The Fighting Blue

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Please be advised that this is a War Story that actually happened. Parents use caution when your child is about to attempt to read this story.

The Fighting Blue

The story happened from a dark, cloudy morning in Fairbanks, AK. I was having some love making the night before the day we had a General's meeting. The alarm clock goes off between 5 and 6 in the morning. She was going really slow getting her blue uniform, and I had mine on early, went to bathroom brushed, shaved, and brushed teeth, and I had also put on my Air Force Blues for the big meeting. Our warm layer clothes considered of Polypropolone and parkas. My black top loafers weren't the perfect running shoes.

When we ran late, a SSgt, stopped us and said "You're late, you can't go in there while the General is already in there talking.

Another Enlisted or Officer I can't really remember, came out and said the General hasn't even showed up yet.

"Here he is now, he just showed up." Said the third party .

The SSgt. that was yelling at the young lady and I, we were 19 going on 20 in the year 2001 just shortly after September 11, 2001the day we should not forget. I had just finished Highschool in 2000 with a H.S. Diploma in Technology. The November of Graduation I had moved to Texas, and enlisted voluntarily in the U.S. Air Force.

"He just showed up, and I was such an asshole, I'm going to kill him," said the SSgt.

He opened the door, and I ran in after him and tackled him on the ground right after he was pulling a side arm from somebodies holster, and I happened to watch it happen with my own eyes, and I charged tackled him to the floor and held him still with my knees on his back and trying to get the gun out of his hands. While I had him on the ground an officer came up and swiped the gun away, and shot him in the head. It was like I layed a butchering before a holy and the holy in defense shot him to death in the head. This is the first time I have been exposed to death by gun.

I ran out side, watched the General fly in a F22- Raptor I believe, and there were Russian Migs just surrounding the sky, and shot the Generals plane down. Luckily before the shots fired, he had ejected out of the plane and I was heading to the ground for safety. While he was floating down pretty fast towards the ground, I was running up to him, I got to him just before he had landed, and I had unbuckled his seat belt from the pilots chair, and it just happened.

"Oh, Fuck, It's an AirRaid!!!!!!!!"

After the Pilot had hit the ground, I was right there helping him up off his feet, and blam, Russian Mig'sshooting from all directionsin the night lit sky. There was no hesitation, it was"DO OR DIE".

"Whatdo we do?" asked the pilot . Then all of a sudden, Bang!!! A shell coming from the Migs hit the ground right next to our feet., our legs kept running and kicking, rockets hitting the ground boom, boom, boom.

"We gotta get the hell tothe BX!"yelled I. *Wehave to run inzig zag, remember the game Top Gun?"

"Yeah, I remember that game," said the pilot.

"We have too make sure the radar doesn't lock on us or we're dead for sure!!!"

All we could hear were fire shots after shot, and rockets after rockets.

"It's an Air Raid, It's in Air Raid, everybody get out of the fucking barracks, come on you pussy shits, get the fuck out, we're at war, it's an air raid God Damnit, come on out cock sockers!!!" the pilot and I were yelling as we we're heading towards the armory.

No body was coming out, they didn't believe our story, but they were wrong, oh boy were they wrong.

"This is Airman First Class Driver, of the United States Airforce, It's an Air Raid, we are being under attack. Orders are shoot to kill, I repeat orders are shoot to kill!"

Then here comes the pilot.

"Thisis the General speaking, I concur,air raid, air raid we are under attack, this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill, shoot to kill, I repeat shoot to kill!"

I just happened to be a little faster that day. Then 1 second later, my commanding officer, the captain, was right running on in.

"This is the captain speaking, I am the Comminding Officer of Airmen First Class Driver, I peaked out the window when I heard Airman Driver running from the out side Screaming Air Raid, Air Raid, and I as well saw jets in the sky shooting at one of our own. I concur his message, air raidraid get out you fucking pussies, come out cocksockers we're at fucking war!"

I was the first one out, the general was rounding up all the slow ones, and the Captain and I were out side already armed. Firing at the sky shoulder by shoulder. Fully Automatic SKS and side arms were at our sides. Firing up towards the sky, dropping planes down left and right, shooting in the tree's taking out snipers, and the stampeding soldiers on foot coming from everywhere. Every body else on base had kept the ground troops from taking the inside. Fire works were lighting up that sky, it was war at it's finest. One by one we were dropping the enemies like flies being hit with a fly swatter, only our fly swatters were fully automatic rifles and side arms.

Just seconds after my best friend, which who was a captain, brought out our whole gang of whom I worked with, some were used as shields just before they could get to the armory. Troops from other places were out their door just firing, some made it, and some didn't. The traitors who disobeyed the Biggest Law of all during War is Disobeying your commanding officer to fight. That is a death sentence. My family I was working with plowed right through them, using the scaredy pussies as shields and rushed to my side. Now all of a sudden I have my two best friends, one to the right of me, and one to the left of me.

The one to the left of me, was a lady who welcomed me into the base and introduced me to her family, and it was like being in another adopted family. She was African American, and her Husban was Hispanic. We used to just hang out, eat a good cooked meal, and shared stories when we had our gatherings. The captain and I we're running low on Ammo just before they even showed up just to get their weapons at arms. We weren't even out of your first chain yet, but we got down to the last shell. As all those who were able to make it to the fight, they were taking positions, and shooting at ground troops just before they could even break through.

This war was called the Gulf War. Looking up at the sky, watching air planes become fire works, blowing up, lighting up the sky. Listinening to all our clips running empty, side arms included, we waited a few secconds. Nothing else was coming our way. We danced, and hugged one another, asking if we were all ok. We stood after in an attention stance, calling out our cadence.

"Some people want to know!"

"Some People want to know!"

"Who we are!"

"Who we are!"

"So we tell them!"

"So we tell them!"

"We are the Airforce!"

"We are the Airforce!"

"The mighty mighty Airforce!"

The mighty, mighty Air Force!"


We are the Fighting Blue.

Submitted: September 23, 2010

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