Yellow Insanity

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a person thinking they are going insane slowly. This poem is a sestina where the last words of the sentences repeat at the end of each line in a different sentence and order

Submitted: May 18, 2008

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Submitted: May 18, 2008



Faded yellow paper on the walls of the room.
Hanging limp and raged is a picture.
Banging noises moving up the hall.
The din slowly moves over one, like insanity.
Time starts to slowly turn back,
Muffled voices try to be heard.
Dishes shattering on the floor heard.
This coming from the first room.
A lady screams from out back.
The old woman sitting on the porch, a lonely picture.
The crazed mind of insanity.
Footsteps coming down the front hall.
The little girl in magenta dances down the hall.
Faint music from a phonograph can be heard.
Trees make swirling patterns of insanity.
Whispered voices from a back room.
On the fridge is a black picture.
The dog is lying on its back.
Children are playing in the yard out back.
A little boy chases a ball down the hall.
He would make a cute picture.
Baying dogs from down the street are heard.
Crying can be heard from an upstairs room.
Falling into a painting of yellow insanity.
Monster faces, images of insanity.
A man in the door with a broad back.
A small hand arranges stuff in a doll house room.
A bird flies in the window at the end of the hall.
Church bells in the distance can be heard.
Children stare at the melting clock picture.
The lady in white framed by a window in a picture.
The slow motion dance of insanity.
The neighbor’s fright can be heard.
Put the dog out in back.
A ghost glides down the hall.
Sit quietly in the room.

Kids scurry down the back hall.
Crying heard from the back room.
Scream the picture of insanity.

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