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One murder and three suspects! Will the ratio ever get correct???

Submitted: September 06, 2010

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Submitted: September 06, 2010



The synthetic darkness of the huge hall ensured an atmosphere of alchoholism. The most popular midnight bar in the city celebrated some good bussiness. At a dozen round tables decorated with bright candles, sat many drunken, semi-drunken and novice alchohol-bodies. \"Promotion to Senior Editor! Your career is now almost settled.\", Vivek Ram said. Joe Mathew ecstatically replied: \"I never expected this one. I am so glad.\" Joe Mathew and Vivek Ram worked as Editors in City Daily. They had already spent a couple of hours at the bar sharing Joe's success,whiskey,jokes, whiskey, worries, whiskey, memories, whiskey and more. \"It is getting really late. Lets move out.\", Joe murmured with an unclear voice that reflected alchohol. \"Time is almost One.\", Vivek added. As for a comparitive study Vivek was surely less drunk than Joe. Joe Mathew took another look at Vivek's watch, then got up and walked towards the parking lot. Vivek settled the bill and followed him. \"You are damn drunk. Shall I drop you? \", asked Vivek. Joe shook his head: \"Don't worry. I will go by myself.\" \"Where is your Bolero?\", Vivek inquired. \"Parked at the junction. Don't worry about me. However drunk I am, my hands are always steady. You better go.\", said Joe. \"Fine with me. Goodnight. See you tommorow. \", Vivek said. He then got into his bike and rode off. Joe Mathew walked to the juction where his Black Bolero was parked. * * *

Some time after getting out of the bar, Joe Mathew was standing stranded at the Junction. He soon noticed an auto coming towards him and waved his hands at the driver. The auto stopped close to him and he got into it. \"City Police Station.\", said Joe Mathew. \"What happened, Sir?\", the auto driver asked with a curious look on his face. \"My car is missing.\", Joe breathlessly replied. He no longer seemed to be a drunk man. Confusion had dissolved all alchohol in his body. * * *

The screaming alarm earned a fine punch on its head. Ali Majumder forced himself out of his bed. He never guessed that he was waking up to a day of tough field work. Ali Majumder was in official terms Inspector Ali Majumder working with the City Police. Horrified about the effort to make coffee, Ali satisfied his bed coffee needs with 2 cigarettes. But during the second half of his second cigarette, he recieved a message from office. Report to duty. ASAP! Ali was forced to ignore both bath and breakfast. It was an ASAP order. After 2 traffic blocks, 3 cigarettes and 25 minutes of driving, Ali reached his office. He raced to his Department and reported to his chief Shiva Prasad. Shiva said: \"Boy, You are late.\" \"Late by?\", Ali asked. \"Late by 4 cigarettes.\", Shiva replied with a smile on his face. Ali enquired: \"Situation of crime? \" \"Yesterday night, a Black Bolero KL 07 AZ 1313 ran over an identified local person and then crashed into a nearby closed shop. The unidentified driver was forced to run away leaving his car at the accident spot.\", Shiva completed his story. \"Track the R.C owner of the vehicle. Arrest him. Simple.\", Ali suggested. Shiva continued: \"We did that. The vehicle belonged to Mr.Joe Mathew working as Editor in City Daily. We even scheduled his arrest. But we soon found from the vehicles department that Joe Mathew had yesterday night at 1:30am lodged a complaint that his car is missing. Missing since yesterday night. He has no idea about this accident.\" \"Most probably he must be lieing.\", said Ali. \"But we have no proof for that.\", Shiva replied. Ali took a cigarette from his pocket and stuffed it into his mouth. He was getting excited. Ali asked: \"Is the accident spot left undisturbed?\" Shiva replied: \"Of course. Police Protected.\" \"I am going there. \", Ali said. Shiva ordered: \"You have 48 hours to clean this mess.\" Ali laughed: \"Thanks for that. I was expecting only 24.\" * * *

Ali Majumder examined the rampaged body of the victim. The local Inspector Prem Das kept his eyes away, unable to withstand the terrible scene of flush and blood. \"Victim's name?\", Ali asked. \"Mani.\", Prem answered. \"Who identified the victim?\" \"A man in the crowd.\" \"Are you sure about the identification?\" \"Yes, Sir. Identification verified and relatives were informed.\" \"Where does he live?\" \"North Kochi.\" \"Any witnesses who saw something?\" \"The people living in the nearby houses heard a man's scream and a loud crash at about 1:10am. Everyone came out of their houses to find what had disturbed their sleep. They found the Bolero and the dead body. But the driver had already escaped.\" \"You searched the Bolero? \" \"Yes, Sir. Found only a mobile.\" \"You tracked the mobile number.?\" \"Ya. This is Joe Mathew's connection.\" \"Give me that mobile.\" Ali took Joe's moblie from Prem and had a quick look at its call lists. \"What is the distance from the this spot to the City Police Station?\" \"Approximately 10 Kms.\" \"Anything more about the vehicle?\" \"After hitting the victim, the Bolero lost control and crashed into the nearby shop. In the impact of the crash, the airbag inflated out.\" \"So there is a chance that the culprit driver also got injured?\" \"Exactly, Sir.\" \"Ok. Release the body and clean the place.\" \"Yes, Sir.\" \"And give a message to Mr.Joe Mathew that he should report to my office today.\" \"Yes, Sir.\" * * *

Ali Majumder asked the question with a purposeful politeness: \"May I have the pleasure of hearing your version of the story?\" \"My version is the only original version.\", Joe Mathew replied. \"Then speak about it. What happened yesterday?\" \"Yesterday night, me and my friend Vivek Ram were at the Alcholate Bar to celebrate....\" \"Your promotion.\" \"Yes, Sir. We got out of the bar at 1am. Vivek went home in his bike. I had parked my car at the nearest junction.\" \"Why?\" \"Car parking in the bar was full.\" \"Continue...\" \"But I was shocked to find my car missing from the place I had parked it. On searching my pockets I couldn't find my car's key. I took an auto and went straight to the City Police Station.\" \"You never called Vivek for help?\" \"No..\" Ali took out the first cigar from his new packet. Joe observed this action with impatience. He wanted an immediate end to this interrogation. Ali posed his last question: \"What is the auto charge from Alcholate Bar to City Police Station?\" \"Uhmm.. It depends... Depends on auto driver and time.\", Joe replied with a shiver of uneasiness. Ali noticed a tensed look on Joe's face. \"Thanks for your time, Joe. You may leave. But remember this. You are a very good suspect!\" * * *

Ali had send Inspector Prem Das to bring Vivek Ram. After he had waited for 3 cigarettes time, Vivek reported to the interrogation room. Maybe it was because he was in Interrogation room, Vivek started his dialogues with a question. Vivek asked: \"What is my connection with this case? What did I do?\" \"I called you here because you are the only person who gained something from this accident.\", Ali replied. \"What gain?\" \"I got this bit from your office. It is said that Joe's promotion stands cancelled and you are the new Senior Editor.\" \"So..?\" \"What if I made a guess that you took Joe's car and made the accident to trap Joe.\" \"Incredible!\" \"Ok Ok Ok. At what time did you two get out of the bar?\" \"About 1am.\" \"After that you went home in your bike?\" \"Yes.\" \"But, a waiter of Alcholate Bar who personally knows you has reported to us that he saw your bike at the Bar parking lot at 1:30am. Can you explain?\" \"Uhmm... I lost my ring. I came back to search for that.\" Ali watched Vivek closely as he said: \"You are worth suspecting.\" \"I am really innocent.\", Vivek said quietly. \"Maybe. Maybe not. Thanks, Vivek. You may go.\" * * *

Gracy Joe Mathew kept her eyes on the chain smoking interrogator standing opposite her. Ali got prepared for his third interrogation of the day. He started his inquisition: \"So you are Gracy Joe, wife of Joe Mathew?\" \"Yes\", Gracy uncomfortably replied. She was surprised at the irrelevance of the first question. \"Yesterday, at what time did Joe get back home?\" \"At about 2am.\" \"Was he kind of tensed?\" \"Anybody would be tensed after losing one's car.\" \"So was he tensed?\" \"Yes. \" \"Just before coming home yesterday night, did he make a call to your phone?\" \"Yes. He did.\" \"Ok Ok. Uhm Hmm....You moved a divorce petition against Joe last month?\" \"Yes.\" \"Why?\" \"It is a personal matter. I can't explain it to you.\" \"Ok. Fine with me. Leave that. Do you know driving?\" \"Yes. I am a licensed driver.\" \"Matching this with the fact that you were not in the best of terms with Joe, you meet all requirements of a potential suspect.\" Gracy frowned: \"No. I am not. I have never driven Joe's Bolero. I can only drive small cars.\" \"So you have never driven Joe's Bolero?\", Ali asked. \"Yes.\" \"I will show you something.\" Ali opened his file and took out a paper. \"My assisants really worked hard searching for this. It is the carbon-copy of the overspeeding ticket you received 6 months ago. Name- Gracy Joe Mathew. Vehicle No.- KL 07 AZ 1313 which unfortunately is the registration number of your Bolero. So my dear Madam, are you still sure that you have never driven a Bolero?\" \"I was... Actually...\" The sweat flowing down from Gracy's face never escaped Ali's attention. \"Gracy Madam, Thanks for coming. You can go.\", Ali said with his cigarette pointed to the exit door. Pressing her lips together, Gracy left the room. * * *

Ali rang the door bell and waited. Gracy Joe Mathew freed herself from her work and opened the front door. Ali smiled at her: \"Hello, Gracy. Call your husband and also get me a cigarette lighter. I will wait here.\" A very few minutes later, Joe Mathew and Gracy appeared before Ali. Joe inquired: \"Hello, Sir. I am so tensed. Any new developments on my case?\" \"I watch dramas and movies only in weekends. I dont need it now. This is my duty time. Spit out the truth.\", shouted Ali. \"What?\", Joe asked. \"Your car was never stolen. You were in it when it ran over the innocent victim.\", Ali said. \"How do you know? Any solid evidence?\", Joe enquired. \"We got your mobile from your bolero at the accident spot.\", Ali said. \"So what? My mobile was in the bolero when it was stolen. I had kept my phone in my bolero.\", said Joe. \"Agreed, But you called your wife from that phone kept in your bolero at 1:05 am? We have telephone records and your wife's statement.\" \"Uhm...Yes.\" \"Which means that you surely were in your bolero at 1:05am.\" \"Hmm...\" \"And witness reports confirm that the accident occured between 1:05am amd 1:10am.\" Joe thought for a minute. He knew that his game was over. He quietly said: \"Uhm....Yes. Yes. You won, officer. My car never got stolen. I was in the car when it crashed into the poor man. But...\" \"You were not driving the vehicle!\", Ali shouted with a confident tone. \"Exactly. The driver was.....\", Joe started. \"The driver was a police officer.\", Ali completed Joe's dialogue. \"Yes, Sir. How did you know?\", Joe asked with astonishment. \"At the impact of the crash, the airbag came out.\" \"Yes.\" \"On close obsevation of the airbag I found a small mark on it. The perfect inverted image of the carved logo of a police uniform belt.\" \"Yes, Sir.\" \"And microscopic examination of all the impacts on the airbag, revealed even a very faint image of the officer's name badge. 'Premdas'.\" \"Yes, Sir. You are perfectly right. It was the local Inspector Prem Das.\" \"Prem Das yesterday night caught you for alchohol driving. Right?\", Ali asked. \"Brilliant. How did you guess that?\", Joe asked. \"Again from your mobile call lists. You had three times tried calling to the number saved as Advocate. When would someone call his Advocate at midnight? When he is caught by police.\", Ali said. \"I will tell you what happened yesterday.On my way back home from the Alcholate Bar, I was caught by Inspector Prem Das for alcohol driving. He took me and my vehicle under custody and took control of the wheel.\" Ali added on: \"And on the way to the police station, over-speeding Prem Das accidentaly hit the innocent victim and then your Bolero crashed into the nearby shop.\" \"Yes, Sir.\", Joe agreed. \"Prem Das convinced you that it was very easy for him make you the culprit. Then, you were forced to obey him.\" \"Yes. It was he who taught me the stolen car story and then he instructed me to lodge a complaint at the city police station.\" Ali proudly said: \"Prem Das will be arrested soon. Every story has to have an ending. The ending where truth wins. THE END

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