Spiderman: Accusation

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Spiderman is accused of a murder he did not commit

Submitted: June 13, 2013

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Submitted: June 13, 2013



It was a quiet night in New York City while Spiderman was gliding among the skyscrapers with his web tendrils. After Spiderman unknowingly made contact with an alien symbiote, his appearance changed to all black with red eyes, red spider symbol, and red webbing on his costume.


Currently, Spiderman was investigating a series of bank robberies to find out who was behind them. He saw one of the robbers head toward an office building next to a graveyard; to avoid possibly being seen, Spiderman landed on the ground and crawled among the tombstones and the statues. When Spiderman came close enough to the office building, he leaped across the street as fast as he could to avoid being seen.


Then, he slowly crawled through the revolving glass door and quickly leaped onto the wall above; however, there were security cameras watching the area. Spiderman searched the hallways and offices for the robbers being careful not to be seen by anyone working late that night. Occasionally, Spiderman would have to hide behind doors or under desks to avoid being seen.


At one point, Spiderman heard a woman’s shrill scream come from one of the office cubicles; Spiderman leapt onto the ceiling and crawled to the source of the scream. When Spiderman found the source, he saw a woman standing by a dead man in a pool of blood. The detail about the crime scene that stood out most to Spiderman was the splats of webbing here and there in the cubicle and some around the man’s neck like a noose.


When one of the office workers looked up because he felt as though he was being watched, he cried out, “There’s the murderer! Get him!” “What!” exclaimed Spiderman, and he leaped away as the office workers pursued him; when Spiderman smashed through one of the windows to escape, one of the office workers called the cops. Spiderman swung away with his web tendrils trying to get home as fast as he could without being seen. Spiderman could not believe what he saw in that office cubicle; he hoped that this was just a bad dream.


When Spiderman finally made it home to Aunt May’s house, he climbed into his room through the window, and his red and black costume crawled off of him. Then, Peter Parker (who was secretly Spiderman) stripped off most of his clothes and went to bed; Peter Parker hoped he would wake up the next morning and find out that the event at the office building was just a dream.


The next morning, Peter Parker woke up, got dressed, and climbed down the stairs to the kitchen to have breakfast with his elderly Aunt May.


“Good morning, dear,” greeted Aunt May in a pleasant voice.


“Morning, Aunt May,” returned Peter Parker with a hint of drowsiness.


“Did you sleep well, dear,” asked Aunt May in the same pleasant voice.


“Not really,” answered Peter Parker, “I had a horrible dream in which I was accused of a murder I did not commit.”


“Oh my,” mildly exclaimed Aunt May, “that does sound like a nightmare; have some breakfast with me before your class starts.”


Aunt May cooked sausage and eggs for breakfast which tasted spicy and sizzling. After breakfast, Peter Parker performed his morning rituals, climbed into the car, and drove his way to New York University. Peter Parker was a biology major at NYU, and because he did some concurrent enrollment, he was just a few credits away from graduating. Currently, he was taking two classes, one of which was microbiology; in microbiology class, the professor discussed a topic called virology.


After his two classes were over, Peter Parker saw Mary Jane Watson, a theater major who Peter Parker was interested in, in the cafeteria. After ordering his meal, Peter Parker sat down next to Mary Jane and said “hi”.


Then, Peter Parker asked, “How have you been; I haven’t seen you in a while?”


Mary Jane answered, “I’ve been doing fine; I’ve mostly been reciting lines and practicing my diction lately.”


“That’s nice,” commented Peter Parker.


“How is your biology degree going?” asked Mary Jane.


“It’s going great,” replied Peter Parker, “I’m still getting all A’s.”


“That’s great; I’m probably not smart enough to earn a degree like that,” commented Mary Jane.


“But you are a talented actress; that’s something I’ve never been good at,” encouraged Peter Parker.


Mary Jane thanked him with a smile.


After a short pause, Peter Parker asked, “Do you want to meet somewhere like at a restaurant soon?”


Mary Jane replied with a smile, “I would love that; I haven’t been to Raoul’s in a long time.”


“Okay,” agreed Peter Parker, “How does tomorrow night at 7pm sound?”


“Sounds good to me,” agreed Mary Jane.


After that, they both finished their lunches talking a little bit as they did and then Mary Jane headed to her other classes while Peter Parker returned home. When Peter Parker made it home, he was greeted by his pleasant Aunt May and climbed up to his room to go to work. Peter Parker worked for the Daily Bugle as a cartoonist; he would draw and write humorous comic strips about unintelligent characters getting into trouble and even sometimes made jokes about Spiderman.


When the evening came, Peter Parker suited up (or rather the symbiote covered him up) and became Spiderman to do his evening patrol of the city. He would spit web tendrils out of his wrists and swing among the skyscrapers; Spiderman would get a great view of the city that way.


While Spiderman was swinging amongst the skyscrapers, he heard somebody cry for help; when Spiderman located the source of the cry, he found a construction worker dangling from the roof of an 80 story skyscraper that was under construction. Spiderman swung his way to the skyscraper as fast as he could and began to climb up the myriad of windows on the skyscraper. Unfortunately, the man slipped off the edge of the roof and plummeted to the ground, but fortunately, Spiderman grabbed him by the heel and hauled him onto the roof of the skyscraper.


However, when Spiderman hauled the man onto the roof, the man, instead of thanking him, begged Spiderman not to kill him. When Spiderman told the man that he was not going to kill him, the man ran away as fast as he could. Apparently, last night was not a dream after all. After that, Spiderman swung his way back home and went to bed.


The next day was Saturday so there was no class; Peter Parker spent most of the day playing violent video games such as Halo and Doom. After that, Peter Parker spent another couple hours in the afternoon working on his comic strip for the Daily Bugle. When the evening approached, Peter Parker suited up to become Spiderman and began his evening patrol of the city hoping there would be no criminal activity so he wouldn’t be late for his date with Mary Jane.


Spiderman swung his way among the skyscrapers searching for any signs of criminal activity. Then, Spiderman heard a woman’s scream arise from an abandoned alleyway; Spiderman landed in the alleyway and found a gangster trying to rape a young lady. When Spiderman sternly commanded the gangster to let the lady go and he refused, Spiderman charged at the gangster to attack. The symbiote that covered Spiderman would sometimes talk to him in an insect-like voice; today, the symbiote told him, “Kill that thug and fuck the woman,” but Spiderman refused to listen.


For the first several minutes, Spiderman and the gangster were punching and dodging each other. Then, Spiderman webbed the gangster and slung him against a brick wall which only weakened the gangster a little bit. Then, Spiderman shot web blasts at the gangster which did little to weaken him; the gangster charged at Spiderman, slammed him into a brick wall, and punched Spiderman repeatedly. Then suddenly, Spiderman webbed the gangster in the face, and the gangster struggled to tear the webbing off. After that, Spiderman leaped into the air, grabbed the gangster by the shoulder with a web tendril, and threw the gangster around slamming him violently into walls and the ground; after that, the gangster was unconscious.


Spiderman could hear the voice of the symbiote telling him to kill the gangster and rape the woman, but Spiderman refused to obey. Then, Spiderman heard the sirens of police cars pull into the alleyway, and the police officers climbed out of their cars, aimed their guns at Spiderman, and asked him to put his hands up. The symbiote tempted Spiderman to kill the police officers, but Spiderman chose to escape by leaping into the air and swinging away on web tendrils.


As Spiderman was swinging away to escape the cops, he heard the buzzing of a police helicopter pursue him from behind; Spiderman swung away as fast as he could, but the helicopter followed him wherever he went. Then, Spiderman heard the loud buzz of a machine gun firing and almost felt the bullets blow by. In response, Spiderman shot a web tendril out of his wrist which splattered onto the machine gun and ripped it out of the cop’s hands. Then, the police helicopter throttled to full speed and cut the web tendrils Spiderman was swinging on causing him to fall to the streets.


When Spiderman hit the ground, he heard the shrill screech of police sirens approach his area; Spiderman jumped to his feet, hurried into an alleyway and climbed up a wall to hide from the police. However, the police found him climbing up a wall and opened fire upon him; a couple bullets hit Spiderman, but his symbiote suit absorbed the impact. When Spiderman reached the roof of the building, he saw the same police helicopter arise from behind the building and hover towards him; Spiderman ran off the roof of the building and swung away with the helicopter pursuing him.


When Spiderman rounded a corner down a street, he landed on the sidewalk and removed his symbiote suit to return to Peter Parker; when the police helicopter rounded that same corner, Peter Parker acted as though he was dumping something in a trash can to blend in more. When the police cars rounded the corner, Peter Parker rounded the corner in the opposite direction to avoid the police.


When Peter Parker looked at his watch, he saw that it was almost 7:45; in response to that, Peter Parker called for a taxi and headed to Raoul’s. When Peter Parker arrived at Raoul’s, he couldn’t find Mary Jane anywhere; Peter Parker felt depressed and ashamed all at once.


When Peter Parker arrived back at home, he climbed straight into bed and wept bitterly as he tried to go to sleep believing that his life was falling apart all because of a murder he did not commit.


Hearing Peter Parker’s weeping, the symbiote tempted him in an insect voice, “You should have killed those dumb cops while you had the chance.”


Peter Parker angrily replied, “No! I’ve had enough of your malicious temptations! This partnership is over; I’m better off without you. Get out!”


The symbiote countered, “But you’ll need me to kill the real murderers.”


Peter Parker sternly replied, “No, you’ve done enough; get out.”


And with that the symbiote crawled or slithered out of the bedroom and was never seen again; after that, Peter Parker slowly sank into sleep.


The next morning, Peter Parker woke up early in the morning at 3:10 am, and it was still dark outside; Peter Parker decided to put on his original red and blue suit with black webbing, black spider symbol, and black eyes and hunt for the bank robbers that led him to the murder scene. Instead of swinging among the skyscrapers on his web tendrils as he usually did, Spiderman crawled along the walls of buildings and leaped from building to building to avoid being seen.


By the time the sun was just a small, pinkish glow in the horizon, Spiderman found one of the bank robbers in a lonely alleyway. Spiderman grabbed the bank robber by the heel using a web tendril and hastily hauled him up to the roof.


Then, Spiderman grabbed the bank robber by the shirt and angrily asked, “Who are you working for? Why have you set me up like this?”


When the bank robber said he didn’t know, Spiderman dropped him off the roof causing him to screamm and hastily hauled him back up before he could hit the ground.


Spiderman asked again, “Who are you working for?”


With panic, the bank robber replied, “Okay, okay, I’m working for the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Doctor Doom.”


Then, Spiderman asked, “Did they commit that murder I’m being accused of?”


“Yes, they did,” hastily replied the bank robber, “The most they told me was it had something to do with a bomb in the Daily Bugle, and last I saw them, they had a pretty red-haired lady with them.”


Spiderman’s immediate thought was Mary Jane so he hastily swung away on his web tendrils. By the time Spiderman reached the Daily Bugle, it was light enough outside to be considered day. Because the door was locked, Spiderman had to kick through it in order to get in; Spiderman searched all the floors as thoroughly as possible before finding the three villains with Mary Jane tied up to a chair.


The Green Goblin was dressed in a light green suit of armor with a grotesque helmet and was standing on what looked like a hovering mechanical bat. Doctor Octopus possessed four long, slender mechanical arms with three robotic fingers each and wore a dark green hooded robe over his yellow and green costume. Doctor Doom wore light silver armor with a dark green hooded robe over it; on his helmet’s forehead was a black V which could have been frowning eyebrows. The three of them appeared to be perfecting what looked like a complex bomb toward the back of the room.


Thinking on his feet, Spiderman activated a gadget he built which could transfer the human voice to a phone or speaker system and tuned it into the police telephone system.


Spiderman casually walked into the room and said, “So you’re building a bomb, aren’t you.”


The three villains turned around, and Doctor Doom replied in a threatening, mechanical voice, “So you have discovered our plan.”


Spiderman asked, “One thing I don’t understand is was the murder set up really necessary?”


Doctor Doom replied, “We were constantly on the run from police which slowed our progress down considerably; so I had the Green Goblin murder somebody and splat some synthesized webbing in the crime scene so the cops would pursue you instead of us, and it worked.”


Then, Spiderman asked, “But why bomb the Daily Bugle; it’s just a newspaper?”


Doctor Doom replied, “Because beneath the Daily Bugle is a rich adamantium deposit that I could use to make my Doombots indestructible; the only thing standing in my way is the Daily Bugle.”


“I can’t let you get away with this,” confronted Spiderman.


“Then we’ll have to eliminate you ourselves. Doc Ock, continue working on the bomb; we’ll kill him ourselves,” said Doctor Doom in a malicious tone.


The Green Goblin soared toward Spiderman and threw a jack-o-lantern bomb at Spiderman which Spiderman dodged but destroyed a couple of desks. Doctor Doom cast a disintegrating spell which Spiderman also dodged but reduced another desk to ashes. Then, Spiderman shot a web tendril at the Green Goblin’s mechanical bat, yanked it out from under the Green Goblin’s feet, and repeatedly smashed it to pieces.


Then, the Green Goblin charged at Spiderman, and the two jabbed and blocked each other. Doctor Doom cast a bounding spell toward Spiderman, but Spiderman yanked the Green Goblin in front of him, and the Green Goblin was bound by a rope of magical energy; while Doctor Doom was reversing the spell, Spiderman hook-punched Doctor Doom which hurt his fist. Doctor Doom backhanded Spiderman across the room which landed him next to Doctor Octopus; right when Spiderman lifted himself back up, Doctor Octopus slapped him across the room with two of his mechanical arms which almost smashed Spiderman through a window.


After that, Spiderman spun webs around Doctor Octopus’s mechanical arms tying them up preventing him from working more on the bomb. Then, the Green Goblin launched a karate kick toward Spiderman, but Spiderman dodged and threw him across the room. Then, Doctor Doom levitated Spiderman off the floor using a spell and threw him around the room smashing him into chairs, desks, and trash cans; Spiderman webbed Doctor Doom in the face distracting him from his spell.


When Doctor Octopus ripped free from the web, he finished the bomb and activated it.


“You lose,” declared Doctor Doom in a mocking voice, and he teleported himself and the other two villains out of the room.


Spiderman quickly tried to deactivate the bomb, but the mechanism was too complex even for him. When Spiderman decided there was nothing more he could and there was only half-a-minute left until detonation, Spiderman unbound Mary Jane, took her in his arms, and jumped down a stairwell to the ground floor. When Spiderman exited the building, he saw cops corralling the crowds away from the building.


When there were only a few seconds left until detonation, Spiderman laid Mary Jane flat on the ground and spun as many layers of webbing as he could until finally the Daily Bugle exploded to smithereens sending Spiderman flying across the city and into a park where some kids were playing badminton. Because Spiderman’s gadget transferred his conversation with Doctor Doom before the detonation, Spiderman’s name was cleared and his life returned to normal. In addition, Spiderman later revealed his true identity to Mary Jane, and they later married.

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