The many worries of one young man

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What happens when Ryan Robertson decides to undertake a course at Staygate college? He can never stop worrying about so many things in life and unfortunately his worries massively effect his time at this college. Ryan soon unfortunately finds himself caught up in a battle against all his friends and loved ones as he makes some stupid mistakes and really doesn't know how to put them right. Will he ever be able to make up for the awful mistakes that he's made? Read on to find out

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Submitted: March 05, 2016



The many worries of one young man

Chapter one: Meet Ryan Robertson

Ryan Robertson is just like any other young man around his age. He’s 18 years old and feels the weight of the world crushing down on him. He lives at home with his Aunt and Uncle and his older cousin Drew. Ryan unfortunately doesn’t always get along with his Aunty, Uncle and Cousin. He keeps making stupid little mistakes that they completely don’t agree at all with him making. Ryan’s family thinks that he just doesn’t listen to anyone of them when he really tries his very best too. His family unfortunately very often go around referring to him as an idiot.  

He is starting at a brand new college this week. Ryan’s feeling really worried about starting at his new college. The type of worries that he’s going through right now is getting lost in the college on his very first day there, but however that’s just something that it is only natural for him to worry about, because after all it’s a brand new place that he’s going too. He’s also feeling really worried about making new friends, because he’s never really been the best at making new mates as he can’t always be a very sociable person unfortunately. Ryan’s also having some concerns right now about being placed into a brand new work placement with his new course. He massively enjoyed his time at his last work placement which was at the school where he himself used to go as a little boy which was Aragot avenue primary school. Ryan had spent quite a lot of time working with both a variety of children and also with a variety of teaching members of staff at his last placement. He had gotten really used to the school that he had been in. Now that he’s no longer in that school he’s finding that he’s really sincerely missing it. He hopes that he enjoys working in his next work placement just as much as he enjoyed working in his last one.  

This summer had been a really long one, much longer than the school summer holidays that Ryan’s usually used too are, because he had finished at his last college in the month of May and since then he’s not really been doing very much with his time apart from trying to apply for a couple of part time jobs for him to do in both his evenings and weekends and meeting up with his friends.

He had quite a good summer with his two friends Ben and Paul, much better than the last summer had been. Last summer the three lads had just argued and fallen out with each other all the time, but however this summer they had been to some nice places together and shared some happy moments out with one another. However the start of this summer wasn’t very good for the three boys at all, because Ryan had started to see a girl that none of his friends very much approved off and neither sad to say did his family. The girl had been called Jess. No one had believed her to be a very good looking at all, to be honest neither did Ryan himself, but however he had hung round with the girl and had tried to make her happy the most that he possibly could, because he knew that she didn’t find it very easy at all unlike him at the time, and so he had tried to do a good deed by trying to help her out to the very best of his ability. However Ryan’s friendship with Jess didn’t end very nicely at all unfortunately to say, because his family had convinced him to block her off Facebook and never to talk to her ever again and this had unfortunately taken to really break poor Jess’ heart. The months that he had spent with her trying to make her happy had probably been the happiest few months of Jess’ life, but however now that he was pressured into doing what he did to her Ryan’s probably made Jess really very upset and angry and has not intentionally but also made her go through hell. Paul had really been the only one who had tried to help Ryan with his friendship with Jess, because he had tried to encourage him to be with her the very best that he could do, but however Ben didn’t really like Ryan spending all the time that he could with Jess, because it meant unfortunately that Ben and Ryan never really got much of a chance to meet up with each other anymore. When he had been persuaded into ending his friendship with her Paul fell out with Ryan big time because of what he had done to Jess. He was ready to end his friendship with him there and then but stupidly Ryan went after Paul and tried to persuade him to be mates with him once again. Even though they’re friends there’s always been some kind of tension unfortunately between Paul, Ryan and Ben.

Originally both Ryan and Ben had been like the very best of friends with one another, but then Ryan started to invite Paul out with them and since then the three boys have always fought with each other and their friendship is just generally messed up so Ryan sometimes believes to himself and has often shared this out with the two lads themselves. What they need is someone to come along and tell them that they’re not great friends to each other, but just who could that person possibly be?

Ryan went away on two holidays this summer, one was too London where he went away with his cousin for a couple of days and camped with him there and the other was too the Lake District National Park where he camped for a week or so  along with his Uncle and Aunty, but however Ryan’s cousin Drew was very busy at work at the time so unfortunately he didn’t go away with his mum, dad and cousin. Sometimes in the midst of all the bad Ryan can still have some very good times with his family.  

Ryan was feeling really nervous about starting on his new college course. Ryan’s college course is setting him up to become a teaching assistant. This course will teach him how to work best with children from the age of five to nineteen years. Ryan himself would really like to do a course that would set him up to become an immediate primary school teacher, but however people who he’s worked with on his work experience placements before have suggested to him that they feel that he would benefit more from a couple of years as a teaching assistant. If Ryan passes his teaching assistant course then he’s going to be qualified to work in both a first school as well as in both a middle school and high school.

Chapter two: First day at new college

It was 06:00 am, and the alarm’s on both Ryan Robertson’s mobile phone and tablet were ringing loudly off waking the poor lad up from his deep sleep.


Ryan really doesn’t want to get up this morning. He’s just feeling really incredibly nervous about starting at his new college. Ryan punches his fist down hard onto both his phone and tablet to silence the alarms from them both. Ryan knows that he’s got quite a journey to travel from where he lives up to his new college today. He struggles out of bed. He yawns and stretches his arms out infront of him. Ryan knows that a first day somewhere is always the worst.

Soon he is leaving his house with his heart beating fast with great excitement. It doesn’t take him long to head over to where the local metro station to his house is. He only has to wait a couple of minutes at the station before a metro pulls up to take him to where he needs to get off for him to walk to his new college.  The metro journey races on by for this young lad. Soon he is getting off the metro at the main station in the heart of the city of Staygate.

Shortly Ryan Robertson is strolling into Staygate college. He is wearing his college landyard ID. His heart is beating incredibly fast with nerves, excitement and happiness. He can’t believe how lucky he was to get into this college. There were times unfortunately when  Ryan personally believed that he wouldn’t be able to get into this college, because he had the thought that he wasn’t academic enough to get into this college. Ryan has heard that there are going to be other lads doing this course along with him, this really makes a change from his last course that he undertook at his previous college, because all the other people in that course were girls.

It’s not surprising that Ryan is the first person to arrive inside the classroom where part of his new course is going to get taught in this year, because of the fact at just how early he is. The classroom’s quite quiet as Ryan sits there alone waiting for his new classmates to make their way into the room. He’s curious to know what sort of people are going to be doing the course along with him. There’s a part of him that is thinking at the moment that some people on his new course may be far older than he himself is, because of the fact that this course has been advertised for all ages from 17 onwards. Soon the classroom door opens. Laughter makes its way into the room as three girls make their way into the room. Ryan’s very first impression of these three girls are that they look quite tough. He clearly doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of them, so he decides to just keep his mouth shut and not talk to them. One of the girls has got long blonde hair and is really skinny. Another one of the three girls is quite tall with long straight black hair. The third girl is not as tall as the second but is still rather tall with brownish hair. The door of the classroom opens and yet another girl makes her way into the classroom. This girl is rather bigger than the other three girls in weight.

“Hey Lily,”

Ryan then realises that the blonde haired girl is called Lily because the rather big girl has just called her this before taking a seat down beside both her and Ryan. Soon more and more people begin to arrive in the room. Ryan soon takes to realising that he’s infact in rather a big class this year. So far there is no sign of any of the other boys in the class, so Ryan is now starting to think that he may be the only lad in the class after all. The four girls have now started to talk to one another about types of conversations that Ryan really can’t understand. These girls remind Ryan of some girls that he used to know from school who were really not nice to him at all, and so at the moment he has a fear of speaking to these young ladies encase they start to treat him like the girls at his last school did and they were really not very nice to him at all. Finally another lad arrives in the classroom. This lad has got brown sticky up hair and he looks like a type of person who Ryan would be happy to talk to. The lad comes and takes a seat down beside Ryan.

“Hi you alright?”

Both Ryan and the other young lad exchange greetings with each other. Ryan’s new tutor seems to be a really friendly lady. This morning Ryan’s new tutor called Kitty takes the class to a lecture theatre inside the college and there they learn all about the college. The other boy started to talk to the four girls when in class a lot quicker then what Ryan did, so that’s now making Ryan start to think that maybe he could start having conversations with these girls. Not very much happens over the rest of the morning.

Chapter three: Ryan’s taking off guard

It doesn’t take Ryan very long at all to become mates with the other lad on his course who is called Nick. Soon the other lad Alex arrives and becomes friends with them both too. For a little while it’s just the three lads hanging out together at the college, but however Alex is unable to be in college one day for work reasons so both Nick and Ryan spend some time with the four girls who they met on their first day in the college. The girls are all talking about having sex when the two boys approach them. The tall dark haired girl who Ryan has now taken to discover is called Trinity turns to face both him and Alex.

“Have either of you two ever had sex before?”

Truth be told Ryan has never ever had sex before but however he really doesn’t want these girls to find out that he hasn’t encase they start to treat him differently for not having it, so he decides to keep his mouth firmly closed and to try his best not to say anything in the worry of causing embarrassment to himself. Nick nods his head back at Trinity.

“Yeah I have had sex before on a field while being drunk.”

Ryan has never really ever dealt with this type of conversation before so he doesn’t know whether Alex is lying about having it to fit in with the girls and to try and impress them or not. Ryan can see the blonde girl Lily grinning over at him with a suspicious smile on her face.

“I think he’s a virgin, are you?”

Lily’s question to him has really taken to take Ryan off guard. He really didn’t expect her to ask him a direct question such as that.


Lily nods her head expectantly over in the direction that Ryan is standing in by the lift in this the tenth floor of Billtill building.

“I knew it,”

Ryan is now starting to feel really embarrassed. The brown haired girl called Lucy gives him a reassuring smile.

“Hey there’s nothing wrong if you’ve never ever had it before darling, but wait yous by the end of the year Ryan will probably be begging me to have it with him ahaha,”

Unlikely Ryan thinks to himself about what Lucy has just said to him. That weekend Ryan goes home and thinks back to what the girls have just asked him about. He tells his cousin about it and he thinks that he did wrong by admitting to the girls that he was a virgin, because they reckon that people are not going to be bothering with him anymore at this college which is a real shame because this could have been a really great new start for Ryan. Ryan considers the fact that maybe it would have been much better if he had just lied to the girls about him being a virgin rather than telling them the truth about it.

Ryan spends the whole entire weekend thinking over what is best for him to do now when he goes back to college next week. He is thinking that he should still try and talk to people and fit in with them, but however he is also worried about what people will think of him now that he’s admitted that he’s a virgin to them. Ryan knows that unlike Mary he’s probably not going to get away with being that. Ryan however knows that it wouldn’t have been right if he had started his time at college off with a lie, because he knows that if he ever was to become friends with these people then lying to them wouldn’t have been a great thing at all to do to kick start a friendship.

Soon unfortunately Wednesday morning comes round once again. Ryan’s only in college in both a Wednesday morning and a Thursday. He hopes that Lily, Lucy, Alex, Trinity and the others would have forgotten about what he told them about last week. Over the weekend Carol the large girl had popped up to him on Facebook and spoken to him a bit on there, and to be honest Ryan’s now starting to see her as quite a nice friendly girl. Carol didn't mention anything at all about what Ryan mentioned to both her and the others about when she spoke to him on Sunday over Facebook. Ryan soon realises much to his horror that Lily hasn't forgotten about what she asked him about last Thursday afternoon.

“I embarrassed him last week!”

Ryan is standing directly opposite Lily outside the classroom that they’re going to be learning in this morning in Billtill building. Lily is explaining to the rest of the class about what Ryan told both her and the others about what he is this time a week ago.

“That was one of the worst questions that I’ve ever been asked,”

Ryan isn’t getting a very good first impression of Lily at all and now he’s starting to worry that she’s going to behave like a bit of a bullying bitch towards him, but suddenly something unexpected happens that really takes to surprising Ryan Lily gives him a sweet little smile.

“I’m sorry darling I really don’t know what came over me asking you that question, to be honest I meant it as a joke I didn’t mean to cause offense to you,”

Ryan was not expecting that, perhaps Lily may well turn out to be a nice sound girl after all.

Soon Lily Kevins sets up a college crew group chat with Trinity Star, Lucy Bread, Nick Jones, Alex Martins and Carol Carl in it and she even includes Ryan in it. Ryan’s actually starting to change his opinion round of Lily. The six young people soon become very good friends with each other and for a while their little group is made of what seems to be good strong stuff that has the great potential to develop into some really great long lasting friendships, but however Alex soon makes a great big mistake. He informs Trinity that he actually has feelings towards her and this is while Trinity’s got a boyfriend. Trinity clearly doesn't feel the same way towards Alex as he does about her.

Chapter four: Alex Martins betrays the college crew

Ryan Robertson comes to learn off the mistake that Alex Martins made from both Lucy Bread and Lily Kevins. Lucy explains to Ryan what Alex did that morning before class and how Trinity’s actually a bit upset by it. Lily tells Ryan when they hang out a bit together and go for some lunch together that afternoon. Ryan actually buys Lily some lunch to try and make amends with her for how he thought wrongly off her for how she asked him that question a couple of weeks ago, but however he doesn’t admit to her that he was upset about what she asked him about. Lily thanks Ryan enormously for how he bought her lunch. Ryan has already taken to discover that unlike him Lily doesn’t really have a lot of money, because she’s already explained to him that her family are all on benefits. The college crew then decide to throw a party where Lucy lives in Plymouth, but however Ryan is unfortunately unable to go to the party, because he’s going away with his family for the weekend. Ryan decides the next week to buy everyone in the college crew haribo sweets to apologise to them for how he couldn’t attend the party.

Ryan himself soon becomes massively involved with the way that Alex betrays the group, because another person in the class explains to Ryan that Alex has now started to hang round with the group that they’re in and he told both them and the rest of the group that he thought that their group was far better than the other group that he was a part off, because he didn’t like it how the group that Ryan’s a part off talks about sex all the time. Ryan then decided to tell both Lily and the other four people about what the girl had just told him about. Neither Lily or any of the others are very happy at all by what Ryan has just told them about. Ryan gives his friends the sweets that he got for them all.

“Do any of yous know what we need to do for the work that Karl gave us in the lesson the other day?”

Ryan has two different tutors this year Kitty and Karl. Lily pulls a face back at Ryan now.

“Eh excuse we’re in the middle of a conversation here just shut it will you!”

Ryan didn’t think that either Lily or Lucy would mind him interrupting their conversation to ask if either of them can help him with his work after he had just bought them some sweets, but however now he has been proved wrong. Lucy didn’t react like how Lily reacted and she sets out to find what Ryan needs for him.

That afternoon however when he got home from college Lily sent Ryan a message on Facebook however asking him if he knew what the new lad in the classes full name was, so Ryan passed on the name over to Lily. Then they got talking about how they are both upset by what Alex has done to their group. Ryan then felt the need to apologise to Lily for how he talked over her conversation with Lucy earlier that day, and she told him that it was fine and that she was just joking about snapping at him. Deep down Ryan doesn’t really approve of some of  the jokes that Lily makes, because she can seem to be rather mean in some of her so called jokes. However Ryan is actually starting to quite like Lily. Alex doesn’t bother with their group again, which he actually makes Ryan rather annoyed about because Ryan had started to share out some banter with Alex but then Alex did what he did to the group because the girls may have upset him a little bit but Ryan really doesn't see at all just how he's to blame at all for how they upset him, so he can't understand why Alex doesn't want to talk to him any more.

Chapter five: Ryan doesn’t like his new work placement

The placement team at Staygate college manages to sort out a work placement for at least most of their students including off course Ryan Robertson, but however there are some people in the class for example Trinity that aren’t able for the college to find them placements. Ryan is one of the very fortunate young people on his course to be given a work placement in a first school. The school that the college’s placement team has placed him in is called Coal Prime first school. Ryan hopes that he enjoys his time carrying out his work placement at Coal Prime first school just as much as he did carrying it out at Aragot avenue primary school. He needs to send the school that he’s going to an email to arrange with them when would it be best for him to start at his new work placement, but he soon manages to sort out that.

Soon it’s his very first day at his new work placement. Ryan knows that it’s really vital for the completion of his course that he attends all the days that he needs to attend at this work placement. The course work that is included in his course isn’t so bad and Ryan feels that he can quite easily manage to do it all. Ryan has been really trying to get his head down in order to focus on his work, but sometimes however he has actually found that he has been distracted from doing his work by the other people in the class, because he has either started conversations with them or them starting conversations with him when he is supposed to be doing his work, but however Ryan really is starting to think the world of the college crew that he’s a part of now.

Ryan has actually taken to tell both Lily Kevins and all the other members of their college crew all about his friendship with both Ben and Paul, but however Ryan is actually having worries right now that his friendship with those two lads is going to have to end soon, because he’s worried that neither of them want to have very much more to do with him now that they have made some new friends at both Ben’s work place setting and at Paul’s university. Ben is undertaking an apprenticeship for a car mechanic. Paul is currently away studying  Ryan hasn’t really heard very much from either of the two boys since he started his new course at Staygate college. Ryan has even taken to complain to his new friend Lily all about his belief in that Ben is wanting to move on from him and not have anything more to do with him, but however Lily has taken to assure Ryan that he has better friends then both of those two boys now in both her and the rest of their college crew, but however to be honest Ryan is already starting to really miss Ben, because after all they have both been really good friends for a very long time and Ryan doesn’t want to go separate ways with Ben. From the stories that he tells her about him Ryan doesn’t think that Lily likes the impression that he is giving to her on Ben. Ryan is growing to like Lily more and more by the second.

Ryan is now taking a stroll into the main entrance area in  Coal Prime first school. He is welcomed into the school today by the headteacher of the school herself who he has been contacting via emails and her name is Mrs Willhouse. Mrs Willhouse actually seems to be a very nice person and she takes to giving Ryan a really warm welcome into the school. Ryan’s first impression of this school is that he actually quite likes it, but however that soon changes when he meets one of the teachers who he’s going to be working with on his placement and her name is Mrs Warroad. Straight away Ryan realises that he isn’t going to enjoy working with this teacher at all because Mrs Willhouse seems happy for Ryan to eat his lunch in the staffroom along with the teacher’s there, but however Mrs Warroad makes it very clear to Mrs Willhouse while Ryan’s in their company that she doesn’t want him to eat his lunch in the staffroom.

Ryan realises that he’s really going to miss working with the teacher who he was working with on his work placement last year and that was Mister Derek Barlock. Ryan finds the children who he is working with on this placement for too young compared to the age of the children who he usually works with. Ryan continues to not like working with Mrs Warroad when she tells him off for how he is carrying a pair of scissors that afternoon.

There’s another teacher that Ryan is working with on his work placement and her name is Mrs Trecklan. Mrs Trecklan seems to be both a really good teacher and a really nice person to work with. Surprisingly one day while Ryan’s working in the year one classroom none other than Mister Barlock is led into the classroom by Mrs Willhouse. Ryan gets such a great big surprise when he sees Mr Barlock not only being inside this school but especially inside this classroom. Ryan wonders just why his old teacher is inside school today. He believes that he’s come here to check that he’s settled right into his new work placement. Ryan goes over to greet his former teacher. Both Ryan and Mr Barlock exchange greetings with one another. That night when he gets home from his work placement Ryan sends Derek an email asking him why he was in Coal Prime first school today. Derek responded to the email by letting Ryan know that there’s actually a little job that he’s after at the school.

The more and more he goes to it Ryan finds that he really doesn’t like carrying out his work placement at Aragot avenue first school. He finds the year one children who he is working with far too young in comparison to the age of children who he’s been used to working with before in the past. He also to be honest doesn’t really like working with Mrs Warroad, because he finds her to be far too much of a strict teacher and he also doesn’t really like it how she keeps on yelling at all the children in her class. Ryan rather enjoys working with Mrs Trecklan however, because she always seems to treat both him and the year one children in the class with respect.

It doesn’t take Ryan long to learn most if not all of the names of the children in the class. There are a total of 28 children in the year one classroom altogether. Unlike at his last work placement at Aragot Avenue primary school Ryan finds it a little bit odd that there’s only one class per year group in this school. The type of activities that Ryan has to carry out with the children in this year one classroom that he is working with is helping them with their numeracy and literacy work, but however Mrs Trecklan even at their young age gets all the children to think of this area of work as both maths and english. Ryan also has to supervise the little children in year one as they carry out both their spelling tests and reading activities with him. Mrs Warroad has made it very clear to Ryan that she wants him to go out with the year one children at both breaktime and lunch time. Ryan isn’t overly overjoyed by this however, because he keeps on thinking back to a time at his last placement when he went out with the year four children who he was working with last year at break time, and one of the little girls in the class raced up to him and without any kind of warning at all lifted up his jumper, but however Mr  Barlock wasn’t at all pleased about this and he took to giving the little girl in his class who pulled up Ryan’s jumper such a great big telling off over this. Even though that moment at his last placement keeps on playing round in his head Ryan goes out to play with the children at both breaktime and lunch time. He plays games of football and chasey games with them. There’s a moment at lunch time one day when Ryan needs to break up a fight that goes on between two boys in the year one class that he’s working with, and he reports this to Mrs Trecklan but the response that she gives to him makes Ryan actually think that she doesn’t care about the situation which makes him actually rather angry.

When at placement when he’s not with the year one children both Mrs Trecklan and Mrs Warroad gets Ryan to sort out the children’s files by placing some worksheets that they’ve been working on into their files.

Ryan’s observation by the placement team at his placement at Coal Prime First school doesn’t go on the whole that badly for him. Mrs Trecklan is taking the class on the day that Jane from Staygate college’s placement team comes to observe Ryan at his placement. When Jane arrives in Coal Prime First school Ryan is carrying out a task for Mrs Trecklan in the corridor just outside the classroom. Ryan is filing children’s work into their folders.

When he finishes doing this Ryan goes into the classroom and asks Mrs Trecklan what he should do next. She asks him to support the children who have started a literacy task. Ryan moves round the classroom observing the children in their work, and asking open questions to check their understanding of the task.

When he speaks to the children Ryan manages to get down to the children’s level and he uses good eye contact. Ryan is speaking to a child in the class when another child in the class interrupts him asking for his help. Ryan tells him to wait a minute and he will come to him next.

A child in the class stops working and waves his pencil about, Ryan tells him to get on with doing his work indicating by pointing to the child’s text book. As Ryan reads the children’s work he gives praise and encourages them to continue to get the work complete.

The lesson ends Mrs Trecklan tells the children to tidy up Ryan moves around the classroom encouraging the children to do as the teacher as asked. He picks up any resources that have fallen to the floor and pushes chairs under the desks.

Jane to asking Ryan some questions for him to show her his understanding on how schools work.

  1. Why do visitors have to sign in and out of the school and wear a visitor badge while on the premises?

Ryan’s response to this was that it comes into the safeguarding of the children that are in the school. He believes that it shows the staff and children in the school that the person is a visitor and that they are allowed to be there. Also incase of a fire staff need to know just who is in the building.

2) Explain what sort of behaviour or discipline problems you should refer on and to who.

Ryan’s responds to this by saying that yesterday there were two boys who had quite a bad disagreement with one another and this was while they were playing football. Ryan explains to Jane that he took it upon himself to speak to both the boys and he listened to both sides of their story. Ryan explained to the two little lads that they should be friends and that they should shake hands and make up with each other. Ryan then tells Jane that he reported the incident to the teacher.

Jane lets Ryan have a little read over the general feedback comments that she’s made on her first observation of him. He reads that she thinks that it’s a good first observation, she has heard from the teachers at Coal Prime First school that Ryan has a lovely polite manner when speaking to the children and always gets shown to their level when he is speaking to them.

Jane has heard that Ryan is more then happy to ask the teachers for tasks, though they feel that he’s a little bit unsure inside the classroom, they think that he can be rather hesitant at times. Jane believes that as Ryan progresses through this course that he will grow in confidence and use his own initiative inside of the classroom.

Jane allows Ryan to have a little read over the feedback that Mrs Trecklan has given her on him. He reads that she has written down that Ryan is happy to carry out any tasks that are asked of him, though she feels that she has to give him clear broken down instructions to follow out, which he does sometimes have difficulty in following. Ryan is polite to staff and children and is very keen.

Ryan geers himself up soon after his first observation for what he believes to be his first observation in the school but little does he know the terror that he’s about to go through that week. At the start of his week’s block week in the school Ryan has a really great time watching the children’s christmas play and having fun carrying out christmas activities with them but however that soon changes for the worst when one of the children in the class Simon makes a false accusation against him.

Chapter six: False accusation

Simon makes a false accusation against Ryan stating to him that he’s going to tell on him because he believes that he hit him. Ryan went home from his work placement that night of the false accusation that was made against him feeling really worried, because he knows that a lie like this has the power to get him into so much trouble.  Instead of telling his family about it that night like what he really should have done Ryan told his friends Ben and Lily over Facebook about it. They both understood just how serious this can be for him. The next day Ben went into his work placement feeling really worried. He decided to speak to Mrs Warroad first thing straight away that morning about it. He found her standing at the front of the classroom sorting some worksheets for her year one class out,

“Excuse me Mrs Warroad I’m just wondering would it be possible if I can have a word with you please, it’s about something that I’m worried about that happened at the end of yesterday?”

Mrs Warroad nods her head back at Ryan.

“What is it?”

For a couple of minutes Ryan actually wonders whether telling Mrs Warroad about what Simon said to him is the best thing forward with this incident, because he’s worried that she unfortunately may not believe him that he didn’t strike the child.

“Well towards the end of yesterday afternoon after the Christmas play I heard Simon say to another boy in the class that he was going to tell on him, so I went over in order to deal with this situation. I’ve actually overheard Simon tell several boys and girls in the class that he’s going to tell on them over the course of the last couple of weeks, so I asked him using the words who are you going to tell on now Simon. Simon then proceeded to say you Ryan. I then said to him may I ask why that is Simon and then he said because you hit me.”

Mrs Warroad listens carefully to the tale that Ryan tells her.

“Right I believe you that you didn’t hit the child but however I will need to speak to Simon about this.”

Ryan understands completely just why Mrs Warroad needs to speak to the child in her class regarding the false accusation that he made against him. Mrs Warroad then proceeds to pass an activity that she wants Ryan to carry out over to him. Ryan then goes and takes a seat down in the corridor just outside the year one classroom on a chair beside a table there. Ryan knows that he did the right thing in passing this little piece of information over to the teacher, and he’s just so happy that she luckily enough believed him that he didn’t hit the child.

Ryan thinks that nothing more will come off this situation now but however half an hour later unfortunately he is proved wrong about it, because Mrs Warroad is just stepping foot out of her year one classroom door when none other than Ryan comes up the corridor to the classroom.

“Ah just the little man I’m looking for!”

Ryan wishes that Mrs Warroad didn’t have to address the child about this situation when he’s sitting right beside where she’s stopped to talk to him.

“Did you say that you were going to be telling on Ryan?”

Simon doesn’t respond in the fear of getting into trouble which really there is no way at all off him possibly avoiding not getting into trouble.

“Did you?”

Eventually Simon nods his head back at Mrs Warroad and so she continues on with her interrogation of him about this situation.

“What were you going to tell on him for?”

Both Simon and Ryan can hear the anger speaking out to them both through Mrs Warroad’s voice.

“I said that he hit me but he didn’t,”

Ryan thinks that this is the quietest that he’s ever known Simon to be.

“Yeah too right he didn’t and do you know what Simon Ryan’s been worrying all night about this! Do you understand the amount of trouble that your little lie cause that’s what it was Simon a big fat lie could have gotten him into! I think that we should go and see Mrs Willhouse about this shouldn’t we, right come with me!”

Mrs Warroad then takes to leading Simon down the corridor away from where Ryan is sticking some worksheets into the children’s work books.

Later that morning while Ryan is eating his lunch in the school’s quiet room Mrs Warroad approaches him.

“Sorry to disturb you while you’re having lunch Ryan but Mrs Willhouse would like a word with you.”

Ryan can count on his own guess for what the headmistress wants to see him for. He tidies his lunch away back into his rucksack and proceeds to follow the class teacher who he’s been working with for the last couple of months out of the quiet room. He follows her to a room that he’s never been to in this school before and there both he himself and Mrs Warroad find Mrs Willhouse sitting by a table.

Ryan has quite a big discussion with both Mrs Willhouse and Mrs Warroad about the false accusation that little Simon made against him. Mrs Willhouse informs Ryan in this talk that she herself has a duty as a headmistress to protect both he himself and Simon, so she thinks that it’ll also be good for Ryan to go and have a word with his duty up at college to discuss the false accusation that the child made against him to her.

When Ryan goes and sees his college tutors they give him the option to whether he would like to leave  the school where the false accusation was made against him or not, and he actually agreed to this. They asked him where they would like them to send him too and Ryan suggested going back to his old placement at Aragot avenue primary school and the tutors agreed to this.

Chapter seven: Having trouble with friendship groups

Ryan had nothing else to do now with him having a bit off time off from college. This is due to it being the Christmas holidays and with no longer having a work placement to go to but to think carefully about everything that had gone on over the course of the last few months or so. Ryan knows that some people may consider this to be an exaggeration but however he himself doesn’t that the last couple of months for him have been dark. He hasn’t had a very good time at all over the last few months or so with either his very close friends or family members, because arguments and fallouts have kept on arising between both himself and them all. Both his family and the group of friends that he’s been a part of for years don’t think that Ryan’s been the same ever since he started at Staygate college. They don’t approve of the group of friends that he’s a part off there.

Ryan can remember quite clearly a night a couple of months ago. Twas the night of Ben’s nineteenth birthday and both he himself, Ryan, Paul and Jonah their other friend had gone into town for the night. It had been the first time that the four lads had all arranged to meet up with one another since Ryan had started at Staygate college, Ben had started his apprenticeship and both Paul and Jonah had started on their university courses. Ryan had spent some time over the weeks leading up to this night feeling really angry with Ben, because of how he was feeling that Ben was trying to move on from him and shut him out of being mates with him anymore. The four lads all drank quite a bit when they met up with one another inside Jonah’s university accommodation. The night started off on the whole not too badly but however Jonah, Paul and Ben all soon decided upon themselves that they wanted to play a game of cards and so they all sent Ryan off to the local TESCO shop that’s next door to the student accommodation residential flats to get the cards all on his own, and off course on his way back to Jonah’s flat from the shop Ryan unfortunately got lost. Eventually when he got back to his mate’s flat Ryan discovered much to his utter horror that Paul had been on his phone, and had contacted one of Ryan’s college friend’s Carol saying to her that he loved her. Immediately after Paul sent the text to Carol Ryan fell into great panic, because he was worried that Paul had screwed up his new life at college for him. Ryan told Paul plain and clear that he had absolutely no right at all to send the text message to Carol. Paul tried to apologise to Ryan and to let him know that he only did it for a laugh, but what he had done had really taken to upsetting Ryan so doesn’t forgive Paul at all that night, and by him not forgiving him that actually causes some horrific manner of tension between the four lads that night.

When they go out into town Ryan continues to feel worried over the text message that Paul sent to Carol, and so in the middle of the busy Friday night in town Ryan drops down onto his knees on the street in great despair falling behind on his travels from his friends, but however surprisingly Ben, Paul and Jonah actually all come back for Ryan. Ryan continues to be angry with Paul for sending the text message and he even starts to blame Ben too a little bit for the text message being sent. Paul tells Ryan not to worry about either Carol or his other college friends right now and just to enjoy his night out with both him and the other two lads, and so Paul tries to take Ryan’s phone from him in the worry that Ryan may send a text to Carol that he may later regret sending and that he should just sort his things out with her in the morning, but however as Paul is trying to snatch the phone out of Ryan’s hand the mobile phone falls out of both of their hands and comes crashing down hard onto the solid concrete that’s below it. When it first drops onto the path Ryan doesn’t believe that his phone is broken but however when he soon picks it up off the floor he discovers much to his utter horror that it unfortunately is.

Ryan blames Paul, Ben and Jonah for his phone breaking and he starts to give them all a really hard time over it. Things get much worse when Ryan just wants to get away from the other three lads in his anger with them all and so he tries to run away from them all, but however he has had quite a few bottles of alcohol and so he falls over himself onto the street hurting his head a little bit. Ryan continues to try and leg it away from the other lads but however Jonah goes after him and escorts him to an ambulance for him to get seen to in there. After getting seen too for his head wound in the ambulance Ben tries to sobar Ryan up a little bit by buying him both a bottle of water and a can off coke but however Ryan continues to kick off with his friends that night. Jonah suggests to the other two lads that they should just put Ryan in a texi but however this idea doesn’t really go at all well with the other two lads. Paul thinks perhaps that it might actually be a good idea if they put Ryan in a police van but however Ben tells him that this is a bad idea, because he really doesn’t want to see his friend get into trouble with the police. In the end all three lads decide together that they should just ring Ryan’s mum to come and pick him up and so they do.

Things continue to get bad with Ryan and the three lads over both the following weeks and months after his disastrous night out in the town with them all, because it seems that not one of the three lads is sure whether they want to forgive Ryan for causing them bother that night.

About a week later after the horrible night out however Ben decides to meet back up with Ryan. The two lads go to Newcastle for the day together which they have quite a good day. Ryan eventually takes to apologizing to Ben for the trouble that he caused the last time they met and Ben takes to forgiving him. The two lads also take to meeting a lad who they went to school with that day in town called Kirt. The three lads all have rather a good day in town together. They then meet up with one another a couple of nights later for Halloween where they go clubbing together and have a really great time. Nothing bad happens this time when both Ben and Ryan go clubbing, but however the next day Ryan makes the discovery much to his anger that Ben had been talking behind his back to Paul after their night out last night, and so Ryan is still rather upset by this when he returns to college a week later.

Ryan’s home life has also gone down hill an awful lot. He just seems to spend a great deal of time now just arguing and falling out with his family with both them causing upset to him and him also causing upset to them. When he returns to college Ryan shares out his concerns about this matter to his friend’s both Lily and Carol. Luckily Carol has taken to forgive Ryan for the text message that Paul sent to her, and she told him that she had actually received a text message from Paul himself a couple of days ago apologising to her and explaining the situation that had gone on to her. Both Lily and Carol make the suggestion to Ryan that he really should try and see if he can get a learning mentor to support him with his worries regarding his home life, and so he actually looks into getting one, but however he accidentally lets it slip at home to his mum and dad that he has got a learning mentor and they go really mental with him about him having one, so this makes Ryan unfortunately cancel having a learning mentor for the time being at college when he does really need one. Also in the middle of having his family trouble this week Ben starts to argue with Ryan, and so even though he had actually sent a message to her explaining what a good friend Ben is too him Ryan tells Lily that Ben is giving him a hard time once again, and so she starts to massage Ben for her friend Ryan at first on his Facebook account and then on her own one in order to stick up for him.

Ben explains to Lily while talking to her over Facebook that he thinks that Ryan actually tells both her and his other mates at college that both he himself, Paul and Jonah can be really quite mean to him when it can actually be the other way round when it comes to this, but however in response to this Lily actually tells Ben that she wants to be honest with him and that Ryan actually thinks the world of him and that they’ve been mates for ages. Lily tries her very best to try and convince Ben that Ryan is actually a good friend to him, but however he has none of it and in the end both Ben and Ryan actually end up not speaking to each other for a little bit of time.

After a while though the two boys become friends with one another once again, but however in their time apart from being mates Ryan has actually become quite good friends with both Lily and his other friends at college. In return for how she helped him out with his bother with Ben Ryan has started to offer out his own support to Lily on several things, so example Lily was unsure about what date the college was going to go to her placement and observe her there and so Ryan helped her out to work out the date that the placement team were coming to see her. Also one day their college tutor couldn’t be in for some reason and so instead they had another tutor called Sue in taking the class. Sue went really mad at Lily when she caught her plagiarism someone else on the course’s work. Sue really took too upsetting Lily by giving her a stage one disciplinary for what she had done. Ryan offered his friendship to Lily when she was upset about this. Other times when he’s talked to her and let her know that everything was alright was once where she lives in a place called Cranlodge Lily was walking past a boy when he stopped and smiled at her, she turned round and found that he was looking right at her. Another time very much like this one when Ryan has been there for Lily is when she actually got approached by a man again while being near to where she lives in Cranlodge and the man said to her that she had a nice arse, he then whispered something into her ear, but she couldn’t really hear what he said to her before moving on his way past her. Ryan also bought Lily a bottle of vodka for her 18th birthday present.

However there have been times when Ryan and Lily haven’t really gotten along with each other one some things, for example one day Ryan had skipped the day off work by just not bothering to turn up at the pub where he works and him feeling worried over the possibility that he may have unfortunately been fired from working there, and then that night he drank about ten bottles of beer to try and forget his worries before popping up to talk to Lily while being drunk off his face on Facebook. Poor Lily for having to experience Ryan being both angry and drunk at the same time, but however luckily she forgave him. There was another time when Staygate college was trying to look into getting learning support put into place for Ryan and the learning support workers there suggested to Ryan that he may either have autism or dyslexia, but however Ryan personally believed that he had neither of those things and so he shared his worries out with Lily in regards to this and she unfortunately actually agreed with the college that he may have autism. The two friends then fell out with one another over this because Lily was trying to pressure Ryan into going to his GP for him to be assessed to see if he had autism, but however he really didn’t want to go there. In the end however Ryan listened to Lily and he went to see his GP and he found out from going there that he had neither autism or dyslexia.

Chapter eight: the law breaker

Ryan soon found himself really short on cash for things that he really needed for example to get to college and things like that. He was like a broken man when it came to his money situations. Despite him having a job Ryan hardly ever seems to have any money, so instead of asking his Aunty and Uncle if he can borrow some money like how he really should of done he finds himself stealing from them. At first however before he takes to stealing from them Ryan steals some money from his cousin Drew by raiding his money box every now and again, and he spends that money on his favourite drink in the whole wide world coca cola.

He used to steal the money and pretend that he was going for a run when really he would just go up to the local Sainsburrys near to his house and buy a bottle of coke from there before wandering round the streets for a while. Soon though as we know he also started stealing from his aunty and uncle. Ryan didn’t tell anyone that he was stealing from his family not even his really close friends like Ben and Lily, because he was worried about what they both would think about him if they were to discover that he was stealing.

One day Ryan was going on a trip with his college to a place called Seemist and he was worried that he wouldn’t have any money for it, because he’d also been on a trip with his course the day before his trip to Seemist to the main part of the city of Staygate and there he bought and shared out a macdonald’s along with his mate Lily. Ryan ended up breaking into a jar full of money that his mum had left him in her will and he took the money that she had left him for his long term future.

Ryan kept on making countless amounts of mistakes for example one of his old friends got in touch with him one day to see if he could possibly do him a favour. Ryan is the type of person who would be only too happy to try his best and do anything for anyone, even if that sometimes unfortunately means putting himself in danger. Ryan’s old friend Jack wanted him with Ryan being older than he himself is to get him a bottle of vodka and some tabs, because Jack knows that Ryan’s the correct age to get these things for him. Ryan told his Aunt and Uncle about what he was wanting to do for Jack, and they both not only advised him against doing it but also very much warned him that if he did do it then he would be breaking the law. However Ryan thought to himself that it might be wrong for him to break the promise that he had made to Jack, and so he met up with him one night and bought him both a bottle of vodka and some tabs from a local supermarket. Ryan’s family worked out what he had done and they told him not to come home that night, but however Ryan knew that they didn’t really mean it and were just annoyed by what he had done not listening to them and so he went home that night, and he got the biggest telling off in his life by both his Aunty and Uncle. This is the first and Ryan’s determined to make it the last ever time that he’s going to do something like this and break the law. Ryan popped up to Ben on Facebook before his family took his tablet off him for punishment, and he explained to him what he had done. Ben told Ryan that what he had done had been breaking the law, and that he may have got caught buying the things on CTV, and this took too frightening Ryan silly. His family took his tablet off him for punishment and they didn’t really give him a very good time that night. Luckily Ryan didn’t end up in a prison cell either that night or any other night when.

Ryan came to fully understand because of both his family and friends explaining this to him that he had actually put his whole life in jeopardy, but however this is a learning curve for him in order to teach him never to break the law ever again.

Ryan’s life soon got a little bit better however after the night when he broke the law and the way it did that was by him starting at a brand new job. Ryan started working in the local hospital carrying out some admin work there. He came to really enjoy working for the team that he was placed on inside the outpatients department that he had been placed in working for medical records in the hospital.

Chapter nine: Last time he upsets his Aunty and Uncle

He had had rather a busy week off attending two days at the start of the week both Monday and Tuesday at Aragot Primary school working in Mr Barlock’s classroom there, as well as attending two days at college both Wednesday and Thursday and then working in the hospital Friday, so by the time Friday night came round Ryan’s mind was hell set on him having a good time. He had asked Ben if he wanted to meet up with him this weekend, but however unfortunately even though he really wanted too Ben just couldn’t meet up with Ryan this weekend, because he hadn’t have been paid from work this week. Ryan stupidly ended up drinking eight bottles of beer alone that night while messaging his friends Ben, Lily and Paul on Facebook and sending emails out to his tutor at college and his teacher at placement, after having quite a bit to drink he asked both his college tutor and the teacher at his placement for references for a course that he wanted to do at another college next year. After having eight bottles of beer as you can quite imagine Ryan clearly wasn’t at all himself. Luckily he didn’t say anything in the emails to his tutors that he would later regret, but however he sent a very drunk message on Facebook over to his friend Lily, so he feels really embarrassed about that. To be honest with himself Ryan knows that he only sent that message to Lily, because he was missing her. He hadn’t really have seen very much of her over the last couple of weeks and he didn’t really speak to her very much very more over Facebook.

Ryan’s Aunt found him kneeling up in his bed facing his sick there. Ryan had vomited all over his bed. Ryan’s Aunty wasn’t pleased at all with Ryan, and so she made him have a bath and then she slept with him in his bed that night just encase he became even more ill.

The next morning was a really bad morning Ryan found out that his Aunty and Uncle had once again taken his tablet off him after they had eventually gave it to him back after the other really bad thing that he had done, so Ryan was now furious. They lied to him that morning claiming to him that they had actually smashed his tablet up. Ryan then got really outraged and he started banging his fist down hard onto his kitchen table in really great fury. Ryan started to think that he was actually going to end up breaking the table, because he was so cross and so he stopped banging his hand down hard onto the table.

Eventually Ryan discovered that his Aunty and Uncle hadn’t have broken his tablet, but they told him that they really wanted him to change his ways and so he did. Ryan realized that the way to stop all his worries and to change his ways was as simple as him starting to listen to people. Ryan’s tutors at college told him that they wanted him to work more on his listening skills and so did his family at home. Ryan’s tutors found ways of helping him to relax a little bit more and he took their support on board. Ryan’s worries soon went away and he soon went back to being the very best of friends once again with both Ben and Paul. Ryan never heard from Lily again unfortunately, but he knows however that she was there for him when he really needed her help with some things, and he’ll always be really grateful for that, but however he’s worried that he actually ended up scaring her away because of how he never listened to the advice that she tried to give him in order to help him. Ryan ended up undertaking another course at Staygate college the year after completing his current one, and he ended up passing his current course all thanks to Aragot Primary school’s help that they gave him, because of him telling him all about his false accusation that the other work placement school Mr Barlock made sure that Ryan was given all the experience that he needed to get so that he felt more at home with working with children in the classroom when he was at Aragot primary school. Ryan’s return to Aragot primary school didn’t last for very long, but however he will always miss the school but always be really grateful for the time that he spent in the school.

The end

By Matthew Seed

© Copyright 2019 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.

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