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A brother obsessively searching for his lost sister. Will he find the answers hes looking for? Or is it all just to much for him to handle?


A droplet of sweat dropped from his cheek, Landing on a passport picture located within his hand. Exhausted from sleep deprivation, his stance weighed down. Unshaven no care to his hair, this was a man taunted with obsession. He new he had to find her, his sister Kiara!

This over the top behaviour was the sole reason behind the Hacktavist group disappearing from the press. They were now completely invested into searching on Kiara's location. During this period of time, research documents discussing a secret organisation known as Sanctuary came to light. One dark relic hidden behind ideals, corporations and religions. Their links stemmed so far back that distant links were connected to the illuminate and the Freemasons. Now they hid their identity behind mass media productions. The newspapers and Television.

Next to him a desk. Full of documents and reports roughly placed. Some critically analysing Sanctuary and others being detailed documentation on Kiara's whereabouts.There was nothing left out. If it wasn't for the sheer power of force used from John Doe, the thought of the operation couldn't have existed let alone have took place.

One unshaven, nervous wreck of a man, eyesight fixated on her picture, began to question his next move. Could he die? Is this the right place? maybe the information is wrong? All raced through his weary mind. Could these actions force reactions too dire for him to control?

The attack of guilt could have been a conscience at play. Or the decrease in rational thinking due to the lack of sleep. However the issue at hand was of to much importance to him. To stand there and try to rationalise an answer for his actions was just delaying time. He moved over to the door, picked up a 9mm Suppressed pistol. Forcefully Tucked the gun into a holster tied round his waste and covered himself up with a rain coat. Before exiting the room a brief hesitation took place, he turned to look back at the room. Then the door simply slammed shut!





Upon entering the Sanctuary entrance his blood shot eyes quickly adapted on the potential threats. Looking past priests and civilians, Italian soldiers were on guard. Most probably linked to the recent riots that took place. Due his early years in the royal marines. Enough understanding of how to act incognito was acquired. This helped an emotionally drained and suspicious looking individual manage to safely conceal this appearance in the sight of lawful influencing bullies. Managing to pass to the back of the opening hall. A man in red richly robes distinctly resembling images depicting a major influence towards the Sanctuary group. This man sharply moved into a room behind Thick black metal doors. While Following him within a preaching hall was laid out before him. Rows of chairs facing an altar and a large statue of the saviour. Some prayers sat within, The red robed man moved towards the front, positioning a vase of flowers on the alter.Quietly moving down the main aisle positioned in the middle of the room, His hand shook while he grasped the handle of the gun,

“MARTILM!” he shouts.

Aiming his sight on the red robed individual, the preachers Flew from their seats howling for help. But this man peacefully turned to acknowledge the dire situation he had been caught in. He showed no emotion or displayed a trace of fear and calmly stated

“It was always inevitable that we would meet, The legend known as Chris Longmore in person. Ha ha, I had the honour of meeting your dear sister a few months back!”

“Then I guess you know where she is? Where?”

Speaking in a raised but croaky voice Chris kept a high display of eye contact while talking. Both closely analysing the others movements,

“Well you do hold the weapon, so your in position of the power. I do advice you to use it hastily!”Martilm said quickly

Obviously trying to divert the subject. Martilm pointed towards a colour paved window to the right of different saints. He continued in a much slower tone

“Would you really be so indecent to shed blood in his home? But then again you are one who does not believe? An Atheist if I recall correctly?”


Chris now grew tired of the unresponsive nature to his questions. He spoke rashly

“I’m the one with the gun answer my questions! Her name is Kiara Longmore, 23 years old, where is she, if you have her then give her to me, I will give no harm and retreat quietly!”

He pulls out the passport photo and throws it to Martilm, but he doesn't even give the decency to acknowledge the proposal.

“I tell a lie, I to do not believe, we are quite the same Christopher, both more interested in the source of power. Am I not right?”sarcastically said.


Although he could see Martilm's calm image, the words he had chose and the way they had been pronounced helped dampen the already gloomy atmosphere. Thinking back to earlier studies on the Sanctuary, some reports had shown conclusive evidence of witnesses hearing the whaling's of the dead still echoing the halls in the dark of night. This place and Martilm fit perfectly, like a serial killer in a horror film set.


Still trying to divert the conversation, Martilm had counted each second in his head, to measure how long it had been since the preachers went screaming for help. He new exactly how long it would take for them to dispatch a special unit to his exact location. It was all due to the press of a security button stroked earlier when Martilm had placed the flowers. Already hearing footsteps approahing to the hall


"POWER, it is a funny thing my son. One moment it is in one's possession, and just as the winds blow, the tide turns and it directly back in the others hands” Martilm said

A loud slam echoed from behind, Metal doors Collided with the wall. Two men at the top of their voices said






Dropping the pistol Chris turned to view the opposition. He clocked two men, Both dressed from head to toe in military assigned gear. They both wielded an AK-47 which was aimed and locked on Chris. He had no choice but to co-operate. Another figure walked through the doors and addressed him with

“ A rare situation where I am positioned with a cretin such as yourself! And I am under constraint to show mercy!”

Dressed in the same uniform as the troops, excluding the mask. They shared a badge located on all of their uniforms. Positioned on their left chest cheek, a symbol of an orange snake. The man spoke in a strong tone

“Martilm their better be a sufficient reason for this?”

An already dampened atmosphere in the hall, was now much darkened by his influence. Martilm at least pretended to have a conscience, but he was different, no remorse in his words, when he spoke he made sure to get across he meant what he said. His hair matched his attire, eyes were just as dark.

Beside all this Chris new he had come too far for it to end here. Although absorbed with exhaustion, he couldn't think about the negative impact of this situation, he had to think of a way to resolve it. His mission had not changed, he was their to find his sister. Looking at this dark deviant Chris stared confidently and questioned

“So whose right hand man are you?”

Martilm clocked the cocky tone Chris used, going to his allies defence he replied with

“Show your respect, the man that stands before you, He is none other but Salvatore Bennet, leader of a much feared mercenary unit and a very important individual within our ranks.”

Chris remembered a report, One Salvatore Bennet appeared under a lot of politically influenced wars. A major symbol in the war economy. This came to no surprise that priests were in line with mercenaries. Sanctuary had connections which went back as far as the 14th century. The Templar's. The Church guard at the time, were said to be the beginnings of this now all powerful secret corporation. Salvatore turned, he gave a nod to acknowledge Martilm and spoke

“No need for such a detailed introduction”

He turned back to Chris with daggered eyes and carried on

“All you need to no is if we meet again Chris, there will be no mercy, Ill shoot and ask questions later!”

He then turned to the door and stated

“However I must now bid my farewell. Martilm I leave these soldiers under your order, I trust they will be enough force to handle this matter.”


While leaving Salvatore shut tight the big black doors and sealed all access to the hall Leaving Chris imprisoned in here with three monsters. Martilm had now gained an instant bump in confidence. Two soldiers helped insure his security. Confidently approaching Chris he spoke

“ See how the power can just change in an instant? One minute you had its grasp, now it is rightfully mine, This is the same for economy, we may be a powerful group and ideal in this world, but there are others, such are you with a mass following beside you. Many people follow the identity of being faceless, of holding an ideal of a simple name, we are one we are everyone. You created a great ideology. I commend you however your cause contradicts ours, Its just business

He now stood in front of Chris. Then placed his hand on his shoulder and calmly asked

“You wanted to know your sisters whereabouts? This information could be yours, but for a price. Give me John Doe now. We will let you walk unharmed with Kiara.”

Split seconds felt like hours. His mind battling with such a choice. John Doe an ideology, such a seed which had know grown, a real chance, which could truly awaken the mass. To give them the truth. Could he really hand over all that has been accomplished for his sister? Kiara was everything to him, bur Chris new he could not suffer blackmail, John Doe was more than that. He gargled and spat at Martilm, viciously curseing

“Fuck You”

The soldier to the left quickly attacked on impulse. Using his AK like a bat, he clipped Chris's head forcing him to the floor. However within mid-air Chris turned and grabbed the man to the left. With the force of his fall he successfully pulled the soldier to the ground with him. Now the last soldier standing goes to aim his gun. Chris had been able to get a quick swipe with his right leg. This impacted into the remaining soldier's left leg bringing him to his knees.

Luckily creating a short gap of time Chris quickly uses all his force and energy to dive towards his pistol. He lands to the right and rolls over. He instantly locked his aim on them. Both troops froze while Chris got up. One screams

“Please don't shoot”

Now on his feet Chris jolts towards them, using his arm to empower a whip. Leaving both of them unconscious.

“That was for hitting me” proudly states Chris

One problem solved, Just Martilm left.





Martilm's fake smile had dropped, his confidence dissipated. He now new that no one else was coming to his aid. Chris had him locked down, He slowly moved in while keeping the aim steady and asked

“Where is she ? “

Now not giving him a chance to manipulate the conversation he forced the barrel of the gun too Martilms forehead.

“Where is she? Tell Me” In a raised voice.

His skin started to boil with anger, repeatedly asking where is she, with every time getting more louder and more violent. Growing tired of the whole experience he grows extremely impatient. Asking one last time at a volume that vibrates through the hall


From the sheer force put on Martilm he answered to quickly

“shshshShes Dead!”

Now taking a step back but keeping his aim, the shock had constrained Chris's face. All the research, the commitment and planning. Not once did he suspect her death, If he gave up that hope he wouldn't of survived these last months. Trying to deny Martilm's words

“No I don't believe you, why? what the fuck did she ever do to you?”

Enforcing attitude into his question, He steps backwards while shaking his head. All this time keeping his aim. He passionately states

“This is for her. For Kiara.”

Another moment frozen in time. His finger tightens around the trigger with every muscle down his arm trying to force that squeeze. But nothing, no shot, he lowers his gun and drops his eyes to the ground. He could hear laughter, Martilm began to giggle at his decision

“Ha ha you haven't got the balls you child! You should leave the guns to the men their not toys you no!”


Before he could respond to Martilm's cocky response a Glazed mirror to the left of the hall shattered into a thousand pieces. Now analysing the window Chris heard a loud thud coming from Martilm's position. Laid on the floor in a pool of blood Martilm was dead, with a bullet hole in his head.

Trying to process all this, wasn't an easy task for Chris, He was close to exhaustion. Sitting down in one of the rows to catch his breath, he noticed a female figure located on top of his apartment across from the Sanctuary. She had a sniper rifle perfectly aimed at Martilms position. Chris stood up, walked towards the window to get a clearer sight, and he asked himself out loud

“Is that Kiara?”




To be continued....

Submitted: October 27, 2011

© Copyright 2022 matty6666. All rights reserved.

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