Washington Mental Hospital

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A patient comes to Washington Mental Hospital for reasons other than treatment.

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013



In Seattle, Washington, a mental hospital was built called Washington Mental Hospital. It was a large, three-story hospital with 280 beds, two Child units, two Adolescent units, and two Adult units, one of each was short-term and the other was long-term. In addition to these six units, the hospital also had a basketball gym, an outdoor courtyard, a playground, a schoolhouse, and an indoor swimming pool. For years, Washington Mental Hospital was a quiet place of mental healing until now.


One night at the hospital, the patients on the short-term Adolescent unit were watching Spongebob Squarepants before bed when a new patient arrived. He was a good-looking 17-year-old with dark, buzz-cut hair, a white shirt with a crucifix and blue jeans, and a rosary around his neck. An African-American man with dreadlocks who was one of the staff escorted the new patient to one of the bedrooms and had him take his clothes off and put them back on to make sure there was no contraband in his clothes. Then, a lab technician drew a vial of blood from him. After that, a young female nurse measured the new patient’s height and weight and then sent him to sit in the day area and watch TV with the other patients; all the girls sat to the left while the boys sat to the right.


This new patient sat down next to a tall, thin boy wearing glasses who introduced himself saying, “Hi, I’m Michael; what’s your name?” “Mine’s Vincent,” replied the new patient.


“Nice to meet ya,” said Michael with a smile.


“You too,” agreed Vincent.


“What got you in here?” asked Michael.


Vincent replied, “I’m in here for suicide attempts.”


“Oh,” added Michael, “I’m here for smoking marijuana; my parents don’t like me experimenting with drugs.”


Vincent and Michael talked for a few more minutes until an elderly staff member announced it was bedtime; as it turned out, Vincent and Michael were roommates.


Before and after bed, Vincent would say a prayer involving kissing his rosary and making a cross sign with his right hand; right when Vincent whispered “Amen”,  an African-American woman who was a staff member opened the door and turned the lights on saying, “Morning gentlemen, time to get up; oh, you’re already up, awesome.” After the African-American woman woke all the boys up, she asked them all how they felt and what their goals for the shift was; Vincent felt happy and his goal was to learn the hospital rules which the staff suggested.


After everyone’s feelings and goals were recorded, all the boys and girls formed two separate lines, one all-boy and one all-girl, and entered the hospital cafeteria to have breakfast. In the tile cafeteria there were two tables, one for the boys which was blue and the other for the girls which was pink; to the back of the room were cabinets and a refrigerator for storing snacks and a couple windows. On both tables, there were self-serve bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and glasses of orange juice.


Once everyone was seated at the appropriate tables, everyone ate their breakfast without talking; talking during meals was against the rules. Of course, Vincent said a prayer before his breakfast like he did before and after bed. For a half-an-hour, the only sounds in the room were the occasional slurping of milk or orange juice. After everyone finished breakfast, everyone went down the main hall to their respective alcoves to brush their teeth. Down the main hallway, there were four alcoves on one side and four on the other with one bathroom for each pair of alcoves; the boys were toward the back of the hallway while the girls were toward the front.


While Vincent and Michael were brushing their teeth in their room, Michael explained in a muffled voice, “After this, we go to school for the morning and then have a few groups in the afternoon and in the evening we have free time.” “Okay,” replied Vincent.


After all the patients finished brushing their teeth, they all formed a line with the girls at the front and the boys at the back. After a middle-aged Hawaiian male staff made sure every patient was accounted for, he led the patients off the unit, down some hallways, and into the schoolhouse. The schoolhouse had a circular inner room that was almost completely surrounded by eight different classrooms; the inner room was lined with doors and windows each belonging to one of the classrooms. Half of the patients entered one classroom while the rest entered another; Vincent and Michael were in the same class which was Algebra II. The middle-aged Hawaiian man was supervising Vincent and Michael’s class while the African-American woman was supervising the other.


In the middle of the class, a man in a business suit asked Vincent to come with him; the man was a psychiatrist named Dr. Gray. “Good morning, Vincent; how are you this morning?” greeted Dr. Gray, “I am Dr. Gray, the psychiatrist on your unit.”


“I’m doing okay,” replied Vincent.


After Dr. Gray and Vincent seated themselves on a couple desk-chairs and Dr. Gray pulled up his laptop, Dr. Gray added, “That’s good; so tell me why you are here.”


Vincent replied, “I’m here for suicide attempts.”


“Okay,” said Dr. Gray, “tell me why you want to kill yourself.”


“Because some of the kids at my school make fun of me because I’m Catholic,” answered Vincent.


“Oh, I see,” commented Dr. Gray, “do you ever hallucinate like hear voices telling you to kill yourself?”


“No, sir,” replied Vincent.


“Okay, have you ever abused drugs or alcohol?” asked Dr. Gray.


“No, sir,” replied Vincent again.


“Do you feel depressed a lot?” asked Dr. Gray.


Vincent replied, “Yes.”


Then Dr. Gray asked, “On a scale of zero to ten, how do you rate your depression?”


“Ten,” answered Vincent.


“Wow,” commented Dr. Gray, “I am diagnosing you with major depressive disorder, and I am prescribing you with Zoloft; the nurses will tell you a bit more about it. Okay, that’s all for now; you have good rest of the day.”


“And you have a blessed day, Doctor,” returned Vincent with a smile.


After the talk with the doctor, Vincent returned to Algebra II class; when Vincent sat back down, Michael leaned toward Vincent and asked him about the doctor visit, and Vincent told him about it truthfully. After Algebra II was English class; by about 11:00 A.M., school was over.


The two staff escorted the patients back to the short-term Adolescent unit; when the patients arrived, they sat down in the heavy, sand-filled chairs and watched Cartoon Network while they waited for the lunch cart to arrive. When the lunch cart arrived, all the patients entered the unit cafeteria, sat down at the appropriate tables, and the staff handed each patient their lunch trays. Just like with breakfast, everyone ate their lunch quietly; as with breakfast, Vincent prayed before he ate. After lunch, all the patients went to their rooms to brush their teeth and then sat down in the day area to do group.


The first group discussion was about how pain was only temporary. The only persons’ voice that could be heard was that of the African-American woman; occasionally, a patient or two would try to whisper something to each other while the staff wasn’t looking. After that long, tedious, one-hour group, the patients took a half-an-hour break and watched some TV before recreational therapy group for the boys and chemical dependency group for the girls. In the middle of the half-an-hour break, a young, red-haired man and a young, blond-haired woman entered the unit cafeteria to get the group set up.


After the half-an-hour break was over, the red-haired man called the boys into the unit cafeteria for recreational therapy group. When the boys entered the cafeteria, they found plain wooden marionettes and cups of paint on the blue table. Once all the boys were seated, the blond woman announced, “Today, we will be painting marionettes; I want you to make your marionettes resemble someone you wish to control.” The red-haired man added, “Use a base coat of paint first and then add any details you want; we’ve provided a hairdryer you can use to dry the paint faster. We will work more on this tomorrow if you don’t finish it today.”


After the instructions were given, the boys began painting the wooden marionettes while the two recreational therapists talked to each other about their lives at home and the middle-aged Hawaiian man supervised the group. The patients chose different colors for the body of their marionettes, but the one thing they all had in common was the heads and hands were all flesh colored. The room would become noisy with the sound of the loud hairdryer and the occasional talking among patients. After a while, the red-haired man announced that there were five minutes left, and after those five minutes, the red-haired man announced, “Time’s up; put your marionettes in the plastic cart, and we will work on them some more tomorrow.” The patients did as the recreational therapists instructed and left the unit cafeteria.


After that, all the patients were given a snack break and were given Cheez-Its and juice boxes. Most of the patients took advantage of the opportunity to talk amongst themselves, including Vincent and Michael. “So how do you like this hospital, Vincent?” asked Michael.


Vincent replied, “It’s okay; I wouldn’t want to stay here for too long.”


“Yeah, I can understand that,” commented Michael, “I’ve been here for about a month, but they probably won’t keep you here that long.”


“Yeah, I definitely don’t want to stay here that long,” said Vincent.


“You probably won’t,” consoled Michael.


While the patients were having their snack break, the staff underwent a shift change; the African-American woman and the middle-aged Hawaiian man left the unit to go home, and the familiar African-American man with dreadlocks and the elderly man entered the unit. After the snack break, the boys had chemical dependency group, and the girls had recreational therapy group. The chemical dependency group was held by a young therapist named Mrs. Janice, Vincent’s therapist; the topic was about smoking tobacco and the health hazards of it.


After the two groups, all the patients sat down in the day area chairs and watched television before it was time for the boys to go to the gym; a few of the girls were looking at Vincent with lustful eyes. When it came time for gym, the African-American man instructed all the boys to line up and escorted from off the unit and to the gym along with the two recreational therapists. The patients did not talk to each other while going down the hallways to the gym as instructed by the African-American man.


Once all the patients made it to the gym, the African-American man instructed the patients to run five laps which they all did; while the patients were running, the staff and two recreational therapists set up the volleyball net in the middle of the gym. Once the patients finished their laps, the gym was ready for a game of volleyball; the patients were pitted against the staff. After the red-haired man explained the rules of volleyball to the patients, he served the ball, and the game began. The ball flew back and forth between the two teams; sometimes, the staff scored and other times the patients scored. On the final round, when the patients and staff were tied, the African-American man hit the ball so hard that the patients that they had lost, but in the nick of time, Vincent hit the ball and scored the game. The patients screamed with victory and hugged Vincent while the staff calmly congratulated him. The staff let the patients play whatever they wanted for a few minutes before asking them to return quietly to the unit.


Once all the patients returned to the unit, the boys bragged about how Vincent saved the game, and the girls were impressed; all the patients were literally worshipping Vincent, but Vincent modestly claimed that his skill came from the Lord. While all this was going on, a new patient entered the unit; this new patient was dressed in all black with black skinny jeans and a black trench coat, had long, black hair, glasses, and very pale skin. The thing that stood out most about him was the silver pentacle necklace around his neck. The other patients stared at him and made rude remarks about his appearance, especially about his pentacle necklace; a few even laughed at him. “Alright, that’s enough,” sternly instructed the man with the dreadlocks, “Come with me, kid.”


Just like with Vincent, the man with dreadlocks asked the new patient to take off all his clothes to make sure there were no hidden items in them. After that, the man with dreadlocks asked the new patient to give him the pentagram necklace, but the boy protested that it was for protection; after the man with the dreadlocks gently reminded him that he would be safe in the hospital, the new patient finally gave it to him. Then, a nurse measured his weight and height, then a lab technician took a sample of blood from him, and then he was instructed to sit with the other boys.


When the new patient sat down, everyone moved as far away from him as they could; the other patients even tried not to look at him or say anything to him. After all the patients had dinner, all the boys including the new patient took their showers. After everyone had their showers, everyone sat down in the day area to watch television. Still, everyone sat as far away from the new patient as they could; Vincent even drew a cross over his head and torso with his finger when the new patient was looking. Once it was 8:00pm, the staff announced that it was bedtime, and all the patients went to their rooms and slipped into bed; when the new patient slipped into his bed, his roommate pulled his mattress out into the hall and said, “I’m not sleeping with you.”


When morning arrived, the staff awakened the patients, asked how they were feeling and what their goals were, and sent them to the cafeteria for breakfast; still, the other patients would not even look at the new patient. After breakfast, the patients brushed their teeth, lined up, and went to the schoolhouse; the new patient ended up in the same Algebra II class as Vincent and Michael.


In the middle of the class, Dr. Gray asked the new patient to come with him, and the new patient did. “Good morning, Andrew,” greeted Dr. Gray, “how are you this morning?”


“I’m doing okay,” replied Andrew, the new patient.


“Good,” said Dr. Gray, “tell me why you are here.”


Andrew replied, “I’m here for homicidal ideation.”


Then, Dr. Gray asked, “Who do you want to kill?”


Andrew replied, “Random people on the streets.”


“Okay,” commented Dr. Gray, “but why?”


Andrew answered, “Well, actually, it’s not really homicidal ideation, but I want to suck other people’s blood and consume it.”


“Wow,” mildly exclaimed Dr. Gray, “why do you want to drink blood?”


“Because I’m a vampire,” replied Andrew.


“Do you hear voices in your head telling you you’re a vampire?” asked Dr. Gray


“No sir,” answered Andrew.


“Okay,” commented Dr. Gray, “Do you have problems with your mood?”


Andrew answered, “No sir.”


“Okay,” concluded Dr. Gray, “I am diagnosing you with severe delusional disorder; the nurses on your unit will tell you about your meds. You have a good day, and don’t be sucking anyone’s blood.”


“I won’t,” replied Andrew with a smile.


After the talk with the doctor, Andrew returned to his Algebra II class. Because Andrew was gifted at algebra, he raised his hand a lot to answer the teacher’s questions, but the teacher hardly even noticed him. Just like yesterday, after Algebra II class was English class, and after that, school was over. When school finished, the patients returned to the unit and waited quietly for the lunch cart to arrive; when the lunch cart arrived, the patients entered the cafeteria and were given their lunch trays. As before, everyone quietly ate their lunches and then brushed their teeth.


After the patients finished their hygiene, they sat down in the day area for group which was about controlling anger which was led by the middle-aged Hawaiian man. After the tedious group, the patients watched a little bit a TV before the boys had recreational therapy group and the girls had a depression group with a therapist. The red-haired man called the boys into the cafeteria, and the boys took their marionettes from the plastic cart; Andrew didn’t have to participate because he was new. All the other patients finished painting their marionettes when the blond-haired woman said it was time to stop. “Now, I want you all to tell me who your marionettes represent and why you want to control them,” instructed the blond woman. Most of the patients said they wanted to control a relative of theirs like a sibling or parent; Vincent’s marionette represented humanity in general. Then, the blond woman took some scissors and cut the strings of the marionettes symbolizing that no one can control other people.


While the blond woman was lecturing about this, Michael noticed a burning smell and a sizzling noise; when Michael looked for the source, he saw that Vincent’s hand was burning in the sunlight. “Vincent, your hand,” exclaimed Michael. When Vincent saw that his hand was burning, he quickly removed it from the sunlight. Then, Michael asked, “Why did your hand burn like that?” “Because,” replied Vincent in a creepy voice, “I … am a vampire.” Then, fangs protruded from Vincent’s upper jaw, and he bit Michael’s neck and greedily sucked Michael’s blood; Michael screamed hysterically, and everyone was appalled by the sight and hurried for the door. The middle-aged Hawaiian man came to Michael’s rescue, but Vincent released his grip on Michael and punched his fist through the Hawaiian man’s head, killing him.


Once the cafeteria door was unlocked, all the patients and the two recreational therapists evacuated the room except Andrew; unfortunately, Vincent ran so fast that he bit and sucked on another patient. With a serious look on his face, Andrew warned, “Stop right there, villain!” In response, Vincent dropped the patient and sneered, “I’ll save you for last, pipsqueak.” Then, Vincent threw his hands forward and sent Andrew flying into a wall. Everyone screamed and ran for the door to try to escape but Vincent enchanted the lock so it wouldn’t unlock; Vincent gorged himself on a few more patients before Andrew woke up and broke the spell Vincent put on the lock to let the patients and staff escape. Vincent vomited a curse which blackened the windows and burnt out the lights.


After the remaining patients and staff of the short-term Adolescent unit escaped Vincent, everyone was asking each other what had just happened. “Vincent did not come here for treatment,” explained Andrew, “he came here to feed on you all.” When a nurse asked him how he knew, Andrew continued, “Vincent is a vampire, and so am I.” After hearing that, everyone started backing away from Andrew. “Don’t worry,” assured Andrew, “I’m not going to kill any of you for your blood; the vampire community has outlawed attacking people for blood, but vampires like Vincent still practice it.” When asked why he was here, Andrew answered, “I’m here to stop Vincent from killing anymore innocent humans; as long as you’re with me, you will be safe.” And with that, they all went looking for Vincent.


Andrew and the remaining patients and staff of the short-term Adolescent unit searched the many rooms and hallways of the hospital, but Vincent was nowhere to be found; instead, they found bitten corpses everywhere. They also tried to search outside the hospital, but Vincent’s blocked all ways leading outside so Andrew knew he was still inside looking for prey. Because it was close to midnight, the patients and staff decided to sleep in some offices in a hallway with the doors locked while Andrew stood guard because vampires did not need as much sleep as humans did.


As Andrew paced back and forth down the hallway, he felt a malicious presence lurking nearby. In the nick of time, Andrew dodged a spell from behind, turned around, and cast a similar spell at his assailant; his assailant turned out to be Vincent himself. “This ends now, Vincent,” declared Andrew.


“You’re pathetic; protecting your own prey like this,” spurned Vincent.


Andrew countered, “The vampire community has outlawed killing for blood, and you know that.”


“The High Council members just want more blood for themselves,” continued Vincent.


“Vincent, I cannot let you do this,” warned Andrew.


Vincent replied, “Then, I will have to kill you myself; I was hoping to save you for dessert.”


With that, Vincent fired a spell, but Andrew fired a similar spell causing them to get locked into each other pushing against each other. The thunder from the spells awoke the remaining patients and staff, and they were frightened by the sight. The two opposing spells pushed against each other until Andrew’s spell repelled Vincent off his feet. However, Vincent quickly returned to his feet and shoved Andrew through a few walls; then, Vincent pinned Andrew down and hammered him with his fist, but Andrew repelled Vincent with a spell.


Andrew grabbed Vincent with a levitation spell and banged Vincent into a wall repeatedly. Vincent shot Andrew with a plasma bolt which broke the levitation spell’s grip on him and then zapped Andrew with electricity; Andrew cried out in pain from the sting of the electricity. Then, one of the male patients picked up a piece of the wall and threw it at Vincent leaving a ghastly, bloody scrape on Vincent’s forehead.


Vincent growled at the patient, preparing to attack him, but Andrew nudged Vincent with a plasma bolt distracting him. Then, Vincent burst into a swarm of bats that swirled around Andrew, but Andrew enveloped himself in a bubble of magical energy. When that proved futile, the bats swarmed around the patients and staff, but Andrew, in the blink of an eye, zapped the bats with electricity, and they molded back into Vincent.


Vincent growled at Andrew and then summoned a whip of magical energy from his hand that wrapped around Andrew; Vincent pulled back the whip sending Andrew hurling towards Vincent and then punched Andrew down on the ground. Vincent squeezed a tight grip around Andrew’s neck choking him and said in a mocking voice, “Goodbye, Andrew.” As Andrew was running short on breath, he had an idea. Andrew summoned a snake into existence that wrapped itself around Vincent’s head; Vincent struggled to get the snake off. Then, Andrew repelled Vincent through a window shattering the blackened window, and Vincent rolled onto a sidewalk near the hospital. Right when Vincent ripped the snake apart, he realized he was out in the sun; Vincent screamed in agony as the sun charred and peeled his skin, charred his muscles and bones, and finally disintegrated him to ashes. Everyone knew then and there that the horror was over.


Shortly after this tragedy, a mass funeral was held for Vincent’s victims. Washington Mental Hospital was also closed down because it had become a site of too much death and violence to be therapeutic anymore. However, everyone was grateful that Andrew stopped Vincent before Vincent could kill any more innocent humans.

© Copyright 2020 Matthew5. All rights reserved.

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