Not a Movie

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This is real not Hollywood.

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013




Life is not a movie, if it was i woulda went back inside, if life were a movie i would have held her in my arms. But life is not a movie. Life is real it doesnt always have a happy ending, the guy doesnt ALWAYS get the gurl. But if life was a movie she would not be crying, i would not be hurting, if life was like a movie all would be well the credits would have been rolling fading black from me holding her fitting together like two puzzle pieces that found eachother in this big old world. But thats not the case. There is no fairy dust there is not rainbow no insipiring moment where i go win her back. Life is not a movie life is hateful painful amzing wonderful all at the same time. But i accept this pain this hurt this feeling like the world delt me a bad hand. Because i know wat i got before this before the pain the hurt the sorrow thee was HAPPIENESS real happiness. No matter wat happend i was smiling no matter how bad things got i had her. "A single minute in Heaven is worth a life time in Hell.'' Life is not a movie. I know this cuz i am not with her she is not here with me, life is not a movie because i want to protect her but im the only thing hurting her right now. My choices led to this my decisions. But life is not like a movie for this reason more than any other because in a movie after the fading to black its done no more in life there is continuation, the next horizon can bring pain sorrow anger, or it can bring peace, happiness, salvation. It can bring clouds or it can bring sun but no matter how u look at it it is for this reason i am happy tht life is not a movie... because if all this happend in a movie i would have no chance. We would be stuck no more no less.



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