Marine Life

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Humans are forced to live underwater after a startling yet questionable discovery.

Submitted: February 28, 2014

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Submitted: February 28, 2014



In the year 2105, astrophysicists made a terrifying discovery; they claimed to have discovered evidence that the sun was going to burst releasing devastating amounts of solar energy that would roast all life to death and then the Earth would freeze over and become another Europa; when this discovery was published, it aroused panic among people around the world. However, there were some other scientists that didn’t believe this information and tried to prove it wrong, but the public didn’t listen. Because of this, the government and businesses were spending large amounts of money to design aquatic buildings and equipment because the astrophysicists claimed that the best chances of survival would be underwater.


Meanwhile, while the world population was preparing for life in the sea, a high school student named Howard Degruy was preparing to see his mother who was surprisingly a mermaid. She was a very pretty mermaid looking almost as teenaged as Howard; she had fine blonde hair, soft lips, sparkly eyes, and light skin, however, her fish tail was vertical like a true fish. She also had two polished clam shells to cover her breasts, and her name was Pearl.


While Pearl was grooming herself on a rock out at sea, when Howard arrived at the rock on a small boat, she greeted him saying, “Hey baby, how are you?”


Howard replied, “I’m doing all right; I’ve been preparing for life under the sea like everyone else.”


“You’ll like it under here; there’s all kinds of neat things to see,” encouraged Pearl.


Howard agreed, “Yeah, you’re right, but I’m also a little nervous about spending the rest of my life under the sea; I’ve heard that some are going to have to live in the water as scuba divers because there aren’t enough submarines to hold the entire world population. I am worried about sharks and possible sea monsters since they’re always discovering new life down there.”


Pearl comforted, “Hon, I’ve lived in the ocean a lot longer than you have, and I’ve had to deal with that since I was a child. Also, mermaids live longer than humans so I’ll always be with you.”


And with that, the two hugged warmly; Pearl was surprisingly warm for someone who lived underwater all the time.


After a short while, Howard said, “Well, I’d better help my friends prepare for this; it was good seeing you again.”


“You too; take care, baby,” said Pearl as Howard returned to the shore, and Pearl dived into the sea.


Howard was surprisingly close to his mother even though they inhabited very different worlds. When Howard was young, his father died in a boat accident so Howard was raised mostly by a sailor and his wife since Howard could not live in the sea like his mother could. Because of all the time he often spent at sea, Howard developed a passion for marine life.


After Howard spent some time with his mother, he returned to the mainland to help his friends prepare for life under the sea. As part of the evacuation into the sea, anything that couldn’t survive underwater was to be transported to and stored in underwater storehouses; Howard’s friend, Annette, was packing away her stuff that couldn’t survive the seawater to be stored in an underwater storehouse. Howard came over to her house to help her as he promised.


When Howard arrived, Annette greeted with a smile, “Hi, Howard.”


Howard returned the greeting. For the next couple of hours, Howard and Annette loaded boxes into the truck to be shipped away. What made the task more enjoyable for Howard was he got to see Annette who looked like a beautiful French model with long blond hair, pretty green eyes, and a soft face. Howard himself did inherit some of his mother’s beauty, but he still had a somewhat rough sailor look which may have come from his father. After the task was finished, Howard and Annette were both exhausted.


After that, Annette finally thanked, “Thank you so much for your help, Howard.”


“No problem,” replied Howard.


Then, Annette asked, “So how have you been doing, Howard?”


Howard replied, “I’ve been doing all right; I’ve been preparing for the evacuation into the sea like everyone else.”


“How do you feel about it?” asked Annette.


“Both nervous and excited at the same time,” replied Howard.


Annette asked in a surprised tone, “Why are you nervous? I thought you liked the ocean.”


“I do, and I would like the opportunity to see marine life more often, but you also have to remember that there are also a lot of dangerous creatures in the sea, and there may be more of them out there that we don’t know of since they’re always discovering new life in the sea,” explained Howard.


“I thought that danger didn’t bother you,” asked Annette.


“It’s not my own safety I’m worried about; it’s yours,” replied Howard.


“Aww, I’ll be okay,” reassured Annette.


“Still, when we evacuate in the sea, stay as close to me as possible; I don’t want to lose you,” said Howard.


Howard and Annette began to feel all warm and fuzzy toward each other; they both had feelings for each other, but neither had confessed yet.


However, the feeling of warmth was interrupted when Annette asked, “That reminds me, what has Sheldon been up to these days?”


Howard reassured, “He’s probably been smoking weed with those friends of his; I really wish he’d make better choices with his life than that.”


When they saw that the sun was setting with a dusky orange in the sky, Howard bid Annette farewell and drove home.


A week passed and the world governments ordered every individual and family to evacuate into the sea either in submarines or in scuba gear. Howard and Annette arrived at a nearby dock with their scuba gear; they watched as many others jumped into the sea in which they would spend the rest of their lives in. What kept Howard and Annette from entering the sea was Sheldon hadn’t arrived yet, and they all three wanted to dive into the sea together. After what seemed like a half an hour, Sheldon showed up with his friends in a banged up van; most of them appeared to be high and were listening to some kind of rock music with lots of obscene language (Howard and Annette found that stuff to be poor taste).


“Hey, what’s up, fellas,” greeted Sheldon in a slightly goofy voice while his friends joked about smoking seaweed before clumsily falling into the sea.


“What took you so long?” asked Annette in a slightly frustrated tone.


“Never mind that,” interrupted Howard, “let’s just get into the sea before the authorities fine us.”


After they had strapped on their masks and tested that their equipment was working properly, the three friends jumped into the sea in unison. Once the bubbles from their abrupt entry were cleared away like a curtain, they were presented with an otherworldly beauty rarely seen by human eyes. The sea floor was covered with corals of different shapes, sizes, and colors; some looked like human brains while others looked like brightly-colored, leafless trees. They also found wonderful creatures such as starfish, crabs, lobsters, sea anemones, and even octopuses; the fish that swam by were also diverse in shape and color.


They turned their heads and up ahead, they saw an official looking diver with a police badge signaling them to swim to a deeper part of the sea; when they swam past the diver, what they saw amazed them beyond words. What they saw was like an underwater city under construction. They found circular restaurants which encased the patrons in a plastic tube and allowed the upper part of the body to surface to eat. There were shark cages which allowed divers to sleep underwater. There were stations at which divers could refill their air. It was almost as though life was still going on except underwater.


The three friends decided to explore this strange new world; while doing that, they saw children playing familiar games which were slightly modified due to the underwater environment. There were also men constructing underwater buildings with special tools that worked well underwater. All three of them marveled at this fantastic scene.


“Man, this is amazing,” remarked Howard through the microphone in his mask.


To add to the surprise, Pearl swam up to them to greet them.


“Hey guys, I’m so glad you all made it,” said Pearl with her mermaid telepathy.


She gave all three of them big hugs.


Sheldon said to himself, “Wow, Howard has a hot mom.”


Annette sternly nudged Sheldon in the ribs for saying that.


Pearl gave each of the three friends gifts; she gave her son Howard an octopus because he liked octopuses, gave Annette a seashell necklace, and gave Sheldon a sea turtle. They all thoroughly enjoyed their gifts and thanked Pearl.


As they continued to explore this new world, they saw watertight computers and other electronic devices that were working just fine under the water. In addition, they saw an artist working with waterproof paint. There were also musical instruments that worked underwater and yet sounded like they would on land. These things puzzled and amazed the three friends.


When the three friends finished exploring for the day and the waters were growing dark like in the deep end of the sea, they locked themselves in shark cages close to each other and bid each other good night; Pearl kissed them all before they fell asleep. The shark cages contained multiple heaters which warmed the water within them; it was like the pleasant, relaxing sensation of sleeping in a hot tub.


When Howard awoke from his peaceful sleep, he was shocked to find himself underwater; he was not used to life underwater yet. Once they had all woken up, they had breakfast at an underwater Denny’s and then headed to school. School was almost no different underwater than it was on the surface except paper couldn’t be used very much. After school, Howard, Sheldon, and Annette decided to hang out at an underwater clubhouse which included an arcade and games like air hockey. Once the day was finished, the friends would return to their heated shark cages and sleep.


This was how their new daily lives underwater were like for the most part; they all seemed to be enjoying their lives underwater, especially Howard because of all the marine life he was seeing. However, as the days traveled by, Howard was beginning to feel skeptical about what the astrophysicists originally said the sun bursting; to him, the sun was not showing signs that it was about to die. However, Howard and his friends were about to learn how dangerous it was to question the authorities.


One day, Annette was searching for Howard because there seemed to be something troubling him lately, and she found him floating near the continental shelf which sloped down into the deep, dark, mysterious abyss which no one dared to enter staring into the darkness which lied below.


When she found him, Annette swam up to Howard and asked, “Howard, what’s wrong?”


Howard replied indifferently, “Oh, nothing.”


Unconvinced, Annette continued, “Howard, you haven’t been yourself lately; tell me what’s wrong please.”


After a short pause, Howard asked, “Do you know why we are all down here?”


Annette replied slowly, “Because the sun is going to burst making life on the surface impossible.”


“That’s what the scientists say anyway,” added Howard.


Then, Annette asked slowly, “Do you not believe them?”


Howard replied, “The whole thing just doesn’t seem right to me; although I am not an astrophysicist like these scientists are, I do know that stars tend to change color when they’re about to die, and I haven’t seen that occurring in our sun. And I’ve also found some other inconsistencies with the data.”


“So you think they’re lying to us?” asked Annette surprised.


“It wouldn’t be the first time,” replied Howard, “Ever heard of the Sokal Affair?”


“No,” answered Annette.


Howard explained, “The Sokal Affair occurred when physics professor Alan Sokal published an article full of pseudoscientific information to see if the magazine would examine it before publishing it; it was supposed to be a sociological experiment, but I fear there are more sinister motives at hand in our case.”


“Oh,” commented Annette.


For several minutes, Howard and Annette stared silently into the eerie abyss which lied ahead of them until Annette spoke up, “Do you ever get scared staring into that dark, lonely abyss not knowing what might be staring back at you?”


Howard replied, “A little; it tends to remind me of stories my mother would tell me about a creature the merfolk would call the Steragorn which they claim is responsible for many sea serpent sightings and which is why the merfolk don’t venture too far out into the deep end of the sea.”


Then, Annette asked, “Do you believe the stories?”


“I really don’t know,” replied Howard in a spacey tone.


Howard and Annette gazed into the eerie scenery of the deep before returning to the underwater colony; nothing could have prepared them for the horror they were about to see. First, the two of them swam through this manmade tunnel with spinning metallic panels that many called the Giant Squid for some reason; both Howard and Annette thought it was an interesting structure.


When they arrived back at the colony, they found someone drawing a growing crowd to himself with his loud voice; when Howard and Annette swam closer, they began to understand what the commotion was about.


The man was crying out on his microphone, “Hear me now! Hear me now, everyone! You all are being lied to; the sun is never going to explode, and we are wasting our time down here! Our governments are just after our hard-earned money for some reason, and we need to stop giving it to them! It’s time we returned to land and faced the truth!”


However, this riotous man was unaware that sharks were swarming in his vicinity, and these were no ordinary sharks; these sharks were semi-remote controlled and were employed by the governments as police officers and soldiers. They also had devices attached to their brains which transmitted and translated their thoughts to nearby mask microphones.


The sharks began to swarm around the man and one of them warned, “Renounce your treason or face judgment!”


Without fear but sheer defiance, the man cried, “Never, you brainwashed fish fillets!”


Then, in the blink of an eye, the sharks swirled and flashed by the man, biting and ripping him to shreds, leaving behind a cloud of blood in the water with dismembered body parts and bits of flesh floating nearby; everyone, including Howard and Annette, who witnessed what just happened was thoroughly horrified.


When the sharks noticed that they were being watched, they barked, “Go on! Piss off! There’s nothing to see here.”


At this rude command, the people scattered; Annette was especially shaken by the event, and Howard tried to comfort her. After a while, Pearl swam up to them and asked if they had heard what just happened which they did. Then, they found Sheldon and told him what happened.


For several minutes, they all floated in the sea, silent and sullen, until Annette spoke up, “How could they do that? All that man was doing was expressing his opinion.”


Howard replied, “Well, this incident does support the hypothesis that the governments are hiding something so maybe that man was right.”


Annette argued worriedly, “But we have no proof. How can we challenge them after witnessing what just happened minutes ago?”


Howard agreed, “You’re right; we will need proof before challenging their authority.”


“We could try hacking into their offices and search for proof there,” suggested Sheldon.


But Annette asked still worriedly, “But how with all those sharks and other things heavily guarding them?”


“Maybe there’s a way to distract the sharks,” inquired Sheldon.


Pearl reluctantly replied, “I’d hate to do it, but I could send a school of fish to distract the sharks.”


“But what if that doesn’t last long enough?” asked Annette.


Pearl replied, “If that doesn’t last long enough then I’ll rescue you all somehow.”


Then, Sheldon asked, “Also, are we all going to do this together or is just one of us going to?”


While the others muttered amongst themselves on who should undertake this risky task, Howard thought carefully to himself about what he was getting himself and his friends into. He also thought about the danger he was putting them all at risk of. After some careful thought, Howard decided that he alone would perform this dangerous task; when he announced that to the others, they thought he was crazy putting all the risk upon himself, but he explained that this was his conviction and his risk alone to take and that no one else had to suffer because of it.


One night, when most of the people were asleep in their heated shark cages, Howard swam carefully through the dark waters to the government’s office building careful not to be seen. When Howard arrived at it, he was impressed by what he saw; it was like a massive underwater maze composed of aquariums. Howard also saw that there were schools of sharks guarding the labyrinth-like structure; Howard waited for Pearl to send the school of fish to distract the sharks. When that school of fish finally came and distracted the sharks, Howard entered the building using the security code he filmed an employee using at the entrance.


Once Howard made it safely inside, he had to navigate an unfamiliar building in which he had never entered before to find his proof; he looked to the nearest map to get an idea of where his proof could be. After studying the map carefully but also quickly, Howard decided to search in the President’s office because it appeared that the sharks were acting under law when they killed that man.


After navigating the maze of invisible plastic tubes, Howard finally arrived at the door of the President’s office; unfortunately, however, the door had a code lock to it, and Howard did not know the code. However, Howard had an idea. He shined his watch light on the keys which illuminated the fingerprints on the keys; Howard could also tell which keys were pressed more than once by the smudges on the fingerprints. After Howard applied the code based on this find, the door opened by itself, and Howard swam into the office.


Just as Howard expected, the President’s was very extravagant. It was furnished with the finest furniture and magnificent paintings. Howard wondered how a President could be so extravagant at a time like this with the government funding the construction of underwater colonies.


Wasting no time at all, Howard swam to the waterproof computer and used the basic hacking skills that Sheldon taught him to hack into the computer; Howard searched the computer until he found a document that caught his eye. He found a document signed by the President which was an agreement with the large underwater equipment manufacturer, AquaTech, that the President as well as many other dignitaries to not reveal the fraudulent nature of the astrophysicists’ findings in return for a portion of the company’s earnings. He also found documentation that the astrophysicists were also paid by the company to not reveal the truth. This meant that the whole thing was just a conspiracy costing millions of people their hard-earned money; Howard was almost horrified.


Now that he had the evidence he needed downloaded to a flashdrive, Howard quickly evacuated the building hoping nobody would see him despite the building’s transparency. However, as Howard was swimming away from the building, he was stopped by a couple sharks; Howard grew apprehensive as they stared at him.


“Boy, state your business here at this hour,” ordered the shark into Howard’s mask microphone in a stern, formal tone.


Howard was never really good at lying so Howard was panicking a little until he found a somewhat feeble excuse.


“I - I lost track of time, and I just got lost; that’s all,” replied Howard.


However, the sharks didn’t seem to buy it.


“You’ve been down here for four months now. Shouldn’t you know your way around the colony by now?” confronted the first shark.


“Maybe what you need is a curfew,” threatened the other shark.


“No, sirs! It won’t happen again; I swear,” denied Howard quickly and jumpily.


Unluckily for Howard, the sharks noticed a few tiny links in the chain on the flashdrive in his hand.


“What is that in your hand, boy?” demanded the first shark.


“Oh, it’s nothing, sir. Nothing,” hastily replied Howard.


“Give it to me, now,” demanded the shark.


Howard resisted handing the flashdrive over to the sharks, even to the point that one of them threatened to rip his arm off and take it by force and even claimed that it really wanted to do that. However, the tables were quickly turned.


Before the shark could rip Howard’s arm off, something red flashed by catching all of their attentions, then another, and then another; when one of them slowed down a little, Howard finally realized what they were. It was a school of Humboldt squid swarming in; Howard knew of their aggressive, unpredictable nature which earned them the nickname, the Red Devil.


“Ah, great, we’ve got a school of Humboldt squid swarming in. Ouch!” complained the first shark after which a Humboldt bit it and disappeared, all in the blink of an eye.


“Oh, no,” panicked the other shark after which a swarm of squid wrapped around him and began tearing away at its flesh causing it to scream in pain.


The remaining shark called for reinforcements and tried to bite the other squid. But before more sharks could invade, Howard’s mother torpedoed up to him, telepathically commanded him to grab onto her shoulders which he did, and they both zoomed away; fortunately for them, the squid slaughtered the other shark before it could see them escape. While rocketing through the waters, Pearl commented about hating using sea creatures that way but acknowledged that it was for the greater good. For the rest of the night, the two of them hid in a den in the sea floor and slept peacefully.


The next morning, Howard and Pearl woke up and discussed the next step in their plan to expose the conspiracy; they decided that they would have to take the documents to a news reporter so they set out to find one. Unfortunately, however, before that one shark was slain by the squid, it reported that there was something suspicious in Howard’s hand so schools of sharks were sent to hunt down Howard. Howard had the idea that Pearl take the documents to the news reporter and Howard turn himself in to the sharks since Pearl could swim faster and the sharks were after him not her; Pearl was reluctant to follow this plan because she did not want to see her son get hurt especially with how cruel the sharks could be, but she soon realized there weren’t many other options. Because of the great risk involved, they hugged each other and wished each other luck.


When the two were separated by a significant distance, Howard found a school of sharks searching for him and swam up to them.


When the sharks noticed him, one of them swam towards him and cried, “Hey, you! Stop right there!”


After that, the other sharks swarmed up to him and surrounded him to the point that he couldn’t escape.


Once Howard was surrounded, the same shark said sternly, “You are under arrest on suspicion of harboring stolen documents from the President and conspiring against the President. You’re coming with us.”


The sharks led Howard away, and Howard obediently followed them; Howard hoped with all his heart that his plan would work.


Meanwhile, when Pearl arrived at a news room, she saw the breaking news report of Howard being arrested on suspicion of stealing government documents; Pearl felt her stomach curl at the sight of Howard in the custody of the sharks which also strengthened her resolve to expose the government conspiracy. During the break, when Pearl tried to convince the reporter she had important information, the reporter saw the flashdrive in Pearl’s hand and reported her to the sharks; their plan was starting to go downhill.


After they were locked away in a shark cage cell awaiting trial, Pearl hugged Howard out of relief of knowing that he was all right, for now.


“How did you get in here?” asked a worried Howard out of concern for his mother.


Pearl explained, “I tried to give the news reporter the documents, but they saw the flashdrive and turned me in.”


“What are they going to do to us now?” asked Howard apprehensively.


“I don’t know, but whatever happens, I will always love you,” comforted Pearl.


Not long afterwards, Howard and Pearl were escorted to the court area; surprisingly, most of the integral parts of a criminal court were not present such as a jury or lawyers. There was only the President and a few government officials; this told Howard that they were not going to get a fair trial. Once they were before the government officials, the President almost recited a long accusation against the two of them about how they were plotting to overthrow the government; throughout the whole thing, they were not given a chance to defend themselves. Once the accusation was concluded, the President ordered them to be exiled into the deep sea; fear surged through Howard like electricity at what he had just heard.


After the trial, Howard and Pearl were bound in chains and paraded around the colony to set an example of those who tried to destroy the government as many people watched in horror, apprehensive of what was going to become of them. When Sheldon and Annette saw them, they were horrified at the sight of their friend about to be punished; Annette even wept at the sight. However, when he saw the flashdrive in the President’s hand, Sheldon formulated a plan to steal back the flashdrive.


After being paraded through the colony, Howard and Pearl were taken to the continental slope at which the President made a long proclamation of them being enemies of the colony; after which, he gave the order, and the sharks disappeared into the deep with the hostages. The psychological impact of the event was devastating to the witnesses; it made everyone wonder what other cruel punishments the government was going to lash out. Many were scared that the President had become a monster.


When the crowd began to scatter after lingering for a little while and the President began to return to his office, something hard slammed into the President’s right shoulder blade sending him spinning a few seconds; when he stopped spinning, he realized his hand was empty and saw a dolphin with Sheldon riding it zooming away. The President ordered the sharks to seize them, and the sharks quickly pursued.


The dolphin and Sheldon swam throughout the colony swerving around buildings, but the sharks were still close behind. Toward the outskirts of the colony, they swam through a hole in a rock wall, yet the sharks swam through it one by one. Then, they zoomed through coral reefs on the sea floor trying to lose the sharks, but the sharks still pursued often mowing down corals in the process. For a while, it seemed like the sharks wouldn’t give up pursuit.


When all hope seemed lost, Sheldon had a clever idea. When they rounded a corner of a sea cliff, they hid themselves in a dark cave until the sharks passed by; when they were sure they wouldn’t be seen, they snuck out of the cave and returned to the colony. However, Sheldon wasn’t sure what to do with the flashdrive with the President frantically searching for it.


Meanwhile, Howard and Pearl were being dragged down to the deeper end of the sea; the waters around them grew darker, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe. Howard wondered if the waters were going to crush them to death. As Howard’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could see underwater, spherical buoys floating in the water. After the sharks saw that they were mechanically attached to the buoys, the chains automatically detached, and the sharks abandoned them in the ghostly deep. Everywhere they looked, there was nothing but pitch blackness; the only light they had was the dim sunlight near the celestial surface. It was so dark that Howard felt as though a million unseen, malicious eyes were staring at him.


Trembling with fear, Howard asked, “How long are they going to keep us here?”


Pearl replied, “I hope not much longer; I don’t like being out in deep waters like this.”


“There’s got to be a way out of these things,” said Howard as he tried to escape with a slither of hope in his voice.


As Howard was trying to escape, something caught his attention in the peripheral of his eye.


After Howard looked up, he asked, “Did you see something?”


“See what?” asked Pearl.


“I thought I saw something moving out there,” explained Howard.


“That’s one thing I hate about swimming in these dark waters is it’s hard to see,” complained Pearl.


After a few more futile escape attempts, Howard could see a dark mass floating toward him; it was very elongated whatever it was. When it loomed closer, Howard could see the dim sunlight reflecting off of part of it; it wasn’t until moments later that Howard realized that what was floating in front of him was a giant eye.


Pearl shrilly but telepathically screeched and cried, “It’s a giant squid, Howard!”


At that moment, in a blink, Howard found himself in a nightmare battling clawed tentacles and a fang-sharp parrot’s beak; the squid was attacking him. The squid was as strong as it was massive, and its limbs outnumbered Howard’s significantly. Howard could feel a stinging pain as the squid’s claws poked through Howard’s skin and into his flesh. At times, the squid tried to rip Howard’s mask off while at other times it tried to snap Howard’s breathing tube with its beak. Howard resisted with all his might, but the pressure of the waters made it difficult to breathe which in turn made it more difficult to fight the squid.


When all hope seemed lost, the giant squid was suddenly snatched away and replaced by something much larger; this time, the creature was much more reptilian with an elongated, serpentine body, four massive, fanlike fins, a tail with a short, long, vertical fin enveloping it, and a horned, alligator-like head. The creature was chomping down on the squid that attacked Howard.


Pearl was even more terrified when she cried, “It’s the Steragorn, the Sea Dragon.”


After it had swallowed up the squid, the Sea Dragon turned around and then bit down on the buoys freeing Howard and Pearl from their metallic grip. Howard and Pearl swam closer together to keep each other safe in case the creature attacked; however, when the creature curled around to face them, despite its gator-like face and slit-like pupils, it began to appear docile and nonthreatening.


After studying the creature a little, Howard concluded, “I don’t think it wants to hurt us; I think it’s just curious.”


Carefully, Howard outstretched his hand to pet the Sea Dragon, and it seemed calm at his touch. Howard was fascinated with this new creature; despite its appearance, it didn’t seem to want to hurt them. Howard was almost beginning to feel sentimental towards the creature as if it were a dolphin or a humpback whale.


Howard was lost in his feelings until an idea dawned upon him.


“Mom, can you command this creature like you can others?” asked Howard.


Pearl replied, “I could try; I’ve never used that ability on a creature like this before.”


“We’ve got to return to the colony; with this thing on our side, even those sharks won’t stand a chance against us. We’ll have the truth out in no time,” concluded Howard triumphantly.


After they both grabbed onto the Sea Dragon’s horns, the Sea Dragon undulated away toward the surface; Howard found it much easier to breathe without the crushing water pressure as the waters brightened.


Meanwhile, Sheldon was searching for a place to hide the flashdrive containing the documents someplace safe where no one would find it; Sheldon was having enough luck not being noticed. However, when he almost dumped into the President with his government thugs, the President seized him by the buoyancy vest and wrestled with him in an effort to get the flashdrive demanding that Sheldon hand it over. The commotion was starting to draw quite a crowd; it made the bystanders wonder if the government really was hiding something.


In the midst of their brawling, everyone heard what sounded like a whale’s song except it had more of a growl to it; the strange call puzzled everyone since no one had heard it before. When they heard it again, they turned in the direction it was coming from which was the deep and swam a little closer to get a better look. At first, they saw nothing until they saw something indistinct rising up out of the depths; they strained their eyes to see what it was but still couldn’t identify it.


When it became clear that the thing arising from the deep was a sea monster, people began screaming and swimming away as fast as they could; even the sharks scattered in different directions. The sea monster was the Steragorn with Howard and Pearl clinging to its horns. Sheldon and Annette were relieved to see their friend alive but surprised that they tamed such a creature.


With the Steragorn starring down at him and his sharks scattered, the President had no choice but to hand over the flashdrive. When the flashdrive was plugged in and its contents sent to computer and TV screens throughout the colony and throughout other underwater colonies, the truth was revealed, and the President and many other government officials were doomed. The company, AquaTech, the mastermind behind the whole affair, was put out of business by order of a court, and its profits were taken away.


After the truth was revealed, many returned to their homes on the surface whereas some loved the ocean so much with all its bizarre beauty that they remained in the ocean.

After a few years had passed, Howard and Annette were married and started a family sometimes living on the land and at other times in the sea.

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