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A homless man picks the wrong house

Submitted: June 09, 2008

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Submitted: June 09, 2008



The wind howled through the trees, causing an eerie rattling sound as the bare branches rubbed together. Rain pounded on the roof of the lone house standing on the hill. Weathered shutters flew back and forth in the high wind.
The screen door on the front of the house swung back and forth twice then fell off. The occupant of the house did not notice.
Deep in the cellar of the place something stirred. Tendrils of white protoplasm wound through well traveled passages in the walls. They were hunting for prey that had long since vanished from the house. The animal life had once held sway over the house and property, but now they were gone, scared away.
As the tendrils moved they felt heat, which was extremely unusual in the cold, lonely house. They sped their way silently along in the dark recesses of the walls.
The vagrant had been amazed to find a warm place on a night such as this. And was equally amazed at its condition. It looked as if no one had been in the house for a very long time.
The inside had been spotless (except for dust). No piles of rags, dirty leaves, cans, beer bottles, or decaying news papers, and most of all no bugs.
As he explored he found candles, matches, and a couple of moth eaten blankets. The greatest surprise had been in the upstairs bedroom. A fully appointment of furniture.
The bed had not disintegrated into a crumbling mass due to rodent activity. Another plus was that there were no leaks in the ceiling.
A fire place was in the corner. A chair supplied enough fire wood to cook dinner and warm up the room.
As dinner began to heat up, the man finished exploring the second floor and gathered more ancient furniture for the fire.
Just as he sat down to enjoy the evening; there was a rustling in the corner of the room. He looked around, half expecting to see a rabid raccoon. But he did not see anything. In exploring he had seen no evidence of animal infestation. It was really odd.
From its hiding spot in the corner near the ceiling, a small eye peered out.  One of the many tendrils had poked out through the wall to observe the strange creature. Once the thing in the basement saw what now inhabited the house, it identified the new things a food. Tentacles rushed to the area to feed.
The fire had burned low. The vagrant had crawled into bed hours ago. His hunger sated for another day. The warmth and full stomach had made him extremely sleepy. He did not feel the slight shaking o the bed.
The tentacles had massed in the corner o they room and they started to quiver as they moved toward the bed. A large stock protruded from the wall, there was an eye like appendage forming on the end of it as the tentacles snaked across the floor.
As the first tentacles reached the bed, they formed suckers to crawl up the frame. Once the first tentacles were anchored at the top of the bed, the others climbed them.
What crouched on the end of the bed was the size of a large dog. It was poised there slowly pulsating.
The person on the bed was totally unaware of  the hideous monstrosity that lay in wait. The thing oozed forward. It made a soft sucking sound as it attached itself to the foot of the sleeping figure.
Inch by inch the mass flowed across the body. It injected a paralyzer through tinny sharp needles as it went.
Soon the body was covered with the white mass.
The thing slowly started to digest the flesh.
The main creature that was in the basement of the house had its first real meal in years. It had been so long since it had tasted human flesh. It would sit patiently for another long stretch and wait for another meal.

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