Act VI of 12 Angry men

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is my version of the final act in the play 12 angry men.

Submitted: September 05, 2018

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Submitted: September 05, 2018



Act VI

At rise of curtain: In the room all eleven jurors give their fare wells to each other’s. On the other side of the door juror three leans with his back on the door. With the guard next to him on his left.

Guard: (looks at three). Has the jury reached a verdict?

Three: Yes, they have… Unfortunately it’s the wrong decision.

Guard: May I ask, is the boy found guilty?

Three: (Looks down and squeezes his hands into fits) No… he’s not.

Guard: Damn. (He mumbles.) How could they do that, turning in a killer on the streets? It’ pure madness!  

Three: (Takes a few steps closer to the guard and whispers in the guards hear.) Someday, hopefully that kid will receive his final punishment. (Three marshes off stage with anger filling every fiber in his body. Seconds later the door of the room opens and all the jurors come flooding out.)

Forman: I’ll go tell the judge of our result. (Walks off stage.)

Eight: (to the other juror’s.) Thank you, gentlemen for being reasonable.

Five: (to eight) No thank you, because of you we might have saved an innocent boy.

Eight: Don’t worry. I believe that he is a hundred percent innocent. There’s nothing in my mind that says otherwise. (Put’s out his hand and five shakes his.) Good night everyone. (All other jurors head home.)


Later : Underneath the boy’s apartment, the old man sits on his chair reading the newspaper. On the other side of the door three nocks and waits for the old man to open it.


Old man: Who is it?

Three: It’s me.

Old man: (old man opens door) Ah, yes I remember you. Did you get what you wanted in the end?

Three: (walks into old man’s apartment, with is back facing the old man) Not at all. Somehow the rest of the jurors found a few flaws in every testimony given, and found new facts about the evidence as well.

Old man: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. (Old man sits back down on his chair) Please explain to me how did they not find him guilty?

Three: Well first thing, (he sat in the chair next to the old man) in the first 20 minutes we ask to take a ballot to see if the boy was guilty or not. Everyone voted for guilty except for juror eight. It was all downhill from there. He somehow managed to have the exact same knife we planted on the boy’s father. Not only that, he kept making up stories about what he thought really happened. Oh, you know what else? That self centered bastered made everyone believe that I enjoy my job so much that I don’t care if there is an innocent person is in the chair! (He got up and stood in front of the old man) But, the only fact that changed everything was... (He puts his right hand behind his back)

Old man: Was what? Spit it out lad! (He shouts out to three)

Three: You. (He takes a gun out with he’s right hand and points it at the old man.)

Old man: What do you mean…? I… I did everything you asked of me. (Tries to get up and run away but three kicks the old man down to the floor) What… about the neighbor… that woman?

Three: Oh, yea about her (he looks at the old man with a huge grin on his face) she’s dead.

Old man: But... (Looks at three with pure horror filling his body and soul)

Three: You see, thanks to you and that stupid girl with your worthless testimony. I lost my chance at revenge. (He grips the gun tighter) So the only way to truly be satisfied is to take the lives of everyone who didn’t let me have my justice!

Old man: No, plea… (The old man collapses to the ground, bleeds out and stops breathing) Three: It was your time anyway gramps. (He walks up stairs to the boys apartment and break the door down with his foot)

Boy: (runs in the living room with a gun pointed straight at him) What the hell!

Three: YOU! (He is blinded by hatred and anger with tears on his cheeks) You killed my little girl! She was all my wife left me after she died. You took her away from me!

Boy: No sir I never killed her, it was an accident. I swear! (He reaches for his knife in his back pocket and takes it out with his right hand)

Three: You were the one driving that night. You let my daughter die!

Boy: It was an avalanche in the middle of the night, I can’t control that! And it happened last year. Can’t you just move on already!

Three: Ah ha! I knew it you didn’t care do you? DO YOU!?

Boy: Of course I did! (He burst into tears and falls to the ground on his knees with his hands in his face,) I LOVED HER! (He throws his knife down the hall) Fine, kill me I have nothing left anyway. Let me join my beloved Maria.

Three: (He kneels in front of the boy a puts the tip of the gun on the boys head.) Don’t say her name! (He pulls the trigger and the boy’s blood splatters all over his face and three’s grin disappeared. He stands up and looks around finally noticing and thinking about what he’s done.) Oh my god. What did I do? (He mumbled. He took his gun in his hand and pointed it at his head.) Maria forgive me. (He sobs as he pulls the trigger and falls to the ground.)


Narrator: With the night the moon falls, and the sun break the sky, to all who had died that night may they rest in peace.



© Copyright 2020 Max silver. All rights reserved.

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