered by Daniel Kevins back in Living village, and she does this while Lily from the past uses her magical talent to make thick strong metal chains appear around her enemy Shannay entrapping her in a tight and secure lock. Here today both of the Lily’s have managed to overpower their enemy Shannay, and they have both now succeeded in capturing her. Only now does Kerry realise what has all been going on while she has been dead. Kerry takes to rounding in great anger now upon Shannay.

“YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR HURTING LILY IN THE WAY THAT YOU DID! YOU HAVE BROUGHT SHAME TO OUR FAMILY! I AM NOW ASHAMED TO BE A KEVINS BECAUSE OF YOU!” She rages out at the very top of her voice sharing out all the pain and anger that she is suddenly feeling right not onto her.

Kerry then takes to giving her sister a well deserved slap full on across her face before turning to face Lily.

“As for you dear I am so sorry for coming back to you in the way that I did, and I want you to know just how brave I think that you are. Lily I couldn’t be more prouder of you, and you are very much like a daughter to me!” The good Miss Ravens tells Miss Kettle while pulling her into a loving hug.

Ryan Robertson then comes bursting his way into the great hall in Hogwarts castle followed closely on behind by Matthew Seed, Tracy Beaker, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood. Ryan smiles across the hall in happiness over at Shannay.

“Ah Lily’s beaten me to it overpowering you!” He informs her.

Suddenly a crowd of death eater’s come bursting their way into the great hall. Ryan turns to face the two Lily’s.

“Leave this to me!” He tells them both.

Both of the Miss Kettle’s are now wondering just what their new friend Ryan is going to do to their enemies. Ryan turns round to face the little army of death eater’s feeling really disgusted with them for just being here, and in his anger he uses his enchanted dark powers to set them all on fire. Ryan’s actions has just reminded Lily an awful lot about the day her father died, when her old enemy Morgana Pendragon used her dark powers to set him a light. Ryan has just saved the life of every single person inside this hall today by destroying the dark forces who had come here to attack them, and that is a very heroic act that he has just performed.


Chapter 4

Lily Kettle from the present finds herself sitting alone with Lily Kettle from the past inside the Gryffindor common room in Hogwarts castle. They are the only ones in the common room. They are both sat on the red sofa that is directly facing the fierce fire there. Nightfall has taken to fallen over the land once again. Lily from the past takes a look into her future eyes.

“I’m staying in Hogwarts with Harry Potter and his friends,” she tells her.

Surprisingly Lily from the future is feeling now rather happy with what her past self has just told her about.

Yeah we can’t continue to be together because other than anything else it’s completely weird for us to,” Lily from the present says in agreement to what her past self has just told her about.

Lily from the past smiles over at her future self.

“We were right to forgive and place our trust into Ryan,” she tells her believing this to be right.

Lily from the present agrees with what her past self has just told her about.

Half an hour later the two Kettle ladies are approaching Harry Potter in the courtyard in Hogwarts castle. Lily from the past smiles over at Harry.

“Hey I just wanted to say that I’m with you now, I’m going to help you to bring life back into your school,” she tells him.

Harry’s left delighted but however rather troubled with what Lily from the past has just taken to telling him.

“Oh good is that both of you though?” Mr Potter takes to questioning the two Miss Kettle’s.

Lily Kettle from the present shakes her head back at Harry in response to what he has just questioned her about.

“Oh no not me, I’m not staying at Hogwarts, because I have work that I really need to go and do,” Lily from the present explains herself to Mr Potter.

Harry nods his head back in understanding to what Miss Kettle has just explained to him.

“This is where we should part ways then,” Mr Potter says to Lily.

Miss Kettle smiles back at Harry in response to what he has just said to her.

“See ya it’s been absolutely incredible meeting you,” she tells him.

Lily from the present then shares a farewell hug with Harry.

Chapter 5

A chariot of damnation arrives to pick Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood and Annabeth chase up and to take them back to camp half blood in the village of Hogsmead.

Lily Kettle from the present (the true Lily Kettle), her new friend’s Ryan Robertson and Matthew Seed, her friend Kerry Ravens, her prisoner Shannay Ravens and Tracy Beaker all make their way back into number 2 Ross way house the time machine once again in the grounds of Hogwarts castle, and inside that house Lily takes to leading her foe Shannay roughly by the house through the hallway of the house, into the kitchen, making her way through there with her held in a secure grip of her hand, into the utility of Matthew’s house, and inside that room Lily finds a blue dog basket with a pink bedding inside it, and on top of the pink bedding is the most amazing looking golden retriever that Lily has ever seen. Lily smiles down at the dog while standing beside her enemy Shannay inside its bedroom.

“Hello there you must be Matthew’s dog Milo!” Lily cries out in a tone of happiness at the golden retriever braided dog.

The dog called Milo takes to licking Miss Kettle’s hands happily in response to what she has just cried out to him. Milo’s left rather happy so it seems by finding this stranger inside his house giving him attention like this. Shannay takes a look in anger at Lily.

“Oh please do I really have to watch you playing with a mongrel pup like this?” She takes to snarling out at her in a tone of sharp and aggressive anger.

In response to what she has just snarled out at her Lily takes to leading Shannay firmly by the arm through the room, and into the messy garage in Matthew’s home. Miss Kettle then takes to locking up her enemy who is still imprisoned in thick metal chains Miss Ravens up in the rather dirty and messy garage there. Lily smiles at Shannay.

“No doubt you’ll find a way of escaping from me rather soon, but until then you’re at my mercy for a change, and just you wait until a ghost from my past catches up with you!” She informs her in a tone of sharp anger.

Lily is however not referring to Kerry, because she is now feeling both ready and determined to resurrect someone else from the land of the dead.


Chapter 6

Lily Kettle makes her way back up to Matthew Seed’s loft in his house number 2 Ross way which is actually a time machine, and there she finds him talking to his computer dad there. Matthew takes a smile at Lily when she comes to join him up in his brand new control room loft inside his house.

“Did you not fancy staying with the others down in my living room?” Mr Seed takes to asking Miss Kettle.

In truth Lily hadn’t known where both Ryan Robertson and the others were right now in this house, but actually right now there is something far more important on Lily’s mind that she really needs to discuss with Matthew. Lily folds her arms.

“Take me to Northumberland Street in the North east England, because I wish to be reunited with my younger sister’s there!” Lily takes to commanding her new friend Matthew.

Matthew knows that his house can only travel in time, and so he turns back to face his dad’s face which is still shown up on the great big computer screen.

“Dad take us back to yesterday morning in Newcastle!” Matthew takes to ordering his good old papa.

Moments later number 2 Ross way house has taken off from where it was placed in the grounds of Hogwarts castle, and it takes to reappearing in the very heart of Northumberland street in the city in England Newcastle, and there Mr Seed the computer takes to putting up an invisibility cloak around the house.

Matthew Seed and Lily Kettle make their way out of the time machine number 2 Ross way house through the front door’s there into the very heart of the city of Newcastle, and they are closely followed out of the house by Ryan Robertson, Tracy Beaker and Kerry Ravens. Tracy and Kerry appear to have gotten to know one another a little bit better, because they are now taking to comfort one another while they are both feeling really sad after their new enemy Shannay has just explained to them both that she has killed both Kyle and Razz Kevins by drowning them to their death in the great blue sea.

Lily Kettle however has a plan about how she will be able to be reunited with both Kyle and Razz Kevins again, and so she is choosing not to be upset about their deaths just yet.

Matthew Seed turns to face Lily Kettle while they take to standing on Northumberland Street with the others.

“So where will we be able to find your little sister’s?” Mr Seed takes to questioning Miss Kettle sounding rather troubled.

Tracy’s left surprised by what Matthew has just questioned Lily about. Miss Beaker is now feeling rather troubled as she turns to face her best friend Miss Kettle.

“Why do you suddenly wish to be reunited with Poppy and Rosie?” Tracy questions Lily.

Miss Kettle takes a look back at Miss Beaker in response to what she has just questioned her about.

“Because I need my family back!” Lily explains to Tracy, Matthew, Ryan and Kerry.

Mr Robertson turns to face Miss Kettle.

“Where do they live round here?” He asks her sounding interested to meet some of her family members.

Lily shrugs her shoulders in response to what Ryan has just asked her about.

“Follow me,” she takes to telling both him and the others as she takes to leading both him and them through the streets of Newcastle.

Chapter 7

Lily Kettle leads the way for her four friends into a garden. The garden is rather big, and Lily can see a duck pond in it as she leads the way for her friends through it. Lily is leading the way for her friends Ryan Robertson, Matthew Seed, Tracy Beaker and Kerry Ravens up to a big mansion. Lily knows that the happily married couple who adopted her two little sisters’s the Perry family must have come up in the world. Lily races up some steep steps in the garden leading up to the dark red coloured outside door of the great big house. Lily knocks loudly on the door of the house. Ryan comes to stand by his new friend Lily facing the outside door.

“So your sisters live here then?” Mr Robertson takes to asking Miss Kettle.

Lily nods her head in response to what Ryan has just asked her about. Seconds later the door of the house opens, and a medium sized grey haired middle aged man stands facing Lily and her friends. The man seems surprised to have found Lily standing before him outside his house like this.

“Thought you were dead!” The man cries out in a tone of alarm at Lily.

Miss Kettle knows that Matt Perry has a very good point, because after all she should really have died many times over the past few years while she hasn’t seen either him, his wife or her sister’s. Lily smiles opposite her at Matt.

“I want to see the girls!” She tells him.

Matt smiles back at Lily in response to what she has just told him.

“You had better come in then and bring your friends,” he says to her in response to what he has just told her about.

Lily then takes to entering herself into the Perry’s family home leading the way for Ryan, Matthew, Tracy and Kerry into there. Matthew Perry then takes to leading Lily gently by the arm into the sitting room in his house, and there Lily finds Matt’s wife Christie and her two sister’s Rosie and Poppy. The two sister’s cry out in happiness when they see Lily standing before them along with her fellow friends inside the living room in their house.

“LILY! LILY!” Both Poppy and Rosie cry out in great delight at their big sister together.

The two little girls then hurry happily into Lily’s open embrace. Lily is left surprised by just how much her two sisters have grown up in the time while she has been away from them. Christie smiles in sadness across the room over at Lily.

“I’m so sorry about your dad!” She apologises to her in a tone of grave sadness.

Lily smiles back at Christie.

“I wish to take the girls away with me for a little while!” She tells her.

Christie surprisingly nods her head in response to what Lily has just told her about.

“Yes off course just as long as they’re back with us by Christmas, and you two must join us for Christmas this year Lily!” Mrs Perry agrees with what Miss Kettle has just told her about.

With it only being September the twenty first Lily hasn’t taken to think at all about Christmas yet, but however she is hoping to spend it with her family and friends back in Living village. Lily however takes to nodding her head in response to what Christie has just agreed with her about. Lily then takes to smiling in happiness from the twelve year old Poppy to the thirteen year old Rosie.

“Go and get your things together then girls!” She tells them both through a tone of great delight.

Both Poppy and Rosie then take to racing as fast as they possibly can out of their living room together in happiness. They both now appear to be just really excited with the knowledge that they are both going to go and spend a short time living with their big sister Lily. Christie when the girls are out the room then takes to pulling Lily into a friendly hug.

“Goodness how much you’ve grown!” Mrs Perry cries out in a tone of delight at Miss Kettle.

Matt nods his head over at Tracy.

“You doing alright?” He questions her.

Both Matt and Christie have met Tracy so much over the years while Lily was growing up inside the Dumping Ground. Tracy smiles back at Matt in response to what he has just questioned her about.

“To be perfectly honest with you I feel absolutely spit screwed and yourself?” Miss Beaker tells Mr Perry truthfully in response to what he has just questioned her about.

Tracy is feeling really rotten by the death of her dear and loyal boyfriend Kyle. Matt shrugs his shoulders in response to what Tracy has just questioned him about.

“Not too bad to be honest with you, but I’m going to really miss the girls, and you better still be taking good care of Lily do you hear me Tracy?” Matthew Perry tells Tracy sounding rather firm.

Miss Beaker nods her head in response to what Mr Perry has just told her about. Seconds later both Poppy and Rosie return to the living room in their house carrying two great big rucksacks on their little backs. Ryan smiles from the two little girls over to Lily.

“Ar they look just like you,” he says to her.

Lily smiles back at Ryan in response to what he has just said to her.

“I love them to bits,” she tells him honestly in response to what he has just said to her.

Lily then proceeds to pull both Poppy and Rosie into another loving hug.

“Now let’s go and find our daddy,” she whispers to them both.

Lily is now determined to rescue her dad Steve.

Chapter 8

Lily Kettle is now back in the loft control room along with both Matthew Seed and Ryan Robertson in the time machine number 2 Ross way house. Poppy and Rosie are now watching TV in Matthew’s bedroom in his house. Lily managed to use her magical powers to make all the electricity functions continue to work in this house no matter where they travel to in time. Kerry is now down in the kitchen in Matthew’s house cooking some dinner, and both Ryan and Tracy are getting to know one another a little bit better inside the study in Matthew’s home. Tracy now because Lily has decided to put her trust into him has now decided to place her own trust into Mr Robertson.

Before leaving Northumberland Street Lily bought a diamond coloured golden metal engagement ring from a ring shop in the street. While being up inside the loft control room in his house Lily takes another smile across at her new companion Matthew.

“Take me to a place in the city where your big brother Greg is studying at university in Liverpool to a village called Living there, and make sure that we travel back in time about two years go!” She commands him.

Matthew nods his head in response to what Lily has just commanded him about. Matthew’s dad the computer screen also has agreed with what Miss Kettle has just told his son. Moments later number two Ross way house lands on a main road that is just by a high street in the village. Lily Kettle takes to hurrying as fast as she possibly can out of her new mate’s house in the village.

Lily Kettle hurries as fast as she can away from number two Ross way house on the main road. Luckily there are no cars coming either up or down the road when she does this. Lily arrives on the high street, and she takes to running as fast as she can down it there. Half way down the street Lily can see her dad Steve in the company with another her from the past, her best mate Carman Howle and with her best mate Tracy Beaker. Lily from the present moves as fast as she can hurrying her way down the high street.

“No I’m not going to attend the wedding if you don’t mind, it’ll be just too hard for me too,” Lily can hear her dad saying to Tracy from the past.

Miss Kettle from the present knows just what exact time frame she has just fallen herself into now, and she knows what happened next after this horrific moment in her life. Lily suddenly sees her old enemy Morgana Pendragon appearing herself to Lily herself from the past, her dad Steve and her friends Tracy and Carman out of absolute nowhere.

“Get behind me!” Lily from the present can hear her past self taking to warning her dad.

Lily from the present continues to hurry herself down the last little bit of the high street leading down to her dad. Lily reaches her dad, and she overhears him asking the past her if she thought that Morgana looked anything like her old enemy Cora. Lily from the present makes a grab for her dad, and she takes him firmly by the hand. Lily ignores the screams of shock that she can suddenly now hear coming from the past her, Tracy and Carman. Steve is just as equally as shocked by this as the others are. Lily then uses her magical powers to make Morgana suddenly go disappearing off the road. Lily takes Steve back to Matthew’s house by force. Lily has just managed to save her dad’s life, but however no she herself has just changed another bit of human history. Lily has just changed a fixed point in time by rescuing her old man.

Chapter 9

Steve Kettle rounds on his eldest daughter Lily inside the hallway in Matthew Seed’s time machine house. Steve appears to be really confused right now as she takes to rounding on his child.

“Lily what the bloody hell is going on?” Steve demands an answer firmly from his seventeen year old extraordinary daughter.

Lily smiles back at her father in response to the question that he’s just demanded an answer from her.

“Dad that witch was going to kill you before, and I just couldn’t let that happen! I’m older than what that Lily is who you have just been with, and she’s going to believe you to be dead right now, because believe me you were dead for a very long time, but I can’t let you remain dead anymore, because I want you back in my life! I need you dad!” Lily explains herself to her father.

Steve’s still troubled. He knows that he is just going to have to get used to his life from now on not making a lick of sense.

“Where the hell are we?” Steve snaps out wanting an answer from Lily.

Miss Kettle smiles back at her old man.

“Inside my new friend’s time machine house,” she tells him.

Tracy makes her way out of the sitting room in Matthew’s house along with Ryan. Tracy smiles at Steve.

“Hey I can’t possibly even begin to imagine just what’s going on through your mind right now,” she says to him.

Steve shrugs his shoulders back at Tracy in response to what she has just said to him.

“All I know for definite is that both you and my Lily appear to have aged an awful lot!” Mr Kettle informs Miss Beaker.

Steve then shakes his head at Ryan with suspicion in his eyes.

“And where the hell is Razz?” He demands an answer from him.

Steve suddenly remembers the answer to his own question as he begins to round in anger on his daughter Lily.

“Oh yeah that’s right gone, he’s dead, and some girlfriend you turned out to be, because you’ve already started to move your heart on away from him!” Steve shouts out at his child in a tone of anger.

Lily rounds back on her old man in response to what he has just shouted out at him.

“Actually dad I think you’ll find that Razz is still the true keeper of my heart, and I’m now going to go and find him!” Lily tells Steve.

The daughter then pulls her father into a loving hug, because she’s just so happy to have found herself reunited with him once again. Number 2 Ross way then takes off from the high street in Living village, and it appears back in the forest that camp half blood is located in.


Number 2 Ross way house the great time machine appears out of nowhere just outside camp half blood in the forest that it is found in, and there when Lily Kettle makes her way out of Matthew Seed’s house she finds herself luckily facing both Kyle and Razz Kevins. Both the father and son smile in great happiness over at their friend Lily in the forest.

“YES!” Razz cries out in a tone of happiness at his girlfriend as she hurries lovingly into his arms.

Kyle is left amazed by the house that has suddenly appeared before both he himself and his son in this forest that Lily has just made her way hurrying out of. Lily and Razz hold one another lovingly in their arms today, and they share a romantic kiss with one another on the lips.

“Where’s that Ryan bloke? I’m going to kill him!” Razz snaps out at Lily in a promise.

Miss Kettle smiles back at Mr Kevins as she continues to hold him lovingly in her two gentle arms.

“It’s alright he’s, Ryan’s, a good man now and a changed man, because he saved my life from a bunch of my enemies, and so he’s with me now as a friend,” Lily explains to Razz.

Tracy, Steve, Kerry, Poppy, Rosie, Matthew and Ryan then all appear out of the time machine house together facing Lily, Razz and Kyle in the forest. Both Razz and Kyle are left really surprised to find people who they believed that they would never ever see again like both Steve and Kerry have returned to life from the dead. Tracy hurries lovingly into Kyle’s open embrace. Steve stands facing both Lily and her boyfriend Razz together. He is standing with both his daughter’s Rosie and Poppy, and he has his two arms wrapped lovingly around them both. Kerry is also standing with Steve, and they exchange a happy little smile together.

“This is Lily’s happily ever after!” Both Miss Ravens and Mr Kettle promise each other believing this to be true, but however it is not.

Matthew is standing side by side with his new friend Ryan. They both appear to becoming the very best of friends to one another. Lily takes to bending down on her knees before her boyfriend Razz in this forest, and there she takes to withdrawing the golden diamond metal ring from her dark black leather jacket pocket. When she captured Shannay Lily managed to steal her jacket back from her. Lily smiles up into Razz’s bright blue eyes.

“Will you marry me Razz Kevins?” She asks him.

This proposal seems to not be the traditional one where the man asks the woman to marry him. Razz nods his head in happiness down lovingly at Lily.

“Oh yes I will for it seems like I have loved you for a thousand years my girl!” He tells her with hint of love in the tone of his voice as he nods his head in response to her question to him.

Lily then proceeds to place the engagement ring onto one of Razz’s fingers before standing up onto her feet from her knees, and Lily shares out a loving kiss with Razz on his lips.

This is the happiest moment of Lily’s life right now with knowing that she is going to marry the love of her life, with her dad Steve returned to life from the dead, and with being reunited with her sister’s, but however this is not where her story ends I’m ashamed to say, because her story is about to get darker much darker, because although she has now captured her and has her at her mercy as her prisoner, Shannay is still out there just ready to strike Lily down unfortunately, and there are still some unanswered questions out there, for example what did Natasha Romanoff want with both Razz and Kyle? What will happen now that Lily has messed round with the past by saving the lives of both her dad Steve and her new friend Ryan? Will Lily ever be reunited with her little brother Jonah and her dog Shadow again?

Read on to find out!





















Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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