Mahlon and Vaor

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Two gifted brothers must defeat a supernatural threat to the galaxy.

Submitted: May 31, 2013

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Submitted: May 31, 2013



In the beginning, the Designer, a being of both great magic and great cosmic power, created the universe and every living thing in it. On a planet called Earth, the Designer created the first human, Adam. However, in addition to the Designer, there were the Seven Demons of the Universe which banded together to destroy Adam, but Adam single-handedly defeated the powerful Seven Demons. Though Adam defeated the Seven Demons of the Universe, their children still lived on. Adam and his wife Eve then gave birth to the human race which learned the ways of magic and technology; in 2100 A.D., humans invented the FTL engine and traveled to other planets where they discovered other life.


In the year 3112 A.D., two boys were born to a wealthy businessman on the planet Blazar, Mahlon and Vaor. Unfortunately, the twin boys were born to a dysfunctional family, and their mother divorced their father when they were seven years old; the event was so tragic that the boys became prone to mental breakdowns.


Mahlon was a pale, thin, beautiful boy with dark hair and 3D glasses. Shortly after his parents divorced, Mahlon discovered his gift for magic by summoning a butterfly into existence with his mind and hand; when his father witnessed the event, he sent Mahlon to a prestigious academy of magic. Also around that same time, Mahlon also discovered his gift for the creative arts such as drawing, painting, sculpting, music, creative writing, drama, game design, and even mathematics. When Mahlon was ten years old, he was abducted by a vampire and was sexually abused by her; although the vampire was put behind bars, she managed to turn Mahlon into a vampire, however, Mahlon never attacked anyone or anything for its blood. Although Mahlon is overall a good-natured, compassionate boy, he is prone to self-harming behaviors.


Vaor, on the other hand, was a disfigured boy who was born with some of his body parts and organs missing; because of that, Vaor had to be assimilated into a robotic suit of armor which he customized as he got older. His suit of armor was black with spikes all over and a helmet like a bleeding skull and a black robe; on his torso is a red painted hand with the middle finger sticking up. Around the time his parents divorced, Vaor discovered his ability to manipulate cosmic energy when he levitated a stone using cosmic energy; when his father witnessed the event, he gave Vaor an apprenticeship with a cosmic energy wielder to further his abilities. Vaor was also taught how to use the laserblade, and he was given an orange laserblade with horns on opposite ends. Vaor was also gifted in the sciences and engineering. Unlike his brother who is prone to good, Vaor is prone to evil and has even committed several murders.


In the year 3128 A.D., Mahlon and Vaor were decorating their house for Christmas, a holiday celebrated by all humans; they were even listening to Christmas songs as they embellished the house. Mahlon cheerily wrapped the house in strands of lights with the help of his broomstick while Vaor grudgingly hung up garland. Their dad who had legal custody over them was away on a business trip.


When Mahlon passed by Vaor, he cried with a smile, “Isn’t this jolly or what?”


In reply, Vaor grumbled in a mechanical, menacing voice, “I hate Christmas.”


When Mahlon passed by again, he said, “Come on, don’t be a scrooge.”


Vaor whispered to himself, “I wish I could kill that bastard.”


Meanwhile, at the boys’ father’s business trip, things were going very poorly; he was called in to supervise the loading of proton fuel into carrier spaceships, but the hauling equipment was old and was constantly breaking down. Their father, Mr. Buttor, who owned a large proton fuel company, was driving his white hover van around to supervise the different simultaneous operations going on, and he saw chaos everywhere. Because he was busy giving orders to different personnel and driving at the same time, Mr. Buttor crashed into another hover van causing Mr. Buttor’s to flip on its side.


Back on Blazar, after hours of decorating, Mahlon and Vaor went to sleep inside their separate bedrooms. Their bedrooms, like the rest of the house, were vast with elevated ceilings; because their rooms were at opposite corners of the house, their architecture was very similar. Mahlon’s room had one wall that was slanted and composed of one large window, and on the adjacent wall was a small, square window near the ceiling.


Vaor was lying in his bed but couldn’t sleep; he couldn’t stop thinking about how Mahlon was so popular yet nobody wanted to talk to Vaor. This filled Vaor with so much resentment that he decided that he’d had enough. Vaor picked up his laserblade and crept to Mahlon’s room.


When Vaor peeked from behind Mahlon’s doorway, he found Mahlon sleeping like a baby. Vaor slowly crept toward Mahlon, and when he was close enough, he raised up his deactivated laserblade to prepare to strike. When Mahlon heard a voice in his head saying “You’re in danger”, he quickly woke up to find Vaor’s activated laserblade swing down on him, but Mahlon rolled out of the way without a scratch. “What are you doing?” asked a stupefied Mahlon. Then, Vaor began choking Mahlon and lifting him up using cosmic energy exposing Mahlon’s barely clothed body.


Enraged, Mahlon’s cat awoke, ran up onto the charred bed, leapt onto Vaor’s face, and clawed away angrily which distracted Vaor and released his grip on Mahlon. Then, Mahlon levitated his wand to his hand, and when the cat leaped off, Mahlon cast a spell that slammed Vaor against the wall and knocked him out unconscious. While Vaor was unconscious, Mahlon dressed as quickly as he could, put his 3D glasses on, and ran out of the room with his wand, ceremonial knife, and broomstick.


When Vaor woke up, he found Mahlon running across the vast living room to the front door. Vaor grabbed Mahlon using a cosmic grip and tossed him toward the table, but Mahlon enveloped himself in a bubble of magical energy; then, Vaor tossed him against the other objects and the walls of the house, but Mahlon’s bubble protected him. When Vaor released his grip on Mahlon, Mahlon cast a spell at Vaor, but Vaor enveloped himself in a bubble of cosmic energy which blocked the spell; Mahlon kept casting spells futilely to buy him enough time to get through the front door safely.


Beyond the front door was a hallway that looked like something out of a hotel with red and gold carpet; Mahlon mounted himself on his broomstick and flew down the hall. When Vaor blew down the front door, he searched for Mahlon’s cosmic signature because the soul is composed of a mixture of cosmic energy and magical energy. Mahlon flew down the hall past a few people and past branching hallways that led to other houses and flew into an elevator. When Mahlon pressed the button to close the door, Vaor appeared from behind a hallway and tried to choke Mahlon, but Mahlon dodged it behind the closing elevator doors.


Vaor followed Mahlon’s cosmic signature and climbed down a couple flights of stairs. When the elevator doors opened Mahlon jumped onto his broomstick and flew toward the exit by the management office. Unfortunately, Vaor gripped Mahlon’s broomstick with a cosmic grip and slammed Mahlon around the lobby and eventually knocked him off his broomstick.


Feeling like all hope was lost, Mahlon pulled out his knife and prepared to stab himself in the heart while Vaor charged at him with his laserblade. In the nick of time, someone zapped both of the brothers with petrifying spells and ordered both of them to be taken to the hospital; it was the manager of the housing district.


Both of the boys were taken to a nearby mental hospital; Mahlon was checked into the short-term unit while Vaor was checked into the long-term unit. When the petrifying spells wore off, Mahlon found two men pulling the knife out of his hands and then telling him that he was safe while Vaor found himself swinging his laserblade only to find that his target had vanished. For both of them, their stay at the hospital was largely uneventful, but Mahlon was very cooperative with his treatment whereas Vaor kept trying to kill the other patients. Mahlon stayed at the hospital for a week while Vaor stayed for six weeks; eventually, Vaor “faked it to make it” just so he could get out.


When Mr. Buttor dropped Vaor off at the house, he warmed up a couple of frozen meals and a pouch of Vaor’s liquid food for dinner; when the meals and the pouch finished warming up in a split-second, all three of them began eating. The Buttor family dinner table was probably one of the most bizarre ever; Mahlon had a wineglass of blood with his meal because he was a vampire while Vaor could only eat liquid food because of his numerous deformities.


Halfway into the meal, Mr. Buttor spoke up, “Tell me, boys, why did you two try to kill yourselves and each other?”


Mahlon answered, “Because I thought my time was up,” while Vaor answered, “Because Mahlon is so popular even though he’s such a freak like me.”


“That’s enough,” said Mr. Buttor sternly, “I know you two are brothers, but you two should be working together instead. You see, lately, the creatures of several planets are mutating to the point of becoming perversions of nature. A prophet I work with told me that the Seven Demons of the Universe slain by Adam have returned with a vengeance; he also said that two gifted young people while rise up against the Demons and destroy them. I strongly believe you boys are those two gifted young people.”


This left both Mahlon and Vaor in deep thought for several days; at first, they were both very skeptical that they could work together for such a big quest, but eventually, they both realized that everything and everyone they loved was at stake so they both agreed to work together peacefully with a handshake. After that, Mahlon and Vaor received permission from their respective teachers to be absent from their training. In addition, Mahlon bid farewell to a cute girl in his classes; the girl worried and shed tears for him, but Mahlon comforted her with a kiss. Just like Mahlon, Vaor bid farewell to a male apprentice he was interested in. Then, Mahlon and Vaor downloaded any books that could be helpful to them onto their tablets; they also bought a month’s supply of food for the quest.


Once all the necessary preparations were made, the two boys bid their father farewell, and he bought them a decent-sized spacecraft for the journey. This white spacecraft possessed a conical body with four rocket engines equally distant from each other. There was also a doom-shaped cockpit on top in front of which were eight paired laser cannons. They all thought that the simple spacecraft would do the job well enough.


After the boys hugged their father for the last time (Vaor’s was a little distant because of his spikes), they walked into the spacecraft, climbed into the cockpit, and studied the ship’s holographic map.


“Okay,” said Vaor, “we are here in the Milky Way (pointing to a tiny holographic planet in an immense holographic galaxy that took up the whole cockpit).”


“From what I read in a library book, the Seven Demons reside on the ancient planet Earth, the birthplace of humanity, which is clear across to the other end of the galaxy,” added Mahlon, “so it will probably take us half a month to get there.”


“So we will probably to stop on a few planets to refuel or anything else we may need,” added Vaor.


Vaor chose a couple planets for fuel stops, and the two took off in their spacecraft; the spacecraft’s stabilizers made exiting Blazar’s atmosphere smoother. Once the two boys exited Blazar’s atmosphere, they set a course for Botar and zoomed away into hyperspace.


During the journey, the boys would take turns piloting the spacecraft to make sure it remained on course; when their turn was over, they would practice their special skills and read the books they downloaded to their tablets. After about a week, they reached Botar and refueled their spacecraft; they also purchased more blood pouches and liquid food pouches to make their food supply last longer.


A few days after the stop on Botar, the boys had to drop out of hyperspace because they were approaching an asteroid field near Alar. Vaor slowed the spacecraft down and carefully maneuvered his way through the field. Once the boys cleared the asteroid field, the spacecraft was dented in a few places from being hit by asteroids.


Right when Mahlon and Vaor thought they were safe, they saw bizarre, ten-eyed creatures floating through space. These creatures also had four pairs of wings, bloated bodies, and even a head at the rear identical to the front.


“What the heck!” exclaimed Vaor, “this is impossible; no life can survive in the vacuum of space.”


“They must have been mutated by the Seven Demons,” added Mahlon.


Then, one of the mutated creatures zoomed toward the spacecraft and almost took a bite out of it, but Vaor dodged the creature just in time.


“Holy shit, it looks like we’re going to have to fight these creatures, but I love a good fight,” commented Vaor.


Vaor manned the eight laser cannons on the spacecraft and began shooting the mutant creatures; whenever a mutant creature got shot, an icky, slimy, green blood would burst out of them. Unfortunately, one of the creatures took a huge bite out of two of the engines, and the boys were within Alar’s gravitational pull sending them on a crash landing.


“We’re Gonna Crash!” exclaimed Vaor.


The spacecraft spiraled down through the atmosphere toward a red continent which must have been mutated; Vaor did his best to turn the spacecraft upward so it wouldn’t hit the planet full force. Once the spacecraft hit the planet, it slid and crushed some jungle like plants until it slowed to a stop. When the spacecraft slowed to a stop, the two boys looked around at their surroundings to see where they were; they could not find any nearby signs of civilization. When Vaor pulled up the holographic map, he found that the nearest village was seven miles away and decided to look for parts there; he also told Mahlon to stay with the spacecraft and keep an eye on it.


Vaor traveled through thick, jungle-like plants using his laserblade as a machete; through the journey, Vaor had this creepy feeling that he was being watched. Meanwhile, Mahlon stayed in the cockpit to keep safe while he drew a picture of the flora of the planet; like Vaor, he too felt like the plants were watching him.


When Vaor was about halfway to the village, he heard a bizarre noise coming from the trees; he stopped to listen and held his laserblade in a defensive stance. There was silence for a few moments until the same sound came from behind him; he spun around but saw nothing. Then, the plants opened their eyes and a bizarre creature that was a cross between a bird and a frog with four eyes appeared behind Vaor; Vaor turned around with a sanguinary determination to slay the beast before him. The beast vomited a slimy green substance at Vaor, but Vaor leaped away just in time; using cosmic energy, Vaor levitated a good sized rock and flung it at one of the beast’s eyes causing the eye to burst.


Meanwhile, Mahlon was sitting in the spacecraft’s cockpit drawing the plants of this planet and consuming a pouch of blood. However, something large was pounding on the spacecraft; when Mahlon looked out the cockpit dome, he saw several beasts similar to the one Vaor was fighting beating on the spacecraft. In response, Mahlon bravely leaped out of the spacecraft and cast an electrocuting spell on one of the beasts; alerted now of Mahlon’s presence, the beasts turned to Mahlon to attack him.


Meanwhile, Vaor was still battling his beast; the beast tried to blow Vaor away with the flapping of its membranous wings, but Vaor steadied himself firmly on the ground with his cosmic powers. When the beast finally gave up, it leapt toward Vaor and smacked Vaor with its wing sending him flying; Vaor slammed into a tree driving his armor spikes deep into the trunk. The beast approached Vaor and was preparing to vomit more slimy green stuff, but Vaor used cosmic energy to grab another tree pull himself out of the trunk; he flew away to the other tree just in time to avoid the slimy green substance.


Then, Vaor flung a large rock at the creature using cosmic energy causing the creature to roar an insect roar in pain. The creature turned around and tried to leap upon Vaor, but Vaor dodged in time. Then, Vaor leapt upon the creature’s back and sliced its spinal cord killing it in seconds. After slaying the creature, Vaor hurried his way to the village.


Meanwhile, Mahlon was battling a pack of these mutated creatures by himself using different spells. When one creature leapt toward him, Mahlon cast an impaling spell which killed the creature and dodged in time to avoid being crushed by the creature’s corpse. Another creature vomited a slimy green substance at Mahlon, but Mahlon enveloped himself in a bubble of magical energy; then, Mahlon cast a repulsor spell to prevent the substance from contacting his skin. Before the creature could vomit the substance again, Mahlon cast a combustion spell which burned the creature to death.


Another creature charged toward Mahlon, but Mahlon used a levitation spell to break the creature’s back. The final creature lifted up a massive stone with its wings and threw it down on Mahlon, but Mahlon smashed the stone to pieces with a spell. Using a slicing spell, Mahlon slit the creature’s abdomen open, and the creature’s guts spilled out killing it in seconds. Mahlon thought these creatures were disgusting perversions of nature.


When Vaor finally arrived at the village, he searched for a shop that could possibly have the parts he needed; the village looked abandoned because there was no activity anywhere. When Vaor found a mechanical parts shop, he grabbed all the parts he needed to build two new engines and hurried back to the spacecraft. When Vaor finally arrived at the spacecraft, he saw the corpses of the mutated creatures lying around. Then, Mahlon and Vaor used their special powers and Vaor’s mechanical know-how to reconstruct the two engines that were damaged; when they were completed, the boys flew out of the planet’s atmosphere and continued with their quest.


The rest of the journey to Earth was a quiet, peaceful adventure; when the boys finally arrived at Earth, they saw the green and blue birthplace of humanity with its grayish-white clouds swirling around. The boys stood in awe of the cradle of humanity and the coffin of the Seven Demons of the Universe.


Mahlon remarked, “I never thought I would ever see this place in my whole life.”


“Nor I,” added Vaor.


Mahlon remarked, “It’s so beautiful.”


“We can enjoy the beauty later; let’s get on with the mission,” said Vaor almost interrupting.


Right after Vaor said that, the spacecraft’s sensors detected a large amount of radiation building up somewhere in Iraq; then suddenly, a narrow column of whitish-blue light zoomed out of the Earth’s atmosphere and zapped a distant planet. When Vaor tuned into the intergalactic news, the reporter told the audience that another planet had been mutated.


“Well, it looks like we’ve found the device that causes the mutations,” commented Vaor, “I’ll disable the device and you’ll take care of the Seven Demons.”


Sounds good to me,” agreed Mahlon.


Right after the tasks were assigned, the spacecraft’s sensors detected a large biological mass approaching the spacecraft. When the two boys looked out the cockpit dome, they saw what looked like a giant squid about half the size of the moon approaching them; the squid shot its tentacles out, grabbed the spacecraft, and pulled it toward itself. Vaor quickly manned the laser cannons and shot the squid in between two of its arms causing the squid to let go.


Then, Vaor shot out one of the squid’s compound eyes, but the squid then grabbed the spacecraft with its arms. The squid began to bite into the spacecraft with its parrot-like beak causing some of the artificial atmosphere to leak out; Vaor sealed off that compartment in response and fired the laser cannons at the squid again causing the squid to flee a little.


The giant squid then grabbed the spacecraft with its two long tentacles and threw spacecraft full-force toward the moon. Vaor wrestled with the steering handles until the spacecraft’s rear faced the moon and fired the engines full blast which slowed the spacecraft down until it was just a few meters above the moon’s surface; as the spacecraft began to penetrate out of the moon’s atmosphere, Vaor calmed the engines down to a normal speed. When the squid came charging toward the spacecraft, Vaor fired the laser cannons in between the eyes which destroyed the brain and killed the squid.


“Let’s get going before the Seven Demons mutate any more creatures,” said Vaor and he flew toward the radiation source.


Mahlon pulled up the holographic map of Earth and added, “According to my calculations, the tomb of the Seven Demons is only about thirty miles away from the radiation source; you land by the radiation source, and I’ll use my broomstick to fly to the tomb,” and Vaor agreed.


When the boys entered the Earth’s atmosphere near the radiation source, they saw a growing circle in the Iraqi desert that looked like a wide, scary alien laser cannon. When the boys landed the spacecraft in the desert close to but out of sight of the laser cannon, Vaor ran toward the laser cannon while Mahlon mounted on his broomstick and flew to the Seven Demons’ tomb.


When Vaor made it to the laser cannon, he searched around the massive thing for something to tamper with. However, Vaor heard the sound of a laserblade activating; when he turned around, he saw what appeared to be an engineer in a black, hooded robe with a red laserblade who told him to step away from the machine. Vaor refused and charged at him with his activated laserblade, but his assailant blocked it. Then, Vaor launched several other attacks, but the man with the robe quickly blocked them.


Meanwhile, Mahlon flew all the way to the tomb of the Seven Demons of the Universe; he saw the magnificent statues of the brave, naked Adam surrounded by the dragon-like or serpentine Demons. He also saw a stream leading into a dark cave beginning at the semicircle formed by the statues of the Seven Demons; Mahlon climbed into a boat moored by one of the Demon statues. As Mahlon rowed toward the dark cave, he marveled at the magnificence of the statues and remembered the poetic story of Adam and the Seven Demons.


Once Mahlon entered the dark cave, his boat began to gradually pick up speed and descend deeper into the cave. After descending for what seemed like several minutes, Mahlon found himself in a massive room with columns, stalactites, and stalagmites lit by glowing orange torches; he also found demonic symbols on the walls such as pentagrams and upside-down crosses. Mahlon thought to himself that this had to be the tomb of the Seven Demons.


When Mahlon climbed out of the boat and explored this massive cavern, he found seven massive, rectangular stone coffins that were carved into the ground but were also empty. Mahlon also had an eerie feeling that he was being watched; when Mahlon turned around, he saw giant, severely disfigured serpents and dragons frowning and hissing at him. “Looking for us, peasant?” asked one of them in a sneering tone; they were the Seven Demons of the Universe.


Then suddenly, the Demons breathed hellfire upon Mahlon, but Mahlon enveloped himself in a bubble of magical energy to protect himself. The Demons continued to bellow hellfire upon Mahlon’s bubble, and Mahlon could feel the strain in his body as he resisted the hellfire. In response, Mahlon transformed his bubble of energy into a dome of water; when the Demons realized their hellfire was useless against the water, they withdrew their breath.


Back at the mutating laser cannon, Vaor was engaged in laserblade combat with the man in the black robe. After some confusing swings and blocks from both opponents, Vaor lifted the man with a cosmic grip and threw him aside for many meters; Vaor returned to searching for something to tamper with. However, Vaor felt the man charging to him at an unnatural speed, but Vaor blocked the attack just in time. Then, the man pushed Vaor into the laser cannon using cosmic energy; the man apparently had cosmic powers too.


Meanwhile, Mahlon cast a fireball spell at one of the Demons, but it did no good. One of the Demons fired a fireball at one of the overhanging stalactites causing to drop on Mahlon, but Mahlon destroyed into small pieces with a spell. Mahlon cast an electricity spell on one of the Demons, but another one bellowed a stream of fire which Mahlon dodged distracting him from his spell. In response, Mahlon summoned a long rope that wrapped around the Demon’s muzzle and bound it tightly.


One of the dragon-like Demons swooped down and almost swallowed Mahlon, but Mahlon dodged just in time. A serpentine Demon coiled around Mahlon and struck at him, but Mahlon summoned a glowing white cross that repelled the Demon. Then, a dragon-like Demon spiraled down toward Mahlon, but Mahlon back flipped away causing the Demon to smash his muzzle into the stone floor. Another serpentine Demon came slithering toward Mahlon and bellowed a torrent of fire, but Mahlon counterattacked with a water spell; the water and fire pushed against each other until the Demon found himself choking on water.


Back at the mutating laser cannon, Vaor and the man in the robe were still engaged in intense combat. At one point, the man in the robe summoned a sandstorm which blinded Vaor both visually and cosmically; because of that, Vaor created a dome of cosmic energy which repelled some of the blowing sand. Vaor scanned his surroundings to prevent a possible surprise attack; then, Vaor saw a flash of red light fall upon him, but he blocked it just in time, and the blowing sands cleared away.


Then, Vaor began choking the man using a cosmic grip, but the man threw his laserblade at Vaor while Vaor blocked it distracting him from his cosmic grip. Vaor charged toward the man, but the man used cosmic energy to return his laserblade to his hand. After some confusing swings and blocks from both sides, Vaor slashed his laserblade across the man’s chest causing him to bend down and back away; then, Vaor chopped the man’s head in half with his laserblade and returned to the laser cannon.


Sensing the electricity within the laser cannon, Vaor found something to tamper with; he cut away a slab of metal using his laserblade and studied the parts beneath. Unfortunately, the laser cannon was preparing to fire again to mutate some more species. Because the wiring resembled a DNA strand that was changed up, Vaor rewired the machine to resemble a normal DNA strand. When the laser cannon fired, it hit a distant planet, but instead of mutating the creatures, it reversed the mutations.


When the Seven Demons sensed that their laser cannon was reversing the mutations, they roared in anger and defeat. After that, Mahlon had an idea; he performed an ancient Roman Catholic blessing upon the stream in the cave and turned it into holy water. Then, Mahlon levitated some of the water out of the stream and splashed it onto one of the Demons causing that Demon to disintegrate into ashes; the Demons were now terrified that Mahlon had found a way to kill them again. Mahlon splashed more of the holy water onto the Demons dodging their attacks as he did; after that, the Seven Demons of the Universe were defeated at last.


When the two boys reunited, they climbed into the spacecraft and flew back home. People across the galaxy, human and alien alike, rejoiced because the threat to the galaxy had been defeated; the boys’ dad and authority figures from many different planets congratulated them for their triumph over the Seven Demons. The boys’ greatest reward was they both had dates from their respective lovers. The Milky Way was at peace once again.

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