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This article provides you a comprehensive knowledge about working in Norway.

Submitted: September 08, 2013

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Submitted: September 08, 2013



What Makes You Work in Norway


It is true that everyone dreams about working in ideal places. There are many such places in the world which offer a better working environment both for employees and employers. Among these first-class places, one such place is of Norway. If you want to work in Norway as well as spend a pleasant life, then few things you will bear in mind to make your position idyllic.

To begin with, working in such places as Norway, can both be challenging and demanding. Your first step should be towards learning basic knowledge of the Norwegian, which is their basic language. As Norway is a member of EEA countries, it provides its citizens the right to look for work for a three month-period without getting permission of the Norwegian Government. If you are a lucky enough to be at the right place, then go for it and enjoy every moment you want to spend there. For foreigners, however, the working process is bit tricky in Norway. For this purpose, from your country you need to make an application through Norwegian consulate or embassy to get permission to work in Norway.

If you have made your mind to work in Norway, then let me tell you some conditions under which you will be surviving there. In Norway, generally theworking conditions are good. Your job contract should be consist of the details of your employment followed by some general rules which will allow you to stay long inNorway.  One of them is a minimum gross wage per hour. And, this is both for skilled and unskilled laborers. An average worker in Norway gives at least more than forty-hour per week to his or her work. There are several companies that have 37.7-hour for a week. If you want to come up with extra hours or want towork in shifts, you will then be entitled to overtime compensation. But remember, if you are at managerial level, you will not be able to get overtime compensation. An average employee in Norway can have about 21 additional days of paid leave apart from those nine public holidays in a year.

Let’s now discuss the skills and education you need during your work in Norway. At this time, companies like computing and technology, medial, oil and service industries are hiring highly skillful and educated workers for several departments. If you are skillful and have relevant college or university degree, you can then without difficulty secure your job in Norway. However, one needs to be familiar with some understanding of the Norwegian to pick up your prospects.

Taken as a whole, the key challenge to work in Norway is just to fulfill the job’s requirements. You can then enjoy great packages, rewards and public and annual leaves being the citizen of this country. But for that make sure you are highly skillful, educated and own a relevant college or university degree. And, this is the only way you can make your job secure and safe in Norway.  Good luck working in Norway.

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Work in Norway

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