Superpowered Space Camp

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A group of kids with superpowers prepare for the most dangerous job on planet Earth

Submitted: January 01, 2014

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Submitted: January 01, 2014



In the year 2060 A.D., biologists experimented with different organisms’ DNA to bestow superpowers upon creatures; the experiments were a success. Then, these same biologists tried these same experiments on humans with little success at first until a skinny teenager received the strength to lift 500 pounds. After that success, the biologists began to create other superpowers such as enhanced performance abilities, manipulation of the elements, and powers similar to that of different animals. Also, with the discovery of dangerous space monsters, a space program was developed for these superpowered kids to train them to combat these monsters called the Superpowered Space Camp which led to the Superpowered Space Force, the newest branch of the military.


In the year 2084, the Superpowered Space Camp was welcoming its newest cadets; the new cadets were of various sizes, races, and backgrounds. The new cadets signed in at the front desk and then were shown to their dorms.


Jack, an 18 year old instructor-in-training and graduate of the Superpowered Space Camp program, was showing the new male cadets where their beds were. After a while, another pretty instructor named Bailey entered the doorway to see how Jack was doing.


“You’re very good at this, Jack; you’ll make a great instructor,” complimented Bailey.


“You really think so,” asked Jack a little sheepish.


“Yes, you’re very good with kids,” complimented Bailey further.


“Heh, heh, thanks,” thanked Jack.


“Well, I’d better see to the girls. See you,” said Bailey.


Jack felt a little awkward around Bailey, but he still liked being around her; Jack continued with his assignment of checking that the boys were in the right rooms.


After the new cadets were settled in their rooms, they meet in a lecture hall to hear the head of the program’s welcoming speech.


The head of the program, Dr. Robert Johnson, began, “Welcome, new cadets, to the Superpowered Space Camp. As you may well know, you were chosen for this program because you are all very gifted; we do not make these decisions lightly. This program will prepare you for one of the most dangerous jobs on planet Earth; you will be tested to your utmost ability in this program. But I have faith you will all succeed. Good day to you all.”


When Dr. Johnson finished his speech, the lecture hall rang with applause; after that, the new cadets were taken to their dormitories to play around for the rest of the day.


At about 8:00pm, it was lights out for all the cadets. The Superpowered Space Camp had a policy in which one of staff would go from dorm to dorm making sure nobody was staying up; Jack was specifically favored for this task. Because even the quietest footsteps make a sound, Jack used his special ability which was to fly so that potential night owls would never hear him coming.


Like these cadets and those before them, Jack was a test subject in the genetic experiments; however, the scientists tried everything, and they could not enhance his performance by even a newton. However, Jack had an Egyptian wizard friend who bestowed upon Jack the ability to fly using an ancient spell; because of that ability, Jack was accepted into the Superpowered Space Camp.


When Jack heard a noise from one of the dorms, he zoomed over to the room and shined his light in there to see what caused the noise; all he found were two young boys sleeping (or pretending to). Jack heard a few more noises like that for the rest of his shift, but he never caught anyone staying up late. At midnight, one of the other staff took over the night watch so Jack went to bed.


The next morning, the staff woke all the cadets up, and they all entered the cafeteria to eat breakfast; because the day ahead was going to be challenging, the cadets were given a healthy breakfast of some fruit, eggs, and sausage.


When Jack and Bailey sat with the other instructors, Bailey asked Jack, “So, you ready for the assessment?”


Jack replied, “Oh yeah.”


After breakfast, the new cadets entered a large room like a gymnasium with a table at which the instructors sat and off to the adjacent side were some chairs were the new cadets sat waiting to be assessed.


The first cadet to be assessed was a Japanese boy in a leather jacket and jeans named Yuki; the instructors asked him to step up in front of them and demonstrate what his power was.


“My power wa strength wo is,” stated Yuki who was a beginner in English.


The instructors had a refrigerator carried into the room, and Yuki lifted the refrigerator up with one hand without even showing a hint of bodily tension.


“Very good,” complimented one of the instructors, “Jane, you’re next.”


“My power is fire,” stated Jane and she torched the tablecloth on the table the instructors sat at. This shocked the instructors until a Hawaiian boy doused the flames with water from his wrists.


“Thank you, uh, Tase,” thanked another one of the instructors, “we won’t need to assess you. Next, Thomas and Tommy.”


Thomas and Tommy were two short, young, blond boys who were identical twins and perhaps the youngest ones at the camp. Their powers both turned out to be superhuman agility and eye-hand coordination.


The final cadet to be assessed was Batskull (the instructors didn’t think this was his real name). Batskull’s appearance shocked the instructors; he wore a black shirt with fish-net sleeves, fitted black jeans, black combat boots, spiky wristbands and collar, his hair was messy and black and orange, his face was pale, his eyes and lips and fingernails were black, and his lower lip was pierced. Both the instructors and the cadets wondered what kind of parent would allow their child to dress like that.


When the seventeen-year-old was asked to demonstrate what his power was, the room immediately turned pitch black, and then a ball of light flashed across the room and seared a hole in the wall leaving behind flames; Thomas and Tommy thought it was awesome. After the flames were put out, the cadets were dismissed into the conference room (because it had more light) to be introduced to their instructors. After that, the cadets had the rest of the day off.


Jack and Bailey went for a stroll on the grounds outside the building and conversed as they went.


“That wasn’t so bad now was it?” said Bailey.


“No, it wasn’t,” agreed Jack.


“So what do you think about our new cadets?” asked Bailey.


“They seem promising,” replied Jack, “however, I am a little concerned about that Batskull kid; something doesn’t seem right about him.”


“I get that feeling about him too,” agreed Bailey, “we should probably head to bed; see you tomorrow.”


After that, the two friends returned to their homes and slept the rest of the night away.


The next morning, everyone woke up and prepared for the first day of class. The program started them off with classes in science, mathematics, technology, and engineering. For the most part, this was not the most exciting part of the program.


One time, when Jack was teaching the cadets basic calculus (he was a math instructor), most of the cadets were fooling around passing notes to each other; Batskull was the only one who appeared to be paying attention. It seemed that way in the other classes except for the engineering ones in which the cadets were assigned to build various machines.


In one of the engineering classes, the cadets were allowed to build anything they wanted. Thomas and Tommy built race cars and began racing each other while Yuki build a machine that could measure force. However, Batskull built something that looked like a cross between a claw and a mousetrap; when Batskull strapped his hand into his contraption, it began hacking away at his hand alarming the others in the class. The instructor quickly deactivated the device and sent Batskull to the infirmary; the other cadets and instructors crowded around the infirmary shocked by the event.


Fortunately, however, Batskull’s prognosis was good, and he would regain full functionality of his hand. Despite that, everyone couldn’t believe that someone would do something so self-destructive; it just didn’t seem logical to anyone. Everyone was talking about that frightening event including Jack and Bailey that night.


“Did you hear about what happened in the engineering class today?” Jack asked Bailey that night, and Bailey affirmed.


“Can you believe that he actually did that; what kind of person would want to do something like that?” Jack asked further.


Bailey replied, “Something must be wrong with him; maybe it was something from his childhood.”


Jack concluded, “When I get the chance, I will talk to him. You have a good night now.”


And with that, they returned to their homes.


Not long after the incident did Jack find an opportunity to talk to Batskull; at lunch, he found Batskull sitting in a corner all by himself not eating anything. Jack saw this as the perfect opportunity to speak to Batskull.


Jack approached the table and asked, “Can I sit here?”


Batskull didn’t respond; instead he just continued to stare at nothing. Jack decided to sit down anyway.


“Are you all right?” asked Jack, but Batskull still didn’t respond. Then, Jack asked, “Would you mind telling me why you did that thing yesterday?”


Batksull quietly replied, “I came here to die.”


Not believing what he heard, Jack asked, “Excuse me?”


Batskull repeated a little more loudly, “I came here to die.”


Then, Jack asked, “But why would you want to die? I mean, you’ve gotten a rare opportunity that many would kill for so don’t you love life?”


Batskull replied, “I came here to die a hero’s death.”


But Jack asked further, “But why join the program just to die a hero’s death? You know we don’t send our graduates on suicide missions because human life is important.”


“Mine isn’t,” said Batksull.


“What makes you say that?” asked Jack.


Batskull replied, “Because ever since I was little, my parents beat me and told me that I was nothing. Then, they both died in prison, and I’m going to prove them wrong by dying a hero’s death.


“But you don’t have to die to prove yourself something; it’s actually better if you survive because then you can further protect the Earth from monsters. Does that make sense?” asked Jack.


“I guess,” replied Batskull somewhat indifferently.


Jack continued, “Just because your parents weren’t nice to you doesn’t mean you’re worthless; there are many abused children who later on make vital contributions to Earth civilization. I took a family psychology class in college which had a lecture about abused children, and the professor said that you can either be a victim or a survivor; you can either let your past define you and be a victim or you can be a survivor and lead a normal life.”


“Okay,” commented Batskull still somewhat indifferently.


After a short pause, Jack asked, “Now, can I ask you something, Batskull?”


“Okay,” affirmed Batskull in the same tone.


Jack continued, “Could you please not hurt yourself like that again; when you do things like that, you hurt the rest of us?”


After a couple moments, Batskull replied in a more confident, certain voice, “Yes.”


Jack smiled and congratulated, “That’s a good boy.”


As the new cadets finished their first semester, they began to bond with each other. After the conversation they had, Jack and Batskull grew closer together; Yuki and Tase were getting along well since they were both rather athletic. However, little did they knew that conflict was about to arise among them.


Now that the cadets had finished their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classes, they began taking courses more related to space flight. They were now taking flight simulators and learning to repair things underwater to prepare for near weightlessness. They were even taking video game-like simulators of battling monsters. Most of the cadets were getting excited about how close they were getting to the real thing. It was during one of these new classes that conflict was about to arise among the cadets.


During one of their underwater lessons, Tase was fixing a machine because he was mechanically inclined while everyone else handled the tools and parts like nurses handling a surgeon’s tools. When Tase asked Tommy for a tool, Tommy couldn’t find it; because of that, the cadets failed the session.


When they all got out of the tank and their suits, Tase barked, “What is wrong with you? You were supposed to be looking after the tools.”


“I’m sorry,” barked Tommy back.


“Sorry? Is that all you have to say? Sorry isn’t going to fix it out there in outer space!” barked Tase.


Before they could argue anymore, Jack chimed in and said, “That’s enough, you two. Tommy, please pay better attention to the tools, and Tase, you’re overreacting.”


And with that, the argument was over; however, another incident was about to occur that would further strain Tase and Tommy’s relationship.


On another day, the cadets were taking a combat simulator battling a monster that looked like a cross between an octopus and eight snakes; Yuki and Tase were piloting the ship while Tommy and Batskull were manning the ship’s laser cannons. During the simulator, the team of cadets was trying to find a weak spot in the digital monster but was having little success. Then, Tase had the idea that Tommy and Batskull shoot at the same target at once, but Tommy was having trouble locking on to anything. After a couple minutes, the monster in the simulator bit the ship in half causing the cadets to fail it.


Once they were all out of the flight simulator, Tase argued, “What is the matter with you? I asked you to do something so simple, and you screw it up as always.”


Tommy argued back, “I’m sorry; I just couldn’t lock on to it.”


“Yeah, you’re just a small, good-for-nothing baby; you don’t belong in this program or anywhere else. You should just give up now and save us all the trouble of –“


“All right, that’s enough,” interrupted Jack, “Tommy, in my office, now.”


Tommy was now starting to feel scared; a few moments ago, he was bullied to tears by Tase, and now, Jack was requesting his presence in his office. Is he going to send me home or discipline me? thought Tommy to himself.


Once they both took their seats in Jack’s office, Jack calmly asked, “Is there a problem, Tommy?”


Feeling uncertain about the possible outcome of this, Tommy lied, “No,”


However, Jack asked, “Are you sure? Before you were doing so well, and now your performance has decreased; that’s a sign that’s there’s a problem.”


Seeing no other way around this, Tommy decided to tell the truth and say, “I’ve been thinking about my family a lot; I haven’t talked to them in a while, and I really miss them. I almost want to go home, but I still want to finish my training at the same time. Please don’t kick me out of the program.”


Tommy was feeling a mixture of fear and sorrow flooding up inside of him; Tommy was afraid that he would be sent home because he expressed homesickness, and he hadn’t been doing well over the past couple weeks.


However, to Tommy’s surprise, Jack said, “That’s all I needed to know; I will talk to Dr. Johnson about arranging a short holiday so you and the others can visit your families. Like you, I was once a small kid who would mess up a lot and get picked on by other kids, but when I gained my ability to fly, the table turned for me, and now look where I am.”


Tommy’s spirit was lifted at what he heard.


Jack concluded by saying, “If anything like this happens again, come talk to me, and I’ll help you in any way I can.”


True to his word, Jack discussed the possibility of a short holiday with Dr. Johnson, and Dr. Johnson agreed. For the next couple of days, the cadets each visited with their families, except for Batskull who lived in an orphanage for most of his life; because of that, Batskull spent the holiday with Jack, and they had a good time.


As the cadets nearly reached the end of their training, the cadets began to bond with each other because they spent so much time together; they came to know each others’ pasts and their likes and dislikes. When they were not training, they would go to the movies together or to amusement parks. In a way, they came to love each other like siblings.


Not only that, romance began to grow between a couple of them. Jane felt strangely awkward around Batskull which seemed odd to her; Jane had always seen Batskull as a dark, mysterious, and foreboding person and was now starting to grow attached to him. Batskull also felt strange around Jane which was unusual for him because since he was abused as a child, he did not normally bond well with other people; however, he was beginning to grow fond of Jane and wanted to warmly hold her in his arms. Then one night, while they were watching the glowing lights of the city, Batskull and Jane confessed their love for each other; Batskull even revealed his true name, Ned.


Ned and Jane were not the only ones who were getting romantic; Jack and Bailey would still see each other after training sessions were over. They would often discuss their day or each other’s pasts; then, one night, they confessed their love for each other and kissed for the first time.


After about a year of training, the big day finally came; the cadets graduated from the program. Just like in high school, a large pompous ceremony and party was held to congratulate them attended by the cadets’ families and previous graduates; Dr. Johnson even gave a speech congratulating the new graduates. The new graduates felt they had achieved something grand while their families were very proud of them. However, the tears of joy wouldn’t be for very long.


Suddenly, a shrill alarm rang through the air, and a robotic voice announced that a space monster was headed toward Earth. Superpowered Space Force and Air Force personnel raced to the nearest base while the civilians present panicked. Although the cadets were frightened and somewhat unconfident about themselves since they were fresh out of their training, they all knew that now was their time to shine now that they were members of the Superpowered Space Force.


The six fresh graduates climbed into a space fighter and zoomed out into space. Once they punctured out of the Earth’s atmosphere, they beheld the monster; it was like a giant tumor with a red and liquid yellow eye and a twisted mouth. Then suddenly, the eye spat a bright violet stream of light which sliced a fighter in half. After that, the other fighters began firing their laser cannons upon the creature, especially the eye; however, the creature seemed immune to the laser blasts.


Yuki and Tase swerved and dived around the creature while Batskull and Tommy blasted away at it to no avail. After a while, the creature fired its laser vision upon the graduates’ ship and destroyed engine; Tase slipped on a special spacesuit, entered the airlock, and floated out into space toward the engine. Tase used his water power to extinguish the flames and used welding tools to try to repair the engine.


While Tase was busy repairing the engine, the strange creature began to stare at the graduates’ ship as though preparing another blast; with the engine so severely damaged, the graduates had no hope of escaping it. At that moment, the graduates began mentally preparing themselves for the death that was awaiting them; none of them truly expected that they would die so soon. They all began saying their prayers and telling each other it was nice knowing them, except for one.


Batskull or Ned had a crazy idea which the others discouraged saying it was suicide, but Ned was determined to carry out his plan no matter what the costs were. Ned suited up and floated out into space directly in the line of fire. Once the creature released its blast of light, Ned absorbed it as he could; the creature continued streaming out its light as Ned could feel the strain in his body from absorbing so much energy. Once the creature finally gave up, without hesitation, Ned released all the light energy he absorbed back into the creature’s eye; due to the radiance, the creature swelled and then burst releasing blobs of slime and flesh in every direction.


Now that the creature was destroyed, the remaining astronauts rejoiced that it had been defeated; the other graduates were relieved that their lives were spared. However, Ned was so exhausted by his great feat that Tase had to drag him back to the fighter.


Once the remaining forces returned to Earth, there was a moment of silence and remembrance to those who lost their lives in the battle and afterwards was a celebration. Because of his courage and quick-thinking, Ned was promoted to the level of captain; the boy who was once told he was nothing was now a captain of the Space Force.

© Copyright 2020 Matthew5. All rights reserved.

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