The Cells

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An alien from Mars comes to Earth with a strange ability.

Submitted: October 29, 2012

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Submitted: October 29, 2012



In the year 2050, man launched the first manned mission to Mars to search for signs of ancient life on Mars; so far, they found nothing, but that was soon to change. The mission had managed to establish the beginnings of a colony on Mars, but it was not quite ready for average persons to settle in it; it still needed more housing buildings and more power plants. The mission was starting to run low on supplies, but fortunately, FTL (faster than light) drive was invented so people could travel between planets faster.


Currently, there were two astronauts in bulky, white spacesuits collecting samples of soil to be analyzed for signs of extinct life. While they were collecting samples, they were unaware of what was lurking beneath the sand. Several yards away, there was what looked like a snake hole in the ground; out from it oozed some kind of slime which was as red as the planet’s surface, but this was no ordinary slime. This slime appeared to move with a will of its own, snaking its way between rocks.


When the astronauts decided it was time to wrap the operation up, the slime followed them snaking its way among the rocks to avoid being seen; the slime crept closer and closer to the astronauts as they approached the budding colony. Once the astronauts entered the airlock, they pressed a button which shut the doors behind them; the slime quickly splashed into the airlock before the doors could slam completely shut. Then, the slime followed the astronauts down a short hallway leading to the rest of the colony. When one of the astronauts felt as if he was being watched, they both turned around but saw nothing; the slime had quickly splashed behind the walls of the circular airlock. Once the astronauts turned back around facing the front, the slime peaked around the corner and followed them into the colony.


Then, the slime turned down a hall and explored the colony being careful not to get spotted by any astronauts. Then, the slime spotted two doors closing in on each other; curious as to what was inside that compartment, the slime quickly stretched through the doors and splashed into the compartment. The compartment, as it turned out, was really a spaceship. It was a long, narrow spaceship with an interior lined with empty supply crates; the slime could see the cockpit at the other end of the spaceship.


Then, the spaceship slowly hovered out of the port and left the Martian atmosphere. Once the spaceship cleared the Martian atmosphere, the spaceship entered warp speed and zoomed to Earth in a split second. A feminine, electronic voice spoke from the cockpit saying, “Entering Earth’s atmosphere”. The ship rumbled and vibrated and glowed bright orange as it penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere; the slime wobbled like gelatin. Then, the ship slowed down and hovered into a spaceport in Snellville, Georgia.


Once the back doors opened, a fly flew in which the slime engulfed, spat back out, and molded itself into a fly. Once the creature flew out of the spaceship, it flew around the spaceport in search of a way out. Then, the fly flew out of a window near the top of the tall walls and into the outside world. The fly found it to be very green here on Earth, a lot greener than Mars; it was also more heavily populated and more technologically advanced. The fly flew down streets and alleyways exploring this strange new world.


The fly flew by a dog that fiercely barked at it; the fly flew into the dog’s ear, turned back into slime, retrieved some DNA, oozed out of the ear and through the wire fence, molded itself into an identical dog. The Martian creature found that though the dog was heavier it had a far better sense of smell. The creature in dog form ran down alleyways sniffing as it explored its new surroundings; many of these alleyways were somewhat gloomy with some trash scattered on the ground and graffiti stained on the walls.


Then, the dog who was really the slime felt followed by a blue and white car saying “Animal Control” on it. The dog ran along the sidewalk, but the car pursued. Then, the dog ran down another alleyway to another road; because it couldn’t see the car, it felt safe for the moment. Then, the dog felt a metal net arrest its muzzle; it was captured by another animal control unit. No matter how hard the dog tried to pull away, it couldn’t escape the officer’s grip.


Feeling threatened, the dog melted into a rapidly growing slime and grew to the size of a skyscraper. “What is that thing?” cried one of the officers out of fear. Then, the slime molded itself into a rust red, four-armed, armored Martian monster with sharp claws and teeth; it looked like a T-rex with four longer arms. The monster vomited an ear-piercing roar that shattered the windows of several skyscrapers. Then, the monster began knocking down skyscrapers and crushing cars with its enormous feet. Screaming people began pouring out of buildings and vehicles and running in every direction to escape the monster.


When the nearby Air Force base was called about the situation, they sent fighter planes and helicopters to attack the monster. The fighters and helicopters shot missiles at the monster, but they proved futile against the monster’s armor. The monster sliced fighters and helicopters in half in response to the missiles.


One fighter, however, had just one missile left, and its pilot had a brilliant but risky idea. After avoiding the monster’s slashing claw, the fighter swerved around and darted straight toward the monster’s mouth. The monster hurled an ear-piercing roar which slowed down and even shook the fighter. Then, the fighter fired its last missile and watched it shoot into the monster’s closing mouth. After a second or two, the back of the monster’s head exploded causing the monster to screech in pain. Then, the monster melted into a huge of slime that submerged almost the entire city.


After the monster completely melted, the government sent men in radiation suits to scoop the paralyzed slime into tin barrels used for containing toxic waste to be studied by government scientists. Sometimes, they had to get on roofs to scoop up slime that splashed onto the roofs of houses; several of these roofs caved in from the force of the falling slime. They even had to use helicopters to scoop up slime that fell on the ruins of skyscrapers. It took the men several hours to scoop up all the slime into tin barrels. Once they were finished scooping up the slime, the helicopters hauled the tin barrels onto some trucks to be shipped to a secret laboratory several miles away.


Once the barrels of slime made it to the laboratory, they were hauled inside the laboratory and stored into a high security storeroom. An elderly scientist with glasses took one of the barrels, took a small amount of the slime using an eyedropper, and sandwiched it onto a slide. The microscope showed on a computer screen little rust red cells clinging to each other.


“Interesting,” said the scientist, “I have never seen anything like this before.”


“What is it?” inquired a soldier bending down to see the screen.


“Judging by this screen reading, this slime is composed of many shape-changing, rapidly multiplying cells that can extract DNA molecules from living organisms and integrate it into its own. Fascinating,” replied the scientist.


While the soldier and scientist were talking, the slime slowly woke up and searched the barrel for a way to ooze out; having found no cracks or holes, the slime pushed the lid up with all its might and looked around the laboratory. The laboratory was dimly lit with many computers, chemistry sets, and other equipment on top of marble countertops. The slime found a soldier standing less than a foot away from the slime to guard it. The slime extended a tentacle to the soldier’s hand and plucked a hair from his hand.


In the middle of the soldier and scientist’s conversation, they heard a noise from within the barrel that sounded like a muffled voice; when they opened the barrel, they found a naked woman inside it. The naked woman had a soft face, fair skin, blue eyes, and short red hair. She stood up and stretched as though waking up; the soldiers’ and scientists’ eyes widened at the sight of her.


“Who are you?” asked the soldier who was guarding the barrel.


“I am Kril Alara,” replied the woman, “I came from a planet called Kridia and came to your world by accident.”


“Why did you attack us?” asked the soldier who was talking to the scientist.


“Because I felt threatened and had to defend myself,” answered Kril Alara.


“That animal control officer thought you were just a dog,” added the same soldier.


“I don’t know anything about your culture,” added Kril Alara, “I just want to go home.”


“But we don’t know where Kr-Kr-Kridia is,” stuttered the scientist at the microscope.


“Kridia was once a lush green planet, but now it is a rusty red desert; my kind is the last living thing on that planet,” explained Kril Alara.


“We call that planet Mars and we can take you back to your home world. Could somebody please help this lady out of the barrel and get her something to wear,” commanded the soldier standing next to the scientist.


Then, a couple soldiers raced to the barrel and helped Kril Alara get out of the barrel. After dressing her in a spare women’s BDU, the soldiers took her to the nearest spaceport and escorted her onto the spaceship; Kril Alara remembered all too well what her first space flight was like. Once they arrived at the space colony on Mars, they traversed through the space colony to the same air lock Kril Alara entered through. Once Kril Alara was in the air lock chamber that led to outside, she melted back into rust red slime and oozed onto the Martian terrain leaving her BDU behind. After that, the two soldiers returned to Earth.

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