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A young accountant enters a world of vampires and werewolves

Submitted: September 09, 2013

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Submitted: September 09, 2013



One cool morning in Forks, Washington, a young woman named Veronica Downing awoke in her cozy bed as the sun yawned its light into her bedroom; Veronica was a beautiful young woman with dark hair, a light complexion, and a soft face. Veronica leaned up from her bed, yawned into her hand, and put on a bathrobe and slippers to fix breakfast. After breakfast, she dressed herself and performed other morning rituals to prepare for another day’s worth of work.


Veronica was an accountant by trade and spent most of the day managing other people’s portfolios. When she got off work which was around three o’clock, she would go to the bar not just to drink brandy but also to see her friend, Sarah, who was the bartender at that time; the bar would usually play electro dance music to entertain customers.


When Sarah came over to attend to Veronica, she greeted her with a smile, “Hey, Veronica, how’s it going, girl?”


Veronica replied, “I’m doing fine; I’d like a shot of brandy please.”


“I’ll get if for ya, sis,” said Sarah.


Sarah wore a lot of revealing garments because she was once a prostitute and was still very flirty toward other people; her skin was as light as Veronica’s, but her hair was curly and blond.


“Here you go,” said Sarah as she gave Veronica her brandy, and Veronica thanked her.


After Veronica drank her shot, Veronica inquired, “How’s your son doing?”


Sarah answered, “He’s doing well; he’s just recently started first grade.”


“How’s he doing in first grade,” inquired Veronica further.


“He’s doing well so far,” replied Sarah.


“I would like to meet him sometime,” suggested Veronica.


“I bet you would. Well, I’d better get back to work; I’ve got other customers to tend to. Great talking to ya though,” said Sarah.


After the short conversation, Veronica went home, microwaved a TV dinner, and watched a vampire movie; Veronica had a fascination with the vampire legend even though she had no desire to live forever with how drab life was for her. After the movie, she stripped herself and went to bed.


The rest of the business week was the same as the previous day; Veronica got up, went to work, then had a drink at the bar, watched a vampire film, and then went to bed. However, when the weekend finally arrived, Veronica’s life was about to take a very interesting turn.


Veronica was an outdoors person; she loved to hike and camp, and being in Forks provided plenty of opportunities to do those things. This Saturday, Veronica hiked through one of the many forests in Washington; the trees were a lovely lush green, and the birds were chirping messages to each other.


When dusk came closing in and Veronica arrived at a clearing in the forest, she saw a man dressed in black sitting on a decent-sized rock who looked like he was lost. When Veronica asked him if he was okay and if he was lost, he looked up at her with liquid yellow eyes and said, “Join our pack.” Then, the man abruptly burst into a wolf causing Veronica to back away.


Veronica was so terrified by the sight that she made a run for it, and the werewolf pursued her; Veronica had to step over rocks and dodge trees as the werewolf pursued her. Not only was the werewolf gaining on her, but other big wolves joined in the chase. After a while, Veronica found herself cornered on a steep ledge by the pack of werewolves.


Veronica felt like all hope was lost for her until a dark mist slithered onto the ledge, rose up, and materialized into a pale, Gothic man dressed in black. “Attack her and you’ll have to deal with me,” challenged the brave man. Then, a werewolf suddenly bound forward toward Veronica, but the man grabbed the oversized dog and bit its throat ripping it out killing the werewolf. The man turned to the pack and challenged again, “Anyone else want a piece of me?” The rest of the pack fled at the bloody sight.


Veronica was amazed and terrified at the same time at the sight; she tried to convince herself that it was just a dream, but the event was too coherent to be a dream. Then, the handsome man turned around, held out his hand, and gently said, “Come with me.”


In her confused state, Veronica asked, “Who are you?”


The man replied, “I’ll explain later. It’s too dangerous to be out here at this time; please come with me.”


Even though she was frightened, she realized the man saved her life whoever he was. Because of that, she took his hand, and then he grabbed her right below her breasts, and bat wings burst out of back, and they flew away. Veronica could see the many dark green trees of the Washington landscape which were now starting to look black in the dusk.


After a couple minutes of flying, they descended through the trees and arrived at large yet unassuming house which looked almost like an upside down pyramid. As far as Veronica could tell, it was completely in the middle of nowhere; there were no roads in sight and not even a driveway stretched out from the house.


When they entered the house, they saw that it was well-populated with pale, darkly dressed people caressing each other.


Once the two entered the living room, the man called out, “Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Veronica; she will be staying with us for a while and possibly become our newest member. Thank you.”


After the introduction, some of the household members introduced themselves while others continued caressing each other. After that, the man who rescued her introduced himself as Cornelius Vincent. Then, the man gave her a tour of the house, and it turned out a good portion of it was underground.


In middle of the tour, Veronica inquired, “Who are you people, and what were those creatures that attacked me?”


Cornelius replied, “We are vampires, and those creatures were werewolves.”


“But I was always told that vampires and werewolves were just myths,” said Veronica.


Cornelius added, “The reason people think that is because we keep our existence hidden as much as possible.”


Then, Veronica asked, “So why were those werewolves after me?”


Cornelius replied, “Because it is prophesied that you will overthrow the Dark Witch who has enslaved the werewolves; she is trying to exterminate our kind.”


“Why does she want to do that?” inquired Veronica.


“So she can rule the night herself; we vampires rule the night,” replied Cornelius.


“But why me?” inquired Veronica further.


Cornelius answered, “Because you possess great vampiric potential.”


Veronica didn’t know what to say or think about all this; she had been told her whole life that vampires, werewolves, and witches were all just myths, but now she was talking to a real life vampire. Veronica also wasn’t sure if she wanted to live forever. However, Veronica realized that she was being presented with something greater than her old mundane life. After thinking hard about it, Veronica decided that she wanted to be a vampire.


After that, Cornelius took Veronica into one of the many bedrooms of the house, and they slipped into the bed together. They caressed each other until Cornelius bit Veronica with snake-like fangs and Veronica drank some of Cornelius’s blood after Cornelius cut a vein. After that steamy moment, the two vampires slept together for the rest of the night.


Veronica woke up the next night to find that Cornelius was not in the bed anymore; she wondered where he could be in such a vast house. When Veronica searched the house’s ground floor, she found Cornelius and the other vampires hanging around with goblets in their hands as if waiting for something.


When Veronica asked what today’s schedule was, Cornelius replied, “Today, is your first day of training; today, you will learn the basics of unarmed combat. We start at ten o’clock P.M., but first, we will have breakfast.”


After Cornelius spoke the word “breakfast”, some female vampires carrying jugs of some red liquid poured the red liquid into the goblets, and the vampires drank it.


However, when Veronica was given a goblet of the red liquid, she asked with a hint of disgust, “Umm, what is this?”


Cornelius replied, “It’s blood; fresh human blood.”


“Am I supposed to drink this?” asked Veronica even though she already knew the answer.


“You’re a vampire now; only blood can sustain you,” answered Cornelius.


Although Veronica was willing to accept the thrilling adventure her new life had to offer, however, she was not prepared for the blood drinking part of being a vampire. She looked upon the blood with disgust, but at the same time, it smelled appetizing to her. When she finally took a sip of blood, Veronica found that it tasted strangely sweet like grape juice; after that one sip, she finished drinking the blood.


After the watery breakfast, Veronica was taken to a clearing in the forest covered by lush grass which looked black in the night. For the first few hours, Veronica was taught karate-like combat moves. Once midnight arrived, the vampires had lunch which was more blood. After lunch, Veronica was taught anti-werewolf combat moves which were similar to judo; she was also taught how to defend herself against spells. After a long night of training and as the sun was awakening, all the vampires slipped into their beds; Cornelius and Veronica slept together again.


The next month was pretty much the same as yesterday; Veronica quit her job so she could spend more time training. Veronica was a natural-born fighter even though she never knew it until now. Also, Veronica and Cornelius would sleep together and things would get steamy between them.


After about a week or two, during a training session, Cornelius asked Veronica out as a reward for doing so well in training. They decided to tomorrow night to go see a movie; they chose a Dracula movie. After the movie, the two of them settled down in the car and began to talk.


“So how did you like that movie?” Cornelius asked.


“It was okay,” replied Veronica.


Cornelius commented, “I’ve noticed that in most vampire movies they portray our kind as monsters though that’s not what we really are.”


“Why not?” asked Veronica, “I’ve always thought that blood drinkers had to kill for blood.”


“In real life, most feed off of animal blood because very few humans are willing to sacrifice a few pints of blood; because some of our kind were growing violent because of a lack of blood, legal authorities secretly agreed to sell some blood from blood drives to us to prevent any more attacks,” explained Cornelius.


“Oh,” commented Veronica.


“Also, vampires are typically more civilized than most monsters, unlike the brutish werewolf which cares for nothing but the next pound of flesh to eat,” continued Cornelius.


They were both silent for a moment before Cornelius continued, “So how do you like being a vampire?”


Veronica replied, “It’s a lot more thrilling than being a plain old human.”


“Yeah, it’s been such a long time since I was human that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be one; that was back in the days of the ancient Roman empire which is why I have a Latin name,” added Cornelius.


After a moment of silence, Cornelius complimented, “Has anyone ever told you that you are very beautiful?”


Veronica replied, “A few people have told me that.”


Cornelius added, “You should listen to them because I definitely think so.”


Veronica smiled at the compliment; she was being to feel turned on by this vampire.


Then, the two vampires kissed each other in the moonlight for several minutes and then returned to the house.


After the date, Veronica returned to her training in unarmed combat and defense against magic. After a while of training, Veronica was about to fight her first battle.


At about midnight with a full moon glowing brightly in the sky, Cornelius was training Veronica in self-defense when they heard eerie howls surrounding them; they also saw glowing red eyes in the woods. When the eyes drew closer, they turned out to be snarling, drooling werewolves. Veronica and Cornelius stood back to back and prepared to fight.


One of the werewolves leapt at Veronica, but Veronica rapidly dodged its jaws and ripped its throat out with one bite while Cornelius impaled others with his sword. After about a half an hour of fighting, all the werewolves were defeated.


Cornelius hurriedly commanded, “Come, we must return to the house before more come!”


Veronica and Cornelius hurried back to the house and alerted everyone about the vampire attack. After that, the house thundered with the sound of werewolves ramming themselves into the walls to break in; the vampires armed themselves with a variety of weapons in response. When a werewolf broke through a window, a vampire gunned it down; the house’s security alarm screamed because the house was breeched.


More werewolves smashed through the house, but the vampires killed them off. Once all the werewolves were killed, the vampires saw the Dark Witch outside accompanied by a pack of werewolves; the Dark Witch was beautiful in a dark way and had what looked like a black cobweb around her left eye. The Dark Witch laughed a wretched laugh and flew away as a dark orb accompanied by her werewolf bodyguards.


After the fierce battle, the vampires gathered their dead who were mauled by the werewolves and buried them. After that, all the vampires vacated the house and fled to Seattle to stay in different hotel rooms in different hotels to confuse the werewolves. For the next several nights, the vampires would survey the streets of Seattle for signs of werewolf activity; they formed an intricate cobweb connected together by cell phones. The plan was to discover where the Dark Witch was hiding.


After about a week, one of the vampires spotted a werewolf charging down one of the streets bashing people and objects out of its way; the vampire pursued the werewolf and alerted the other vampires about its position using his cell phone. The once intricate web the vampires formed across the city had now dissolved as the vampires met each other in pursuit of the werewolf.


The vampires pursued the werewolf through alleyways and down streets; when the werewolf realized it was being pursued it began to grab objects with its mouth and throw them at the vampires killing some of them.


After a while, the werewolf led the vampires to a rundown, abandoned house in the middle of a suburb that was guarded by a small pack of werewolves. When the werewolves charged to attack, the vampires shot most of them down with silver bullets while others were cut down with silver blades; after the werewolves were defeated, the vampires kicked in the front door and scouted out the house.


After killing a few more werewolves, the vampires found the Dark Witch in a bedroom of the house; she wore a black robe and was engulfed in black fire. Some of the vampires including Veronica rushed into the room, but the rest were locked out by the Dark Witch’s spell.


After the Dark Witch killed the other vampires with a death curse, she sneered at Veronica in a twisted voice, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time; now you must die.”


Veronica interrogated, “Why are you doing this? What good will it do to rule the night all for yourself?”


The Dark Witch replied, “Because several vampires have broken my heart over the years so I must destroy them all including YOU!”


After uttering the word “you”, the Dark Witch cast a death curse that Veronica avoided. Veronica drew her silver blade and lunged at the Dark Witch, but the Dark Witch produced a blade of fire that blocked Veronica’s blade; for several minutes, the two women swung and blocked each other with their blades without inflicting any damage.


Then, the Dark Witch cast a spell which blew Veronica through a wall into a bathroom. The Dark Witch summoned a black fireball in her palm and threw it at Veronica, but Veronica dodged in time. Veronica ripped the bathroom door off and threw it at the Dark Witch shoving her out through a window.


When Veronica leapt onto the ground like a cat, the Dark Witch fired electricity out of her fingertips, but Veronica dodged in time. Then, the Dark Witch ascended a meter or two into the air and summoned whirlwinds of debris and sharp objects; Veronica dodged them both, picked up a small, disc-like stone, and threw it at the Dark Witch hitting her on the cheekbone. When the Dark Witch fell to the ground, Veronica stabbed her in the heart killing her; the battle was now over.


However, after Veronica killed the Dark Witch, the corpse began to blur into pixels, and then the pixels faded revealing a three dimensional grid of the body which traced itself out of existence. After that, the houses, the trees, the sky, the cars, and even the other vampires blurred and then traced themselves out of existence like the corpse of the Dark Witch did until there was nothing but blackness and nothingness.


When Veronica woke up, she found herself lying on what looked like a hospital bed in the middle of a computer lab; a needle was stuck in her arm which provided continual injections of some liquid and her nerves were connected to the large supercomputer in the lab.


When a person who looked like a doctor realized she was conscious, he asked her, “Are you all right?”


Veronica groggily asked, “What just happened? Where am I?”


A different person replied, “You’re in a computer laboratory; we were conducting an experiment in virtual reality which seems to be a success.”


The doctor asked again, “More importantly, are you all right?”


Veronica groggily replied, “Yes, I am.”


After Veronica recovered from the experiment and was back to work, she was still recovering psychologically from her bizarre experience. Her experience in the virtual was so real she never realized it was just a digital world. For a moment, Veronica thought she finally found a better world than the mundane, but it turned out to be a fake.


Veronica was also distressed about her relationship with Cornelius not being real; Veronica truly loved him. After that bizarre experience in the computer lab, Veronica didn’t know what was real or not anymore.

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