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Does anything make sense? Maybe we all need to lend eachother a helping hand with out any prejudice.

Submitted: September 11, 2009

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Submitted: September 11, 2009



Exercising the Right for Freedom of Speech

  Isn't it possible that one day we can drop our arms and set our dfferences aside.  When one person's desire to be the one on top to exercise dictatorship should maybe not be ever given the opportunity.  That'll leave out every fantasy and dream that is truly ours.  Are we put here to be of slaves?  Or did the rebels fight for a little thing called love?  Have you ever read in the history where they leave many details out?  Or supply all the facts?  Why chose to find fault that we our selves have ones that we don't already own our selves.  Have you ever tried to take a step out of the house and took in a nice long breath of clean air looked up at the sky and just beeing appreciative of the day you were able to wake up?  What's so cool about going to a place, become so intoxicated and one day wake with an illness that drains out your energy, and self respect with out the ability to say if you can't respect me, then I don't need to be around you. and vice a versa.  Polarity of the positive and negative grab on to each other and the positive with a positive as well as a negative with a negative repell and walk away from each other.  You go clockwise to tighten and counter clockwise to loosen.  Ever stood in fear?  Ever not took some risks, and took some?

  When one takes, they forget that they'll have to put something forth because nothing is free.  The real cost is effort.  All we're doing is giving paper made from our trees, and depriving our selves of the once clear oxygen.  One that is clean and pure.  We need to enforce that the elders who are wealthy and taking from us the things they already can afford, and to one day take back what they have taken from us.  They go there way, we go ours.  All we end up doing is getting up in the morning one day, falling into the Eore's feel sorry for me syndrome.  What is it that you can't find laughter, and joy that we sometimes deprive of our selves some times.  That other person doesn't have to come home to us either.  Once we're explorers, and still have yet to meet our destination.  Except that the list goes on and on.No ones above the law, and no ones below the law.  For every action, there's a reaction.  Soon we'll be out of their demands and commands.  Thing's will go blank, and we'll be at ease. 

Chears to brotherhood and companionship, that meeting that person who is eager to lend a helping hand as long as we shall give as well.To those who don't value silver, gold, money, but those of effort, persistance, and those who don't quit.  You can take away my body, but shall never earn the right to have me as a slave.  For those who are having it difficulty to escape slavery, that shall be helped and joined to take away the belongings of those who just took and never earned.


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