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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lily Kettle meets a brand new friend in a mysterious boy who seems to know all about her called Matthew Seed in this episode. They share out a little adventure together where they travel to the place of where he's having his work experience together, and there they find something shocking. Read on to find out what happens!

Submitted: July 28, 2015

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Submitted: July 28, 2015



The Best Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 3 Episode 9

Chapter 1

Matthew Seed just stands there frozen still in the classroom where he used to learn as a little boy with fear in his two eyes. Matthew can’t actually believe that all the children who he would travel to the ends of the earth for wish to kill him here today. Lily Kettle however unlike Matthew knows that now is the time to act, because even Mr David Burton the class teacher seems to have rounded in anger upon them both now. What to do Lily thinks to herself. Lily can suddenly hear a slight ticking noise coming from inside the classroom.

“MATTHEW A BOMB’S ABOUT TO EXPLODE!” She rages out at her new friend in a terrified tone of panic

Lily then grabs Matthew both urgently and firmly by the arm, and she makes a dive out of the back classroom door with him. Lily and Matthew take to hurrying as fast as they both can away from the school. Then the school blows up in a huge explosion. Star of the Sea RC Primary School has just blown up. Matthew is in tears of sadness right now.

“OH NO!” He moans out to himself sounding really upset and angry right now.

Lily is pulling on Matthew’s right arm now.

“Look over there!” She commands him.

Matthew then takes to looking directly at what Lily is pointing out to him. Lily is pointing the mobile classrooms in this school playground out to her new friend Matthew. Matthew himself now takes to hearing a great deal of screaming coming from inside the mobile classroom that is the Little Gems school nursery. Matthew then takes to hurrying as fast as he possibly can over the light green coloured mobile classroom. Matthew races as fast as he can up a couple of stairs leading up to the mobile out of school classroom, and then he takes to kicking the door of the mobile classroom hard down. Lily races as fast as she possibly can up to join Matthew. Matthew finds everyone from Star of the Sea RC Primary school inside these two classroom’s, including both off course Mr David Burton and his year four class.

Chapter 2

Mr Burton is now stood in the Star of the Sea school yard with his friend Matthew taking a look over at the destroyed school building with him. David smiles in sadness at Matthew.

“We we’re all attacked by robot’s in the school, they made themselves look like us, and they locked us all up inside our mobile classroom’s, I can’t believe that they’ve destroyed our school,” he tells him sounding sad.

Matthew pats Mr Burton gently on his shoulder before heading off to join Lily who is introducing herself to his year four children in the school play ground. One of the year four boys’s called Harry Mac smiles up happily at Matthew as he makes his way over to them.

“Lily’s lovely!” Harry cries out in a tone of happiness at his big teaching helper Matthew.

One of the year four girl’s called Emily Gow then happily takes a look up at Lily.

“Matthew’s just a bit of a fixer upper but he’s the right man for a lovely girl like you!” She says excitedly to her.

Lily pulls little Emily into a gentle hug.

“I don’t love him,” she whispers out to her.

Matthew knows that Lily way isn’t his type of girl, and besides he knows that she’s hoping to get married to someone soon. Matthew takes to smiling down at both Emily and Harry.

“She’s getting married!” He tells them both.

Matthew then pulls both Emily and Harry into a happy girl.

“I’m a free man without a girl taking over my life!” He cries out at them both in a tone of happiness.

Matthew then nods his head over at Lily.

“I have however allowed myself to have friends in my life, and so for that reason let’s go back to my house,” he tells her.

Matthew and Lily then take to leaving Star of the Sea school together.

Chapter 3

Matthew Seed uses his key to unlock the front door of his house which is number 2 Ross way, after walking here home from Star of the Sea school with his new friend Lily Kettle

“Star of the Sea seemed to me that it was a nice little school before it got burned down,” Lily tells Matthew.

Mr Seed takes to nodding his head in response to what Miss Kettle has just told him as he takes to leading the way for her into his house.

“Yeah it was,” Matthew says in agreement to what Lily has just told him.

The house seems to be both dead and deserted. Matthew smiles back at Lily while they take to standing in the hallway of his house together.

“No one’s home but us, because my dad’s down in London, my brother Greg’s down in Liverpool, and both my mum and my brother Max are at work,” he explains to her.

Lily ignores what Matthew has just explained to her, because she doesn’t really care whether they are alone together in this house or not. Lily stands in the hallway of the house folding her arms while smiling over at her new companion Matthew.

“I’d like to know about how you’ve been able to watch me on the TV programme that you mentioned before the Dumping Ground, and why you’ve been writing your own stories about me!” Lily tells Matthew sounding both firm and cross.

Miss Kettle is rather concerned now that Mr Seed has been stalking her. Matthew shrugs his shoulders back at Lily.

“Very well then come with me up to my bedroom and you’ll find the answers to everything that you wish to know,” he explains to her.

Lily then takes to following Matthew along the hallway and up the stairs in his house leading up to the landing in the house. Matthew’s bedroom is the first one that you come to after you have reached the top of the stairs in this house. Matthew leads the way for Lily into his bedroom, and there Lily finds a great big pile of paper sitting on top of a printer which is placed on top of a desk in this bedroom. Matthew stands inside his bedroom facing his new friend Lily there. Matthew reaches out, and he grabs a piece of paper which is stabled together with some other pieces of paper from on top of his printer before handing it over to Lily. Lily takes a look down at the piece of paper, and she sees the little faces of she herself, her one true love Razz Kevins, her deceased dad Steve Kettle and her enemy Shannay Ravens placed along the top of it. Lily reads out some writing which is on the piece of paper to herself. The writing on top of this piece of paper reads as follows the ultimate adventure, 2014 EDITION, series one part one, episodes one to three, and under that writing is some more writing which read as follows, after leaving the Dumping Ground behind Lily Kettle moves to the village of Living in Liverpool city along with her dad Steve, her dad’s girlfriend Shannay, her little brother Jonah and her dog Shadow, and there Lily meets a new friend in Razz Kevins, and she also finds her feet in her new family cafe’ there. Lily is left horrified to discover that Matthew seems to have been writing down the truth of her life without him even realising that he has. Lily takes now to reading through the first page of the story that Matthew has written on his computer.


The Adventure’s Opening

(2014 edition)

Series one Episode one

Chapter one

The red Kettle family car took to driving away from the Dumping Ground for what seemed to be the last time. Tears of sadness rolled down Lily Kettle’s face from her wet tearful devastated eyes. Lily was ever so upset right now, because she was leaving her friends behind in the home she had known called the Dumping Ground for what she believed to be the finale ever time.

Goodbye Mike, farewell Carman and so long Dumping Ground, Lily thought to herself as she took one last good look at her old care home as she sat in her dad’s car slowly making her way away from it.

Right now this very minute, Lily Kettle is sitting in the back right seat of her dad’s car taking a ride away from her home town for what she believes to be the last time. Lily and her dear loving family are moving down South in the country England to Liverpool from the North East of Newcastle to run a family business in a café’ by the seaside in Liverpool. Steve Kettle who is driving his car turns around for a minute to face his fifteen year old daughter.

“Lily are you sure now that this is what you really want now in life? Lily are you sure that you really want to move away with me and Shannay?” He questions her checking one last time that she’s happy with the great big Kettle family move.

Lily then nods her head in response to her dad’s question.

Lily can’t now believe that she’s just read through something about her own past inside this mysterious stranger’s bedroom. Matthew has been getting something on you tube for Lily to watch on his playsation vita. Matthew now hands his portable playsation device over to Lily after she places the story down onto his bed. Lily now takes to watching through a programme on you tube called the Dumping Ground survival files promises. Lily can see both her and her best mate Carman Howle in the video blog. Lily can however remember making a video blog just like this one just for the fun of it back at the Dumping Ground with Carman, but she hadn’t realised afterwards that someone had put it on you tube. Lily rounds in anger on Matthew.

“What the hell is going on?” She demands an answer angrily from him.

Matthew folds his arms and he shakes his head in disbelief at Lily.

“I have no idea in the world, but you can’t be, it’s possible for you to be here, you’re a made up frictional character from a TV children’s programme!” He tells her shouting out at her now letting his feeling of shock overcome him now.

Lily is left horrified now to discover that her new acutance Matthew is accusing her of being a made up frictional character. Lily shakes her head quickly back at Matthew.

“I need to leave!” She tells him simply but urgently.

Lily knows that she really needs to just get herself out of this house right now. Lily then throws Matthew’s playsation vita roughly out of her hand hauling it across his bedroom. Lily storms angrily out of Matthew’s bedroom. Mr Seed knows that he just can’t let Miss Kettle out of his sight now, because Matthew just knows that it’s up to him to find out why Lily is a living breathing person. Matthew is racing on out of his bedroom after Lily his new case study now. Lily is halted herself on her travels just outside of Matthew’s bedroom. Lily turns back to face Matthew on the landing of his house.

“You’re just as surprised by all this as I am aren’t you?” She questions him in a sharp quick tone.

Matthew nods his head truthfully in response to Lily’s question to him.

“I really have no idea at all what’s going on,” he tells her in a truthful tone in response to what she’s just questioned him about.

Lily knows that it may actually be fun for her to solve this mysterious with her new friend Matthew. Lily smiles back at Matthew in response to what he’s just told her about.

“Very well then, I’m staying with you for now, we’re going to find out all the answers that we need together,” she explains to him.

Matthew and Lily then take to shaking hands firmly together joining one another in a brand new alliance. All of a sudden the loft ladles in Matthew’s house come falling down from the ceiling where they are standing together. Matthew’s left a little freaked out by what has just happened, but however there’s something else on Lily’s mind.

“Have you got more stories about me up there?” She asks Matthew sounding curious.

Before Matthew can answer his new pal with the response no I keep them all in my bedroom Lily is quickly climbing the steps of the ladle up to the loft.

“BLOODY HELL MATTHEW!” Miss Kettle takes to shouting down sounding totally shocked from where she is now stood up in the loft.

Matthew has no idea in the world just what Lily is so shocked about. However Matthew can see strange coloured bright lights coming from his loft. Matthew has actually never ever been up into his loft before. Matthew knows that he needs to climb up the ladles and join Lily in his loft, and he especially knows this when Lily takes to calling down from the loft “Matthew you really need to see this”. So Matthew takes to climbing up the sliver coloured ladles up to the loft inside his home. Matthew is now stood inside his loft, and he is left totally surprised to find that the loft inside his house is actually a console room. Matthew never ever knew that his house number two Ross way was actually a real time travelling machine.

Chapter 4

Matthew Seed stands side by side with his new friend Lily Kettle facing the consoles of the time machine that is inside his loft in his home. Matthew can feel his heart beating faster and faster now. Matthew is having a very funny and strange day today, and so is his new companion Lily. Lily turns quickly to face Matthew.

“You look as if you’re just as surprised as I am!” She tells him sounding totally surprised by the look of shock that is rested now upon his face.

Matthew takes to nodding his head in response to what Lily has just told. Lily knows that once both she herself and Matthew have mastered how to pilot this time machine then it’ll come in really useful to her, because Lily is aware knowing that a time machine really is what she needs right now. Lily takes to wandering around the loft examining the different controls up here. Lily can see a great big computer now at the far end of the loft. Matthew thought that just the old things that both he and his family had finished with were up here in this loft. Matthew is feeling a little upset now with the knowledge that his family never ever wanted him to come up here, and Matthew knows that his mum and dad really need to know that he is seventeen years old now and not a little kid. Suddenly when Lily is standing directly facing it inside the loft the great big computer powers up, and the face of Matthew’s dad Garry Seed appears on the computer. Garry’s face appears to be a little surprised to find himself facing this young lady inside the loft in his home, but however Garry soon takes to seeing past Lily, and he notices his youngest son Matthew standing in the far corner of the loft. Matthew appears not to have noticed that his father’s face has all of a sudden taken to appearing on the computer screen. Lily quickly turns round on the spot that she’s standing on to face Matthew.

“You should really take a look at this!” She tells him urging him to turn and face the computer screen.

Matthew turns round to facing the computer screen after hearing what his new friend Lily has just told him, and his heart nearly jumps out of his skin when he realises that his dad’s face is placed inside the screen.

“What the hell!” Matthew takes to crying out in shock when he takes a look into his father’s eyes.

Lily’s troubled.

“Whose face is that?” She questions Matthew seeing the look of horror in his eyes now.

Matthew hurries through the loft over to standing just before the main computer screen inside it. Matthew then takes to looking back at Lily.

“My dad Garry Seed!” He explains to her with horror in the tone of his voice.

Garry continues to look at Matthew.

“I’m sorry that I told you that I was going down to work in London, that I am ashamed to say was a lie, as you can see I have programmed myself into this computer that I made for you and the others Matthew! I created this time machine for you son and for Max, Greg and mum!” Garry takes to explaining to his youngest son.

This is the most surprising thing that Matthew has come across all day.

Chapter 5

Garry Seed then moves his eyes to take a look over at Lily Kettle from inside the computer screen. Garry takes to smiling at Lily.

“Who are you? Don’t tell me that Matthew has a girlfriend now that’s all that we need! He should be concentrating on getting distinctions in his Health and Social Care course!” He tells her sounding both firm and cross now.

Matthew not to have heard what his old man has just told Lily, because his head is pounding with the discovery that he’s only just made inside his house. Lily shakes her head back at Garry in response to what he has just told her.

“No Mr Seed I’m not Matthew’s girlfriend I’m just a new friend of his, and I’m going to get married to someone else after I’ve proposed to him!” Lily takes to explaining herself to Matthew’s dad.

Matthew rounds back on the computer screen to face his dad again.

“How long has this time machine been up here in the loft?” He commands an answer sharply from him.

Garry smiles back at his youngest son in response to the question that he’s just commanded an answer from him about.

“A couple of months it’s been here for, when you thought that I was really working inside my old shop Your local larder I was really inside this loft creating up my time machine!” Garry explains himself to his youngest child.

Matthew is feeling so incredibly shocked now by the discovery that he’s just made. Lily turns to face Matthew.

“Learn how to pilot your dad’s time machine because I’m in need of it!” She tells him.

Garry then turns to face Lily.

“The reason why I’ve programmed myself into this computer is so that I can fly the time machine after a member of my family has told me about wherever they wish to go!” He informs her explaining to her.

Matthew turns back to face Lily.

“Where do you wish to go?” He questions her.

Lily takes to looking back at Matthew in response to the question that he’s just asked her about.

“Take me back to the place that I was before I fell here and met you, and that is earlier today at Hogwarts castle!” Lily explains to Matthew in response to what he has just questioned her about.

Matthew takes a look at Lily with suspicion in his eyes.

“That place doesn’t exist!” He shouts out at her now while having a laugh at her.

Lily smiles back at Matthew in response to what he has just shouted out at her.

“I promise you that it really does!” She tells him in response to what he has just shouted out at her.

Matthew then turns to face the computer screen.

“You heard the lady fly us to Hogwarts castle about a couple of hours ago!” He takes to commanding his dad now.

Lily knows that there’s something that she really must try and do. Lily knows that she really must try and save the life of someone.

Chapter 6

The house number 2 Ross way takes off from where it was placed on the ground of the street that it was built on in the Whitley lodge estate, and it zooms up quickly like a shooting star into the high heavens, and then it vanishes out of sight there. Inside the house in the loft there are both Matthew Seed who lives in the house, and also his new friend called Lily Kettle. Lily folds her arms. Matthew’s dad who has programmed his face into a computer screen that is in the loft is flying the house which is now a time machine. Lily turns to face Matthew.

“Would you ever save the life of a man who kidnapped and tortured you even if he was good looking?” She takes to questioning him all of a sudden.

Matthew has no idea at all in the slightest just what Lily is banging on about. Matthew’s clearly troubled now.

“What do you mean?” He takes to questioning Lily turning to face her noticing fear staring back at him through her two eyes.

Lily smiles at Matthew.

“There’s this man called Ryan Robertson who committed suicide in the grounds of Hogwarts castle earlier today, and right now we are travelling back in time to save his life, but I’m just worried, because he’s a bloke who tricked me into meeting him, and when I did he abducted me and he tortured me, but however before he killed himself Ryan learned just who he had been taking orders from to hurt me, and he seemed to be genuinely full of regret for what he had done to me!” She takes to explaining her situation to him.

Matthew listens to every part of Lily’s story that she shares out to him with the deepest interest. Matthew’s troubled.

“Why would you want to save the life of this man for?” He questions his new friend sounding suddenly worried for her.

Lily smiles back at Matthew in response to the questioned that he’s just asked her about.

“Because I believe that I can change him,” Lily explains to Matthew.

Matthew’s troubled still continuing on from being all day so it seems.

“And what if you can’t change him, and what if he does something to you that will end your life like I don’t know kill you?” Matthew asks Lily.

Miss Kettle rounds on Mr Seed.

“Don’t worry I will be able to change Ryan!” She tells him sounding determined to.

The time machine number 2 Ross way suddenly lands in the grounds of Hogwarts castle. Lily shrugs her shoulders back at Matthew.

“Trust me I will save Ryan’s life, and he won’t be able to hurt either you or me!” She gives him his word.

Lily turns back to face the computer screen.

“Thank you Mr Seed,” she says to Garry’s face.

Lily then takes to hurrying through the loft, climbing down the ladles of it, making her way through Matthew’s house, and out of the front door of it. Lily is now determined to save Ryan from killing himself, and to help him change his ways that he goes about life.

Chapter 7

Lily Kettle steps out of the front door of number 2 Ross way house out into the grounds of Hogwarts castle, and there she finds Ryan Robertson the man who she has come here to save pulling her from the past into a hug.

“I’m so sorry,” Lily can hear Ryan whispering into the Lily who he’s hugging ear.

Lily from the present then watches as Ryan takes to backing away from her from the past. Lily from the present knows that Ryan is scared of harming her from the past, but she knows that he just has no reason to worry himself about the actions that he committed against her anymore. Lily from the present moves in close to face Ryan now, and she watches as he makes ready his sword to kill himself with. Lily from the present then launches herself onto Ryan, she grabs the sword out of his hand. Lily closes her hands in firmly over Ryan’s mouth, and she makes him not be able to breathe. Lily knocks Ryan out by doing this, and when he is knocked unconscious she takes to dragging him roughly into Matthew’s house. Lily has just changed the past. Lily from the past really had no idea at all what was going on, but however she did manage to see herself from the future saving the life of the man who brought pain to her, and now because Lily from the past saw Lily from the present a paradox has now begun to be made.

Chapter 8

Inside the living room in Matthew Seed’s time machine house on a sofa there Ryan Robertson struggles to open up his two eyes after getting knocked out by Lily Kettle. Lily is kneeling down on the wooden floor of the sitting room by the sofa that Ryan is laid down on. Ryan takes a look at Lily.

“What the hell is going on?” He demands an answer from her.

Lily smiles at Ryan.

“I’ve just saved your life, because I don’t want you to kill yourself because of the pain and regret that you’re receiving from hurting me,” she tells him.

Ryan’s still troubled however. He just doesn’t know why Lily would want to save his life, and he also can’t understand how she managed to. Ryan makes to speak, but however Lily rises up her two hands to silence him.

“I don’t want you to apologise to me, because I’ve already forgiven you, but I do want to tell you this I watched you kill yourself, but then that affected time, because you weren’t suppose to die. What you are supposed to do is to go to get your face burned off somehow, and then dress in a rather spooky looking outfit, and meet yourself on a couch, and on that couch you must command yourself to kidnap and torture me! After you died I was sent to the North East England, and I discovered that this new friend of mine who I met while I was there had a time machine, and that’s what this house is a time machine! After learning that my new pal Matty Seed had a time machine I ordered him to take me here for me to save your life! I think that you deserve a second chance more or less in life, and apart from in the future you coming across yourself in the couch I think that you should try and change your ways, and I will help you as best as I possibly can to do that!” Lily explains everything to Ryan.

Mr Robertson takes a seat up suddenly on the sofa that he’s been laying on, and he smiles happily down at Lily who is still kneeling down before him.

“You’re kind of amazing you know that,” Ryan tells Lily.

Miss Kettle struggles up onto her feet from her kneels, and she takes a seat down beside Ryan on the sofa. Lily smiles at Ryan.

“I’d like to get to know the real you, because I imagine that he’s probably just as amazing as I am,” she says to him.

Ryan and Lily then share out a little hug together while sitting beside one another on the sofa. Matthew then makes his way strolling into his living room inside his time machine home. Matthew takes a look from Lily to Ryan standing facing them both inside his home. Matthew smiles at Ryan.

“Hello there,” he tells him.

Ryan takes a look back at Matthew.

“Thank you for allowing Lily to bring a strange man like me into your home,” he says to him.

Matthew shrugs his shoulders in response to what Ryan has just said to him.

“I’m pleased that I was here to pick you up, and to stop you from what you were going to do to yourself, no one should ever do that to themselves,” Matthew takes to telling Ryan.

Ryan knows now that he was foolish for wishing to kill himself. Matthew folds his arms.

“Where now mate?” He takes to questioning Lily.

Lily’s rather troubled about just where to travel to next. Ryan then turns to face her.

“Your enemy Shannay’s still inside Hogwarts castle along with her powerful army of death eater’s and your friends who she has captured and turned into her prisoner’s!” Mr Robertson explains to Miss Kettle.

Lily listens carefully to what Ryan has just explained to her about. Lily knows that she really must deal with Shannay here today. Ryan continues to smile at Lily.

“This time I’ll stand by you and not her!” He makes a little vow to her.

Matthew’s troubled.

“Is it the same Shannay from the stories about you that I’ve been writing?” He questions Lily.

She now takes to rising to her feet up from the sofa that she’s been sitting down on, and now Miss Kettle nods her head back at Mr Seed in response to the question that he’s just asked her about.

“Yeah it most certainly is,” Lily tells Matthew in response to his question to her.

Ryan also rises to his feet up from the sofa that he’s been sitting on. Ryan shakes his head at Lily.

“We can’t run away and hide ourselves from this situation without facing Shannay together,” he explains to her.

Lily knows that Ryan is absolutely right, and that she is ready to get herself into Hogwarts castle and to face Shannay there. Lily smiles from Ryan to Matthew.

“Will you side with me?” She takes to questioning them both.

Both Ryan and Matthew nod their heads immediately in response to what Lily has just questioned them about. Ryan smiles at Lily.

“When you saved my life back there you proved something to me that I was completely wrong for kidnapping you,” he tells her.

Lily claps her hands loudly together.

“Time to go to war then boys make yourselves ready for we need to get ourselves into that castle,” she tells both Ryan and Matthew.

Both Mr Seed and Mr Robertson then take to following Miss Kettle out of the living room in number 2 Ross way house. They are all now ready to face Shannay Ravens together.

To be continued!







© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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