Grocery Store of the Damned

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A math wiz must combat the sin of gluttony

Submitted: December 20, 2013

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Submitted: December 20, 2013



Kento Yuki was a depressed half-white, half-Japanese teenager who wore mostly black with some spikes and very rarely ate anything. He was a brilliant mathematician and also well-versed in the Bible which led to conflicts between him and his Buddhist parents. Both his parents and all his siblings were gluttons which made them obese while Kento was underweight.


Kento hated Saturdays because those were the days when his family would spend almost a thousand pounds on food, and some of it was unhealthy. This Saturday, while Kento was solving a trigonometric problem, his mother entered his doorway and told him it was time to go to the store; Kento grumbled to himself a little but dressed himself and met the rest of the family downstairs.


When the Yuki family arrived at their favorite store called Gluttony Foods Store which was also a restaurant, they grabbed two or three shopping carts and greedily grabbed all the food they could get except for Kento; because Kento had read the whole Bible, he believed that gluttony was a sin. Sometimes, the store manager would come out of her office and greet the Yuki family because they were her favorite customers; she was so obese that not even an XXL shirt could cover up her belly. Today, she greeted them and asked them how they were.


When the manager, Mrs. Greta, saw Kento and his thinness, she tempted him, “My, you are so underweight; why don’t you try our free samples of deluxe cheeses or meats, dear.”


But Kento resisted saying, “Jesus said, ‘Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone.’”


But Mrs. Greta tempted even further, “Oh but you must be depressed not being able to enjoy zesty crisps or sweet candy.”


However, Kento firmly stood his ground and said, “My depression is not because I don’t eat but because my family is in the dark while I’m in the light.”


At this, Mrs Greta became very angry and barked, “Buy something with your own damned money or get out of here!”


This explosion turned many glances at the two arguers; when Kento’s dad came into the aisle, he asked if everything was all right. After Mrs. Greta reassured him, Mr. Yuki yanked Kento by the collar of his shirt, paid for the food, drove home, and gave Kento a beating for arguing with Mrs. Greta.


Mr. Yuki yelled, “How dare you argue with such a nice lady as Mrs. Greta! You are an embarrassment to the family! Your mother should have aborted you when she had the chance!”


After that, Mr. Yuki locked him up in his room for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, the rest of the family went swimming in their own pool; even though they were all obese, they wore skimpy swimsuits as if they were proud of their gluttonous ways. Kento watched them out his window, and saw how much fun they were having. Kento pondered to himself why was God letting these harsh things happen when he was clearly obeying His will. To cope, Kento worked on a mathematical puzzle as always.


The next day, Sunday, Kento would dress himself and perform other morning rituals as quietly as possible and then sneak out of his parents’ house to go to church. Kento would walk down a couple blocks to a nearby Anglican church and was always the first one there. As the other members of the church arrived, Kento would hold doors for them and greet them as they entered.


Before the worship service, there would be a brief Bible class; Kento’s class was in the youth group. After the Bible class, the congregation would sing songs, pray, partake in communion, and listen to a sermon. When the congregation was dismissed, Kento would stick around and talk to the members of the congregation for as long as possible; Kento had always felt closer to his church family than to his biological family because his church family treated him more like family.


Kento had an older friend at church named Richard who was a theology student at Oxford.


Richard approached Kento and greeted him, “Hey, Kento, how are you? Is your family treating you any better?”


Kento glumly replied, “No, they’re still punishing me for being Christian.”


Richard encouraged with sympathy, “Well, you can always talk to me if you need anything. How is your spiritual life?”


“I would say good even though my relationship with my family is making it hard to believe sometimes,” replied Kento.


Richard explained, “Sometimes life’s challenges can make it hard to believe in a loving God, but God will never give you more than you can take. I’m still glad you came to the Truth.”


“So am I,” added Kento, “I wish my family would do the same.”


“Maybe you could minister unto them,” suggested Richard.


But Kento replied, “I tried that, but they won’t listen to me.”


But Richard encouraged, “Well, maybe they will see the truth in the future; I will pray for you and your family. Well, I’d better get going; see you next Sunday.”


After that short but encouraging conversation, they both went their separate ways. When Kento got home, his biological family would punish him for going to church instead of the Buddhist temple; even though the punishments were growing harsher, Kento remembered Richard’s words and did not give up hope.


For the next five days, Kento would go to his high school where he was the top student. Even though Kento didn’t need it, he would pretend that he was in a tutoring session when classes ended to hopefully reduce his time at home; often Kento would dread coming home so much that it sometimes made it difficult to concentrate on his homework. Kento would dread the verbal abuse about his religion and the occasional punches his family would throw at him.


Then, one Wednesday afternoon while Kento was doing his math homework, one of his brothers and one of his sisters entered his room and began to taunt him.


“Hey, fencepost,” cried the brother, “nerding out over numbers again, are you?”


Kento did not respond as Jesus taught “Turn The Other Cheek.”


After getting no response, his brother insulted again, “Yo, look at me when I’m talking to you, Jesus fag.”


At this insult, Kento could feel the rage boiling inside him, but he was determined not to let it conquer him.


“Yeah,” continued his brother, “if you love Him so much, why don’t you just fuck Him up –“


Before his brother could say another filthy word, Kento pinned him against a dresser anger boiling and overflowing in him; Kento was such a faithful Christian that he could not tolerate these disrespectful taunts.


“Don’t ever talk about our Savior like that,” growled Kento.


Unfortunately, the sister told his dad about the incident, and Kento was punished severely while his brother received nothing for his disrespect.


Kento was feeling all sorts of negative emotions swelling up in him; if God truly loved him, then why was he allowing all these bad things to happen? Kento was sinking into doubt until he remembered a past sermon about how followers of Christ would be persecuted because of Him. This made Kento pray that his situation would improve; however, Kento was unaware that his life was about to take a most bizarre turn of events.


Saturday came again which meant another trip to the grocery store and more gluttonous temptations. When he arrived there, Kento could see that his family was not the only one greedily stuffing their carts with merchandise. Kento just wanted the trip to be over so the temptations would cease; Kento felt more at ease when they arrived at the checkout. Kento and everyone else in the store were all unaware that something strange was about to happen.


Before anyone could leave the store, every window, door, or any other opening was sealed shut with steel causing many customers to panic; nobody understood what was going on.


The only thing that quieted the pandemonium was the sound of the manager’s voice over the speaker, saying, “Do not be alarmed for today is a special day; today, we will offer you all our food for free with an unlimited supply! Dig in, gluttons!”


The pandemonium was reanimated this time as a joyful noise; everyone was rejoicing except Kento. Kento was beginning to feel scared and let down; Kento was now locked up in a room full of temptations. Kento questioned to himself why God would allow this to happen. Kento was beginning to struggle with doubt; however, he did not engage in the orgies that the other customers were binging on. When the others encouraged him to join in, Kento would refuse and be bullied because of it.


Everyone in the store was ravaging the shelves and devouring anything they could get their hands on. Boxes and packages were ripped to pieces and their contents were greedily devoured. The scene resembled a herd of pigs devouring whatever food they could get. Strangely, when the shelves were running low on something, some kind of machinery would restock the shelves so the gluttons could binge more without leaving.


Hours passed by, so much so that Kento couldn’t tell what day it was or if it was day or night, and the people trapped with him were still binging and hoarding food. At some points, the people began to fight for food or to get more to the point of becoming animals. After a while, the people began vomiting (sometimes on purpose) so they could have room for more food, and they wouldn’t even their piles of food so vomit splats began to stain the floors and walls and shelves. It was continuing for so long that it almost seemed that it would never end.


After what seemed like weeks had passed, the shelves stopped restocking themselves; this terrified many of the customers because their paradise had now come to an end. The customers tried to break through the metal doors with no success. The customers began to despair because their pleasure was now gone. What seemed like days had passed, and the customers were all complaining about the hunger they felt.


In the midst of all this sorrowful whining, one of the customers had a devious idea; he crept up behind one of his fellow customers, broke his victim’s neck, and cannibalized his carcass. Soon, other customers flocked to the carcass and began devouring its meaty, raw innards. Kento was horrified at what he was seeing; never before had Kento witnessed such brutality in his life.


However, the bestiality was interrupted by a bizarre event. The customers were frightened away from the corpse because it innards appeared to be emitting a strange glow. Out from the corpse came a glowing resemblance of the slain man; it was a specter, the man’s soul. The ghost appeared frightened and was constantly looking around as if anticipating an attack.


Then, suddenly, eerie flames combusted out of nowhere which gave birth to gnarled, deformed demons; the ghost screamed at the sight of them. The ghost tried to run away from them, but they captured him with hideous chains. What happened next was probably the most frightening event of all; the floor beneath the ghost and the demons appeared to open up as if it were a monstrous, toothed mouth with flames inside, and the ghost and demons sank into the mouth with the ghost wailing as he descended. After that, the mouth closed and transformed back into ordinary tile floor as if nothing had happened.


The customers were so greatly terrified that they began desperately searching for a way out of the store to no avail; some were so selfish that they killed and ate other customers so that they wouldn’t die like that one customer, but that meant that the slain customers suffered the same fate. Kento had never seen such moral depravity in his whole life.


What was to follow was perhaps the worst moment of Kento’s life. Two obese customers ganged up on Kento to kill him. Kento ran down aisles to escape them, but soon other customers joined in the pursuit. Finally, the remaining customers had Kento surrounded, and they gruesomely killed him.


For a moment, everything was all dark until a light appeared that grew brighter and larger until at last it became a beautiful figure that Kento recognized; it was Jesus Christ. He had a bearded face with hair and skin that glowed like a star and wore robes that were whiter than anything that Kento had ever seen.


Immediately, Jesus comforted in a gentle but powerful voice, “Do Not Be Afraid, For Your Time Has Not Yet Come.”


Kento added, “But I thought I had just died just now.”


But Jesus replied, “You May Have Died A Fleshly Death, But Through Me, You Will Rise Again And Will Save These People From This Soul Trap. I Hereby Bestow Upon You The Power To Defeat The Witch And Her Master, Beelzebub. May The Father Who Art In Heaven Be With You.”


After that, Jesus zoomed out of sight, and Kento found himself a new, better body; he could feel the power, purity, and holiness bestowed upon him coursing through him like blood. However, he remained invisible to the other customers. Also, Kento was able to see holy and wicked energy emitting from people and found a powerful reservoir of wicked energy emanating from the offices upstairs.


When Kento spirited into that office, he found the store manager, Mrs. Greta, who was apparently the witch and a monstrous, obese creature which had to be Beelzebub. They were discussing their plan to dominate the world by creating more soul traps similar to this one, and Beelzebub feeding off of the spectral energy harvested from the souls to become more powerful.


When Kento burst into the room, Beelzebub and his servant witch were terrified at the sight of him because his holy power greatly contrasted their wickedness; Beelvebub ordered the witch to attack Kento, and she cast a spell at Kento while Kento blocked with his holy power. The witch’s spell tried hard to hex Kento, but Kento’s spiritual power overcame the spell, and it backfired upon the witch which threw her against a wall.


Then, the witch summoned a fire spirit out of a pentagram that leapt and attacked Kento; Kento and the spirit rolled through walls until Kento repelled it with his holiness. The fire spirit slashed at Kento, but blocked with his holy power and then sprayed the fire spirit with water killing it.


When Kento returned to the manager’s office, the manager witch levitated her desk with magic and threw it at Kento, but it just smashed through the wall because Kento was now mostly spirit. Then, the witch created a void with magic which threatened to engulf the entire room and was growing larger fast, but Kento recreated the matter that the void engulfed and more so that the void burst and was destroyed. The witch cast many other spells, but they were all in vain against Kento’s holy power.


Then, Kento summoned crosses of light upon the witch’s wand which destroyed it crippling the witch’s power. In response, the witch threw flames out of her chubby fingers, but the flames could not even lick Kento’s spiritual flesh. Then, Kento summoned crosses of light on every door and window which dispelled the metal coverings setting the customers free and breaking the witch’s curse.


After that, Kento surrounded Beelzebub and the witch with crosses of light which grew larger and larger; Beelzebub and the witch were pulverized by the holiness emanating from the crosses. Beelzebub opened a portal to hell descended down into the fires and darkness; there, Beelzebub was so displeased with his servant witch that he summoned food and forced it all down the witch’s throat until she burst gruesomely.


After all that had happened, Jesus appeared to Kento and congratulated him on saving the remaining customers. After that, Jesus resurrected Kento; first his bones were formed then his muscles then his skin and was finally clothed. The survivors of this horrid event were grateful to Kento for saving them.


After years of suffering persecution for his faith, Kento at last not only believed but knew that God truly loved him. Through his faith in Christ, Kento had rescued some souls from eternal condemnation; Kento felt like a hero. He now knew his faith was not in vain; Kento felt light and glowed with joy.


Unfortunately, none of Kento’s family survived this monstrous event; even though they were sinful and abusive to Kento, Kento erected tombstones in their honor along with the others who perished in obedience of the Ten Commandments. The Gluttony Foods Store chain was put out of business and each location was condemned to be torn down. Those who survived the event never overate again and were converted to Christianity; meanwhile, Kento was elected a saint in many churches worldwide.

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