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An arrogant prepster enters a strange world and discovers his true destiny.

Submitted: January 20, 2014

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Submitted: January 20, 2014



At a high school in Nottingham, England, a handsome, athletic boy named Thatcher was attending a lecture about fairies in a mythology class which was required at the high school; Thatcher didn’t understand why it was required because he was always told that those stories weren’t true. Thatcher had the face of a model and a well-built body. Thatcher always got good grades in school because he was as intelligent and well-read as he was fit and athletic. However, because he was born into a rich family, Thatcher had an unfortunate tendency to be arrogant and snobbish which limited his number of friends.


Because Thatcher was a popular rich kid, there were a lot of students who wanted to hang out with him, but Thatcher deemed most of them unworthy of his company because they were not as rich as he was. Because he was intelligent, some wanted his help, but he deemed them too stupid for his precious time. He even called other people “peasants”.


There was one kid in particular that Thatcher couldn’t help but pick on; his name was William, and he was a firm believer in fairies. William also wore glasses and his skin was covered with acne. The other students at the high school didn’t like him too much because he was so odd and quirky.


When the school day was over, Thatcher would drive in his Mercedes to his family’s mansion; then, Thatcher would relax in his room listening to classical music and reading antiquarian books. This was the usual routine for Thatcher; however, Thatcher’s life was about to take a most bizarre turn of events.


One day, when Thatcher was reading Dracula, he felt like someone was watching him; when he looked up from his book, he saw William staring at him.


Shocked at William’s unexpected appearance, Thatcher demanded, “How did you get in here?”


“I came in here using a fairy ring,” replied William.


“Cut the crap, how did you get in here?” demanded Thatcher again.


“That’s seriously how I got in was using a fairy ring,” repeated William.


“What are you doing here? You know you’re not welcome here, peasant,” demanded Thatcher.


William replied, “I came to warn you that after the upcoming cricket match you will lose one wealth to gain another.”


“How dare you speak to me about losing my wealth! If you don’t vacate this house in thirty seconds, I’m going to kick you out the door,” threatened Thatcher.


“You won’t need to,” said William.


Suddenly, William disappeared into the closet, but when Thatcher searched the closet, he couldn’t find William anywhere; instead he found a ring of mushrooms growing out of the closet floor. Thatcher was baffled by the event; he thought maybe he was hallucinating.


When the time of the cricket match arrived, Thatcher’s school was playing against a rival school. The game was intense because at some points the rival school was winning while at others Thatcher’s was winning. In the final round with the score tied, Thatcher won the game. His fans went mental over his victory and the field rang with screams of praise. However, Thatcher was unaware of the nasty surprise awaiting him back home.


When Thatcher drove home, what he saw devastated him; he saw his elegant, ornate manor house burning and ruined. He couldn’t find his parents anywhere and their car was still present which meant his parents were probably dead. This horrendous sight meant that all of Thatcher’s wealth and social status was now gone; Thatcher was doomed to a life of poverty and destitution. Thatcher was overwhelmed with sorrow at this new reality.


Thatcher was startled by a familiar voice saying, “I told you you would lose one wealth and gain another.”


It was William. Feeling William was to blame for the misfortune, Thatcher’s face deformed out of rage, and he pursued William with intent to harm him.


“You did this! You get back here and pay for what you’ve done, you pissant peasant!” shouted Thatcher as he pursued William.


Right when Thatcher almost caught William, they ran into a ring of mushrooms and vanished. When Thatcher flashed through the ring of mushrooms, he noticed that his surroundings had changed. He was no longer in Nottingham; he was somewhere else. As far as he could tell, he was not even on Earth. All around him, he saw tall trees and ivy bushes and ivy plants. A mile or two in front of him, he could see stars and galaxies but no recognizable constellations. When Thatcher looked above him, he saw that there was another piece of ground above him connected to the one below by green, plant-like sinews. Thatcher could not believe anything he was seeing; what kind of insanity was this place he was in?


Thatcher decided that the best way to answer that question was to explore his new surroundings; every now and then, Thatcher would see bright golden orbs fly past him. After passing by several trees and bushes, Thatcher came across a ring of mushrooms; Thatcher wondered if it would take him back home.


However, when Thatcher stepped into the ring, he found himself in an even stranger place; this time, he saw houses made of ivy, and some houses were enlarged mushrooms. The people he saw were also strange with their pointed ears and glassy wings; however, they were very pleasing to the eye and wore clothes of leaves and a strange cloth.


Thatcher decided to explore this strange new scene; though it was out of the ordinary, it almost looked like people going about their daily lives. He saw people buying and selling in marketplaces, he saw children playing with each other, and he saw women tending to their gardens. At one point, Thatcher stumbled upon what looked like an outdoor preschool with toddler-sized children learning what seemed like simple spells. This made Thatcher wonder if he was in a fairy world populated by fairies.


After a while, the fairies began looking up into the sky (if that’s what it could be called) and started running and screaming into their houses. When Thatcher looked up, he saw a terrifying sight; it was a dragon. The dragon was a reddish-yellow with pale green eyes and what looked like tentacles growing out of the back of its head.


When the dragon landed on the ground, it demanded in a monstrous voice, “Where is he? Where is the human?”


Right after that, Thatcher felt someone tugging him away begging him to come with her; it was the preschool teacher with one of her kids. She was a pretty woman who looked a couple years older than Thatcher and was dressed in some kind of outfit that looked like a cross between a bikini and a belly dancer’s costume and was decorated with jewels and butterflies. She led him into a hole in the ground and covered it with leaves knitted together. Meanwhile, the dragon terrified the other fairies with its fire breath.


Once Thatcher was somewhat calmed down, he asked, “Will someone please tell me where am I?”


The fairy woman replied, “You’re in Arafara; the world of the fairies.”


“You’re joking; this has to be some kind of dream or delusion,” said Thatcher in disbelief.


“I’m afraid not,” said the fairy woman, “this is just as real as you are.”


Seeing that his argument was vain and that no one would cut the “fairy crap”, he asked, “Then what is this all about; why is that dragon after me?”


The fairy woman replied, “Because our world was once a peaceful realm of magic and tranquility until the Amphidemons seized control of Arafara.”


“What are the Amphidemons?” interrupted Thatcher.


The fairy woman replied, “They are demons which resemble amphibians. Anyway, they seized control of our world, but I, the prophetess of Arafara, have foreseen that they will fall at the hands of a hero, and that hero was you, Thatcher.”


Thatcher was shocked at what he heard; the most heroism he had ever shown in his life was winning cricket matches. He was even more shocked that the fairy woman knew his name even though they hadn’t introduced each other.


Thatcher was compelled to ask, “How do you know my name?”


The woman replied, “I am Arafarasawas, prophetess of Arafara. When word spread that Arafara was going to have a savior, the Amphidemons made an effort to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled so they sent their servant, the dragon, to your world to destroy you, your family, and your family fortune.”


“So they’re the ones who killed my family,” said Thatcher comprehending what he was hearing.


“Yes,” agreed Arafarasawas.


“But why me?” asked Thatcher, “why am I so important in this whole fairy tale?”


Arafarasawas replied, “Because you have some magical potential which is rare among humans as well as a noble heart; that is what’s needed to defeat the Amphidemons.”


When the dragon had disappeared, Arafarasawas begged Thatcher to come quickly to her house; when they arrived, Thatcher was greeted by a rather pleasant scene. Much of the household items were made of vegetal matter and were rather sparkly. The feel of magic permeated the small house. In the center of the room was what looked like a hologram of three strips of land connected together in the shape of a rhombus; however, the top strip had a hill bulging upward at the far end.


“What is that?” inquired Thatcher about the hologram-like thing.


Arafarasawas replied, “That is a globe of Arafara; we are on the topmost strip. By the way, this is my daughter, Sawasae.”


The young girl accompanying them said hi to Thatcher.


“And above that is the home of the Amphidemons,” continued Arafarasawas.


Then, Thatcher asked, “So how are we going to defeat these Amphidemons?”


Arafarasawas replied, “I don’t know yet.”


Out of an anticlimactic feeling, Thatcher cried, “What?! You dragged me all the way here expecting me to save this fairy tale, whatever it is, that I’ve never been to, and now you’re telling me you don’t know what I’m supposed to do here?!”


Arafarasawas replied, “The vision only told me that you are the one who will save us, but I do have a way in which we can search for a weakness in the Amphidemons.”


“And what is that?” asked Thatcher.


“I do have a way in which we can astrally project to the Amphidemon realm without being seen; with it, we will be able to spy on them,” replied Arafarasawas.


“Okay,” said a more reassured Thatcher.


Then, Arafarasawas asked, “Shall we do that now?”


Thatcher agreed, and Arafarasawas told her little daughter to make as little noise as possible. Then, Arafarasawas doused every source of light in the house and instructed everyone to relax and empty their minds; Sawasae achieved this emptiness of mind much quicker than would be expected for someone her age. Thatcher took the longest to achieve this state of mind because he didn’t do much meditation.


After a short while, everyone felt as though they were floating or hovering; when Arafarasawas instructed everyone present to open their eyes and they did, Thatcher freaked out at what he saw. He was literally hovering over his body; all sorts of bizarre, irrational thoughts began racing through Thatcher’s head because he never experienced anything like this before.


Arafarasawas reassured Thatcher saying, “Calm down, Thatcher; you’re not dead. You’re only temporarily out of your body. Follow me.”


At first, Thatcher didn’t know how he was supposed to follow her in this form, but then, Thatcher concentrated with all his might on approaching Arafarasawas and found that he was slowly hovering towards her. When Thatcher began to improve, he found that it was like flying in a dream. Arafarasawas reassured him by saying that it would take some getting used to.


Then, the three of them floated up above Arafara to what looked like a green, lustrous membrane in outer space. When they floated through the membrane, their surroundings changed; they were now floating in front of a ghostly house that they could see through. Arafarasawas suggested that they circle around the house to study the different Amphidemons residing in there.


The house itself was a rather luxurious sight despite its transparency; it was composed of large rooms with fine furniture that had a strange, dreamy atmosphere such as slanted beds and bulging couches. The spectral walls were pure white and many of the windows had gilded curtains. It almost reminded Thatcher of his now ruined manor house.


However, the inhabitants of the ghostly house were not such a pretty sight; just like their name suggested, they looked like hideous, warted frogs and salamanders. As they circled around the house, Thatcher noticed that each one of them was committing some kind of vice. There was one frog-like Amphidemon which had what looked like two salamander tails for a moustache that was binging on all sorts of luxurious foods and was burping loudly every now and then. Then, there was a more salamander-like one that was greedily handling money which was apparently milked out of the people of Arafara. Then, there was another frog-like one that looked as though it was conducting an alchemical experiment. And finally, there was one frog-like Amphidemon that was lazily looking at the stars and galaxies out the window. The Amphidemons smelled as bad as they looked.


Even though the Amphidemons all usurped Arafara together, they did not get along with each other and fought like brothers and often used foul language with each other.


In fact, the trio witnessed a fight start up as the alchemist Amphidemon shouted at the lazy one, “You, slimy skin, why don’t you get up off your ass and help me in my work.”


The lazy Amphidemon replied, “Who cares about all those chemicals you like to play with? I’d rather relax all day.”


Then, the gluttonous Amphidemon added in, “You could at least get me some more food to eat.”


Then, the glutton released a nasty, massive burp which almost shook the house.


“Cover your damned mouth when you do that,” complained the greedy salamander-like Amphidemon, “it’s distracting me from my money counting.”


“Haven’t you got anything better to do than that? I’m living to the fullest,” argued the glutton back, and he burped again.


“Will you stuff a plug in your maw for the thousandth time,” complained the alchemist, “you almost screwed up my experiment.”


“At least I’m not doing nothing like Mr. Slimy Skin,” argued the glutton.


“Will you all stop calling me that! At least, I’m enjoying myself,” argued the lazy Amphidemon.


In the midst of this childish, annoying squabbling, Thatcher asked Arafarasawas if this was what the Amphidemons do all day, and she replied that it was most of the time. When the salamander-like Amphidemon complained that the alchemist’s work wasn’t getting him any money, the alchemist threatened to pour a harsh chemical known as Luxatium down his throat; Thatcher and the two fairies at last felt that their mission bore fruit.


Unfortunately, the lazy Amphidemon caught a whiff of something and alerted the others about it.


After sniffing the air some more, it cried out, “We’ve been breached; someone’s in here with us.”


At that moment, Thatcher and his two fairies knew it was time to get out of there. Unfortunately, the Amphidemons summoned their dragon minion which came soaring toward the three of them. When the dragon was about to ram into them, they split up and then regrouped when the dragon passed; however, the dragon swerved around and pursued the three souls indicating it could sense them.


Arafarasawas ordered Thatcher and her daughter to follow her meaning she had a plan. The three of them zoomed through objects to try to stop the dragon, but it was so tough that it just smashed through things; for a while, it seemed like nothing was going to stop the monster. Until finally, the three of them zoomed through the stem of a giant mushroom through which the dragon became almost comically stuck; the dragon pushed and pulled but couldn’t get itself unstuck. Thatcher had to laugh at the sight.


When they all returned to Arafarasawas’s house, they discussed what they had just learned.


“Okay,” concluded Arafarasawas, “we now know of the Amphidemons’ weakness; now, we need to find where this Luxatium might be.”


Thatcher asked, “Where do we find this Lux- whatever it is?”


Arafarasawas replied, “I’m not sure; Luxatium is a rare substance and not much is known about it or even where it comes from. Perhaps the library will have some leads.”


“Okay, let’s go,” suggested Thatcher.


But Arafarasawas said, “We can’t embark on our quest yet; you haven’t unlocked your potential for which you were chosen, but we can’t stay here for very long. Put these cloaks on, and we’ll head someplace safer where they won’t find us.”


All three of them put on grey-blue cloaks on before leaving the house and traveling the busy streets of the topmost level of Arafara. In every direction, they saw elves, fairies, and pixies going about their own business although there were more beggars on the streets because of the Amphidemons’ cruel taxes.


However, the three of them spotted a squad of deformed, one-eyed goblins who appeared to be searching for something or someone. Then, these goblins began intimidating and threatening an elfish woman. Thatcher was boiling inside; the urge to take action was gnawing away at him. Even though he knew it was foolish, Thatcher just couldn’t let that slide.


Out of an impulse, Thatcher charged at the goblins and punched its jaw off; that same goblin then attacked Thatcher, but Thatcher dodged and broke the foul creature’s back. After that, the other goblins attack, but Thatcher fought them off. After that, Arafarasawas cast a spell like lightning that wiped out the remaining goblins; however, other goblins heard the noise and came approaching toward them. Arafarasawas ordered the three of them to head immediately toward the fairy ring, and a horde of goblins pursued them.


Once they made it to the middle, mostly-uninhabited level of Arafara, Arafarasawas set up a complex spell to block the goblins from using the fairy ring, but it would only last for a short time. The three of them hurried through the forest until they arrived at a ridge that seemed ordinary until Arafarasawas pulled back part of it like a curtain revealing what was inside. The three of them rushed inside before anyone could discover this secret hiding place.


Once they were all safely inside, Arafarasawas warned, “Thatcher, don’t ever do that again; you are the Chosen One so we can’t risk you getting hurt in silly squabbles like that. Do you understand?”


Thatcher affirmed; he had never seen Arafarasawas this serious before.


The room they had entered was comfortable and homely even though the floor, walls, and ceiling were composed of dirt; a small fire in the center provided flickering light. There were a couple beds, a table, and a bookshelf. Here and there, there were roots of different plants protruding out of the walls and ceiling, some of them looked odd.


The silence was broken when Arafarasawas spoke up, “Tomorrow, we will begin your training, but for now, we will rest.”


The hiding spot was silent as the night wore on; Sawasae was sleeping soundly like a baby. Thatcher, however, was still wide awake staring through a crack in the curtain concealing the place trying to make sense of his recent experiences. First, Thatcher’s family fortune was destroyed, and now, he is living in a world of fairies and elves. Thatcher was beginning to wonder if this was all just a bizarre dream that he would awaken from soon or if it was a severe delusion. Thatcher didn’t have a family history of mental illness so the delusion theory seemed rather implausible.


While Thatcher was pondering away at his situation, Arafarasawas crept up to him and softly asked, “What are you thinking about?”


Thatcher replied, “I’m just thinking about home, and why I’m here supposed to save this world.”


Arafarasawas added, “That’s understandable considering what you went through; maybe you’re still recovering from the loss of your parents.”


Thatcher continued, “For years, I felt like the most important, most influential kid in the world, and I would walk all over those I considered inferior; but now, I have nothing but the clothes on my self. Now, I know what it’s like to be “inferior”. I have never been so humbled in my whole life.”


Arafarasawas added, “Sometimes, great wealth can cloud a mortal’s judgment and make him arrogant and more apathetic towards others. Great wealth can corrupt a man’s soul and distract him from his true purpose.”


“I can’t believe I was so deceived,” remarked Thatcher regretfully.


“Wealth does that to mortals,” comforted Arafarasawas.


“But I still don’t understand why I was chosen for the task of overthrowing the Amphidemons; why me?” asked Thatcher, “why am I so important here because I’m not?”


Arafarasawas strongly replied, “Don’t say that! No life is insignificant, including human. I’ve seen you many times in my dreams and prophecies; I know you’re destined for greatness. You may not have fame, wealth, or fortune anymore, but I’ve seen you gain a much nobler form of wealth.”


As the night wore on, Thatcher and Arafarasawas drew closer together to try to stay warm, especially with Arafarasawas’s skimpy clothing.


After a little while, Thatcher asked, “If you are Sawasae’s mother, then where’s the father?”


Arafarasawas replied, “He died resisting the Amphidemons; we didn’t succumb to them without a fight. Our warriors fought bravely; my husband was one of them. He was such a great elf; his death affected us all. And when we surrendered, the Amphidemons didn’t spare any of the warriors’ lives; they have no respect for life of any kind.”


A tear began to slither down Arafarasawas’s cheek as she remembered the bitter, cruel death of her love. Listening to Arafarasawas filled Thatcher with a kind of compassion that he hardly ever felt; Thatcher would normally look down upon the less fortunate. It made Thatcher wonder if that was the more noble wealth Arafarsawas mentioned. Thatcher was gripped with a desire to end the Amphidemons’ reign of terror.


Thatcher began to caress Arafarasawas after hearing about the tragedy that befell her. Thatcher was also feeling something else for her besides compassion; something he wouldn’t expect to feel for someone of a “lower” status. At first, Thatcher wondered if it was just because of Arafarasawas’s skimpy outfit, but it felt like something much deeper. Thatcher thought about his feelings until finally he was led to the conclusion that what he felt was love, romantic love.


The next day, Thatcher began his training to utilize his magical potential. Thatcher first learned how to fly which was hard at first because Thatcher didn’t believe he could do it; Thatcher had spent years in what he knew as the “rational world” which taught that such things were impossible. Arafarasawas instructed Thatcher to clear his mind and focus on being lighter than the air; Thatcher was at first skeptical but he at last decided it was worth a try. When Thatcher attempted what Arafarasawas instructed, he found himself floating several feet in the air; it was a shock at first, but Thatcher had to marvel at this discovery. Then, Thatcher learned how to fly to places by concentrating on where he wanted to go; at first, it took much concentration, but after some practice, Thatcher was flying as if in a dream.


After accomplishing that, Thatcher learned some other basic magical feats such as levitation and block. Thatcher was surprised that he possessed these abilities and had never known about it until now; Thatcher began to feel more confident about himself now that he knew he had these abilities. Though Thatcher was doing well, he knew he wouldn’t be as powerful as Arafarasawas.


Now that Thatcher had completed his brief training, Arafarasawas decided it was time to go to the library and research more about the mysterious substance Luxatium; she did warn both Thatcher and Sawasae that the librarians liked to experiment with gravity. The three of them returned to the topmost, more inhabited level of Arafara wearing their cloaks to avoid being spotted; there were still one-eyed goblins patrolling the streets searching for the three of them. The library was situated at the more elevated end of the level which almost steeply sloped upward like a hill.


When they arrived at the dome-shaped library, Thatcher found that it was just as Arafarasawas said it was; there were people, desks, chairs, and bookshelves floating all over the place. Thatcher wondered how a place like that could stay organized. Wasting no time, the three of them searched for any books that could lead them to where Luxatium could be found such as books on rare substances and books on breakthroughs in magic. For a while, they couldn’t find anything until Sawasae found in a book of folklore that a supposed Luxatium deposit could be found in the sea of the lowest level of Arafara. To Thatcher, Sawasae was surprisingly good with books for someone so young; Thatcher wondered if it was because her mother was a prophetess.


However, before they could leave, goblins surrounded the library demanding the librarians to hand the three over. Because the librarians didn’t support the Amphidemons’ rule, they showed the three of them a secret passageway leading to the bottom of the hill allowing them to evade the goblins. Once the three heroes evacuated the library, the goblins threatened to burn down the library, but the librarians allowed them to enter to prove that the three weren’t present. This angered the goblins, and they began to accuse the librarians of somehow allowing them to escape.


After escaping the goblins, Thatcher commented, “Phew that was close.”


Arafarasawas continued, “Now we need to go to the lowest level and find a Luxatium deposit in the sea; hopefully, it’s not too deep in the sea because monsters dwell within the deeper parts of the sea. Let’s also hope the beach is not too heavily guarded.”


Thatcher joked, “You’re dressed appropriately for the beach.”


“Let’s stay on task,” said Arafarasawas trying hard not to blush.


When they arrived at the lowest level of Arafara, they found a few goblins there, but there were also a lot of elves, fairies, and pixies relaxing on the beach and swimming in the swallow end of the sea so the three of them were not too easy to spot. However, they were followed by a squad of goblins which sought to arrest them, but Arafarasawas attacked them with a spell which unfortunately drew more goblins to them; because of that, the other elves and fairies began flying and screaming in different directions. When Thatcher was about to join in, Arafarasawas commanded him to head into the sea while she defended him.


Unfortunately, Arafarasawas and her daughter were captured right in front of Thatcher causing him cry out in horror. Over a short time, Thatcher had grown attached to her; she was pretty and gifted, and now he was watching her being taken away. Thatcher strongly wanted to slaughter the goblins and rescue the two ladies, but he knew he was not powerful enough to do so; he also knew that they were going to be taken to the Amphidemons who couldn’t be killed without the Luxatium. With all these facts in mind, Thatcher escaped into the sea; the goblins didn’t bother to pursue him because they figured he would be devoured by one of the monsters in there.


Thatcher formed a bubble of air around his mouth and his eyes to help him see and breathe underwater; the sea seemed much vaster beneath the surface than above. Already, Thatcher could see monstrous forms swimming around toward the deeper end of the sea. Thatcher immediately began searching for anything that could be Luxatium; judging by the name, Thatcher believed it was shiny or sparkly.


Thatcher searched the whole shallow end of the sea but didn’t find anything that could have been Luxatium until he found something small shining in the deeper end. Thatcher swam closer to get a better look as the waters grew darker and eerier. When Thatcher was just a couple feet away from the shining object, he found that it was metallic. It also had a mysterious effect on Thatcher; being near it made him feel pure and comfortable.


However, due to the darkness of the water, Thatcher was unaware that something dangerous was nearby. When Thatcher’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw a massive kraken twice the size of a football field sitting on top of the deposit; Thatcher’s heart almost stopped beating in the shock he experienced. The kraken stirred as it tried to grab Thatcher, but Thatcher used his flying skills to evade the tentacles. However, the kraken grabbed hold of Thatcher with one of its tentacles; though it was boneless, the creature was immensely strong. Thatcher managed to escape using a spell to pierce through the tentacle causing the creature to let go as it bloodied the water with its blue blood.


Knowing that he couldn’t wrestle with the creature for very long, Thatcher grabbed a decent sized rock composed of Luxatium using a levitation spell and swam for his life; the creature swiftly pursued Thatcher keeping rather close behind him. Thatcher dodged tentacles as they tried to wrap around Thatcher. Thatcher swam as fast as he could, but the kraken remained close behind until Thatcher came too close to the shore for the kraken to remain in the water. Thatcher felt a surge of hope flow through him as he retrieved the Luxatium.


Now that Thatcher obtained the Luxatium, he snuck into a blacksmith’s shop and had a sword forged out of the material; once the sword was forged, Thatcher prepared to face the Amphidemons. When Thatcher left the blacksmith shop, he found that he was surrounded by goblins that demanded him to surrender himself; instead, Thatcher drew his Luxatium sword which glowed like a star. The goblins backed away in fear and many began retreating.


However, the Amphidemons sensed the commotion, and the sluggard Amphidemon alerted the others saying, “The boy has Luxatium! He’s gonna get us!”


The alchemist Amphidemon ordered, “Summon the dragon! He’ll put an end to this in no time.”


Upon those words, their dragon servant descended out of their realm and landed in front of Thatcher; Thatcher aimed his sword at the dragon prepared for an attack at any moment. In a flash, the dragon tried to bite down on Thatcher, but Thatcher dodged just in time. Then, the dragon tried to slice Thatcher with his claws, but Thatcher stabbed the dragon’s claw which caused it to wither into a rotten mess.


After that, the dragon did its best to keep its distance from Thatcher’s sword so it began to hurl fire at Thatcher which Thatcher had no protection against. When the dragon first breathed fire, Thatcher took cover behind a mushroom house which blackened and crumbled into rubble.


After that, Thatcher remembered he could fly so he swerved around the dragon and slit the side of its neck causing the dragon to screech in pain. Then, the dragon took flight as well squirming around to avoid Thatcher’s blade; Thatcher tried to slice the dragon, but the dragon was a very good flyer.


After dodging some pillars of fire hurled by the dragon, Thatcher sliced through one of the dragon’s wings causing it to rot which caused the dragon to crash land to the ground. Before the dragon could swallow Thatcher, Thatcher stabbed the dragon in the throat killing it at last. The people rejoiced that one of their oppressors was dead; Thatcher enjoyed his glory for a few moments before returning to his more pressing task. Arafarasawas and her little daughter were the most important people to Thatcher at the moment.


Thatcher ascended up into the Amphidemons’ realm; Thatcher wanted to break in like a burglar, but the sluggard Amphidemon screamed at the sight of Thatcher and alerted the others. With his cover blown, Thatcher smashed the door of the house with his sword.


“Where are they?” demanded Thatcher.


“I don’t know; I don’t know,” whined the sluggard Amphidemon hiding behind his hands.


“Get out of here; you’re disturbing my feast,” demanded the glutton Amphidemon.


After making the demand, the glutton Amphidemon burped loud and forceful, so much so that it was creating winds like that of a hurricane; Thatcher used his flying skills to avoid being blown away. As the loud forceful burped dragged on, nasty, slimy blobs of saliva and vomit rocketed out of the Amphidemon’s mouth which were disintegrated by Thatcher’s sword.


Once the Amphidemon realized that his burping was futile, the Amphidemon withdrew its burp and then cursed his food turning it into horrid, gnarled monsters; Thatcher sliced them with his sword until he slashed the Amphidemon which howled in pain and then rotted into nothing.


After that, the greedy, salamander-like Amphidemon cursed his gold and riches till it became a ruby-eyed, salamander-like monster; the monster roared at Thatcher as Thatcher stood ready to attack. The monster tried to squash Thatcher with its claw, but Thatcher dodged and slashed the monster’s leg causing rubies to spill out; the monster backhanded Thatcher with that same claw. While hurling backwards from the monster’s blow, Thatcher began to fly up and slice through the monster’s spine killing it and causing it to disintegrate in inanimate riches again.


Panicking, the Amphidemon began throwing anything it could get its hands on at Thatcher, but Thatcher dodged it all and sliced the Amphidemon in half causing it to rot into nothing.


Then, Thatcher found a dark, gloomy hallway which Thatcher thought might lead to a dungeon; when Thatcher traveled down it, he found dark, stone cells with haggard elves and fairies imprisoned in them. Using his sword, Thatcher cut down the bars and the chains setting the prisoners free; the prisoners rejoiced over their new freedom. However, Thatcher still hadn’t found Arafarasawas or her daughter.


At the end of the hallway, Thatcher found a heavy, wooden door which led to a stone staircase; when Thatcher arrived at the foot of the stairs, he found Arafarasawas and her daughter as well as a huge, warted troll trying to grab them, but it appeared Arafarasawas was holding its hand back with a spell.


“Get the troll! I can’t hold him back much longer!” cried out Arafarasawas.


At that moment, Thatcher threw his sword at the troll stabbing it in the ribs causing it to wither into nothing. Recovering his sword, Thatcher broke the chains binding Arafarasawas and her daughter, briefly kissed Arafarasawas, and they hurried out of the dungeon.


However, before the three could escape, the alchemist Amphidemon said, “Not so fast, rebels. You may think you have defeated us, but we are still the rulers of Arafara.”


Arafarasawas sternly replied, “This ends now.”


But the Amphidemon argued, “No. You end now.”


After that, the Amphidemon cast a fiery, green spell which Arafarasawas blocked; she ordered Thatcher to strike while she was blocking, however, when Thatcher attempted to do so, the Amphidemon repelled him with another spell.


“You may have defeated my brothers, but you’ll never defeat me. I am the most powerful Amphidemon of them all,” boasted the Amphidemon.


Then, Sawasae threw a ball of magical energy at the Amphidemon, but the Amphidemon incinerated it with his and almost incinerated Sawasae, but Sawasae avoided just in time. Then, Arafarasawas fired a lightning bolt at the Amphidemon, but the Amphidemon blocked.


After a while, the Amphidemon summoned a serpentine dragon which attacked the three of them; Thatcher took on the dragon while Arafarasawas dealt with the Amphidemon. The serpentine dragon coiled around Thatcher trying to swallow him, but he evaded using his flying skills; Thatcher also had to dodge the dragon’s fire breath. Watching the serpentine dragon coil and squirmed around for so long while Thatcher flew around to avoid it would have been nauseating for an onlooker. Then, the dragon appeared to swallow Thatcher, but Thatcher emerged out from the skull of the dragon in one piece as it withered away on the ground.


After that, the alchemist Amphidemon began summoning huge boulders into existence and throwing them at the three of them; Arafarasawas zapped them with spells while Thatcher sliced them to dust with his sword. After a while of this, Thatcher stabbed the Amphidemon in the back with his sword causing the Amphidemon to melt and rot into nothing. The battle was over.


Before the last, lazy Amphidemon could be killed, the Amphidemon begged for its life and that it was willing to be imprisoned for the rest of its life; because that particular Amphidemon hadn’t done much harm, it was decided that a Luxatium cage would be made in which the Amphidemon would spend the rest of its life. The house of the Amphidemons was demolished using arcane spells.


With the downfall of the Amphidemons, Arafara returned to its once prosperous state; the people rejoiced and celebrated that their oppression was finally over. Thatcher actually felt proud of himself; now he felt like he truly was a hero. After that, Thatcher and Arafarasawas married and became the rulers of Arafara; Arafara prospered for years under their rule.

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