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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lily Kettle discovers much to her horror that she's just been kidnapped. Oh I really do hate it when that happens! She now finds herself a prisoner aboard a magical express train to a mad man. What will happen to her now? Read on to find out!

The Best Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 3 Episode 3

Chapter one

The young lady struggles to open up her two eyes. Lily is left shocked when she opens up her two eyes to find that she is laying down on the gap between four seats, two on either side, facing one another on what sounds to be an express train. Lily is fully aware now that she was wrong to have trusted Ryan Robertson, and she regrets now having gone off to meet with him in platform nine and three quarters in Kings cross train station in London. Lily can feel thick rope tied around both of her hands. Lily struggles using both her arms and legs up off the dirty floor and onto a seat directly facing the monster man Ryan in the carriage on the train. Ryan is sat down on the seat directly opposite Lily in the carriage on the train that seems to be moving like the wind. Ryan is smiling coldly over at Lily.

“Well look who’s just woken up! Hello bitch!” He snaps out sharply at her.

Lily glares across in anger over at Ryan.

“Ok let’s start with who the hell are you?” She demands an answer angrily from him.

Ryan shrugs his shoulders.

“I’m just a man on a mission, and my mission actually evolves all around you!” He tells Lily truthfully in response to her demanding question to him.

Lily knows what her question number three is going to be therefore, but now it’s time for question number two.

“What do you want with me?” Lily snaps out at Ryan commanding him to give her an answer.

Robertson smiles coldly back over at Kettle in response to her question to him.

“I’d like to know pretty eyes just how you managed to get a historical museum all about your life!” He says to her in response to her question to him.

Lily shrugs her shoulders truthfully in response to what Ryan has just informed her about.

“I don’t know either, really I don’t, so if that’s all you want with me to find out about the museum of Lily Kettle then it turns out that you’re wasting your time with me isn’t it?” Lily snaps out sharply at her new enemy.

Ryan shakes his head in disgust over at Lily.

“Well that isn’t the only reason why I want you! The big reason why I want you is because of my mission!” He informs her in a tone of disgust.

Ryan is disgusted with Lily for her thinking that the only reason he has her is because of him wanting to find out from her just how come she’s so famous. Lily is growing impatient with her new foe now. Lily has burning questions that she needs answers to right now.

“WHAT IS YOUR MISSION?” Lily screams out at Ryan finally showing him her own sharp anger.

Ryan raises both of his hands to silence Lily in response to what she has just questioned him about.

“To get your magic back girl like how I explained to you what I was after in the letter that I sent out to you! The only place in the world where I will be able to teach you magic is Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry!” Mr Robertson shouts out coldly at Miss Kettle.

Lily closes her eyes with fear of Ryan now. He’s a crazy mad man, Lily thinks to herself. Ryan starts talking to her again causing Lily to open up her eyes with panic now. Lily wishes that she still had her magical powers to transform Ryan into a fat little toad who she knows who he really is.

“If I told you what I really wanted with you then it would never get done!” Ryan snarls out at Lily showing her is own anger.

Without the power of her magic behind her Lily unfortunately seems to be no match at all for Ryan. Lily takes a look at Ryan with mercy in her two eyes.

“Ryan, I know someone who is a lot like you, but she’s actually far more dangerous than you, and so I suggest that you don’t be like her, and that you start being good! The first step towards being good is to untie this rope from my hands, and to get us both off the Hogwarts express!” She tells him it is clear that she is referring to Shannay.

Ryan takes a look back at Lily in response to what she has just told him. Ryan can see love and goodness staring back at him from Lily. Ryan knows that he shouldn’t do what the devil tells him. Jesus ignored the devil for forty days in the desert, and now Ryan must do the same to his own devil. Ryan grabs hold of the rope that he tied around Lily’s two hands, and he roughly pulls it apart. Lily then launches herself surprisingly onto Ryan throwing punch after punch at him in the face.

“CRAZY SON OF A BITCH!” Lily screams out at Ryan sounding terrified.

Mr Robertson takes it back now, everything that he has just thought about. Ryan knows that he must place his trust into his devil and not into his new enemy Lily. Ryan kicks Lily roughly off him, and she falls backwards onto the floor of the compartment. Lily spits some blood out of her mouth in anger after hitting her mouth off a sharp edge of the floor that is sticking up. Ryan takes a look down coldly at Lily.

“You could have earned my trust!” He snaps down at her towering over her as she lays on the floor just before him.

Lily takes a look up at Ryan in anger.

“Yeah well you wouldn’t have earned mine!” She yells out at him sounding scared.

Ryan folds his arms.

“That seems to be a very expensive jacket that you’re wearing miss, I would hate for it to get ruined!” He tells Lily sharply.

Kettle closes her eyes. She knows that she can’t risk ripping this jacket in her battle against Ryan, because it was after all one of the last gifts that her dad Steve gave to her before he died. Lily’s troubled.

“Alright you win, I’ll start playing your game, I’ll shut my mouth, and I wouldn’t say anything else for the rest of the train journey, just please don’t hurt me!” She begs Ryan sounding horrified.

Robertson nods his head happily in response to what Lily has just begged of him not to do to her.

“Right I won’t hurt you, just yet, but be a good little girl and take a seat down on that seat you were sitting on before, and be warned if you try anything I’ll get you to kill yourself after I’ve gotten you to kill someone who you care about!” Ryan warns Lily.

Mr Robertson then roughly proceeds to pulls Miss Kettle harshly to her feet up from the dirty floor, before pushing her down aggressively onto the seat in the compartment that she was sitting on before.

Chapter two

Kyle Kevins is now heading away from Liverpool city on its way to London city in the country England. Kyle has both his and Lily Kettle’s loved ones Tracy Beaker and his son Razz Kevins with him. Kyle’s car is now going zooming down the motorway just like the speed of light. Kyle turns to face Tracy.

“Don’t worry she’ll be alright!” He makes a vow to her referring to Lily who they are all heading now to save from their new stranger Ryan Robertson.

Tracy nods her head in agreement to what her one true love has just said to her. Tracy then turns round in the car to face Razz who is sitting in one of the back seats of the car.

“Don’t worry we’ll find her!” Miss Beaker makes a promise to the young Kevins.

Razz nods his head in response to what Tracy has just promised him rather unsure. Razz is really worried about Lily to be sure for certain whether she’s alright or not right now, but however on the other hand both Tracy and Kyle know that their friend Lily is a tough cookie has been through much worse than a bad man after her before in the past, and so they both have faith that she’ll be both fine and dandy.

Chapter three

Lily Kettle is still a prisoner aboard the Hogwarts express to her new captive Ryan Robertson. The Hogwarts express is the name given to the train that acts as journey between both Kings cross train station in London to the train station in Hogsmead.

“ANYTHING FROM THE TROLLEY!” An old fat little lady calls out to both Ryan and his prisoner making her way into their compartment on the train, pushing a trolley full of both magical food and drink with her.

Lily would like to tell the lady that she’d like her help to get away from Ryan, but however she is too afraid that Ryan will surely kill her if she does, and so instead she just keeps her mouth firmly closed, and takes to shaking her head in response to the lady’s question to her. It is clear that Ryan isn’t going to even bother responding to the lady’s question to him, and so she just proceeds to turn round and make her way out of their compartment away from them both. The train is reaching its destination now Lily can tell.

“Get up! Come with me!” Ryan snaps out in a commanding tone at Lily as the train pulls up to a stop by the station in Hogsmead.

Lily struggles to her feet up from her chair before proceeding to follow Ryan out of their compartment. It doesn’t take Ryan and his new prisoner Lily very long to depart from the train together, and to head into the station of Hogsmead together. Hogsmead is a village, and it is actually the only all-wizarding village in Great Britain. Once students have reached their third year at Hogwarts they have the option to head into the village at weekends or not.  This train station is found near to the black lake, and from there a road extends around the lake to the castle of Hogwarts. This train station is actually quite a fair distance from the village of Hogsmead again. This station is located on the opposite side of Hogwarts grounds.

“FIRST YEARS FOLLOW ME!” The voice of the Rubeus Hagrid, (the Hogwarts care of magical creature’s teacher), calls out to the students surrounding both Lily and Ryan as they depart from the train.

Lily can see all the first year students making their way forward towards their school teacher now. Ryan takes to grabbing Lily sharply by the arm, and he leads her roughly down a road past a row of buildings, and at the bottom of the set of buildings Ryan forces Lily and takes himself into the clearing of the Forbidden forest. This clearing leads up to the school grounds of Hogwarts.

“I’ve always imagined what it would be like to go to Hogwarts after watching the Harry Potter films-

Ryan cuts across Lily sharply as she tells him this with snapping out at her the word quiet.

Chapter four

Kyle Kevins car breaks down by the side of a dark forest which isn’t the Forbidden forest may I add. They are all really angry by this Kyle, Tracy and Razz. Kyle punches the glass out of a window in his car in sadness. Kyle is becoming worried that it may be far too late for them to save Lily now. Tracy takes a look over at Razz just in time to find him sprinting off alone into the forest.

“KYLE!” Beaker alerts her new fella to what’s going on.

Kyle turns round from facing his broken down car just in the nick of time to find his only son and child hurrying off alone into the dark forest. Kyle knows that Razz is much more than determined to get help for both Lily and themselves, but Kyle also knows that it’s an extremely dangerous thing that his son has just done by racing off into the dam forest not knowing what is lurking in there just ready to pounce onto him. Kyle shrugs his shoulders at Tracy.

“He needs us! Come on!” He tells her urgently racing himself now into the forest with Tracy hurrying on after him close behind him.

Kyle, Tracy and Razz are now all in the dark forest together. Both Kyle and Tracy manage to catch up with their loved one easily enough in the creepy forest. Kyle grabs Razz firmly by the arm as if he were two years old to stop him from running off.

“Don’t leave my side son, it’s dangerous out there!” Mr Kevins warns his son in a sharp tone only wishing however to protect him.

All of a sudden a great big cyclop appears out of nowhere before the three of them in the spooky dark forest, his name is Tyson. Kyle knows now that both he and his loved ones are in danger, and if they are to die here then they’re not much good to Lily after all. The Cyclops’s appears to be wanting to protect something hidden away in the forest from the three people. The Cyclop’s takes a look down at Tracy, and then surprisingly it walks on past her. Tracy then watches a magical camp appears out of nowhere in the middle of this dark terrifying forest, this camp is called camp half blood, Tracy can tell that it is called that by a sign that is placed by the entrance to it. Tracy takes a look back at her two friends they have both been forced away by the Cyclop, meaning that only Tracy is allowed entrance into the camp. What could the reason to that be? She wonders. Could it be that she is the daughter to a God?

To be continued!















Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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