Matrem et Filium

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A teenaged mother is forced to steal to provide for her baby

Submitted: April 11, 2014

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Submitted: April 11, 2014



In the year 2030 A.D. lived a wealthy, affluent family in Liverpool called the Syrus family; they had a thirteen-year-old daughter named Laura. Laura was a rebellious and immature child; she tended to ditch school and sneak out of home a lot, but little did she know that she was about to face a growing experience.


One night, Laura sneaked out of her parents’ mansion to attend a party with her delinquent friends; kids and young adults were smoking, drinking, and abusing drugs.


“Laura! I’m so glad you came!” screamed enthusiastically Sarah, Laura’s friend.


The two friends hugged each other and asked how they were doing.


“Your folks still holding you hostage?” asked Sarah.


“Yep,” glumly replied Laura.


“You could always try emancipation; since you are legally old enough to work,” suggested Sarah.


Laura replied, “I could, but I don’t like to work. I wish I could be wealthy without my family telling me what to do all the time.”


“I know how you feel,” agreed Sarah, “my parents want me to go to college and get a good job, but I’d rather party all time. Hey look at that handsome man over there.”


Sarah pointed at a young man who was probably about 25 years old who had an elegant hairstyle and a strong chin.


“Let’s go flirt with him,” suggested Sarah and Laura agreed.


Sarah and Laura made sexualized compliments about the man which the man sometimes returned. Then, the man lured them into a bedroom and sensually commanded them to take their clothes off which he did also; Laura questioned whether this was right, but Sarah reassured her that she was about to have the time of her life. After that, the man grew very intimate with the two underage girls and “knew” them. By the time they finished, everyone attending the party returned to their homes.


For the next few days, Laura secretly enjoyed her experience at the party, but another part of her wondered if it was morally right. The contact between her and the man felt wrong and inappropriate, but she strangely enjoyed it. However, in a few days, Laura would begin to regret what she’d done.


Throughout the day, Laura was frequently using the lavatory, and she always feeling bloated in her midriff; during her math class, Sarah knew something wasn’t right. After school, when Sarah asked if she was all right, Laura told her about her symptoms; Sarah’s face grew pale at what she heard. After Sarah bought a pregnancy test, Laura took it, and the results shocked them both. She was pregnant.


“This is not good, Laura,” said Sarah with a tone of panic, “you’re going to have a baby.”


“But I don’t know how to care for a child,” protested Laura with the same panic, “how are my parents going to react to this? What am I going to do?”


When Laura was about to weep, Sarah suggested, “Maybe you could stay with us until the baby is born; I’m sure my parents will understand.”


As it turned out, Sarah’s parents were understanding about Laura’s situation and allowed her to stay. Over the next several months, Laura’s abdomen swelled as the fetus grew, and her navel began to protrude; she was also susceptible to mood swings, but the family still tolerated her. During the pregnancy, Laura and Sarah bought items for the baby because they didn’t want a public baby shower.


After about seven months had passed, Laura entered labor and delivered a beautiful baby boy; the boy had his father’s blond hair and strong chin and his mother’s soft, smooth face. Strangely, Laura felt a strong affection for the child which she never felt for anyone else before; she couldn’t help but hold the warm baby close to her heart. Laura wished that that moment would last for eternity.


However, when the doctors took the baby away to incubate him, Laura crash landed into reality. What was her father going to say when he found out? Laura grew anxious over that thought.


Unfortunately, shortly after the baby was born, Sarah’s family entered an economic crisis and became financially unable to support Laura and her baby forcing her to return to the parental home. When Laura returned home, her father sternly asked her about her child which Laura lied about and said she was babysitting; however, the lie didn’t last long. When her father caught Laura breastfeeding, he furiously kicked both her and her baby out of the house.


Now, Laura was all alone with a child dependent on her; the closest thing they had to a home was an abandoned house. Laura had to drop out of school; in addition, she was unable to find good employment to support her child. Laura was beginning to feel hopeless about her situation; now she was beginning to regret her irresponsible lifestyle. It seemed like a lot of fun at first, but now it had gotten her nowhere but in a desperate situation.


With all these depressing thoughts in her head, Laura took some rope she found in the backyard and tied a noose out of it. However, before she could succeed in hanging herself, she heard her baby crying, a sound which she couldn’t ignore. Laura hurried into the other room to attend to the child. It was at the moment of contact that Laura realized she couldn’t leave her child an orphan. Laura wanted to spend the rest of her life with her child and watch him grow. It was right when Laura looked into his pretty little eyes that inspired a name in her; that name was Leonardo because when she looked into his eyes, she knew he was intelligent.


When the matter of money came back to mind, Laura realized that she was forced to do something she would not do otherwise; something which contradicted what she was taught in school and at home. She had no choice but to steal to provide for the baby. She decided to make the necessary preparations for a career in thievery.


Fortunately, Laura had a good outfit for the job; she had a black crop top with tight black jeans and black boots and a belt useful for strapping gadgets on. She also used what little money she had to buy devices for picking locks and cracking safes.


Once all the preparations were made, it was time to make the first burglary; Laura decided it would be wise to start small since she was a beginner. Laura decided to start with a small house of a moderate income couple; the house was small but still pleasant with its gables.


The first thing Laura did was examine the floor to see if it was swept which would reveal footprints; fortunately, it was not. Then, she climbed down the chimney with towels attached to her hands and boots careful not to get any soot on herself. Once she made it down the chimney, she took off the towels and left them in the fireplace still careful not to mess up anything. Next step was now to find a safe.


Laura searched the house for a safe in every possible hiding place careful to leave everything as it was. It wasn’t until Laura made it into the attic that she found a safe; after finding it, she used her safecracking kit to unlock the safe. Once the safe was unlocked, she found decent sums of cash in the safe; Laura was tempted to steal all or most of it, but she knew the couple would notice it then so she only took a few hundred dollar bills and closed the safe.


Unfortunately, as Laura was preparing to vacate the premises, she saw lights glide across the walls which were headlights from outside meaning the couple was returning; Laura almost panicked as she was about to get caught. Wasting no time, Laura quickly grabbed her dirty towels, shoved them into her pants, and hurried upstairs into one of the bedrooms with a new plan of escape. After the couple entered the house and turned off the burglar alarm, Laura opened the window in the bedroom, shut the window behind her, and climbed down to the ground without making a sound. Then, she returned home and slept with her baby for the rest of the night.


As the years passed by, Laura continued to commit robberies to provide for her child; however, technology was also advancing which meant improved home security which made thievery more difficult. Luckily however, Laura’s child, Leonardo, continued to show signs of intelligence and even began creating gadgets at age 9. Laura saw this as an opportunity to work around the advancing home security systems but at the same time felt horrible about manipulating her child in such a manner since she wasn’t proud of her career as a burglar, but this was the only way she could provide for her child. After some deep thinking, Laura decided she had no other option but to use Leonardo’s talent for gadgetry in her thievery.


One pleasant evening, Laura and Leonardo were having a meager dinner on the porch of their deteriorating house. Laura believed that now was her opportunity to get her son involved in her work, but she didn’t want to appear dishonest at the same time.


With some careful prior planning, Laura began her attempt by asking, “So, darling, have you ever wondered what I do for a living?”


Leonardo replied casually, “I sometimes wonder since you’re at home most of the day.”


It was upon this reply that Laura began to carefully choose her words.


“Well,” said Laura carefully, “I guess the best way to describe it is I sneak into other people’s houses for a living.”


Leonardo commented, “That sounds like fun, but I don’t see how that earns money.”


Laura replied almost spontaneously, “By doing that, I find faults in the houses’ security systems so they can be improved.”


“Oh,” said Leonardo now that he understood.


But Laura continued, “But with the new advances in technology, it’s becoming more difficult for me to sneak into houses by myself. That’s where I need you to help me with your tech savvyness. So, you in?”


“Sure,” agreed Leonardo, “when do we start?”


Laura replied, “We start tonight at 8:30 when it’s nice and dark, but before we sneak in, we’ll discuss the plan I’ve made after surveying the property.”


As promised, after they finished their meal, Laura drew a map of the house to illustrate her plan. The plan was to lower one of Leonardo’s tiny, spider-like robots down the chimney and disable the alarm system and then get in and then back out. Leonardo added that it might be prudent to make sure the owners were asleep before entering, and if not, sleeping gas should be used; Laura was impressed with Leonardo’s clever thinking.


When the time came for the burglary after sunset, Laura and Leonardo arrived at the house careful not to make a sound. When they examined the house, they saw one window was lit and sounds were coming from it; this meant that the owners were still awake. Wasting no time at all, Leonardo sprayed sleeping gas into the ventilation system, and they waited until the sounds in the lit room ceased which meant the occupants had passed out.


Then, Leonardo commanded his tiny, spider-like robot to crawl down the chimney and into the house in search of the burglary alarm. When the robot found the burglary alarm which was situated near the front door, the robot shined a special light on the keys to illuminate the fingerprints revealing the deactivation code.


Once the deactivation code had been entered, Laura and Leonardo slipped on their gas masks and easily entered the house. Upon entering, Laura instructed Leonardo to supervise the couple to make sure they didn’t wake up while she looked around; obeying his mother, Leonardo found the room the couple had passed out in and hid behind the doorway so he wouldn’t be seen.


Meanwhile, Laura descended into the basement and found a safe hidden among untouched boxes. Using her safecracking skills, Laura opened the safe, took some money, and returned everything to its original state. Then, Laura fetched Leonardo, and they both exited the house; but before they vacated the property, Leonardo reactivated the burglary alarm with his spidery robot, and it crawled back to him. After that, they both evacuated the premises before anyone could see.


For the next several months, Laura and Leonardo committed more burglaries similar to the previous one; however, Leonardo was still unaware that they were stealing when they snuck into other people’s houses. However, Laura and Leonardo were about to face an enemy the likes of which neither of them had ever seen before and that could ruin their lives forever.


When Leonardo was not helping his mom unknowingly rob houses or build high-tech gadgets, he would take art lessons from a Catholic pastor who was also a professional artist. Lately, they were working together on a newly-built cathedral, painting pictures of famous Biblical stories; the pastor thought Leonardo was doing well.


After a good day’s work, they both stood back, admired their work, and the pastor complimented, “You did well, Leonardo.”


“Thanks, Father Hadad.”


“You know, son, I’ve been thinking about giving you one of my copies of the Latin Vulgate since you’ve been teaching yourself Latin.”


The pastor gave Leonardo a Latin Bible, and Leonardo thanked him. When Leonardo arrived home, he could not put the Bible down because it was almost like an epic fantasy saga such as The Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia. However, Leonardo was unaware that that very Book was about to strain his relationship with his mother.


One night, Laura and Leonardo were preparing to rob another house, yet they both had the feeling that something wasn’t right; they were both unaware of who was lurking in the midst. Once Laura and Leonardo evacuated the house, they found suspicious looking men clad in balaclavas surrounding them at every corner; what was even stranger was when they looked away from one of these men and then looked back, they saw that particular man was significantly closer to them though they didn’t see or hear any signs of movement. It was unnerving and most surreal.


By the time they were completely surrounded with no way to escape, one of them spoke up and said mechanically, “Petty thieves, you have robbed too many households for too long; you have wronged the wrong person. My wife was dying of cancer, but because of your thievery I couldn’t afford the needed medicine. Thanks to you, my wife is dead. Now you must pay for your crimes.”


Then, in the blink of an eye, the men’s clothes tore revealing that they were not men at all; they were freaky, grotesque robots. They appeared to be grossly deformed and had body parts in places they shouldn’t be. They were also heavily armed with buzz saws, drills, blades, cannons, and other weapons.


With lightning speed, the robots attacked the two thieves, but, luckily, they both dodged just in time. The robots tried hard to slice and blast the two thieves, but instead, they kept missing or hitting each other. Thinking on his feet, Leonardo pulled out a gadget that emitted an electromagnetic pulse that disabled the robots allowing them to escape. Wasting no time at all, they both climbed into their cheap car and drove away.


As they were driving along, Leonardo was wrestling with all sorts of negative emotions. Leonardo had just recently read the Ten Commandments of the Bible, and now he had found out that his mother was using him to steal from other people and that it had caused someone to die. The fact that he had been involved in something illegal that got people hurt made Leonardo almost despise himself; Leonardo almost wanted to commit suicide.


Once they were in the middle of a wilderness certain they were safe, Leonardo confronted his mom saying, “What did that robot mean we stole from its owner?”


In an attempt to answer this unexpected question immediately, Laura replied, “Son, I didn’t have much choice; there was no other way to pay the bills.”


Leonardo angrily interrupted, “You’re my mother; you’re supposed to teach me right and wrong not use me in illegal activities. You told me we were helping people improve their security, but you LIED to me; instead, we were stealing people’s hard earned money and using it for ourselves. I’m a criminal now because of you!”


After that explosion, Leonardo stormed out of the car and disappeared into the woods with his gadgets; Laura pitifully called out to Leonardo, but it was of no use. After listening to Leonardo’s angry words and thinking about how she manipulated Leonardo, Laura began to feel really horrible about herself. What made it even worse for her was what Leonardo said was true; she really did manipulate him. In other words, she was a failure as a mother.


However, Laura quickly tried to justify her actions by saying to herself that she didn’t have much choice in her situation. In fact, she did at first seek honest employment but couldn’t get any. She had to do it for her precious little Leonardo.


However, in the process, she deprived an innocent lady of a chance to live. Even after recalling all those Sunday school lessons she had, Laura didn’t know what was right or wrong anymore.


Once Leonardo was too tired to storm through the woods anymore, he stopped at a ridge to sulk about his situation; Leonardo still couldn’t get over the feeling that he was responsible for someone’s death. Slowly, Leonardo pulled out a buzz saw, activated it, and proceeded to sawing open his wrist. However, Leonardo paused about half-an-inch above his wrist; he really wanted to end his guilty life all together, but something was preventing him from doing so. Leonardo kept remembering the verse in the Ten Commandments forbidding killing, and it was because of this that Leonardo gave up.


Now that Leonardo had calmed down significantly, he entered contemplative and introspective thought; Leonardo also remembered the Biblical commandment of honor thy mother and father. Then, Leonardo began to wonder if maybe his mother’s intentions were good all along despite doing something wrong. Upon this realization, Leonardo decided to return to his mother’s car and make things up with her; however, when he found the car, he was in for a nasty surprise.


When Leonardo arrived at the car, he saw no signs of his mother and signs of a struggle instead. However, Leonardo found a hand-held holographic projector lying in the front seat; Leonardo picked it up to see if it would yield any clues as to the whereabouts of his mother.


When Leonardo switched it on, a man with an ugly, demonic mask appeared and said, “Petty thief, I’ve captured your precious mother. I want her to pay so badly for her crimes, but I will make you watch. If you want to see your mother one last time, meet us at the abandoned supermarket warehouse.”


Once the message was concluded, the man with the demonic mask disappeared. Wasting no time at all, Leonardo took his mother’s car, making all the needed adjustments so he could drive it, and raced to the abandoned supermarket warehouse. As Leonardo drove along, he made sure he was not seen by anyone because he did not have time to be pulled over and questioned.


After a short while, Leonardo arrived at a dilapidated supermarket warehouse that he was sure the masked man was referring to. The paint on the walls was peeling off and the doors were smashed through. The place was not at all a very welcoming sight.


Leonardo carefully entered the warehouse careful not to make a sound hoping he could save his mother under the strange man’s nose. Everywhere Leonardo looked, he saw decaying empty shelves that made the warehouse look even creepier.


Leonardo searched the warehouse until he found his mother strapped to a board with a giant buzz saw hanging over her belly; the sight alarmed Leonardo very much.


However, before Leonardo could do anything, he heard a clapping noise coming from somewhere; then, the man with the demonic mask appeared from a dark corner and said, “Bravo, baby boy, bravo, I’m impressed that you made it here in such a timely manner for someone so young. As a reward, you get to watch your mother DIE!”


Leonardo bravely and sternly commanded, “Let her go now.”


However, the man mockingly replied, “My, my, my, didn’t your mother teach you manners? You wouldn’t want to shame her in her last hours, would you?”


“I will fight you if I have to,” confronted Leonardo.


“It’s on,” agreed the man, “Robots! Attack!”


All at once, several of the man’s robotic minions attacked Leonardo, but Leonardo tossed out tons of his spidery robots which attacked the man’s minions; also, in the same moment, the man switched on the buzz saw, and it slowly approached Laura’s body. Leonardo rushed to his mother’s aid, but the man blocked his every move; Leonardo was left with no choice but to punch his way through. Leonardo tried to punch and kick the man, but his arms and legs were too short to reach the man’s body. Then, the man took out a knife and tried to slash Leonardo with it, but Leonardo grabbed the arm with the knife and with all his strength dislocated the arm at its joint; this gave Leonardo enough time to deactivate the machine and save his mother.


After Leonardo saved his mother, Leonardo’s spidery robots reprogrammed the man’s minions to attack him, and they killed the man messily and gruesomely; they were both incredibly shaken by the grisly event.


Fortunately, however, Laura was finally able to find legitimate employment and was able to give up her career in thievery. Leonardo was sent to a prestigious boarding school were his talents were developed further. For many years, Laura and Leonardo lived happily together; fortunately for them both, no one ever found out about their past careers as thieves.

© Copyright 2020 Matthew5. All rights reserved.

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