Insight Into The Mind Of A Stoner: The Sphere of Reality

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Hello my name is Mathew, on occasion (most nights) I like to puff the magic dragon (Get baked, high, stoned etc).

Now if by chance i'm smoking and reading an intellectual story or article my muse comes to play.

This article discusses ideas such as do we really exist. And i talk about a point that i believe at least something must exist. The Sphere of Reality.

Trust me the wackiest ideas come from a stoner on a knowledge trip. Anyway peace out !

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



The Sphere of Reality


Upon my studies I have constantly come across a question and of many times asked myself such question 'Do we really exist?'

Now this isn't a discussion trying to answer such a philosophical subject. Oh no I don't believe I inhabit the intelligence to give such an answer and anything I would say would be distorted in ignorance. Instead this is an argument stating that something at the smallest level must exist, an archtype or design. 'There is a sphere of reality, everything else is just imagination.'

I use the word imagination loosely. As I believe what we see is vastly altered on how we perceive such things. And perception is altered by our imaginations. An example to this statement is I personally hate stickers. However you might like stickers. They may make you feel happy and rewarded. While they make me feel sick to the stomach.


Now to explain what I meant by saying There is a sphere of reality, everything else is imagination. You can argue that we don't exist, many people have. You can argue we do. However you cannot argue that at its simplest form something must exist. The best way demonstrate my idea is through two examples. Both are similar but are two completely different ideas. But to work then they must have an item of reality.

The Matrix theory that we are all just inside a computer program, if you've never heard of this then watch the film. And the Dream theory that we are all just inhabitants of anothers dream.

The Matrix

Now just think about this. Everything around you is actually software, just zeros and ones floating about But something must be in place for binary code to calculate. Software cannot exist without Hardware. Therefore some type of hardware (I can't say what type of computer could successfully create a real world as we see it) must physically exist. Therefore such a computer would be known as the sphere of reality.

The Dream

Now imagine that your life and the people around you are all just another’ person or entities dream, and if they woke up you'd disappear from existence. Then somewhere a man or some sort of entity must be dreaming of that dream. So that man or entity would be the sphere of reality, while us the inhabitants of the dream would be their imagination.


In this argument I have not tried to answer any philosophical question's but simply state that there must be at some point a structure or archetype of rules that definitely exists. I can't tell you the rules which are in said sphere.

However just think if you could know what was in that sphere of reality, If power is knowledge, then that knowledge would need great responsibility. Think about it if you truly understood the boundaries of reality, then you could have the knowledge to change the imagination thats around it. Now that would be a priceless power would it not?

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