You're Not Alone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story that I came up with. Just some memories that I have had of my grandfather who I lost early in life, but never did forget him.

Submitted: September 28, 2008

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Submitted: September 28, 2008



John carter is not your average day individual. When he was first brought into this world, he has an average size family. He has one brother, and one sister. John is the baby of the family His Sister Teresa, she is the middle child, and his brother Charles is the oldest. Dad’s name is Kevin and his moms name is Heather.

John is the type of that is curious of the world around him. Everybody he meets he always greets with the brightest smile you can possibly imagine.. All in all he is a wonderful person of heart and difficulties that he struggles with daily in life as we know it today. On this particular day he had no idea what has been awaiting him in his soul searching journey.

The first 5 years of his life has been good and bad. He had lost his Grandfather because of a heart attack. That was the first heart break he ever felt. His Grandfather and he were the best of friends as well as family. His Grandpa Jim used to take him to the park to go and feed raccoons and squirrels. His grandfather was his biggest inspiration in the whole wide world.

One day at the park, Both Jim and his grandfather saw this big raccoon.

"Hey look at that big raccoon out there, you can tell he has been well fed," said the grandfather.

"It sure is Grandpa I’m having a fun day here. I’m glad we were able to be together and just hang out."

"They kept walking through the park throwing bread crumbs out to the ducks and squirrels. Scared as John was, having so many ducks just circling around him, just wanting to get some of that food they were throwing out. The grass was dark green, the trees and flowers were full of life. Never did John know that was one of the last of experiences he had with his grandfather, who was just filled with so much love, and so much passion for the world around him.

One day John was watching cartoons on the television and he hears the phone ring. His mom answers the phone. John thought nothing of it until when his mom has hung up the phone and just had the most painful tears you can ever hear. Being young and only 5 years old, John knew something had happened. He knew that someone was gone and would never again return.

"What happened mom is everything ok?"

"No honey that was the doctor on the phone, he just informed me that grandpa has just died."

That was a day of tears and sorrows that John had ever experienced before. His heart was just ripped out of him. That shining light that he had inside him has just diminished. Oh damn it to hell he thought to himself. He had just lost his best friend in the whole wide world. How could this bee. Why has his grandpa been taken away from him at such an early age? His mom could tell by his expression that he did not take the news so well.

"Grandpa is just going to sleep for a very long time." His mother had answered him.

Later that night when it was time for bed, John couldn’t sleep a wink. Pondering all the memories he had of his grandpa that won’t ever come again. His last memory of his grandpa was him lying in the hospital bed with breathing equipment.

"Just remember John, I will always love you no matter what," Was his last words he had ever heard from his grandfather.

"I will always love you Grandpa and he said it with a smile that showed courage even at 5 years old.

After that John pretty much associated with his brother and sister. When ever John was down, he knew his Sister would rush by his side. John and his sister will always and forever hold a bond that no one can ever tear apart. Even when the times they fought and played, they always ended up making up afterwards.

"Come here little brother, give your sister a hug, and let out your tears, I am crying with you."

"I hurt so much sister, I have never been so sad before. What do I do now that he’s gone and I won’t be able to go to the park with him anymore?"

"Just follow your heart little brother, which will help you through anything that life itself, will throw at you. Hang in there, everything is going to be ok, just don’t forget the compassion that he had, and use that in the world around you..

Little by little, his heart stopped aching. Feeling the warmth of his sister’s presence, holding him tight started making him feel a little better. He knew then as he does now, that he has to keep on trying, never to quit. With all the tears that were heard through the walls, his whole family all came in, and been giving nothing but hugs of comfort assuring John will be ok..

Even his older brother was there for him. The leader of the bunch, he’s the kind of person that will stand up for what he believes and fights for justice. He was the main role model out of all the siblings. He had a lot of responsibility as being there when the parents weren’t. For the most part they had lived separate lives, keeping in touch as much as they can.

From the time John was about 10 years then is when things really heated up. His parents would fight over anything. There were dishes constantly being thrown and broken. A lot of foul words were being spoken that children should not need to hear. John was starting to feel ashamed and depressed that his mom and dad were splitting apart. John didn’t know what to think about this change in daily living.

The thing John hated the most out of life had to pick between both parents. He wanted to live with the both of him. He looked inside his heart, and really thought hard about the direction he wanted to lead himself. He chose his father. That really bothered Heather because she was now starting to feel like about losing a baby that brought a lot of people together just because of his passion for things. She cried a bunch,. She kept thinking about all the ways she can do to help win him back. Willing to do anything she had the power to do, even if it meant kidnapping.

John going through his early child hood years was just a torture. He had moved from one state to another. Seeing all new faces that he never seen before. Such a big world he thought to himself. There are so many people out there with all different intentions. It was hard distinguishing the bad from the good because John had walked the streets many of times by himself. Even during lunch hour, he would find the emptiest table he could find and not sit next to anybody. People looked at him funny, making him feel uncomfortable just being there in the first place.

During the time of his teenage years when every body started feeling heated attraction of other people, John didn’t want to get caught up in the mess of breaking up and broken hearts. He did talk to girls, and he once has worked out the courage to call who he thought was the most beautiful girl in the school. She was the Varsity head cheer leader. John was thinking to himself that day that she won’t talk to him because he is not in any athletic team, or some guy that you see on the cover of a GQ magazine. He was just who he is. While looking at the phone and the school directory, he said to himself that day that I will conquer this fear of chatting with a girl.

The poor little guy was trembling with1 fear. Body shaking so bad, head started sweating; having these thoughts that she would say something mean to him. He thought she was going to say something like, "you’re the ugliest boy in school, I wouldn’t talk to you if you were the last person on earth."

Feeling all these thoughts, he picked up the phone and found the number of that person. Her mom had answered.

"Hello, said the lady over the hone."

"Hello is Jamie there?"

This is it he didn’t know what to say after that.

"Hold on may I ask who’s calling?"

"Just a friend from school, my name is John."

Every word that was being spoken from him was nerve wracking. He tried his very best to keep his keep his strength and not chickening out.

"Hey Jamie, this is John, and I just wanted to call to say hey and have a wonderful day." He had kept the conversation short just because he was too frightened and a part of him didn’t want to do it in the first place. He still made himself. She smiled on the other line of the phone and she had wished him the same in return. All he wanted was just t o hear her voice because it brought him so much comfort he had inside. So basically Johnny had missed out on many of opportunities just because he was too afraid to talk to one.

After a while after John got older and older, all his fears had started to diminish little by little.

"You’re not Alone"

© Copyright 2020 Matthew. All rights reserved.

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