Dark Passion

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A vamipre romance story

Submitted: May 17, 2008

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Submitted: May 17, 2008



Dark Passion
The moon rose high over the forest. The night sounds rose to meet their mistress. The creatures of the forest started to make their nightly rounds.
High up on the mountain the master was beginning to stir. His children were waking him with their songs.
He climbed up out of the bowels of the castle, greeted by the chorus of night creatures.
Darius stood in the middle of the great hall savoring the newly ascendant night. 
The hunt will begin in a few minutes time. Darius would begin his life anew. Once again he would run with his brothers of the night. He would feel the thrill of the hunt as a member of the pack.
Darius strode quickly through the castle. His tall frame almost fluid as he went.
His handsome features were contorted into a hideous grin as he ran through the castle. By the time he reached the castle grounds, he was howling with joy.
The great wolves of the forest heard their mater’s cry and joined in.
As Darius ran through the forest he transformed into the great wolf, leader of the pack. He was on the prowl for the first kill of the night.
The pack was on the lookout for the gypsy camps. Usually there was one easy kill at the camps.
The pack was almost upon the first gypsy camp, when Darius pulled up short. Something off to the side of the path caught his attention.
He transformed into his human self. He crept quietly through the forest undergrowth, stalking he prey.
He noticed it was a young woman quietly steeling away from the camp. He followed her as she made her way to a clearing.
She paused behind a tree before stepping out into the clearing.
She was dressed in the simple way of the gypsies. The loose garments hung perfectly on her. 
Darius’ mouth watered.
The girl took another cautious step into the clearing. It was as if she were expecting someone to grab her. The girl ran lightly across the clearing and stopped in the middle.
Darius edged closer to the clearing. He wanted to see what the girl was doing. As he watched she fell to her knees. She lifted up her arms and face to the ascending moon.
Her soft voice drifted across the clearing, “spirits of the travelers forgive me for what I’m about to do.”
Then there was a flash of silver in her hand. By the time it was over, Darius realized what had happened. He quickly rushed to her side. The earth was red from where her life was leaking out of her.
Darius fell down on his knees and cradled her dying body.
He wanted to save her. The only way was to make her like him.
He drank the last of the life from her. He then slit his wrist with her knife, and then held it to her lips. She drank. Darius had to pry his arm away from her.
He held her while he gathered his strength. He had to get them back to his castle. Sunrise would be in a few hours.
He quickly dashed through the forest, he was still weak, but he managed.
Darius had to stop halfway to the castle to recoup his energy. When he stared again the first few rays of the sun were rising over the treetops.
By the time Darius reached the castle the sun’s rays were becoming very uncomfortable. The girl was starting to move. He rushed inside.
One of his servants rushed out of one of the side rooms to meet them. He helped Darius carry the girl to one of the many guest chambers.
As Darius made her comfortable on the bed, his servant tightly shuttered the windows.
“If she wakes up get her anything she wants,” said Darius as he walked out of the room, “I have some matters to attend to. I’ll be back before I retire.”
The servant sat beside her until she started to wake up, then he retreated to his position by the door, waiting to execute any order that might be given.
She sat up and looked around in confusion. Then suddenly the memory of what had happened dawned on her.
A look of horror was on her face as she looked around the dark chamber. Then she saw the servant standing by the door.
She slowly crawled out of the bed and stood by the bed holding the post.
Once she had found her legs, she staggered across the room to the door, not noticing the servant who was standing there. She opened the door and stepped out into the hall. The servant did not make a move to stop her.
As the girl moved down the hall it dawned on her where she was. Her only thought now was to get out of the castle.
She quickly searched the castle for any means of escape.
When Darius came back from taking care of business, he found the girl’s room empty. His servant was standing there staring into space.
“Why did you not stop her?”
“You only told me to get anything she needed, not to keep her in the room.”
Darius was not one to be angry for long. He was about to tear his servant limb from limb, but he was too concerned for the girl’s safety.
“I want to know where she is, can you help me find her?” asked Darius.
They started with the rooms closest to the ones the girl had been given. She was not in any of them.
Darius was starting to feel tired.
“The sun is starting to come up sir,” said the servant.
Darius jumped. He knew where the girl had gone. He rushed up to the stairs that led to the tower, his servant followed.
Darius flung open the trap-door, and then climbed out onto the roof of the tower.
The girl was standing on the very edge of the wall. She turned when the hatch flew open.
To Darius the girl was an angel. Her dress was lying about her in the strong wind. Her long dark hair was flying around her head.
“Don’t do this,” said Darius as he approached the girl.
Darius was growing a bit uncomfortable in the growing daylight, so he knew the girl had to be in pain.
“Why? You made me into a monster.”
“If you come down we could talk.”
“I don’t want to talk! I want to die!”
Darius was on the verge of rushing the girl to drag her inside before the sun got to high.
“Please, come to me. Let me tell what happened.”
The first rays of the sun were coming out from behind the trees. Darius was starting to feel a prickling sensation on his skin. He could just imagine the pain the girl was new feeling.
There was a shriek from the girl. Her hand flew up to her face to protect her eyes from the sun. Darius tried to reach out to her, but his hand brushed the wispy fabric that was her gown.
As she fell over the battlements, Darius wailed. One of his servants was trying to pull him back through the trap door before he was consumed in the sun’s fiery glare.
Once he was safely inside Darius ordered some of his servants to go out and fined the remains of the girl. As they were searching Darius paced through the castle pausing every now and then to throw something and curse himself for being a fool.
When his people came back with no results he wanted to rip out their throats and feed them to the wolves.
That day close to sunrise Darius went up to the tower, meaning to offer himself to the might of the sun. But as the sun rose, he hid himself in the safety of the castle. He was too old to destroy himself over a bad mistake.
He knew both the joy and pain of love, next time he would not make that mistake.

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