Out of the Woodwork

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A girl see monters come out of the woodwork.

Submitted: May 19, 2008

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Submitted: May 19, 2008



Out of the Woodwork
They came out of the woodwork, my monsters. One day they weren’t there, and the next day they were. IT is the scariest thing seeing something literally “pop” into existence. It was like someone had thrown a switch that turned them on like a light. They just appeared one day while I was walking down the street one afternoon. One “popped” in next to a little old lady. She did not even notice it. It had a weird little grin on its face like it knew I could see it.
I’ll have to describe the things so you can get a good picture of what I’m talking about. To tell the truth, they are the ugliest things that I have ever seen. They are also the scariest too. They all look like they have been dead a very, very long time. Parts of them are falling off and the stink was unbearable. How people could miss them was beyond me. The color of them was a cross between green-gray and some sort of mold color. The teeth were the worst; they looked to be razor sharp and about three inches long. Many of them were in various stages of decay. One’s arm was hanging at a weird angle like it had been broken. Another one was missing most of the left side of the body. All of them had funny grins in various stages on their faces.
Nobody saw them. Not one person noticed these dead things walking among them. The stench was over powering. A person standing close to one would have been knocked out.
When I saw one of the creatures reach out and touch a man it was standing bay, I ran. Whatever they were, they were very bad.
I don’t know where I ran to, but somehow I made it home. None of the things seemed to be following me.
I wanted to be safely locked away from those things. So I went home.
I locked myself in my apartment. I never answered the door or phone. I think many of my friends left me at that point.
Bills and letters were piling up in my front hall. I would not go near the door or any windows. I think the landlord came to the doo with the police once, but I did not let them in. They tried to break down the door. I pulled a dresser in front of it so they could not get in. After a while they went away.
Every once in a while I would look out of the window, but that was not often. The things were swarming all over the street. Just about every corner had a couple of them standing there. They stood in front of stores waiting for people to walk by, and then they would reach out and touch them. It was a frightening thing to see these creatures work. They got excited like they had just won the lottery. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen.
After about two days being shut up in my apartment, I decided to leave the place. It took me about ten tries to open the door to the hall.
I slammed the door so hard that a picture that was hanging by it fell off. That was the first time.
The next nine times I only opened the door a crack. But just as I was about to open it wide enough to step out, there was a noise in the hall. The door was quickly shut.
Over the next few days I tried to go out the door. Each time I was thwarted by something.
Soon the power, water, and gas were turned off. I had to leave sometime, because my food was almost gone.
On the tenth day of my holdup I dared to open my door all the way. I stood in the open door until I realized that on sound was going to come.
It took me a long time to take that first step out into the hall. I was lucky that none of my neighbors decided not to step out into the hall. I probably would have died from fright.
I stood on the landing outside my door trembling. I had not planned out what I was going to do.
All I knew was that I needed food. I was also desperate for human contact. I wanted to see how many friends I had left.
I finally came out of my daze and looked up the steps that I had come down. I could not believe it but at the top was one of the zombie things. It just stood there looking down at me. It seemed to be laughing. It was at this point that I started screaming. I don’t know what made me do this, but I let loose with a full throated scream. Many of the tenants of my building came out of their apartments to see what was going on. None of them could see the terrible creature that I could. They did not know the horrible secret these things held over mankind. And they probably never would.
This writing is part of my therapy here at Pine Crest. The doctors that see me regularly think it will help me to get all of this out in the open. I don’t think so. 
I know that they think I’m fine, but I knew differently. Those creatures drove me to the brink of madness. Nothing can pull me back fully, not even this bit of writing.
I am supposed to say that these things aren’t real. They are only figments of my mind. They are real.
The creatures are still here and they will get anyone they think is worthy. They are all the evils of our world. They are the sickness, famine, death, and destruction. They make evil people. They never will leave us alone. They feed on our fears and our suffering. Nothing can stop them. They will just go on destroying our lives. Nobody can do anything about it.
Not even me.

I can tell

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