The Wheelchair Wizard

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A boy on the continent Ascilion discovers he is a wizard and mustde feat an ancient evil.

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



On the mystical continent of Ascilion lived a world of dragons, giants, wizards, mutants, men, and even demons. When the world was young, an age old demon ravished Ascilion; his name was Omegron. He was among the cruelest tyrants in history ravishing whole towns that would not submit to his will until he was defeated by a band of wizards; the wizards sealed Omegron in a mystical dungeon of wicked souls in which he remained for nearly four centuries. As time wore on, magic began to be forgotten by men and mechanical inventions were appearing. However, the mutants still loyal to Omegron slaughtered all the wizards except for one; they also freed Omegron from his prison.


In a small village in Ascilion, a boy named Kerg was born who was unable to walk; at age seven, he built himself a wheelchair to help him move around on his own. Kerg was a very beautiful boy who was very gifted. At the age of seven, both his parents died of illness leaving him in the care of his grandfather. Everything was normal until Kerg reached the age of seventeen.


One day, Kerg was helping his grandfather reroof their large house; Kerg painstakingly built a hauling system using a tree and rope to haul himself onto the roof. Kerg and his grandfather lived close to the ocean so hurricanes occasionally swept by and the last one blew away some of the tiles. Kerg’s grandfather was a mechanic so Kerg learned to fix machines and later taught himself to build them; Kerg also learned how to perform everyday tasks without human assistance.


“You’re doing a good job, kid,” complimented his grandfather.


“Thanks, grandpa,” thanked Kerg.


“I’m very proud of how much you’ve grown and how independent you’re becoming,” complimented his grandfather further.


Kerg answered, “I have you to thank for that.”


“I may have helped you, but it was you that ultimately achieved it,” countered his grandfather.


“I still wouldn’t have been able to have achieved it without you,” said Kerg.


“True,” agreed his grandfather.


Right when things were becoming warm and fuzzy between them, they both heard the sound of explosions and people screaming; when they both turned to the source, they saw what looked like a black fiery mass that was shooting black fireballs at buildings and people. Kerg’s grandfather ordered him to evacuate and gave him a rifle to protect himself; obeying, Kerg lowered himself onto the ground and climbed into his wheelchair. Kerg wanted to wait for his grandfather, but his grandfather kept pressuring him to go. Then, right before Kerg’s eyes, the house was blown to cinders along with his grandfather; Kerg could not believe his eyes. The man who had loved and cared for him so much was now gone; Kerg could feel a mix of anger and sorrow boiling in him. After that, disfigured and disproportional mutants began appearing from around street corners; Kerg used the rifle his grandfather gave him, shot a couple mutants and then rolled away as fast as he could.


After a while when Kerg turned around, he saw the mass of black fire behind him; Kerg now noticed that it had a gnarled face. It was the demon, Omegron. When Omegron laid eyes on Kerg, it spewed fireballs at Kerg, but Kerg dodged them. Kerg rolled away as fast as he could, but Omegron pursued; Kerg rounded street corners trying to lose him, but Omegron remained behind him. Eventually, Omegron reached so close to Kerg that Kerg began to feel drowsy and lifeless.


Right when all seemed lost, Omegron was abruptly pushed aside by a bright ball of light; when Kerg turned to the source, he saw a wizard in long, flowing red robes with an outstretched hand. The wizard ordered Kerg to come with him; because the wizard saved his life, Kerg felt compelled to go with him. When Kerg approached the wizard, the scene of Kerg’s hometown being destroyed was washed away and replaced with what looked like a dark room in a cave with bookshelves, a desk with a skull and candle, a bed, and an alchemy set; Kerg marveled at the setting.


After Kerg studied the scene, the wizard finally spoke in a deep voice, “Pardon the abrupt command, but my name is Aragros; I am a wizard.”


Kerg could barely digest what he was hearing; he was always told that magic and wizards were just myths, and anyone who still believed was mental. But, however, after this man saved him, Kerg finally believed for sure. But, Kerg did have a question for this wizard.


“Why did you save me and not everyone else?”


The wizard replied, “Because you are of much importance to us during this dark time. I have been searching for a worthy apprentice, and I believe that worthy apprentice is you.”


Kerg asked further, “But why me; why am I so important?”


“As you just saw, the ancient demon, Omegron, has escaped from his enchanted prison; however, his powers have diminished since he was confined, but I believe he is going to try to awaken the Megadragon, the most powerful and most dangerous of all the dragons. The Megadragon is imprisoned in a cave guarded by two dragons; it is even more powerful than Omegron himself. I will train you how to cast spells because you must defeat Omegron since I’m getting too old.”


“But I’m in a wheelchair,” protested Kerg.


The wizard countered, “That didn’t stop you from helping your grandfather fix his roof so that shouldn’t stop you from saving Ascilion.”


After all that was said, Kerg agreed to train under Aragros, but Aragros let Kerg sleep for the rest of the day. Kerg was uncertain about all these recent events; his grandfather was dead and now Kerg was destined to be a wizard. Kerg wasn’t sure if he should be excited or terrified.


The next morning, Kerg woke up to the smell of Aragros cooking some kind of bird for breakfast; Kerg climbed into his wheelchair and rolled to see if Aragros needed help. When Aragros finished, they sat at the table and ate; the bird had a zesty, spicy taste to it. After breakfast, the two exited the cave and traversed into a field for the first lesson.


Aragros began the lesson by saying, “Today, we will learn the most basic feat of a wizard, levitation. To levitate objects, you must pronounce an incantation and concentrate on raising the object.”


Aragros told Kerg the levitation incantation, Kerg recited it, and raised a boulder using the power of his will. Kerg was awestruck at both what he saw and what he did; Kerg never thought he was capable of such a feat after all the times other people said he would never amount to anything. After a few moments of savoring the event, Kerg released the boulder gently down to the ground. Aragros allowed Kerg to practice levitation before moving on to the next lesson which was brewing potions.


Aragros taught Kerg how to brew a potion that healed cuts without leaving a scar; Aragros told him which ingredients to mix, and Kerg mixed them.


After that was a self-defense lesson in which Kerg learned how to disarm opponents with magic. Finally, toward the end of the day, Kerg learned how to summon different objects into existence. After all the lessons were finished, Aragros and Kerg had supper and Aragros instructed Kerg to study books on magic before going to bed. When Kerg was too tired to study anymore, he climbed into bed and sank into sleep.


The next couple of months were very much the same; Kerg learned how to brew different potions, cast spells, and transfigure objects. After those couple of months passed, Kerg was about to learn a trick he never thought was possible. When they traversed into the same field they had been using, Kerg saw a scarecrow pitched in the field; Kerg wondered what they would be doing with that.


Aragros began the lesson by saying, “Today, you will learn how to combine spells into one spell; you will combine a fire spell with a plasma spell to roast this scarecrow. You may begin.”


Kerg spoke the incantation for both the fire spell and the plasma spell together and created a fireball that destroyed the scarecrow.


After that, Kerg learned other spell combinations such as combining a wind spell with a water spell to create a hurricane spell and combining a transfiguration spell with a different kind of spell. However, later on in Kerg’s training, an unexpected twist was about to happen.


When Kerg woke up, he could hear hideous sounds approaching the cave; when he leaned up, he could see Aragros packing a bag and looking out the cave entrance. After climbing into his chair and rolling to Aragros, Kerg asked what he was doing.


Aragros replied, “There’s not much time; it seems Omegron’s forces have discovered our position. Take this bag, and get as far away from here as possible; I’ll meet you at Badalon, but until then, I’ll hold the enemy back. Now go!”


And with that, Kerg rolled out of the cave with his bag while Aragros ran in the opposite direction and cast a diverse variety of spells at the charging mutants. Kerg cast two different spells on his wheelchair, one to spin the wheels at an unnatural speed and another to hold him down in the chair. Kerg had to maneuver around trees and hills while maintaining his speed at the same time.


When Kerg was so far away from the site that he could no longer hear the battle cries, he slowed himself to a stop and rummaged through his bag to see what Aragros had provided him; he found some food and a map. Kerg remembered that Aragros said he would meet him at Badalon so Kerg looked for Badalon on the map and found that it was seven miles northeast of Kerg’s current position. Kerg followed the landmarks on the map until he arrived at Badalon; he found Aragros waiting at the city gate. Aragros led Kerg to an inn where they spent the night.


The next morning, Aragros and Kerg discussed their plan of attack. Aragros demonstrated on the map that the Megadragon was imprisoned in Scoron cave which was located near a mountain valley city with many tall buildings. They found that they would have to pass through a thick, uninhabited forest and into the Scor Mountains to reach the cave.


After Aragros and Kerg planned their route, they left the inn and began their journey; as they traveled the forests became thicker. As they traveled, Aragros and Kerg had conversations.


“Do you feel confident that you can defeat Omegron?” inquired Aragros.


“I think so,” replied Kerg.


Aragros encouraged, “I’m confident you can.”


“What makes you say that?” asked Kerg.


Aragros replied, “Because you’re so brilliant and gifted; not only that, you’ve overcome your handicap which proves you can overcome difficulties.”


“You’re starting to sound just like my grandfather,” warmly commented Kerg.


“Oh really,” asked Aragros with a hint of surprise.


Kerg agreed, “Yeah, my grandfather always gave me encouraging words like that; I wish he were still here.”


“Well, there is life after death so you can take comfort in that,” consoled Aragros.


After a short pause, Aragros asked, “Do you have a plan to defeat Omegron?”


“I’ve been thinking about it,” replied Kerg.


“Let’s hear it,” encouraged Aragros.


However, Kerg confessed, “I haven’t work out the details yet.”


“That’s okay,” reassured Aragros, “What was life like at that village you lived in? I’ve never been there.”


Kerg replied as he rolled, “It was nice; sometimes I would sit outside in my wheelchair and watch the waves roll by.”


“Must have been pleasant,” commented Aragros.


“Yeah, I miss it,” agreed Kerg with nostalgia.


“Yeah,” agreed Aragros, “I’m also curious about your technical creations. How did you learn to create such things at such a young age?”


Kerg replied, “I learned how to fix things from my grandfather, and from there, I taught myself how to build things.”


“Must have been a lot of work teaching yourself that; I know I wouldn’t be able to myself,” commented Aragros.


As Kerg and Aragros traversed through the forest, they had many more conversations like this to pass the time. Sometimes, Aragros would have to help Kerg around boulders and other rough terrain because of his wheelchair.


When Kerg and Aragros were halfway through the forest, Aragros halted their progress because he thought he heard something. Kerg and Aragros waited a while but could not hear anything. Then, out of nowhere, a small blob of some slimy substance shot through the air at Aragros, but Aragros dodged it in time; after that, mutants popped out of the shrubbery and attacked Kerg and Aragros.


After that, Aragros and Kerg cast offensive spells to fight off the attacking mutants. One mutant with one large, muscular arm and one puny one tried to hook punch Aragros in the face, but Aragros dodged the fist and impaled the mutant with a spear he summoned. Another mutant ripped a piece of its skin off which contained jaws underneath and threw it at Kerg, but Kerg disintegrated it with a spell and then ignited the mutant with a fire spell.


The battle against the two wizards dragged on for a while. Then, without warning, Aragros was splashed with that same slimy substance from behind and it blew through his head; Kerg could not believe what he just saw. First, Kerg was deprived of his loving grandfather and now his mentor was killed before his eyes. Out of a boiling rage, Kerg spun around and summoned a ring of fire which scorched the mutants to death. After that, Kerg rolled away from the scene as fast as he could before any more could attack.


After rolling away for what seemed like miles away, Kerg found himself lost in the thick woods; Kerg looked at his map, but he couldn’t pinpoint his exact location. Kerg sat silently in his wheelchair wondering what he should do to help himself. It seemed like Kerg kept losing those he loved for the past few months; it made Kerg want to give up. More than that, Kerg wanted to cry his eyes out, but he knew that it would do him no good in his situation. Kerg even began to wonder if he should even continue with his journey.


While Kerg was sulking, he heard rumbling off in the distance and a slight shaking in the ground; as the rumbling became more pronounced, Kerg could tell that it was footsteps. When Kerg turned to the direction the footsteps were coming from, he saw a huge mass approaching him but couldn’t make out what it was. Once the mass was about thirty meters away, Kerg identified the huge mass as a giant and, feeling frightened, prepared to defend himself if necessary.


However, the giant did not seem threatening at all; he was hunchbacked with a long gray beard.


“Don’t worry, boy; I ain’t gonna hurt you,” reassured the giant when it was a few meters away. After a short pause, the giant continued, “I heard the faint sounds of a battle going on so I came to investigate.”


“Oh, I was attacked by a band of mutants, and they killed my master, Aragros,” commented Kerg.


“Ah, Aragros, I know him very well; I’m sorry to hear that he’s dead. By the way, what are you doing out here in a wheelchair?” asked the giant.


“I’m Aragros’s apprentice, and I’m in a wheelchair because I haven’t been able since I was born,” explained Kerg.


“I see,” said the giant, “where are you headed?”


Kerg replied, “I’m headed to the Scoron cave.”


“Scoron cave, eh? Isn’t that where the Megadragon lives? What business might you have there?” asked the giant.


Kerg answered, “Aragros says that Omegron has escaped from his prison and is out to rise to power again. He’s also trying to awaken the Megadragon and bind it to his will.”


The giant commented, “Oh, in that case, I’ll take you to them Scoron cave; by the way, my name is Aron.”


After that short conversation, Aron hauled Kerg into his giant hand and carried him all the way to Scor city which lied in the valley of the Scor mountains. Scor city was one of the most technologically advanced cities in Ascilion; the city contained skyscrapers and homes and businesses used electronic devices, but they were still primitive.


Once Aron and Kerg arrived at the city limits, Aron dropped Kerg off and said, “This is as far as I can go; giants aren’t allowed within them human city limits. You find yourself an inn to spend the night and meet me back here in the morning.”


“But where will you stay?” asked Kerg.


Aron replied, “Us giants live outdoors most of the time; I’ll be fine.”


After that, Kerg checked into the nearest inn he could find, rode the elevator to the fourth floor, and rolled into his room; the room was rather immense with a soft bed, a finely engraved desk, and even a Jacuzzi. After Kerg bathed in the Jacuzzi, he climbed into the soft bed and sank into sleep.


When Kerg woke up in the morning, he could hear screams coming from all different directions; when Kerg climbed into his chair and quickly rolled to the window, he saw mutants attacking the people while the city’s military were gunning the mutants down with their rifles. Kerg rolled out of the hotel and began zapping the mutants with his spells; after a while, Kerg found Aron smashing and crushing mutants as well.


Over the noises of the battle, Aron exclaimed, “I think Omegron is already here; we have to hurry!”


Aron grabbed Kerg and ran out of the city to the Scoron cave kicking and backhanding mutants out of his way.


While Aron and Kerg were escaping Omegron’s distraction, Omegron climbed up the mountain path that led to the Scoron cave. When he arrived at the entrance, Omegron was attacked by two guarding dragons which bellowed fire upon Omegron, but Omegron blocked it with his demonic power. Then, one of the dragons took flight and tried to swallow Omegron, but Omegron dodged in time. Once the dragon was past, Omegron hurled black fire upon it, but it avoided the fire. Then, the dragons hurled fire upon Omegron from opposite directions, but Omegron blocked again. Then, Omegron levitated a large boulder and smashed the flying dragon’s head with it creating a bloody mess. After that, the other dragon clawed Omegron, but that only caused the dragon’s claw to shrivel like a dying leaf; then, Omegron torched the dragon with his black fire of death.


After Omegron defeated the dragons, he floated into the cave passing by many stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and other limestone formations. After passing through the cavernous halls, Omegron came to a colossal room in which a dragon the size of a city was bound by magical chains; it was the Megadragon. The Megadragon possessed two pairs of wings, muscular limbs, and multitudes of shark-like teeth in places other than its mouth.


Then, Omegron recited an incantation he learned from an ancient library that broke the chains releasing the Megadragon. When the enchanted chains snapped, the Megadragon roared in gratitude; its open mouth was larger than two football fields, and there were two jaws in its mouth.


Once Aron and Kerg arrived at the Scoron cave, they could hear the Megadragon’s monstrous roars.


“Ah, dung! We’re too late; the Megadragon has awakened,” exclaimed Aron.


Right after Aron exclaimed that, the Megadragon burst out of the cave and mountainside revealing its colossal, monstrous body; the great behemoth roared at Kerg and Aron and prepared to engulf them, but Aron grabbed Kerg and ran out of the way just in time. Once the Megadragon emptied its mouth full of rocks, it bellowed a river of fire upon Aron and Kerg, but Kerg enveloped them both in bubbles of magical energy; however, Kerg could feel the strain and sweat in his body and mind as he resisted the Megadragon’s powerful fire. Once the Megadragon withdrew its breath, it hovered up into the sky and soared toward the city while Aron and Kerg pursued.


When the city dwellers saw that the Megadragon had been awakened, they ran and screamed in all different directions; the Megadragon bit and clawed down skyscrapers. When the Megadragon saw a lost little girl crying in a street corner, it roared at her shooting torrents of saliva at her; but before it could swallow her whole, it was hit on the head with a spell. The Megadragon turned and saw Kerg with his hands outstretched toward the Megadragon.


Realizing that it was being challenged, the Megadragon rose into the air, swooped down, and tried to swallow Kerg, but Kerg used a levitation spell to hurl himself out of the way. Then, Kerg fired a piercing spell through one of the Megadragon’s legs which caused the Megadragon to screech in pain, but it healed itself; Kerg was discouraged at this fact.


After that, the Megadragon bellowed a fireball like a giant shooting star, but Kerg extinguished it with a water spell. Then, Kerg attacked the Megadragon with different spells, but it dodged them all. When the Megadragon landed on the ground, it tried to claw Kerg, but Kerg rolled away backward in time. After that, the Megadragon bellowed a torrent of fire that almost engulfed Kerg.


When the Megadragon withdrew its breath, it uprooted a skyscraper and tried to impale Kerg with it, but Kerg enveloped himself in a bubble of magic to protect himself which almost strained his body. After that, the Megadragon felt a large boulder slam into its head causing it to screech; when it craned its neck to the side, it saw Aron preparing to throw another boulder at it. When Aron threw another boulder at the Megadragon, it shattered the boulder with a fireball; then, the Megadragon twirled around and slapped Aron with its tail sending him flying.


After that, Kerg summoned a chain into existence and wrapped it around the Megadragon’s neck in an attempt to tame the beast; Kerg fiercely struggled as Megadragon kept tugging away at the chain. Then, the Megadragon caused the chain to slip down its neck, and then it curved its neck and bit the chain in half. After that, the Megadragon tried to engulf Kerg, but Kerg rolled away in time. When the Megadragon rose up to pursue Kerg, it felt something tugging on its tail; when it turned around, it saw Aron yanking on its tail preventing it from flying away. The Megadragon hurled fire at Aron causing him to let go.


When the Megadragon soared up into the air, it couldn’t find Kerg anywhere; it flew around the city ruins in search of Kerg. Kerg was hiding under a pile of rubbish that was once a skyscraper preparing a surprise attack. When the Megadragon flew into view of Kerg, Kerg fired an electrocuting spell upon the Megadragon causing it to screech in pain.


After a while of electrocution, Kerg withdrew his spell, and the Megadragon fell to the ground. Because the Megadragon lied motionless for a while, Kerg believed that he killed it. Because he had to be sure, Kerg carefully rolled up to the Megadragon for a better look; then, suddenly, the Megadragon grabbed Kerg and began to squeeze upon him. Before Kerg could be crushed like a tomato, Kerg cast an energy blast spell which blew the Megadragon’s claw to pieces, but it regenerated its claw.


After a long while of fruitless fighting, Kerg noticed a faint glow somewhere on the Megadragon’s chest; when Kerg squinted his eyes, he saw that it was a hole that led to the monster’s heart. When the Megadragon stood up to pounce Kerg, Kerg fired a piercing spell right through the hole in the behemoth’s chest and punctured the creature’s heart causing it to screech in pain as it slowly rotted away.


The sight of his precious servant dying angered Omegron.


“You,” huffed Omegron, “you will pay for this!”


Omegron fired multiple blasts of black fire at Aron and Kerg which Aron dodged and Kerg blocked with a spell. Then, Kerg cast a spell and Omegron blasted a stream of fire at the same time causing them to push against each other; at times, Kerg was dominating and at other times Omegron was dominating. After some time, Kerg’s spell finally defeated Omegron’s fire and bound him in enchanted chains; Omegron was defeated.


After Omegron was defeated, he was taken to an enchanted prison with even tighter security. In addition, Kerg stayed at the Scor city and participated in the efforts to rebuild the city; also, while he was there, Kerg learned the electronic arts of the city and with them he invented the computer which revolutionized the technology, business, even the arts of Ascilion.

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