Castles in the Sky

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
boarding school students visit a city suspended in the air.

Submitted: October 18, 2013

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Submitted: October 18, 2013



In the year 2050 A.D., a team of engineers designed a large city, but this was no ordinary city; this city could hover miles off the ground powered by a combination of solar and battery power. This city was composed of several levels with the topmost being the richest and the lowest the poorest; at the topmost part of the city was the control tower where the city was piloted. The outskirts of the lowest level were lush, green natural landscapes with trees, bushes, hills, and a few lakes. The city’s perimeter was mostly enclosed by an electromagnetic wall to prevent the oxygen from straying too far. Since its completion in 2050, the city never landed on the ground, but someone would try to change that. The city’s name was Aeros.


In the year 3013 at a boarding school in Nottingham, England, a boy named Barnabus Hunting along with his fellow classmates was attending a physics lecture by Professor Newton, a portly but brilliant man; the lecture was about the laws of electromagnetism and included a demonstration. Most of the students were bored by the lecture except Barnabus and his friend Demarea Johnson, an African-British boy.


After the demonstration, Professor Newton announced, “Next weekend from Friday to Sunday, we will be taking a field trip to Aeros; we will be taking a tour of all ten levels and the control tower, but we will also have free time to do whatever. Bring money if you want to go shopping and a swimsuit if you want to swim.”


This pleased all of the students because Aeros was the biggest tourist attraction in the world because it was a city suspended in mid-air. The computer professor, Professor Leibniz, announced that same day that he would accompany the field trip also.


After all the lessons were over, the students gathered to their common rooms and hanged out with each other before curfew. However, Barnabus was sitting in a corner of the common room working on an algorithm for an anime computer game he was working on; at the same time, Barnabus was staring at a picture of Debbie, a French classmate who wanted to be a model and happened to be in the same house as Barnabus.


Because Barnabus was a shy, thin, pale kid, he was prone to being picked on; Jamerson, a cricket player and Debbie’s current boyfriend, enjoyed picking on the unpopular students including Barnabus.


When Jamerson saw Barnabus sitting in a corner by himself, he shouted out, “Hey look, it’s the geek playing with computers again; he’s dating one!”


The other kids laughed at Jamerson’s sneer.


“Oh, that’s enough,” cried Debbie, “you’re all going to be working for him one day.”


While no one else was looking, Debbie winked at Barnabus; they secretly had a crush on each other, but Debbie was pressured into dating Jamerson for popularity reasons. After Barnabus finished the algorithm, he tested it, and it made a boss perform an attack like it was supposed to; the algorithm was a success.


After Barnabus completed the algorithm, Demarea came to him and said enthusiastically, “Waho, this is going to be awesome; we get to go to Aeros, a marvel of engineering.”


“Yeah,” agreed Barnabus with a smile, “I would like to see the supercomputer that powers that thing.”


“Oh look,” cried Jamerson, “those two nerds are geeking out together; they must be gay!”


Everyone laughed until Debbie stood up for them both.


After the week slithered by, the time came for the field trip; the students packed themselves into the school bus and rode out to an open field. Barnabus and the other students didn’t understand why they were there until they looked up and saw a glowing speck in the sky; that speck was Aeros. Then, the two professors took out what looked like rock climbing harnesses and instructed all the students to put them on.


When Barnabus finished strapping his harness on, he asked professor Newton, “Professor, why are we wearing these?”


Professor Newton replied, “Because the only way up to Aeros is to be hauled up.”


Barnabus asked further, “Why can’t we use an airport?”


“Because Aeros can only support so much weight which is why they haul stuff up,” answered Newton.


“But I’m scared of heights,” protested Barnabus.


“Don’t worry,” comforted Newton, “those wires are strong; they won’t snap.”


After Professor Newton finished, several black ropes made of wire descended from Aeros until they reached the ground. As instructed by the professors, everyone clipped the ropes to their harnesses; Professor Newton had to have two ropes clipped to him. Then, after Professor Newton called some number telling someone they were ready, the ropes suddenly ascended abruptly hauling everyone up. Barnabus was freaking out because he was scared of heights. As the class ascended into the air, the houses and other buildings shrank fast and then slower as they got higher.


Once everyone ascended to Aeros, the hauling contraptions pulled themselves back and lowered the class onto the ground; the operators welcomed the class. Then, the class climbed onto a bus which took them down a road which led to the city; the outskirts of the city were lush green with grass and trees and flowers everywhere. Once they entered the city, they passed a welcome sign and entered a district full of small houses, small apartment buildings, small stores, and gas stations which looked rather poor. As they drove further into town, the buildings became bigger and better kept.


After about a half an hour of driving, the bus arrived at a science museum; the science museum had a box shape to it and many windows and rectangular extensions. When they entered the science museum, the students saw spaceships, planets, microorganisms, holograms, and other fascinating things.


In the middle of the tour, Demarea mildly exclaimed, “Hey look, Barnabus, it’s the computer exhibit.”


Barnabus was thrilled to see the computer exhibit because he was a computer geek. Within the computer exhibit were things such as abacuses, calculators, Turing machines, and displays of computer programs. They even had a video game exhibit with classical games such as Pacman to play; Barnabus and Demarea played the games for a while until the two professors told them it was time to go.


After seeing the science museum, the class took a tour of Aeros Community College which had grown to be the best community college on the planet (in a way). They toured the many different facilities such as the classrooms and the laboratories.


By the time they finished touring the community college, it was evening so the class rented a hotel room and spent the night there. Barnabus and Demarea sat out on the balcony of their room and played handheld video games together; after about a half an hour, Demarea told Barnabus that he was going to take a shower. Barnabus enjoyed the sunset until he saw Debbie on her room’s balcony looking at him with a smile.


“Hey, Barnabus,” greeted Debbie flirtatiously.


“Hey, Debbie,” greeted Barnabus in return with a hint of shyness.


“Are you enjoying this field trip?” asked Debbie.


Barnabus replied, “Yes, I quite am.”


“I’ve always wanted to see this place; it’s like Paris or New York,” commented Debbie.


Barnabus added, “I can’t wait to see the supercomputer that powers this whole thing.”


“You’re so intelligent,” giggled Debbie, and Barnabus giggled too.


Then, Jamerson stepped onto the balcony and asked who Debbie was talking to.


When he saw Barnabus, he rudely barked, “Piss off, nerd.”


Because of that, Barnabus returned to his hotel room.


The next day, the class visited Aeros’s control tower; it was situated in the middle of the super rich district. When the class entered the control tower, they passed through metallic halls, took an elevator, and entered the control room; the control room possessed countless control panels with all sorts of buttons and levers and screens. The tour guide demonstrated what each panel was for; after that, the class saw the control stick that guided where Aeros went.


After seeing the control room, the class was shown the supercomputer powering the city called Sigmatron; it possessed about one thousand central processing units wired together. Everyone stood in awe of the massive computer, especially Barnabus.


After the tour of the control tower was finished, the class traveled to the massive swimming pool for an afternoon swim; Barnabus and Demarea raced each other to the pool. Jamerson and his athlete friends played a game of water volleyball. When Barnabus emerged from the water, he was love struck at the sight of Debbie in a skimpy string bikini. Debbie laid herself down on a reclining chair to relax.


“Whoa, that’s something,” said Demarea struck by beauty, “You should definitely go talk to her instead of just staring at her.”


Barnabus replied, “But what if Jamerson sees?”


Demarea assured, “Oh, it’ll be fine; it’s you she truly likes. Believe me.”


After the encouragement, Barnabus carefully approached Debbie and nervously said “hi” and Debbie returned the greeting with a smile.


“You look great, Debbie,” complimented Barnabus.


“Thanks, so do you,” returned Debbie.


“Really?” questioned Barnabus.


“Really,” insisted Debbie, “you’re slim with a slight muscle tone. I like that; it’s my type.”


“Oh, really,” commented Barnabus.


“Yeah,” insisted Debbie, “I don’t really love Jamerson; he’s too big and brutish for my taste. It’s you that I like.”


“I really like you too,” agreed Barnabus.


Unfortunately, Jamerson saw the whole thing; Jamerson swan to a ladder, climbed up, and approached Debbie and Barnabus.


“Oy, you,” said Jamerson to Barnabus, “get away from my lass; I’m going to kill you, bitch.”


After Jamerson said the word “kill”, Jamerson assaulted Barnabus, but Barnabus twirled out of the way and avoided him. Jamerson turned around and hooked Barnabus in the face, but Barnabus recovered quickly. After Barnabus dodged some punches from Jamerson, Professor Newton grabbed both of Jamerson’s arms, and Professor Leibniz stood in between Jamerson and Barnabus; Professor Newton sternly ordered Jamerson to return to the bus while Professor Leibniz checked to see if Barnabus was okay.


When the class returned to the hotel, Barnabus could hear the murmuring of Debbie and Jamerson arguing in the next room; when Barnabus put his ear to the wall, he could better understand what they were saying.


“You were flirting with that nerd faggot, you whore!” yelled Jamerson.


Debbie countered, “I’ve never loved you because you’re so mean to people; Barnabus is nice and mellow.”


“He’s a nerd, good for nothing but farting around with computers; I’m the best athlete in the world. You are mine!” yelled Jamerson.


“I only entered this relationship because you and your friends pressured me,” argued Debbie.


“No! You love me and me alone! Get that in your damned, stupid little head!” insulted Jamerson.


After that was spoken, the room fell silent, and Barnabus heard footsteps thunder rapidly down the hall; Barnabus followed them down a few flights of stairs and found Debbie weeping at the foot of a flight of stairs. Barnabus quietly approached Debbie to comfort her.


“Are you okay?” meekly asked Barnabus.


“No!” wailed Debbie, “I’m such a screw-up!”


“No, no, you’re not a screw-up,” comforted Barnabus.


“Yes I am; I cheated on my boyfriend whom I never loved!” wailed Debbie.


“If you really didn’t love Jamerson, then it wasn’t really a relationship,” consoled Barnabus.


Debbie was silent for a few moments before agreeing with him; Barnabus and Debbie hugged each other and hung out for a little bit. After a while, Barnabus walked Debbie to her room and returned to his own.


When Barnabus slipped into his bed, Demarea asked from his own bed, “So how did it go?”


“I’m sure Debbie will be all right after a few words of comfort,” replied Barnabus.


The next day, the class attended church at the largest and most ornate church on Aeros; the sermon was about the sin of greed. After church, the class returned to the hotel and packed their belongings.


However, when the class left the hotel, they saw strange beings holding people hostage and stopping up streets; there was also a good-sized spaceship with a semi-conical shape landed on an intersection close to the control tower. These strange beings had horns growing out of their mouths and a pair of arms on each side; they also had laser guns which they fired at random spots. Then, one of these strange beings which were probably space aliens pointed a laser gun at the class and held them hostage.


After a couple seconds, Jamerson tried to attack the alien, but the alien seared a hole into Jamerson’s chest using its laser gun killing him; everyone was shocked to death at the sight of a student being murdered. However, while the alien was distracted with Jamerson, Barnabus and Demarea ran off as quickly as they could because they had a plan to defeat the aliens.


Barnabus and Demarea entered the hotel and hid behind the manager’s desk to use the computer; their plan was to hack into Demarea’s experimental missiles and fire them at the alien ship (Demarea was a rocket scientist). Once the computer was active, Barnabus saw that the aliens were destroying Aeros’s systems with logic bombs and viruses which would cause Aeros to come crashing into the ground killing multitudes. Barnabus had to wrestle with the alien ship’s viruses using code he would use to debug his computer games, cleaned the virus off the computer, and built a firewall to protect the computer.


Then, Barnabus hacked into a wireless router that connected him to Demarea’s missiles, set the target coordinates upon the alien spacecraft, and with one touch of a key, Demarea’s launched into the air. When Barnabus looked up from his computer, he saw an alien pointing a laser gun at him so Barnabus and Demarea held their hands in the air. After about a minute, thunderous explosions rang throughout the city; when everyone looked at their direction, they saw that the alien spacecraft was completely obliterated which caused Aeros’ systems to return to normal functioning. The aliens’ sinister plan had failed.


Then, the attacking aliens were taken hostage and interrogated; the aliens revealed their warlike intentions to conquer Earth. Meanwhile, Barnabus and Demarea became brilliant scientists in their respective fields. Barnabus and Debbie became lovers and later married.

© Copyright 2020 Matthew5. All rights reserved.

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