Neverland Children's Hospital

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A children's book hero finds himself locked up in an abusive asylum.

Submitted: July 23, 2013

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Submitted: July 23, 2013



One rainy day in Pensacola, Florida, a DHS caseworker was transporting one of her clients to a hospital called Neverland Children’s Hospital. The client’s name was Peter Pan, an orphan boy who suffered from mental breakdowns; he had a propensity to dress like a clown and believed that fairies were real. When they arrived at the hospital, they waited in the waiting room until a Mexican man in an orange shirt called them in to assess Peter Pan; the man asked both Peter Pan and the caseworker about Peter Pan’s childhood and state of mind. After the assessment, the Mexican man led him down a hall to a locked heavy steel door.


When the Mexican man in the orange shirt opened the door, Peter was presented with an enormous room. The carpet floor and baseboards were a sandy color, the walls were green, and the ceiling was sky blue. To his left, there were rows of sofas facing toward the plasma TV which was facing the back of the room. To his right, there were many chairs with desks facing a marker board hanging on the right wall; behind those were a couple long tables with chairs pushed in on both sides. At the back left corner was the nursing station boxed in by two walls with large windows. To the back was a hallway with all the bedrooms along it and two bathrooms toward the front. There were also doctor’s offices and therapist’s offices along the walls of the main room.


When Peter Pan entered the room, a Native American nurse greeted him and took his vital signs. After the nurse took his vital signs, she sent him to the sofas to watch TV with the other patients; there was a gory horror film on the TV. When Peter Pan sat down on one of the sofas, he was greeted by a boy sitting next to him, and Peter Pan returned the greeting.


“I’m Martin,” said the boy, “What’s your name?”


“I’m Peter Pan,” replied Peter Pan.


“No way!” mildly exclaimed Martin, “Are you ‘the’ Peter Pan?”


“Yes,” replied Peter Pan, “I was banished to this world somehow, and I’ve lost my powers; I don’t know where my band of Lost Boys is though.”


“I want to go with you to Neverland,” said Martin excitedly.


Before Peter Pan could reply, one of the staff announced that it was bedtime. All of the patients flocked to their rooms down the hallway and went to bed; Martin and Peter Pan happened to be roommates.


The next morning, the staff flicked the rooms’ light on and woke everyone up; the strange thing about the staff was they were wearing ghostly white masks that covered all of their faces. When all the patients were awakened, the staff had them stand in two lines, one all boy and the other all girl. In a semi-loud voice, the staff would ask a patient how they felt, if they had suicidal thoughts, what their goal was, and even if they wet their beds in front of the other patients; this mortified some of the patients.


After the goals and feelings were logged in, the patients were sent to the long tables for breakfast; the patients found that they were served stale porridge. The patients ate their breakfast even though it tasted nasty; one patient with several allergies even vomited suddenly on the floor, and a staff member made him clean it up himself with no help.


After breakfast, the patients had to brush their teeth in the only two bathrooms at the front of the hall; throughout, a staff member kept telling them to hurry up annoying the patients. When one of the patients yelled out of annoyance, the staff member yanked him from the crowd and beat him several times; the other patients were horrified at the sight.


After that, the patients were ordered to take their seats at the desks in front of the marker board for school. For the rest of the morning, the patients were given lessons on difficult subjects such as calculus and quantum physics; only a couple of the patients managed to do well.


After school, the patients were given more stale porridge for lunch; so far, Peter Pan was beginning to dislike the hospital a lot. After lunch were two long, boring groups about how horrible life is.


When the groups were over, it was time to play outside; this was the only part of the day that the patients enjoyed. For the first part, the patients were asked to do exercises such as pushups and jumping jacks fifty each. After that, the patients played volleyball against the staff; however, after all those exercises, the patients were too tired to defeat the staff.


When outside time was over, the patients were brought back inside for supper which was more stale porridge. After supper was another depressing group and then movie time in which the patients watched a gangster movie glorifying violence and drug abuse; when the movie ended, the staff sternly ordered the patients to bed.


When Peter Pan and Martin slipped into their beds, Peter Pan mildly exclaimed, “That was miserable; how can these kids put up with this?”


Martin replied, “I know, but you haven’t seen nothing yet; wait until Mr. Hook comes back.”


“Who’s Mr. Hook?” asked Peter Pan.


Martin explained, “He’s the chief of the staff; he tells the other staff to treat the patients this way. Apparently, the administrators of this hospital are okay with him doing these things.”


Peter Pan asked, “Which one of the staff was Mr. Hook?”


Martin answered, “He’s not here currently; he’s on vacation. However, he is supposed to be back tomorrow.”


“Oh dear,” commented Peter Pan.


Then, Martin asked, “Doesn’t that name Hook ring a bell to you, Peter?”


Peter Pan replied, “Yeah, Hook is one of my worst enemies; even though he was devoured by a ticking crocodile, somehow, the remaining pirates were able to resurrect him using a magical ritual, and now he’s even more powerful than before.”


“Wow,” mildly exclaimed Martin.


After that short conversation, the two roommates sank into sleep.


The next morning, the staff rudely awakened the patients, recorded their feelings and goals, and asked a few embarrassing questions; after that, the patients had stale porridge for breakfast. In the middle of breakfast, a burly man entered the unit dressed similarly to the other staff except he had a skull mask on and one of his hands was a prostatic hand; all the patients stopped eating and stared at him in fear.


The man slowly walked to the tables and announced, “Bastards and bitches, I have now returned from my vacation. The other staff have probably had it easy on you, but now, you play by my rules; cross the line, and you’re dead. Am I understood?”


The patients all replied affirmative.


Martin leaned over to Peter Pan and whispered, “That’s Mr. Hook.”


After breakfast, the patients brushed their teeth and attended school with more difficult lessons in subjects like calculus and quantum physics just like yesterday. However, a man wearing a corporate outfit came into the school area and requested Peter Pan to come with him. The man led Peter Pan to a door by the TV area behind which was a small office.


After the man shut the door behind them, he greeted, “Hello, I’m Dr. Jefferson; I’m taking the place of Dr. Walter who quit yesterday. How are you?”


Peter Pan replied, “I’m doing good; why did Dr. Walter quit?”


Dr. Jefferson answered, “Because he supposedly didn’t like how the hospital administrators were allowing the staff to abuse the patients, but anyway, tell me what got you in here?”


Peter Pan replied, “Because the other people at this home I was at thought I was crazy.”


Then, Dr. Jefferson asked, “Why do they think you’re crazy?”


“Because I came from Neverland,” answered Peter Pan.


“Do you really believe that?” asked Dr. Jefferson.


“Yes, I do,” replied Peter Pan.


“Have you ever abused drugs,” asked Dr. Jefferson.


Peter Pan replied, “No.”


“Do you see things, hear voices, anything like that?” asked Dr. Jefferson.


“No,” replied Peter Pan.


“Have you ever been abused as a child?”


“Not really”


Peter Pan’s childhood was so long ago that Peter Pan barely remembered; he had been an adolescent for almost over a century.


Dr. Jefferson concluded, “I am diagnosing you with major delusional disorder; the nurses will tell you about your new medication. You may return to school.”


After that short doctor visit, Peter Pan returned to the school area; when Peter Pan sat down on his desk, Martin leaned over and asked in a low voice, “How did the doctor visit go?”


Peter Pan replied, “He diagnosed me with major delusional disorder.


Martin commented, “Oh, that sucks.”


Then, all of a sudden, Martin felt something hard and small hit his temple; it was a stone. The staff member who was teaching the class chewed Martin up for talking during class.


After school was lunch; in the middle of lunch, a new patient arrived. She was a pretty girl with red hair and blue eyes and was rather petite. The staff ordered the patients not to greet her.


After lunch was group time; the first group was about life in the ghetto. After the first group, an elderly man asked Peter Pan to come with him. The elderly man led him to a different office and closed the door behind them.


The elderly man introduced himself, “Hello, I am Dr. Madison; I am your counselor. How are you today?”


“I’m doing okay,” replied Peter Pan.


“Dr. Jefferson informed me that you’re here for delusional disorder. Is that right?” asked Dr. Madison.


“I’m not delusional,” replied Peter Pan.


“You say you’re from a place called Neverland; do you really believe that?”




“Have you ever read the children’s book Peter Pan or seen the Disney film?”


“No, sir.”


“That’s interesting; have you even ever heard of either?”


“I’ve met the author of the book, but I didn’t know he wrote a book about me until recently.”


“That’s very interesting; you’re claiming to be Peter Pan, yet you’ve never read the book so you can’t possibly know what it says. I remember reading Peter Pan as a child; it was one of my favorite books. You know it’s just a story, right? Peter Pan’s not real.”


“He is too real; I am Peter Pan,” burst out Peter Pan.


“I’m sure once you’re given your medications, you will let go of your delusions. You’re free to go now; good day to you,” concluded the counselor.


Peter Pan walked out of the office and entered the dining area in time for the second group; the second group was about prison life and all its horrors.


After the group was outside time, the staff instructed the patients to run ten miles with no breaks before playing the scheduled game of kickball. Peter Pan used this opportunity to get to know the new girl better while they both ran. When the staff ordered the patients to start running laps, Peter Pan maneuvered around the other patients to reach within earshot of the new girl.


“Hi, I’m Peter Pan; what your name?” Peter Pan introduced himself.


The new girl replied, “I’m Daisy.”


“That’s a nice name,” commented Peter Pan, “what got you in here?”


“I was cutting on myself because I’m so depressed all the time,” replied Daisy.


“Why are you depressed all the time?” asked Peter Pan.


“Because I read a lot of fiction and I always wish I could live in those worlds but can’t,” answered Daisy.


“Oh,” commented Peter Pan, “I’m here because everyone thinks I’m delusional, but I’m not.”


“Why do they think that?” asked Daisy.


“Because I’m from Neverland,” answered Peter Pan.


“Really?” asked Daisy in disbelief.


“Yes,” replied Peter Pan.


“Please take me with you; I can’t take this world anymore,” begged Daisy.


“I will when I find a way out of here,” reassured Peter Pan.


Then, suddenly, they both heard a whistle blow and Mr. Hook angrily ordering Daisy to come over. When Daisy obeyed, Mr. Hook backhanded her in the face with his prosthetic hand and put her in time out for the rest of the day.


After the patients finished running their ten miles, they began the game of kickball; for a while, everything was running smoothly until one patient bumped into another patient with serious anger issues and they began to fight. The fighting raged on until a loud noise thundered through the air; after that, one of the fighting patients fell dead to the ground. When all the patients turned to the source of the noise, they saw Mr. Hook with an outstretched arm holding a gun; Mr. Hook had just killed a patient!


After that, the staff canceled the kickball game and herded the patients in for supper; however, Daisy was not allowed supper because she was in time out. After supper, the patients watched a horror movie named Insidious which frightened several of the patients.


When the movie finished, all the patients except Daisy were sent to bed; Daisy had to stay up and watch horror movies all night.


When Peter Pan and Martin entered their room, Peter Pan complained, “How can they do this to us? They just killed a patient in front of the rest of us.”


“I know,” agreed Martin, “what gives them the right to treat us this way?”


Then, the boys discovered a sack lying on Peter Pan’s pillow; neither of them knew what it was. When Peter Pan opened the sack, he found that it was stuffed with a golden dust; when he sprinkled some on himself, he began to hover off the ground. The dust was pixie dust.


“Wow, you really are Peter Pan,” mildly exclaimed Martin.


“This might be our ticket out of here,” added Peter Pan, “here, have some.”


When Peter Pan sprinkled some pixie dust on Martin, Martin began to hover off the ground as well.


Then, Peter Pan explained, “Okay, here’s the plan; you take this sack and sprinkle the other patients with it and then call the police, and I’ll deal with Mr. Hook.”


Peter Pan pulled out his knife from the sack and then sprinkled some pixie dust on the door to make it gently fly open; both Peter Pan and Martin flew out in different directions. When a staff person ran up to attack them, Peter Pan stabbed him with his knife, and the staff person fell to the ground. Meanwhile, Martin sprinkled pixie dust on the doors gently opening them, awakened the patients, and sprinkled them with pixie dust.


When Peter Pan hovered to the end of the hall, he saw Mr. Hook watching Daisy very closely while Daisy gasped in horror as she watched the movie.


After a few minutes, Mr. Hook quietly announced, “I need to go to the bathroom; nurses, keep an eye on this bitch.”


Peter Pan made a gesture for all the patients to hide in their rooms for a moment. When Mr. Hook traversed to the boys’ room, he had a creepy feeling he was being watched; when he looked up, he screamed out of terror and surprise.


“You…you bastard; trying to escape without a discharge,” angrily cried Mr. Hook.


Then, Mr. Hook pulled out his gun and started shooting at Peter Pan, but Peter Pan flew away in figure eights and zigzags so Mr. Hook missed each time. When Mr. Hook ran out of bullets, he drew his sword and charged at Peter Pan. Peter Pan and Mr. Hook jabbed and blocked each other with their blades. Peter Pan was a skilled swordsman, but Mr. Hook was so strong that his blows kept pushing Peter Pan backwards; in fact, Mr. Hook hit Peter Pan’s blade so hard that he sent Peter Pan flying into a wall.


While Peter Pan and Mr. Hook were fighting, all the other patients flocked to the nurses’ station to use the telephone; the nurses allowed it because they did not approve of the staff’s treatment of the patients. A cop answered the phone, and when the boy told the story of Mr. Hook killing a patient, the cop sent a dispatch to the hospital.


Meanwhile, Peter Pan and Mr. Hook continued to fight. Unfortunately, Mr. Hook managed to knock Peter Pan’s blade out of his hands; when Peter Pan flew to retrieve it, Mr. Hook snatched his ankle and pinned Peter Pan down to the floor. The other patients were terrified at the sight.


“You lose…boy,” sneered Mr. Hook.


When Mr. Hook raised his sword to kill Peter Pan, a couple gunshots rang through the air, and Mr. Hook fell to his side; the police had arrived just in time. The police investigated the hospital and found that the boy’s story was true. The hospital administrators and staff were found guilty in court and were sentenced to life in prison with no parole.


Meanwhile, Peter Pan and all the other patients flew away to Neverland, but Neverland was not what it used to be.


To be continued.

© Copyright 2019 Matthew5. All rights reserved.

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