Nuts at Anger

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I just went a little "nuts" when I wrote this. It is just a fun poem that I really like.

Submitted: May 18, 2008

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Submitted: May 18, 2008



Nuts at Anger
The silent, slow-motion dance of insanity,
contorts and twists perception.
The dark personality takes hold,
Following the convoluted paths of sanity.
A slight noise makes a growing echo,
that reverberates through the consciousness.
Dark figures writhing to discord,
that spills out of the void.
Parlor tricks no longer work for illusion,
They don’t control the abstract reality.
Tunnel vision can no longer perceive things,
the dark parade continues on the fringe of perception.
Legion controls the sinister mind,
eating up the happy thoughts.
Daggers strike at the joyous heart,
destroying hopes for the future.
The smashing of objects calms the savage mind,
soothing the beast within.
Anger fires the dark creature that can posses will.

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