Kiaras Escape

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story of a woman who is trapped in a dark room. Her only goal is to find a way to escape from the dark abyss she is woken upon.





A cold drop of liquid drops upon her brown long hair Her blue eyes, hard to open see only the slightest sparkle of light. As she attempts to stand, her arms pull her down, she feels the rope burn on her wrists. At this moment worry enters her mind, questions such as where am I ? what happened ? Pop into existence. Her eyes shoot around the room looking for answers to these questions. Quickly examining the dark and damp cellar she notices a point of interest, which quickly stops her concentration to a shade of broken glass not far from her feet.


As she attempts to grasp the glass with her left foot, the noise of footsteps outside the room grasps her attention. She halts still concentrating her eyes on the only light coming from the crack in the door. Suddenly a ray of bright light blinds her as the door opens. A dark figure enter through the light and proceeds towards her.


As her eyesight starts to clear. she notices a man with a strong upright posture, dressed in rich robes. He takes a few steps towards her, the noise of his footsteps echoing through the room. He kneels down in front of her and speaks calmly

“Hello Kiara “

Worried with fright, Kiara hoped this was all a misunderstanding, but now new this man had her here for a reason. She asked the only questions that came to mind

“How do you know my name ? Who are you ? “

The man calmly asks a question for an answer

“ill give you my name for his?”


Kiara with a panicked mind wonders who could he mean and how did she get here, While listening to this man's questions, she slyly concentrates on the shade of glass, now covered by her left foot,hidden out of sight. She tries to recognise the man, bold headed, clean shaven and a scary looking smile. A common look of a monk. But she had no recall of him, Her eyes had never laid upon this figure before.

“I mean your Brother”

The man said while smiling. Kiara responded

“ Chris ? What could you want with him ? “

He Responds Hastily

“ don’t play dumb child, I know what you both have been up to. Your organisation has massed a large following. Now I no you and your brother were the creators of the hacktivist group renown as John Doe “

A shocked face hit Kiara, how could this man know so much about her. Slowly moving her foot closer she responded bashfully

“ I don’t no what your talking about “

“Yes you do Kiara, I no you no where he is. Just give me that information and your free to go, otherwise you will be left in this room with no resources for life! No food no drink”

The glass shade moving closer n closer to her fingers, but quickly and powerfully this man’s hand falls and crushes Kiara's foot.

“trust thy, there is no escape “

The man states while he takes away Kiara's only means of power.

Kiara experiences a hot burst of anger, aims her eyes to his, and screams

“LET ME GO, FUCK YOU, Who the fuck are you “

The man calmly looks on and states

“Tell me where he is and ill happily tell you my name”





Time passes and the man rambles on. He’s talking about jobs which have been done by John Doe. Like the time The hacktivist group crashed the stock market, and the time they brought down the Internet's search engines. Kiara lost for ways of escape hopelessly tries to claw her way out of the rope cuffs. She now knows if she doesn’t find a way out fast that this is her resting place. Kiara hastily states

“ Id rather die than give him up “

The man simply states

“ Then this room will be your catacomb, No one will come to save you my dear, No one even knows you are gone! You see, your dealing with dangerous men my dear. The type which sneak into your bedroom in the middle of the night and take you. They leave no trace and make no noise. “


Kiara feels the sweat dropping from her head. She starts to panic as she realises if she doesn't escape this cellar no one will be saving her, not even Chris. But then a tare. She feels her nail go through the rope, she’s making progress. As the man carries on to interrogate her, she makes sure to keep the emotion from her face of her breakthrough. To buy her some time she lies

“ Okay, okay, ill tell you! My brother his whereabouts “

She carries on to lead the man on while she bought herself more valuable time.

“He's in E...... Egypt, in his s s sa s safe house in Cairo “

Kiara new that Chris hadn't been to that safe house in years. It shocked her to find out that this man also new this. The man bites

“ STOP LIEING, I play tired of these games”

Kiara shocked at the man's anger. Up to now he had been calm. It was terrifying how calm in fact.

Before the man opens his mouth Kiara is able to release her right arm, carefully keeping it hidden from the man. She starts to work on the left rope and listens

“ If you give me his real whereabouts, I promise to let you go, and I promise not to hurt

him “

Kiara new nothing of this man, but she could tell this was a lie. Just an insight into this strange man's behaviour. She could see that this atmosphere of calmness was fake. In fact their was deep rage within this man. It took a hot headed to no a hot headed, But somehow unlike her, he kept it at bay. Somehow tied behind a fake smile.


She quickly rips off the second tie and wriggles her right arm free, but she bides her time, waits for the man to turn around. Kiara scanning the room could see other corpse's that had been tied up down here. She quickly thinks and asks a question

“ What is this room, Who are they ? “

She gives a slight head nod to the other bodies in the room, which leads this man to turn around and state

“ That man over their was your father, He wouldn't give your whereabouts either, it must be a family trait to be so stubborn “


Kiara now fitting in the blanks of her fathers disappearance, In her head she says

“No not Know”

She knows its not the time or the place. Kiara stands up and lunges herself onto the man, bringing both of them to the floor.







As both participants throw a few punches, the man gets his final grip on Kiara. He throws her to the floor and grabs her head. He then bangs it to the floor. While continuing this process he states.

“So that you can repeat this to God,” BANG “The name of your killer Is Martilm “BANG

He picks up Kiara and with a monstrous power, chucks her to the side of the room, turns his back on her and moves to the door. Kiara holding her head to slow the flow of blood screams

“No dont leave me here,”

Here blue eyes sparkle due to tearing up



The man now known as Martilm Turns and looks at her for a second. He proceeds to close the door leaving the room entrapped in darkness. Martilm Turns to a guard and calmly states

“ No one enters, No one leaves “




To Be Continued

Submitted: September 22, 2011

© Copyright 2020 matty6666. All rights reserved.

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Mahejabeen Hossain

Btw, keep me updated, notify me when you post the continuation of this, I'd love to read it. :)

Fri, September 23rd, 2011 1:04am



Thank you ! Still not got round to part two ill deffinetly update you when i do ! x

Mon, October 17th, 2011 1:13pm



ooooo! @.@ man aye gotta know what happens next! lyke ferr realz bro! yew just left meh hangen! Man the Tew be continued damn yew sure know how tew leave a clif hanger thats ferr sure! :3 aye lyke yew! yew can write, and yew a stoner boner lyke meh! tewl meh wen yew write the next part tew dis!! xD

Sat, December 10th, 2011 1:52am


Part two is up! Kiara's whereabouts!

Sun, December 18th, 2011 5:36pm



wow! And onto part two....x

Fri, June 28th, 2013 11:42pm


I wouldn't even like to reread this work ha! This was the second piece I put on here there must be so many spelling and grammar mistakes! Thanks for the read though much appreciated :D

Sat, June 29th, 2013 8:39am

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