Grave Secrets

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A guy gets into trouble when he decides to graverob

Submitted: May 17, 2008

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Submitted: May 17, 2008



Grave Secrets
David Renn was walking through the old cemetery looking for a grave. This grave held a secret that he wanted. This secret would change his life.
David stayed on the road that led deep into the cemetery. He would have walked among the gravestones, but the idea of stepping on people was not a pleasant thought.
Being in a place where he was the only living thing was a very odd sensation. It seemed that he world of the living dare not intrude on the sacred land of the dead.
David continued to walk to the very back of the cemetery. He knew the grave he was looking for was not anywhere near the road. It would be somewhere deep within the cemetery.
Once he was well away from the road, he walked deeper into the cemetery. As he stepped off the gravel path, he got an uneasy feeling. It was as if something was watching him.
As David ventured deeper into the cemetery they light quality changed. It finally got so dark that David had to use a small flashlight so he wouldn’t stumble over the decaying grave markers and tree roots. The feeble light did not vastly improve his sight, but he was able to navigate more effectively.
As David approached the center of the cemetery he became aware of a strange feeling. He felt as if someone was standing right at his back breathing down hick neck.
The ghosts of the cemetery were becoming active; they did not want David there. He was living, invading the land of the dead. They wanted David either out or dead.
All of a sudden David wished for something, anything to drink. He stopped dead in his tracks. Something was moving just beyond the reach of his flashlight. He did not like the dimensions of it.  It was just too big. 
David knew where he had to go. Directly to the spot where the enormous shadow loomed. That’s where the grave was located.
David cautiously approached the area. This was the area that he had been looking for. The sectors were becoming more active, because he had ventured too close to their secret.
There was a cluttered grave not far from where David was standing. He went over and knelt down in front of the dilapidated gravestone. As David reached out to brush away the debris from around the gravestone, a shudder seemed to move through the earth. David hesitated. The shudder was a warning. He glanced around at the shifting shadows. The atmosphere of the place was menacing. But still he reached out and began to clear the debris.
The shudder came again, but it was more violent. It threw David to the ground.
David struggled to get up. The ground was dissolving all around him.
The dead did not want anyone to desecrate their secret. They would not let anyone walk away with it.
As David descended into the earth, he witnessed the secret.
His scream reverberated through the cemetery.

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