Get Out of My House

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A brother and sister enter a haunted house with strange walls.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



Get Out Of My House


In Atlanta, Georgia stood a lonely haunted semi-manor house that no one not even policemen would dare to go into. This house was once known as the Robinsons’ house because the Robinson family owned it for many years until the late 1800s. The family’s latest descendant, Garrett Robinson, got sick at age 16. Because back then people still believed that bad blood caused sickness, the Robinsons called a doctor to have their son bled. The doctor bled Garrett, but Garrett’s condition continued to worsen. The doctor bled him some more, but Garrett’s health continued to decline. The doctor bled him more and more to the point where Garrett had no blood left at all. Finally, Garrett’s vision blurred and faded, and he died.


Out of grief, the Robinsons buried their son in the backyard with a gloomy female angel statue on his tombstone and sold their house to a different family, but little did this family know what was in store for them. Several weeks after they moved in, the family, the Petersons, began to feel eerie presences. Then, they started seeing lights and hearing sounds with no apparent cause. After that, they began to see apparitions and things moving around on their own.


The thing that really frightened them was when Mrs. Peterson (the mother) was in the study sorting papers, the walls began bleeding. The Mrs. Peterson screamed at the top of her lungs which caused Mr. Peterson (the father) rush to the study, but the door wouldn’t open though nobody locked it. The walls bled so much that the carpet was stained red, and it even began to pool up in the room. Mr. Peterson kept trying to break the door down, but it just wouldn’t budge. The office was almost completely filled with blood, and Mrs. Peterson was about to drown; yet, when the room was full of blood, the blood just soaked back into the walls as if the whole event just reversed like a movie on rewind. Mr. Peterson smashed the door down and rushed to his wife’s side to see if she was all right; her dress, the carpet, the papers, the books, and everything in the room was stained and soaked red with blood. When they looked up at the wall with the broken down door, they saw “Get out of my house” written in blood.


The family immediately moved out of the house leaving their things behind without selling the house. After word spread about the events within the house, nobody wanted to buy it. The house was left untouched for years and became the old, creepy house no one would even dare to touch the perimeter of the property.


In the present day (2009), two 9-year-old schoolboys (the taller blond was Jacob and the shorter redhead was Chris) were playing on their school’s playground equipment at dusk with the other schoolchildren while they were waiting for their parents to pick them up. They were both very audacious boys who often did things that got themselves into trouble. Jacob suggested, “Hey, let’s go to the Robinsons’ house.” Although Chris was just as audacious and rebellious as Jacob, Chris took the Robinsons’ house ghost story very seriously. Chris strongly protested, “But that place is haunted; there’s a ghost in there.” “Relax, there is no such thing as ghosts,” reassured Jacob patronizingly, “Come on and let’s go.” Chris answered meekly, “Okay.”


When Jacob and Chris arrived at the Robinsons’ house, they saw that the paint had faded to dark hues, and the house was severely dilapidated. The house was so creepy it intimidated the two boys. They both cautiously crept to the house; even Jacob, who was always fearless, was beginning to feel creeped out. Jacob slowly turned the doorknob of the front door and meticulously opened the creaky door as Chris shivered behind him. They crept into the house and saw perpetual darkness everywhere with cobwebs here and there. It was like it was nighttime inside, and the house was musty with old age. Suddenly, the door just slammed shut behind them startling the two boys.


They decided to explore the first floor first. In the foyer, an elegant, antique table with curved legs and a porcelain vase standing on it stood opposite to the staircase. The porcelain vase slowly and choppily slid across the table, but it stopped when Jacob and Chris turned around to look. They had just entered, and the house was already starting to spook them.


They entered a parlor with torn Victorian furniture and dusty, porcelain vases and statues. The wallpaper was peeled off in some areas. For some reason, there was a mirror standing on the mantle. Chris could have sworn that he’d seen a face flash by in the mirror. When Chris told Jacob about it, Jacob patronized, “Oh relax, it’s just you’re imagination; besides, there are no such things as ghosts.” Right when he finished saying that, they both heard a door angrily slam shut, startling them both. By then, both Jacob and Chris were shivering in fear. Then, they heard footsteps directly above their heads upstairs. The footsteps climbed down the staircase in the foyer, walked into the parlor, and stopped only a couple of inches in front of the two boys. But there was nobody there. “What the heck was that?” asked Chris. Jacob answered puzzled, “I don’t know; let’s go to a different room.”


They decided to go upstairs down the hallway to the right into the bedroom that Garrett had died in. Floorboards complained and creaked, and there was this constant, unpleasant feeling of being watched. The bedroom had a tall, gilded, ornate bed along with a wooden desk and a wooden drawer set. Once they entered the bedroom, the door slammed shut behind them startling them both. “Okay, let’s not lose our heads here; it was probably just a draft,” Jacob comforted himself trying to fight back the fear he was feeling.


Then, all of the sudden, the walls began to bleed. Jacob and Chris screamed almost girlishly at the sight of blood seeping out of the walls for no reason. The carpet was stained red, and the blood began to pool up. Chris screamed frantically, “Get us out of here.” Jacob tried the doorknob then tried to break the door down with all his might but to no avail. Jacob cried, “We’re trapped!” “We are going to die!” pessimistically screamed Chris. They screamed as the blood reached knee height. When the blood reached knee height, Jacob suggested breaking the window with a nearby candlestick. When he tried it, the window cracked at first but then repaired itself. “It’s no use,” said Jacob with a stressed tone. The walls continued to gush blood, and the blood had pooled up so much that both boys were swimming in it. Because they had no ideas left, they decided to wait to die. When the pool of blood had reached but an inch from the ceiling, the pool started to drain and seep back into the walls like a movie on rewind though the boys’ clothes were stained red and stank with blood.


When they looked up at the wall with the door, they saw “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE” written in blood just like when the Petersons owned the house. They felt something creepy breathing heavily behind them. When they slowly turned, the two boys saw a pale, ghostly, glowing youth in black Victorian clothing frowning at them. His hair waved like a flag though there was no wind; a flash of lightning illuminated the room and Garrett’s face though the local forecast said that there were no thunderstorms for tonight. The youth was Garrett Robinson. “Get out of my house,” echoed the ghostly youth. Jacob and Chris shrieked and disappeared from the house.


The next day, Jacob and Chris told the other kids at school of their experiences in the Robinsons’ house. Most of the younger kids were frightened while most of the older kids just laughed.


One of the younger kids who were frightened by Jacob and Chris’s tales was blond, 8-year-old Taylor who was short, chubby, and wimpy. He had a blond, 15-year-old sister named Kelly who was irresistibly attractive and possessed a strong interest in history. Throughout the school day, the story of the Robinsons’ house haunted poor little Taylor.


After school and at the aromatic dinner table, Taylor asked his mom and dad (Mr. and Mrs. Summers) if ghosts were real. “No, son,” said Mr. Summers, “Such things don’t exist.” “For once, Taylor, grow up,” said Kelly annoyed. Insulted, Taylor hurriedly stomped up the stairs to his room to pout. “Kelly, that was very mean of you! Go up there and say you’re sorry!” cried Mrs. Summers in disgust.


Kelly reluctantly stepped up the stairs and crept into Taylor’s room finding him crying with his head down on a desk. Despite what she said, Kelly actually believed in ghosts, but she preferred to keep it a secret because it might ruin her well-established popularity at her high school. Stepping a little closer, Kelly sincerely apologized, “Hey, I’m sorry I offended you like that. With all honesty, I too believe in ghosts; but I’ve been hiding that from everyone including mom and dad out of fear of being ridiculed. That’s why I’ve been watching all that vampire and werewolf stuff on TV. Can you please forgive me?” Still crying, Taylor looked up at his sister thinking of all the times she was mean to him. Because he was taught that it is wrong not to forgive and because she was sincere, Taylor brought himself to forgive her; and the two siblings hugged.


The two siblings went back to the aromatic, appetizing dinner table to finish dinner. “Do you know anything about the Robinsons’ house haunting, Dad?” asked Taylor. Mr. Summers answered, “Taylor, it’s just a story. No need to spook yourself over it.” Kelly encouraged, “Go ahead; he wouldn’t stop thinking about it until you tell him.” Kelly winked at Taylor when no one was looking. Giving in, Mr. Summers told them the story. “Well all right, you see the Robinsons were a wealthy family from England who came to America during the colonial period; they weren’t well liked because of their snobbish attitude. The family was around for many years until the late 1800s when their teenaged son, Garrett, died of medical bleeding. When the Robinsons sold the house to another family, the other family experienced strange occurrences in the house including bleeding walls which drove them out of the house without selling it, and no one has bought it ever since. Some say that the house isn’t just haunted because somebody died there. It’s rumored that the handsome Garrett Robinson was at that age when you desire romantic love, but he died before he could ever get it which is supposedly the main source of his pain. Some say he will haunt that place until he gets the kiss he never got,” told Mr. Summers. That part of the story pierced Kelly’s soul with sympathy. She was pretty and the ghost was handsome - this made Kelly think that she could heal the old wound in the Garrett’s heart by kissing him and, as a result, break the haunting.


Two weeks went by, and the ghost story haunted Taylor and Kelly. Kelly felt sad for Garrett for dying before he could ever be kissed. Kelly began to wonder if she should go to the Robinsons’ house and kiss the ghost there. If it worked, it would mean one less haunting children would be having nightmares about. If the story turned out to be just a tragic superstition, Kelly would have made a big fool of herself in front of the whole town. Taylor, on the other hand, was feeling dread and doom. Elderly folk in town said that Garrett Robinson’s ghost was antisocial, even murderous. A few people almost died disturbing the gloomy Victorian manor. Both Taylor and Kelly agreed to go to the house and try to break the haunting.


On Saturday, October 31, instead of going trick-or-treating, Kelly and Taylor went to the Robinsons’ house. They came armed with a flashlight, first aid kit, and a knife. They both felt a pessimistic uneasiness as they approached the lonely, ominous house. For a Halloween night, the air outside was unusually warm. When they entered the house, they were confronted with the same eeriness and mustiness that other visitors were confronted with. Though the outside temperature was unusually warm, the temperature inside the house was freezing making Kelly feel cold in her light blue crop top; luckily, she brought a pink jacket. Once the two were halfway into the foyer, the door suddenly slammed shut making Taylor and Kelly jump out of their skin.


At the end of the foyer, Taylor and Kelly were confronted by several doorways to different rooms such as the kitchen, living room, dining room, and closet. Before they could enter any room, they heard the ominous, doom-inspiring bell ring that followed an execution in Victorian times. With history being her best subject, the bell ring caused Kelly to panic. Seeing his sister panic, Taylor whimpered in apprehension.


After over 20 rings, the two entered the living room. The floorboards creaked, complained, and groaned as the kids walked across the floor. The only light in the room was the dull, gloomy moonlight. Inside, the broken grandfather clock ringed as pessimistically as the previous bell ring. When Kelly glanced at the clock, she saw that there were no hands on the face causing her to scream in terror; Taylor also screamed.


They dashed into the kitchen hoping to be safe there for the moment. There were broken cabinets and rusty cookware everywhere, and the appliances appeared broken and useless. Then, out of the blue, rang the ghostly howl of a wolf. “That’s strange,” Taylor and Kelly thought to themselves, “there are no wolves in Atlanta.” Could the ghost be creating all these unusual sounds to scare them off? From the kitchen and through the foyer, Taylor caught a clear glimpse of a youth in the parlor mirror on the mantle. The youth was pale, his Victorian clothing and hair were pitch black, his skin was so thin you could almost see his skeleton straight through it, and his face had a homicidal look on it. The youth was Garrett Robinson, the ghost of the Robinsons’ house. The sight caused Taylor to shriek; but when Kelly looked, she saw nothing. Kelly comforted Taylor by saying that the creepiness of the house was just getting to him, worming its way into his mind and flooding his brain with terror.


Then, they climbed up a once-elegant staircase that was now dilapidated in the foyer. Once they made it to the top, they caught a quick glimpse to the right of a shadow walking into a bedroom; the two decided to follow the shadow. As they approached the bedroom, a flash of lightning illuminated the house with white light followed by a soft clap of thunder although the weatherman said that there would be no thunderstorms that night. Once they entered the bedroom, it turned out to be the one had Garrett died in. They felt safe in there and heard no unusual noises. Kelly had an intuitive feeling about this whole thing. After remembering the ghost’s story, she didn’t see malice in the haunting; she saw pain and agony.


But that feeling of security was about to be shattered; after the door shut and locked itself, they both heard that same ominous clock bell ring from the living room and then the bell ring that was in the foyer, one after the other. After 40 total rings, the walls began to bleed. The two kids screamed; Kelly ran for the door, but even after she unlocked it, it would not open. Then, she took an odd-shaped, Egyptian cat statue and wacked it on one of the two windows; but the window didn’t even scratch. The blood kept seeping out and pooling up in the room. Once they were practically swimming in the blood, Kelly came up with an idea. “Listen,” cried Kelly to make sure Garrett could hear her wherever he was, “I know how you feel; I know your pain. I’ve never kissed anyone either. I came to ease your pain; I came to kiss you.” At those last five words, the gushing of blood stopped as if she got the ghost’s attention, and the blood seeped back into the walls like a movie on rewind.


Once all the blood soaked back into the walls, a mist swarmed into the room from every point on the compass, gathered in a column, then dissipated, and produced the Victorian image of Garrett Robinson. Apparently, she got his attention. “You really mean it?” asked Garrett with a hint of questioning amazement in his voice, “You really came all this way just to give me the kiss I could never have?” “Yes,” answered Kelly reassuringly with a little bit of tears in her eyes. Then, the human and the ghost kissed for over a minute both shedding a few tears of joy; Taylor, on the other hand, thought it was out right gross as most other kids his age would.


Once Garrett and Kelly were finished kissing, Garrett thanked Kelly. Then, Garrett closed his eyes, raised his arms to ninety degree angles with his body, tilted his head back, and ascended to the ceiling gradually fading as he rose. Kelly felt sad and happy at the same time, happy because she relieved the pain of someone who had suffering for many decades and sad because her first crush “moved on”.


For the rest of their lives, Kelly and Taylor never forgot their experiences at the Robinsons’ house. Taylor became an engineer designing powerful technologies for the military while Kelly became a noted historian. Kelly and Taylor researched ghosts on the Internet and wrote a book about ghosts in an attempt to convince the public that ghosts exist. Unfortunately, no one believed them; but they still believed, especially after their time at the Robinsons’ house. Although Kelly eventually married and had kids, she never forgot about Garrett Robinson and still had strong feelings for him till the day she died.

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