The Legacy Of Randolph Carter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
The tale of a man who discovers his great grandfathers notes and slowly uncovers horrible truths about life, and existence.

This story takes place within the Cthulhu Mythos, and is incomplete as of yet, ive always wanted to write something like this, inspired by my hero, HP.

Submitted: January 04, 2009

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Submitted: January 04, 2009



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I stand here, staring into a black eternity, the Abyss, black, devoid of good, light, joy, I know after seeing what I saw, I can never go back to the life I once lived, monsters no human being can imagine, things with unbelievable power, things whose voice alone is enough to shatter the human mind into black oblivion. I have seen friends scream wildly after hearing that horrible un-voice, those horrible syllables, and I saw their hair turn alabaster, and their eyes bleed with horror. The fact that I am still alive is a wonder, I think I lived so I could warn people of the horrors that exist within the walls of what we consider real, and that black nothingness that They inhabit…

First of all I think I should tell you who I am, and then I will tell you what exists beyond the fabric of time and space, and then you will understand why I can never be the same… I am Randy, Randy Carter, my great grandfather’s name is known well, a story, an urban legend states that he trapped his best friend in a crypt, and left him to die, but in this case, the truth is MUCH stranger than the legend, but this is not his story…

I was moving one day, God, it seems like eons ago, but it was only about 2 years ago, and I came across my Great Grandfather’s Journals, I was simply ecstatic, my parents his all of his things, they were ashamed of his studies, well in reality he was more of an assistant, but not the point, my parents were more ashamed of the fact that my grandfather, who was named for him, never knew him, he walked out on my great grandmother when my grandfather was born, but his son was still named after him, and I was named after my grandfather, who both my mother, and father loved very much. He slipped into dementia 6 years ago, and died 2 years after that. I never liked him much, but still, I was saddened by his death, he, though we didn’t get along, put me through college, and for that I thank him, though it matters not now… I inherited my parents’ house when they moved to Florida, like all old people did. I opted to sell the Victorian manor to buy a smaller place in Southern Rhode Island, I don’t want to say where, they don’t need the tourism…

I read through his journals, and found a multitude of strange tales, notes and information on strange, fictional beings he called “The Old Ones”, and something about that name shook my spirit. The thing about his notes however, is that they had massive holes, but constantly referred to the strange studies of his friend Harley Warren, an occultist who disappeared, well, when he reportedly locked him in a crypt. So I searched desperately for anything on Warren and to my delight, and surprise, the library had plentiful information on him, and his studies. Everything I could ever want to know about the Old Ones. Apparently they lived eons before humanity, in fact, they say that humanity is a blink of an eye in comparison to other ages; it is maybe one millionth of that compared to the existence of Them. I was thoroughly fascinated, I loved things like this, and I had since I was a kid. I didn’t believe any of it was true until a few days after I started reading the many books that contained bits and pieces of warren’s work. I read a name I recognized, Frederick Thomas Norris, a man he had apparently worked with lived three houses down from me. When I spoke with him, I knew there was something more to all of this than a man’s dementia and Delusions…


I knocked on his door early in the afternoon, 1, 2 PM maybe, I said “Hello Mr. Norris, how are you this morning?”

He was old, close to a hundred, maybe older, somewhat senile, but very good for his age. He dressed as if it was still the twenties, and the items in his house were such as well. An old tube radio was the only piece of technology that resembled a TV, and bookshelves lined the walls. His face was barely wrinkled, he looked to be 60, his air was grey, not stark white just yet, and full. He was a large man too, Six and a half feet maybe, taller than me, when he got a good look at me, he said “You’re his great grandson aren’t you?! You found his notes!”

I looked him in the eye, a little scared, and asked with more curiosity than anger “how the hell did you know that?”

“Never mind, lucky guess, come in come in, would you like some coffee?”

Being a caffeine addict I accepted the offer, along with a mug that sported a picture of the Welcome to Vegas sign he dropped a large box, with the twisted visage that I would always fear, that horrible squid head, that mess of tentacles and feelers, that horrid face that made my skin crawl, and made the inside of my skull feel as if someone was groping around inside of it. I shouted in fear “What the FUCK is that?!”

He laughed, and said “Kathoolhoo, one of the great old ones, the priest of the elder gods! MIGHTY KATHOOLHOO! Hahaha, you’ll know in time, open the box.”

I lifted it first to gage the amount of items that might be inside, the thing was maybe the size of a footlocker, but it weighed a ton, “Damn, what’s inside?”

“Oh a lot of things, an ancient text, and a few goodies…”

I opened it, the idol that horrified me to no end did nothing to keep it shut, on the top of a thick tome was a small idol, with the horrifying head, but it was on a body this time, the body of a dragon, it had flabby claws and at wings, this thing was even more horrifying than that face alone. Also in the box was a strange amulet, and among other things, a map that grabbed my attention, a massive X marked an area in the pacific, marked with the word (if you can call it that) R’Lyeh. I asked “What is Railyee?” I had obviously mispronounced it, but I hadn’t ever seen a word like that…

Rill-Yeh” he said correcting, “is where great Kathoolhoo sleeps, ‘this is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange eons, even death may die’”.

I had heard that before, but I was unsure as of where, and the name Abdul Alhazred came to mind. I disregarded it. “Now what should I do?”

The old man said “Read, in here is all the information you need, you want to know the truth no matter how harsh, I know, you are just like your great grandfather, he couldn’t handle it, but I think you can, in there is a list of names, and their information, find them, 2 studied with Warren, but they don’t have long, find them quickly, the others are cultists, other than the two, everyone is in Arkham asylum. Good luck kid, you’ll need it…”

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I looked through the list, it was written on what looked like ancient paper, it had been in there for more than 80 years. Another thing I failed to mention was the Bas-relief that featured the same horrid visage as the idol. The first one I chose to contact was a man named Andrew Roberts, he was, like the old man I had just met, over 100 years old, however he wasn’t nearly as well off as Norris, he was in a wheel chair, and had a nurse taking care of him. The nurse answered the door, a pretty young woman, with long brown hair, and a virtually flawless body. She spoke in a somewhat happy demeanor “Can I help you?” she had a large smile on, seemed like one of those people who is always happy, and bouncy, until one day something blows it up, and they become a shut in, I almost laughed at the thought, but managed to hold it back.

“Yes, I am Randy Carter, I am looking for Mr. Roberts, are you his grand daughter?”

“No, I am his nurse.” Her voice grew grave and serious, “I can take you to him, but be careful what you say to him, he gets set off pretty easily, right now he’s pretty calm.”

“What caused him to slip into dementia?”

“Well he claims to have been on a study in the twenties, and he saw a monster, at least he says he did. I don’t believe in that kind of thing, but at night sometimes he talks in his sleep.”

“What does he say?” I really didn’t want to know, but something in me made me ask…

“Well most of the time it’s just mumbling. I remember something that sounded like Kathalo or Kuhtooloo, but none of it meant anything to…”

I interrupted “Cthulhu!”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Err, never mind, I’d like to speak to Mr. Roberts now…”

“OK…” she said a little freaked out, and she went to get him. She took me through the front door into the kitchen; it was far from old, a Chrome refrigerator with a built in TV, granite cupboards, all on a marble tile floor. The whole place was beautiful, and huge. I sat down at the table, and waited. I heard a slam, and a rush of slow foot steps, guided by a cane. That is when the bony old man rushed through the doorway, he had white hair on the sides of his head, he was covered in liver spots, and his eyes were squinted with focus through coke-bottle glasses, he could barely walk, but he shouted “ITS YOU, YOU’VE FINALLY COME!!” he sat down excitedly. The nurse rushed to his side. He said “I have been waiting for this day a long time… finally someone to continue our research, maybe you can find a way to stop them…”

“Wait, who said I was going to…?”

He put his hand up and gestured stop “you’re going to be apprehensive, you’re not going to believe what you are slowly learning, but you will accept it, and continue to study Them, just like your grandfather…”

I decided to just give him the satisfaction of thinking he had won, after all, I had a kind of obsession with the occult, this could be fun, “Whatever, Norris said you’d have some information for me, maybe some notes?”

He laughed “I have more than some, I’ll start with the most interesting, I have an actual audio recording of Cthulhu’s voice. It’s gone through several format changes, but I have it now saved as an MP3 to this iPod.” He plugged it into a set of speakers and said to the young nurse “Cover your ears my dear, or you’ll lose your mind.” She shook her head as if he were crazy

I had to ask “well what about me?”

“Believe me, you will be fin, the Carter family was always strange, Randy the first fainted under slight stress, but the idea of the things he, Warren and I studied seemed to not affect him, it was odd…”

I thought I was the same way. I thought about him, I had seen pictures, which was it. “OK, play this scary thing”. I said half joking.

It played an indescribable sound, as if a thousand horrid creatures all hissed out some impossible language, that no men could replicate, they lacked all that was necessary.

Now here’s what got me more interested in further study. As the voice played, not only did it feel like something was groping at the back of my eyes, the young nurse hit the floor screaming, holding her ears. He stopped the audio, and she calmed. We put her on the couch, and I looked at the other things he had. Notes, idols, paintings, all that sort of thing. Even if all of this was real, what the hell was I supposed to do to stop those things? What good would me studying do? What if the only way to stop them is something beyond my range of skills? What if this is all for nothing?

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