The Wishlist v.II

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Submitted: October 13, 2011



 The Wishlist


  I watch them

  While peering out from the rancid pool

  Here my dreams are decaying

  Collapsing into a broth of vitriol

  Dissolving the final remnants of bookish pride

  I can no longer hide from the invasive sight

  Forced to gaze as the words cascade from their mouth

  Like maggots tumbling from an open wound

  (Even in the silence

I hear the grubs wriggling

in the distant depths

of their throat)

  Watching their face sneer and gloat

  While their bloated body staggers from side to side

  Twisting and flexing into shadow’s bride 

Their voice reduced to the raw sounds of chalkboard scratching

  The harsh noise combined with the vile images spawn nightmares

  that keep me awoken

  Here in the chambers of sleep-less turmoil

  exists the wish list of the almost broken


  Descending into the murky depths

  where the oxygen is sparse

  I envision another way to inflict death

  Submerged in a state neither awake or asleep

  I view another murder scene

  Each method of killing is given a number

  Accumulating with every sweat drenched bout of near-slumber

  On rancour-stained parchment exists each catalogued vision

  Soon I will allow a simple pin to make the decision

  Kneeling in front of the list

  I will close my eyes and stick in the pin

  Then flickering eyes will witness the chosen method of committing the sin


  For now I swim in the sewage that lurks beneath my own skin

  Thinking of the list and where will strike the pin

  Surely only one reason can transpire

  for so many dreams in which they are killed

  For dreams exist to be fulfilled

  In the mirrored surface shimmers the image of a killer in waiting

  Slowly cultivating the future with bloodlust and hating

  The sluice gates have almost broken

  Soon the beast named retribution will have spoken

  Blood and death baptised

  I wait, ready to follow documented trails

  Re-enacting each dream

  on those despised

  A single idea at a time

  One death after another

  Until the wish list has been fulfilled


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